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    Vs. CPU Tactics Guide by Robo_Mike

    Version: 2.5 final | Updated: 09/15/05 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Anti-AI Tactics Guide for Tekken 5 (PS2 version)
    by Robo-Mike "Numbuh T"
    *-- characters featured: 27 --*
    (above statistic excludes body swaps like Ed, Edd, and Eddy)
    Latest update:
    v2.5   Julia setups
    final  Paul "unblockable"
    NOTE: I don't feel like updating anymore, so let's all be good boys
          and girls and wait for the console release of Tekken 5 Dark
          Resurrection. I swear I'll be back by then. Since this is the
          final release I might actually submit this guide to places other
          than GameFAQs.
    Section -1: Disclaimers (DISC)
    This document is (c) 2005 Robo-Mike. All rights reserved.
    You may download and print this file for your personal use but you
    may not profit in any way.
    Because I am lazy, only gamefaqs.com and pinoyfighters forums are
    allowed to "host" this guide... for now. But since this is the final
    version, I might submit it elsewhere.
    This document is best viewed with a monospace font (e.g. Courier).
    Your standard web browser will do, but just in case your browser's
    settings are weird, here's a line of 70 numbers followed by a line of
    70 hyphens.
    If they're not aligned, then you better change some settings. Now.
    Section 0: TABLE OF CONTENTS
    s#  code   title
    -- ------ ---------------------
    -1 (DISC) Disclaimers
     0 (    ) Table of Contents
     1 (INTR) Introduction
     2 (VIEW) Viewing this Guide
     3 (CONV) Conventions
     4 (RANK) Character Ranks 
     5 (ARCA) Aracde Mode
         * Intro
         * Your Opponents
         * Difficulty Settings
         * Money
         * Tekken Roulette
         * Promotion/Ranks
         * Forfeiting Matches
     6 (WAYS) Ways of Playing Arcade Mode
         * Rank Attack
         * Gold Attack
         * Gold Attack Tips
     7 (AIEX) Bad AI Behavior
     8 (T5.1) Tekken 5.1 Notes
     9 (CHAR) Character-Specific AI Exploits
         * Anna Willams (ANA)
         * Asuka Kazama (ASU)
         * Baek Doo San (BAE)
         * Bruce Irvin (BRU)
         * Bryan Fury (BRY)
         * Christie Montiero / Eddy Gordo (CHR)
         * Craig Marduk (CRA)
         * Devil Jin (DEV)
         * Feng Wei (FNG)
         * Ganryu (GAN)
         * Heihachi Mishima (HEI)
         * Jack-5 (JAK)
         * Jin Kazama (JIN)
         * Julia Chang (JUL)
         * Kazuya Mishima (KAZ)
         * King (KNG)
         * Marshall Law (LAW)
         * Lee Chaolan (LEE)
         * Lei Wulong (LEI)
         * Ling Xiaoyu (XIA)
         * Nina Williams (NIN)
         * Paul Phoenix (PAU)
         * Raven (RAV)
         * Roger Jr. (ROG)
         * Steve Fox (STV)
         * Wang Jinrei (WAN)
         * Yoshimitsu (YOS)
    10 (FAQ-) Question and Answer Portion
    11 (ABOU) About the Author
    12 (MAIL) Contact Info
    13 (ENDC) Contributors / Special Thanks
    14 (HIST) Revision History
       (    ) Final Words
    Section 1: Introduction (INTR)
    Thank you for reading the Anti-AI Tactics Guide for Tekken 5 PS2
    version. (But these tricks will also work on the arcade.)
    The purpose of this guide is to show you how to bash the AI quickly
    and (hopefully) painlessly to earn easy ranks or truckloads of fight
    money in Tekken 5's Arcade Mode. (or high survival mode records or
    fast time attack records)
    I know what you're thinking, "I don't need to play Arcade mode, I get
    like 3,000,000 G out of Story Mode, and 1,000,000 G plus a truckload
    of items via Devil Within!" For starters, you still need money to
    purchase color and less expensive items. And the only 500,000 G items
    you get from Devil Within are for the non-time release characters.
    So if you want to get Wang's Chinese Fan, you're out of luck. And
    don't get me started on the alternate outfits!
    I am assuming that you at least know the basics of how to play Tekken
    like side-stepping, guarding high and low, or plain simple winning.
    The AI may be dumb, but it still won't lose to button mashers.
    What this guide does not teach you is how to bash hyooman players.
    While these tactics may work against other players once or twice,
    keep in mind that unlike the computer, real competition will learn
    how to stop your repetitive assault and punish yo' ass hard with
    juggle combos.
    With that out of the way, I'd like to state that this guide and I
    cannot be held responsible if your ability to beat other players was
    damaged in any way by reading the tips found here.
    Okay then, let's move on.
     NOTE: The tricks here were found on Tekken 5, not Tekkken 5.1, so
           exercise caution when using them on the 5.1 AI. I've written
           a new section to address the improvements in Tekken 5.1 and
           how they can affect these tricks.
    Section 2: Viewing the Guide (VIEW)
    First up, this guide is a maximum 70 characters per line, so you'll be
    able to see it properly on WordStar or some antique word processor.
    It's best viewed with Courier or some other font whose characters are
    evenly spaced.
    Every section has a three or four-letter code which allows you to
    quickly jump by using the Find function on your Notepad or whatever.
    Simply key in the code including the parenthesis and "find" it to jump
    to a specific section.
    e.g. Find (LAW) to go directly to the Marshall Law techniques.
    Finally, this guide uses the standard notations set by Catlord and
    Tekken Zaibatsu. So it would be best if you get to know them like the
    back of your hand.
    Section 3: Conventions (CONV)
    1 - left punch (square button by default)
    2 - right punch (triangle button)
    3 - left kick (X button)
    4 - right kick (O button)
    f - forward
    b - back
    d - down
    u - up
    N - neutral
    d/f - diagonal down-forward
    F (capital letter) - hold forward
    A+B - press buttons/directions at the same time
    A,B - moves must be inputted in sequence (e.g. A then B)
    A,B, C,D,E - the entire sequence is part of a combo but A,B is a
         single string, while C,D,E is another string.
    SS - sidestep (u,N or d,N)
    SSR - sidestep to your character's right side (opponent's left side)
    SSL - sidestep to your character's left (opponent's right side)
    FC - from crouch
    WS - while standing up (let go of crouch)
    BT - back turned
    JF - just frame
    CH - counter hit
    QCF - quarter-circle forward (d,d/f,f)
    CD - crouch dash (f,n,d,d/f)
    Clean - clean hit
    Okizeme, "Oki" - wake-up games. opponent is knocked down and at a
    forward dash - f,f
    backward dash - b,b
    (E)WGF - (Electric) Wind God Fist. Refers to Mishima family uppercuts.
    Backroll - hold B when landing from some juggles or after being hit by
         a low kick when lying down
    DJin - Devil Jin
    Jab - usually a character's standing 1 and/or crouching 1.
    Jabs/jab string - 1,2, 1,1,2 or 1,2,2 strings which are fast pokes and
        (usually) guaranteed after first hit
    Forward throw - refers to f+1+3, f+2+4 throws
    Max distance - the farthest distance you can be from an opponent to
         hit with a specific move
    Side roll - press 1 or d+1 while lying down on the ground
    Somersault and dive - press b+3+4 while lying down face up on the
         ground (Yoshimitsu, Paul, Jinpachi, etc.)
    Spring kick - press b+3+4 while lying down face up on the ground
    Techroll - press a button when landing from some juggles or after
         being hit while lying down
    Wakeup kick - press 3 or 4 while lying down or rolling on the ground
    Wakeup dive / dive attack - press f+1+2 or b+1+2 while lying down
    Weak side - Characters find it difficult to attack opponents that
         sidestep to either their left or right. Usually the opponent's
    Whiff - a fancy word for "miss"
    Section 4: Character Ranks (RANK)
    Character ranks represent how good you are with a certain character
    (against the computer).
    If this was the arcade version I would've called it "player ranks"
    since we're limited to one guy or gal for each Tekken 5 IC Card. The
    home version of the game supports different ranks for each character,
    though, so your friends can tell which among those 30 Tekken fighters
    you suck as.
    The ranks are as follows:
       color   rank
    --------- -----------
         gold Tekken Lord
          red Deity
          red Conqueror
          red Warlord
       orange Sage
       orange Legend
       orange Champion
       yellow Virtuoso
       yellow Master
       yellow Expert
        green Shihan
        green 5th dan
        green 4th dan
         blue 3rd dan
         blue 2nd dan
         blue 1st dan
     lt. blue 1st kyu
          |   2nd kyu
          |   3rd kyu
          |   4th kyu
          |   5th kyu
          |   6th kyu
          |   7th kyu
          |   8th kyu
     lt. blue 9th kyu
     lt. blue Beginner
    The significance of these colors and ranks will be explained below in
    Sections 5 and 6.
    Section 5: Arcade Mode (ARCA)
    A. Intro
    While "Time Attack" simulates successive matches against the computer
    at the arcade, "Arcade Mode" would be like going up against Tekken
    players with IC Cards, one after the other.
    Arcade mode can go on forever, until you lose and don't continue, exit
    it during the win screen (see below), or you press start and select
    together. Or until you get tired and your thumbs are red sore from
    jamming on the PS2 control pad.
    B. Your Opponents
    Your first match will always be against an opponent of the same color
    as the character you picked. (e.g. if you picked Bryan who's 2nd dan, 
    you could go up against a 1st dan Mokujin)
    (Note that for this purpose, Tekken Lord characters count as red color
    rank characters.)
    Once you win your first match you'll be able to pick one of three
    opponents. (Wow, wouldn't you like to pick your opponents in the
    arcades? I know I would.) These choices vary according to rank and
    feature a random character.
                       | Conqueror |
                 /-----|   FENG    |
                 |     -------------
    --------    /\     |  Master   |
    | Exit |---<  >----|   ANNA    |
    --------    \/     -------------
                 |     |  5th Dan  |
                 \-----|  KAZUYA   |
    Pressing "up" picks the highest-ranking opponent.
    "right" is the default choice.
    "down" would be the lowest-ranking enemy among the three choices.
    Pressing "left" would exit arcade mode.
    Sometimes two or all your opponent choices will be of the same rank.
    C. Difficulty Settings
    Game difficulty affects the rank of your opponents in Arcade Mode.
    Setting the difficulty to Easy will increase the chance of lower rank
    encounters, while Ultra Hard difficulty increases the chance of
    spotting Tekken Lords and higher-ranking baddies in the list. Game
    difficulty has no effect on your battles, only your enemy's rank will.
    Therefore a Tekken Lord on "Ridiculously Easy" is no different from a
    Tekken Lord on "Maniac Ultra Mega Super Duper Hard".
    Note: Warlord, Conqueror, Deity, Tekken Lord opponents are actually
          more difficult than Ultra Hard opponents fought in Story Mode
          or Training Mode.
    D. Money
    The amount of fight money you get varies on the rank of the opponent.
     gold   actions
    -----   -------
        0 - for losing to the computer
      800 - for beating an opponent of lower rank (no matter how low)
     1000 - for beating an opponent of the same rank
     +100 - additional money for each rank of the opponent above yours
    +1000 - additional money for beating Warlord, Conqueror, Deity, and
            Tekken Lord opponents
    E. Tekken Roulette
    Sometimes during gameplay, you will spot a red siren on the stage
    number/elapsed time. This is an indication that if you win the match,
    you will get a Tekken Roulette which will multiply your earnings by
    x2, x3, x5, or x10. There is no way to manually stop it and the
    results are completely random.
    If you get an x10 for your Tekken Roulette, you will encounter more
    roulettes (a "roulette streak") in the next matches.
    Remember that unlike playing Tekken at your local video arcade, you
    do not receive money for losing, so if a red siren comes out--lie,
    cheat, steal, and use all your skills to win! If you lose, you just
    wasted a chance to multiply your winnings.
    F. Promotion/Ranks
    To receive a "promotion chance" as a beginner, win four matches. Your
    fifth will be your promotion chance. Losing does not affect you in any
    To receive a "promotion chance" during kyu rank, you just need to beat
    two or three baddies, and your opportunity to go up will appear on
    your next match. Losing will not delay your progress.
    To receive a "promotion chance" with dan or higher ranks, you usually
    need to get "3 points" or more. This is kept track of internally by
    the game and is not displayed on screen.
    You can also receive a "demotion risk" by getting -3 points or less.
    If you lose the "risk" match you will fall down to a lower rank.
    Here's the point system: (may be true, more testing needed)
    * Points Gained For Winning = ABS[ 1/(YourRank - OpponentRank + 1) ]
      (note: ABS means absolute value; if you get a negative, change
             it to positive)
    If you win, you add points to your score, otherwise subtract it.
    points  events
    ------  -------
       +1   Beating an opponent of the same rank as you
       -1   Losing to an opponent of the same rank as you
     +0.5   Beating an opponent one rank higher or lower
     -0.5   Losing to an opponent one rank higher or lower
    +0.333  Beating an opponent two ranks higher or lower
            ...et cetera.
    As you can see, fighting someone with a much higher rank won't give
    you an easy promotion, but (from the gold table above) you might get a
    lot of gold.
    G. Forfeiting Matches
    Quitting a match counts as losing, so don't think you can escape your
    fate if Marduk is already preparing to pound your head into the
    concrete floor.
    But there's a catch, and it's good news: if you quit a match which is
    more than one round worth, and you're ahead in terms of rounds, you
    forfeit the match and WIN. But you can't get promoted this way and
    you don't get any money (you can get demoted for quitting, though).
    ...although personally I don't see why you'd play Arcade Mode with
    more than 1 round.
    Section 6: Ways of Playing Arcade Mode (WAYS)
    There are two "ways" of playing arcade mode:
    A. Playing to increase the character's rank as fast as possible
    B. Playing to gain as much money as possible
    A. Rank Attack
    If you want your buddies to see your roster of 30 Tekken Lords, this
    mode is for you.
    To gain ranks quickly you must repeatedly fight enemies of around the
    same rank. This should give you a promotion in a flash.
    When given a choice between higher-ranked or lower-ranked opponents,
    pick the lower-ranked opponents as you will have an easier time to
    win. Sure, you will get less money out of the match, but that's what
    method B is for...
    To increase the chances of same-ranked opponents, set game difficulty
    to Easy or Normal.
    Rank Attack Tips
    Here's some tips to go up in rank faster.
    1. Start Arcade Mode and win your first match. Very important.
    2. During the victory screen, look for opponents close in rank to
       you. Select them and fight them. (Note that depending on your
       character's winpose you may need to think really fast.)
    3. If you don't see any opponents close in rank, simply Exit the
       game and then restart Arcade Mode to get a opponent worthy of
       your time.
    B. Gold Attack
    If you prefer to dress your characters in the trendiest clothes and
    accessories, this mode fits your bill.
    To earn money quickly, you must fight opponents of the highest rank
    possible. This means pressing the up button everytime you win.
    "But the fights are more difficult! It's not worth it!" you might say,
    but try some of the AI Exploits and you'll get acquainted with how
    fast you can earn some G's.
    Sure you won't get promoted quickly, but that's what method A is
    To increase the chances of higher-ranked opponents, set game
    difficulty to Ultra Hard.
    It is a good idea if you set aside a character specifically for Gold
    Attack. For best results don't customize the character's outfit and
    colors so you can reset him/her back to Beginner rank if you ever
    go too high, so you can easily earn even more gold.
    Gold Attack Tips
    Here's a good way to rack up money. You need the following:
       A character at Tekken Lord rank
       A character at Beginner or whatever low rank
          (reset their rank if necessary using the Customize screen)
    1. Select your Tekken Lord character. You can either keep fighting
       Tekken Lords until you lose, or simply lose on purpose.
    2. Once you lose, continue and pick your low-ranked character. Beat
       the Tekken Lord character and voila, big bucks.
    3. Exit the game via the victory screen, then repeat from step 1.
    If you beat a Tekken Lord with a Beginner character, you will get
    4500 gold.
    An alternative is to have these requirements:
       A character at Tekken Lord rank
       A mid-ranked character around 5th Dan to Master rank
       Ultra Hard difficulty
    1. Again, select your Tekken Lord character. You can either keep
       beating up the computer or just lose. (I recommend you keep
       fighting until you lose.)
    2. Once you lose, continue and pick your mid-ranked character. Beat
       the Tekken Lord character for around 3000 gold.
    3. During the victory screen, check if there are Tekken Lord, Deity,
       Conqueror, or Warlord ranked opponents. Fight them if available.
       If not, quit and restart at step one.
    This is a good way to fight multiple Warlords or better-ranked
    opponents continuously for big bucks, without getting your
    mid-ranked character promoted.
    If you haven't gone on a shopping spree with the mid-ranked
    character, you can always reset his/her rank without regrets,
    if the rank gets too high and you start getting less money.
    Section 7: Bad AI Behavior (AIEX)
    The AI of Tekken Lord characters may block high/low perfectly, but it
    does have a few general weaknesses. These do not always happen, but
    still happen frequently enough to be exploited for maximum profit.
    Bad AI Behavior List:
    1. The AI seems to know which of your moves are slow to execute or
       recover, and try to punish it, even if your move started half a
       second ago.
    2. The AI can be forced to tech roll predictably, resulting in traps
       it cannot escape.
    3. The AI will throw out a move (usually high) after blocking one or
       more of your jabs.
    4. The AI has difficulty getting up from repeated stomps and off the
       ground hits.
    5. The AI will duck certain mid attacks, resulting in a free hit.
    6. The AI is smart enough to lie down to avoid an unblockable, but
       it sometimes won't roll for some ground-hitting unblockables.
    7. The AI is smart enough to lie down to avoid an unblockable, but if
       your juggle knocks the opponent far enough they will ALWAYS
       techroll thinking it's safe. This can be used to setup long-range
    8. When attacking the AI with a move that will force your character
       to fall to the ground onto a prone position (as in not lying
       down), it will try to attack after blocking that move even if your
       character is on the floor.
    With these in mind, you can create strings which the AI will eat like
    a big juicy hamburger, thus nullifying Jinpachi's cheapness, or
    beating up the computer quickly for amazing Time Attack records,
    unholy Survival Mode win streaks or easy Arcade Mode money.
    Section 8: Tekken 5.1 notes (T5.1)
    Tekken 5.1 introduced a few innovations to the battle. I won't go into
    detail but I'll address a few important points to consider when
    pulling off some of the tricks against the Tekken 5.1 AI.
    A. Some moves have changed.
    You should study what's new and what's hot in Tekken 5.1. All of the
    characters have undergone balancing changes. Some moves have been
    weakened or strengthened, either breaking old combos or creating new
    opportunities, respectively.
    For example, Feng's d+4 stomp has added recovery at the end on hit or
    block. Therefore Jinpachi (and other players as well) can now escape
    repeated stomping.
    B. You can now block while techrolling.
    This means that tech traps (like Wang's skyscraper kick to whirlwind
    throw setup) do not work and can now be blocked. This makes mixups
    even more important than ever, while weakening combos like Bryan's
    killer wall juggle.
    When fighting the computer, this means that it can now block some of
    the tricks that involve forcing the computer to techroll. So be
    careful when using tech traps... or just try other tricks.
    C. New system: techroll to the rear after being hit by some moves.
    When hit by a move which knocks down and causes opponent to slide on
    the floor (e.g. Bryan's ff+2, Feng's CH b+1, Roger's f+1+2 and
    d/b+1+2), opponent can now hold back on the joystick to roll
    How scrubby. This is so easy to do and it turns out, it's also the
    best option in most scenarios. Take note of your moves which can be
    escaped by this new "back techroll".
    That's about it for now. I'll update again if I find out about any
    more new subsystems in 5.1 which can affect setups on the computer.
    Section 9: Character-Specific AI Exploits (CHAR)
    WARNING: These tricks are current as of Tekken 5. May or may not work
    for Tekken 5.1 -- I'll do additional testing when the PS2 console
    version of 5.1 arrives.
    I highly recommend that you *DO NOT* practice these exploits with your
    main character (i.e. the one you bash other human players with). Using
    these methods will affect the way you play Tekken, and I will not take
    any responsibility for matches lost to other players due to attempting
    these tricks on them (okay, they *might* work the first time, but,
    It is best if you pick up a side character just for beating the
    More characters and tricks will be added as I find them. If you have
    any questions or contributions, please email me via the email address
    in the contact info.
    Not all of the methods may work for you, so try them until you find
    one you can land easily.
    For each method, I will list the name I came up with, followed by the
    relative difficulty (measured by 1-5 stars) to execute the exploit.
    Trick difficulty is my opinion alone, so don't take it too seriously.
    For each character, I'll indicate the best trick that works for me
    with (RECOMMENDED).
    (*) - Novice, anyone can do it with minimal training
    (**) - Easy, some practice or some luck involved
    (***) - Average, requires moderate practice and lucky hits
    (****) - Hard, usually requires strict timing and/or positioning, or
             multi-button moves, or even extreme luck
    (*****) - Expert (well if a setup is this hard to do why bother?)
    Characters not featured... yet:
    Hwoarang, Kuma/Panda
    Anna Willams (ANA) \
    --- A. Unpunishable String (**) --- (RECOMMENDED)
    d/f+1,2    Cheesy Two-Hit String
    1. If you have no clue how broken Nina and Anna were in Tekken 5.0,
       here's the proof. Simply perform this move again and again until
       the CPU dies. Some luck required, but you will beat 95% of the
       computer's moves... except...
    Note: Less effective against characters with fast jabs such as
          Steve, Paul, and Nina.
    Asuka Kazama (ASU) \
    --- A. Unblockable Setup (*) --- (RECOMMENDED)
    ...thanks Richard Schweitzer
    F+3 (HOLD) Spinning Unblockable of Doom
    1. Simply perform the move when computer is not attacking.
       They will die. Also do this move after knocking them down
       and they try to get up.
    Note: Xiaoyu will sometimes duck this move with Art of Phoenix.
    --- B. Free Launch Attempts (**) ---
    f+2        Advancing uppercut
    2          Standing uppercut
    1. Perform f+2. It has a good chance of launching the computer.
       If it's blocked, you often won't get punished.
    2. If computer is close by (usually from blocking your f+2),
       press 2 and try to launch them. Again, computer wont punish
       you often if they block it.
    Note: Does not work well on Kazuya, Devil Jin and Jin as they will
          do EWGF (or in Jin's case, EWHF) to counter.
    --- C. Unblockable Sweeps (**) --- (RECOMMENDED)
    ...thanks HellWinds
    1,1,d+4    }
    b+2,1,d+1  } strings ending in Power Sweep
    f+1,d+4    }
    1. Just do the above strings. As long as computer blocks the first
       hits, they will always be knocked down by the low sweep.
    2. You can usually follow up with stuff like 3+4.
    Baek Doo San (BAE) \
    --- A. Unblockable Setup (****) ---
    1+2,4      Double Palm to Axe Kick
    d/b+3+4    Heel Explosion
    1. Knock down your opponent, preferably with a 1+2,4 or a juggle
       ending in 1+2,4.
    2. Do the d/b+3+4 unblockable. Computer will *sometimes* lie down and
       eat big damage.
    Note: Your opponent should be outside sweep or wakeup kick range for
          best results. The computer seems to be prone to getting up while
          I'm trying this one. My sister apparently has better luck than
    --- B. Sweeps Setup (**) --- (RECOMMENDED)
    ...thanks pp2marco
    1+2       Double Palm
    d+3,3,N+3 Low kick, low kick, high kick
    1. Knock down your opponent, preferably with a 1+2 or a juggle
       ending in 1+2. (1+2,4 also works... sometimes)
    2. Do the low kicks. One of the following will happen:
       a. computer moves - d+3,3,N+3 juggles for good damage
       b. computer doesn't move - free ground hit (don't do the last
          hit though as Baek will whiff)
    Bruce Irvin (BRU) \
    --- A. The Only Low Kick of Bruce that Computer Never Blocks (***) ---
    ...thanks HellWinds
    3,2,1,4   Kick, punch, punch, low kick
    1. Just do it. Computer never blocks the fourth hit.
    Bryan Fury (BRY) \
    --- A. Repeated Uppercuts (***) ---
    d/b+2     Uppercut
    1/d+1     Standing Jab/Crouching Jab
    1. Start the match with d/b+2.
    2. You can either perfrom a standing jab or crouching jab, then
       d/b+2. Repeat.
    Note: You can "mixup" the d/b+2's and jabs as you please. You
          can even sometimes repeatedly do d/b+2 against certain slower
    Note: Not recommended against Feng Wei or Jin.
    Christie Montiero (CHR) \
    *These seem to work better when playing Christie instead of Eddy.
    --- A. Slap 'em Silly (**) --- (RECOMMENDED)
    d/f+1,1   Double Backhand
    1. Simply mash d/f+1,1. Nothing could be easier, although some luck is
    Note: Yes, Heihachi does have a similar move, although it's slower and
          not very effective.
    --- B. Elbow Room (***) ---
    d/f+2     Elbow
    1. If you randomly throw out d/f+2, the computer won't block it most
       of the time. In fact, you have a good chance of getting a counter
       hit and launching the computer, so juggle as you please. If not a
       counter hit, you get a free ground hit using f+3+4 (cartwheel).
    Craig Marduk (CRA) \
    --- A. Launcher Setup 1 (***) ---
    d/b+1+2   Spinning Double Fist
    1. If opponent is 1 character length away from you, or greater,
       simply throw out this move to duck their attack and launch
       them. Um, free juggle?
    Note: This doesn't work on Warlord rank or higher as they're too
          defensive. Sigh.
    --- B. The Knee (***) ---
    ...thanks vampirelord18
    WS 4      Knee to the face
    3+4       Vale Tudo stance
    d/b+3+4   Backdash into Vale Tudo stance
    VTS 4     Knee to the face
    There are several ways to do this:
    a. Use d/b+3+4. If computer approaches in any way, hit 4 to put
       a knee through their face.
    b. As computer is getting up (but not techrollng), perform WS 4
       or 3+4,4.
    --- C. Launcher Setup 2 (***) ---
    ...thanks vampirelord18
    d+2       An elbow
    d+1       Another elbow
    d/b+2     Yet another elbow
    d/b+1+2   Spinning Double Fist
    1. Stun the opponent by hitting with any of the three elbow moves
       listed above.
    2. Perform d/b+1+2 to launch them as they try to attack.
    Note: Warlord rank or higher blocks a lot. Fortunately, the
          computer won't punish your blocked elbow often, so you can
          elbow the computer again and again until you hit, then try
          to launch them. Don't repeatedly use d/b+2 though--its
          recovery sucks.
    Devil Jin (DEV) \
    --- A. Corpse Thrust Trap (***) ---
    d+1       Corpse Thrust
    d/b+3     Crouching Low Kick
    1. Start the round with DJin's d+1. The computer will not escape the
    2. Follow up with a forward dash and then d/b+3. Note that this should
       be done much closer to the opponent than (human) Jin's d+4.
       Computer should be thrown back a bit, then techroll to the side.
    3. Quickly do another forward dash and then d+1. The punch should hit
    4. Repeat from Step 2.
    --- B. Corpse Thrust Laser Trap (*) --- (RECOMMENDED)
    d+1       Corpse Thrust
    3+4,1+2   Flying Laser Attack
    1. Start with DJin's d+1. The computer will not escape the knockdown.
    2. Follow up with 3+4,1+2. Computer will lie down and get hit by the
       laser for a total of 50% damage from this combo.
    --- C. From Behind! (*) ---
    ...thanks vampirelord13
    3+4,f+1+2 Flying Laser Attack... from behind
    1. Anytime during a match, throw out 3+4,f+1+2. The computer should
       stand still while Jin flies to their rear and blasts them with a
    1. They might dodge it... sometimes.
    2. This is best performed on stages without walls. If there's a
       wall behind the opponent, DJin might collide with the wall while
       flying, messing up his aim.
    --- D. Free Stomp (**) ---
    ...thanks TheTrueJin
    d+1       Corpse Thrust
    4~3       Flip Kick
    1. When you knock down the computer with d+1, simply perform 4~3.
       Computer will do nothing and get hit.
    2. Obviously you get up first, so set up another d+1 to continue the
    --- E. Two-Hit Wonder (**) ---
    ...thanks pp2marco
    d/f+1,2   Cheesy Two-Hit String
    1. This one goes all the way back to Tekken 3. Just do it repeatedly,
       computer usually won't be able to attack back.
    Note: Higher-level opponents block better, but they still won't be
          able to fight back.
    Feng Wei (FNG) \
    --- A. Easy Sweeps Setup (***, Situational) ---
    1,2,2[,~B] Advancing Fists [to Back Turned]
    BT d+3     Spinsweep
    1. Anytime during a match, throw out 1,2,2,~B.
    2. Do BT d+3.
    SS+4       Spinsweep
    1. Anytime during a match, throw out 1,2,2.
    2. Do SS+4.
    Note: Higher-level computer opponents may block this, or duck the
          third hit of the 1,2,2.
    --- B. Slide Setup (*) ---
    1,2        One-two Punches
    d/b+3      Ultimate Cheapshot Slide Kick
    1. Do 1,2 punches.
    2. Immediately perform d/b+3 to knock the enemy down with a counter
    --- C. Stomp Till They Drop (***) ---
    d+4        Feng's Stomp of DOOM (opponent must be grounded)
    1. Knock your opponent to the ground with a move which doesn't allow
    a techroll. (e.g. SS+4, d/b+4, or juggling with f+4,3)
    2. Press d+4 repeatedly until opponent gets up (or Jinpachi is dead).
    --- D. I didn't know there's a second hit... (****) --- (RECOMMENDED)
    d/f+2,2    Mid Palm, Advancing Palm
    1. Anytime when your opponent is knocked down, watch for his/her
       techroll. (I suggest using d/b+3 to force them to techroll if
       they stay down.)
    2. Near the end of their techroll or after they gets up, start the
       d/f+2,2 string. YOU MUST WHIFF THE FIRST HIT.
    3. Opponent gets up and gets hit by the second hit. Since move knocks
       down, you can repeat from Step 1.
    Note: You can also do it anytime the opponent is standing or
          crouching as long as you whiff the first hit. Thanks pp2marco
          for reminding me of this.
    --- E. Free Shoulder Ram (***) ---
    b+1+2      Power Iron Shoulder
    f+2,1,2    Boar Rush
    1. Anytime when your opponent is knocked down, watch for his/her
       techroll. (I suggest using d/b+3 to force them to techroll if they
       stay down.)
    2. Anytime the opponent tries to get up, perform b+1+2. This is good
       for blowing the computer onto the wall. Alternatively, you can do
       f+2,1,2 instead.
    --- F. Free Reverse Double Elbow (**) ---
    1,2,2[,~B] Advancing Fists [to Back Turned]
    BT 1+2     Reverse Double Elbow Ram
    1. Anytime during a match, throw out 1,2,2,~B.
    2. Immediately do BT 1+2 to blow the computer away for being a moron.
    --- G. Easy Launch (***) ---
    qcf+3      Upward Arrow Kick
    1. From mid-range, just throw out this move and computer will walk
       right into it most of the time.
    2. You can improve the chances of this hitting by:
       a. Delaying the 3
       b. Performing one or two jabs before doing the move
    --- H. I didn't know there's a second hit... part 2 (**) ---
    ...thanks pp2marco
    d/b+1+2,2  Overhead chop to low chop
    1. Simply perform the move. If the first hit is blocked, chances are
       the opponent will never block the second hit. In fact, you will
       often get a counter hit and floor them.
    Ganryu (GAN) \
    --- A. Poke of Doom (*1/2) --- (RECOMMENDED)
    f+2        Sumo Low Blow
    1. Anytime during a match, simply throw out f+2. While it's a
       special mid move which ducks highs, computer will never block
       it and try to attack you, resulting in many counter hits.
    2. If they're knocked down (which can happen if f+2 is a counter
       hit), simply run up to them and f+2. They will be hit whether
       they lie down, roll back or forward, try a wakeup kick or
       spring kick. If they techroll, you recover fast enough to
       bust out another f+2.
    Note: This doesn't work well on Warlord or better opponents, but
          see the next tip.
    --- B. Poke of Doom variation (*1/2) ---
    f+1+2      Sumo Tackle
    1. Anytime during a match, simply throw out f+2. If it's a
       counter hit, just poke them again.
    2. If they block it, just throw out f+1+2, which will beat most
       attacks the computer will throw at you.
    --- C. Unblockable setup (**) ---
    ...thanks pp2marco
    d/f+3      Sumo Sweep
    d/b+1+2    Unblockable Sumo Tackle
    1. Knock down your opponent with f+1+2. (They shouldn't be hit
       in midair blowing them away. They should fall right next to
       you if they get hit while they are standing.)
    2. Use d/f+3 (or f+2) to poke them on the ground. Computer will
       usually techroll.
    3. Immediately start the d/b+1+2 unblockable. Ganryu will mow
       them down.
    1. You can do the unblockable anytime the computer is knocked
       down; you just need to stay in range and watch if they try
       to roll to the side.
    2. pp2marco suggests that if you predict that the computer will
       do the rising kick or dive attack from the ground, simply
       backdash and then to the unblockable.
    3. Wang and Raven seem to evade this move a lot.
    Heihachi Mishima (HEI) \
    --- A. Unblockable Palm Thrust (*) ---
    ...thanks g meza (shugreth at gmail dot com)
    qcf+2      Palm Thrust
    1. Simply throw out the move anytime you want. Computer won't block
       it (or won't block it properly) 98% of the time.
    2. Since the move knocks down, you can dash after the computer and
       do this move again as they get up. The opponent will almost
       always techroll after this move.
    --- B. Unblockable Palm Thrust (*) --- (RECOMMENDED)
    ...thanks g meza (shugreth at gmail dot com)
    d+1,2      Overhead Smash to Palm Thrust
    1. Simply throw out the move anytime you want. One of the following
       will happen:
       a. Computer blocks the first hit, and gets blown away by the
          second. Most common outcome.
       b. You get a counter hit on the first hit, which means the second
          hit will combo for a knockdown.
       c. Computer gets hit by the first hit. It will block the second
          hit properly. Fortunately, Palm Thrust is safe on block vs.
          the computer.
       d. Computer blocks both hits. This will happen only if you did
          the move at max distance, and is very rare.
    2. Since the move knocks down, you can dash after the computer and
       do this move again as they get up. The opponent will almost
       always techroll after this move.
    --- C. Unblockable Setup (****1/2) ---
    ...thanks g meza (shugreth at gmail dot com)
    d+3+4,2   Raijin Charge to Long Range Unblockable High Punch
    1. Simply throw out d+3+4,2 at the correct distance and the computer
       will either stand still and get bashed in the face, or walk within
       range and get bashed in the face. Either way, they will be stunned
       so you can start a juggle for more damage.
       (My simple juggle: d+3+4,2, d/f+1, d/f+1,1, d/f+1,2)
    g meza says this move is best done after qcf+2 or d+1,2 knocks down.
    Note: I don't know exactly how far the computer should be, if they
    should be knocked down on the ground or standing before you throw this
    move out. This setup is very inconsistent and requires a lot of luck.
    If you do the move too close, the computer will go up to your face
    and smack you. If you do it too far, computer will backdash out of
    range. At the wrong distance, the punch will often get ducked or
    sidestepped by the computer, even parried by Jin.
    --- D. Guard Break (***) ---
    b,f+2,2,1   Elbow, Backhand, Face Smack
    1. Simply throw out b,f+2,2,1 and the computer will block everything
       up to the last hit. You will crush their guard and make them
       stagger backwards.
    2. Immediately do a quick move to start a juggle. Computer never
       blocks it (unless the move too slow). You can't launch them with
       a launcher, though.
       (My simple juggle: blocked b,f+2,2,1, d/f+1, d/f+1,1, d/f+1,2)
    Note: If the first two attacks hit the computer, they will duck the
       third hit (which is high) and punish you. So it's very important
       to ensure that the computer blocks everything.
    Trivia: If you've played Tekken Tag before, you'd know that if you
       don't hit a heavy character with a counterhit launcher, they
       will bounce slightly off the ground and then be able to block
       your attack. Well if you do this on the computer in Tekken Tag,
       they will never block your next hit causing them to pop into
       the air. Heihachi's blocked b,f+2,2,1 produces a similar effect
       (although putting the opponent in a different animation).
    --- E. It looks low... but it isn't! (*1/2) ---
    ...thanks TheTrueJin
    b+2       Spinning Fist
    1. Just do b+2 repeatedly against the computer and they should be hit
    Note: Doesn't work well on Warlord or better opponents.
    --- F. Sit! (***1/2) ---
    b+1       Overhead Palm Strike
    1. Do b+1. If computer blocks it, do it again. If they don't block it,
       they will kneel down and beg for mercy. Don't show them any. Hit them
    Note: Due to its poor range, it's a lot more risky than the Palm
          Thrust tricks in A or B. But if you get bored with the Palm
          Thrust, or simply want to see the opponent beg for mercy (just
          look at their pose!) do this.
    Jack-5 (JAK) \
    --- A. Guns are supposed to be unblockable, part 1 (*1/2) ---
    ...thanks GreedyLilAsian
    b+2       Arm Shot Thingy
    2,1       Jab and Elbow
    1. At the correct distance (about 1/2 or 1 character length away
       from the opponent), b+2 will often hit against the computer.
    GreedyLilAsian suggests throwing out 2,1... which the computer will
    block. After computer blocks three 2,1's (or less), they will be
    pushed back and be in perfect range for the b+2.
    --- B. Guns are supposed to be unblockable, part 2 (***) ---
    ...thanks GreedyLilAsian
    ff+2      Uppercut Arm Shot Thingy
    1. At the correct distance (about f+1+3 and f+2+4 throw range),
       ff+2 will often launch the computer.
    --- C. Look, up in the sky! Is it a plane? (*1/2) ---
    ...thanks vampirelord18
    3+4       Hover and Stomp
    1. Knock down the opponent (preferably with cheapness like b+2).
    2. Perform 3+4. Opponent will lie down, wondering what that shadow
       flying overhead is. Meanwhile, Jack will land and lay the
       smackdown on the opponent for horrendous damage.
    --- D. Squish (*1/2) ---
    u/f+3+4      Jump and Sit
    SIT 1,2,1,2  Sit Down Punches
    1. Knock down the opponent with anything that can't be techrolled
       (preferably with cheapness like b+2).
    2. Perform u/f+3+4. Computer will lie still and get hit.
    3. Combo with SIT 1,2,(1),2 for a 3-hit followup which cannot be
       escaped by the computer.
    Note: Use this if you get tired of watching Jack float in midair. (:
    --- E. Guard Crush... sort of (***) ---
    SIT 1,2,1,2  Sit Down Punches
    1. Anytime during sitting, just do SIT 1,2,1,2. Computer will not
       block after the second hit. Very effective if computer ever
       gets up to block u/f+3+4.
    Jin Kazama (JIN) \
    --- A. Corpse Thrust Trap (*) --- (RECOMMENDED)
    d+1       Corpse Thrust
    d+4       Long Sweep
    1. Start the round with Jin's d+1. The computer will not escape the
    2. Follow up with a forward dash and then d+4. Computer will be
       knocked back slightly, then tech roll.
    3. Quickly do another forward dash and then d+1. The punch should hit
    4. Repeat from Step 2.
    --- B. Free Stomp (**) ---
    ...thanks TheTrueJin
    d+1       Corpse Thrust
    4~3       Flip Kick
    1. When you knock down the computer with d+1, dash forward and
       perform 4~3. Computer will do nothing and get hit.
    2. Obviously you get up first, so set up another d+1 to continue the
    Note: This loop is slower than Trick A, but since the 4~3 does more
          damage, you can use it to finish off the computer if you know
          d+4 won't kill them (and 4~3 would).
    --- C. Free Ice Cream! (***) ---
    ...thanks HellWinds
    u/b+1+2   Avenger
    1. Do trick A (d+1 fwddash d+4), wait for opponent to techroll.
    2. In the middle of their techroll, start the unblockable. Computer
       player should run right into it.
    Note: Relies on luck, but hey, an unblockable hitting 50/50 is good.
    Julia Chang (JUL) \
    --- A. Low Blow (**) ---
    1~1,4,4    One-Two, Sweep, Arrow Kick
    1. As long as opponent blocks 1~1, they will almost always never block
       the kicks.
    Note: This will also combo on a counter hit.
    --- B. Unblockable Elbow (***) ---
    ff+1       Chang Family Trademark Elbow
    1. As long as you're not too close to the computer when performing the
       elbow, they won't block it around 80% of the time. If they do...
    --- C. Free Launch (****) ---
    ff+1       Chang Family Trademark Elbow
    d,d/f+1    Lunge forward jab
    fff+1      Lunge forward jab
    1~1,1      One-Two, Uppercut
    1,2,1      Jab, Gutpunch, Uppercut
    1. If you get the computer to block ff+1, of it you hit or let the
       computer block fff+1 or d,d/f+1, then 1~1,1 or 1,2,1 will launch
       them for free.
    1. ff+1 is not recommended to setup the launcher since the CPU will
       often get hit by it anyway.
    2. If you want to play it safe, just do 1~1,4,4 instead of 1~1,1 or
    Kazuya Mishima (KAZ) \
    --- A. Gutpunch Trap 1 (****) ---
    d/f+2      Demon Gutpunch
    3,1        Advancing Kick, Lead Jab
    1. Start the round with d/f+2, or perform some jabs then d/f+2. It
       must be a counter hit.
    2. Opponent should be stunned (not escapeable), so juggle with 3,1.
    3. Computer should techroll. When they're about to get up, hit them
       with d/f+2 again (strict timing required). It will usually
       counter hit. Repeat from Step 2.
    --- B. Gutpunch Trap 2 (****) --- (RECOMMENDED)
    d/f+2      Demon Gutpunch
    3,1        Advancing Kick, Lead Jab
    d/f+1,2    Rib Punch to Overhead Chop
    1. Begin the round with d/f+2, or perform some jabs then d/f+2. It
       must be a counter hit.
    2. Opponent should be stunned (not escapeable), so juggle with 3,1
       then d/f+1,b+2.
    3. Computer can't techroll. Wait for the computer to get up (be
       careful, they will sometimes roll to the side) and throw out a
       d/f+2 (strict timing required). Usually, opponent should be
       stunned again. Repeat from Step 2.
    Note: As a variation to the above two, you can juggle instead with
          3, b+2,4,1 after the d/f+2 CH for more damage (but harder to
          setup afterwards). Thanks pp2marco for the juggle.
    King (KNG) \
    --- A. Lie Down (***) ---
    d/f+3,4    Midkick, Enzuigiri
    1. Perform the above move, make sure the computer blocks or gets hit
       with the first hit (it won't continue to the second hit if it
    2. If the computer is hit, just setup the move again.
    3. If the computer blocks, King will end up lying on the floor.
       Opponent will try to attack (which will usually whiff since they
       don't usually try moves that hit grounded opponents) so perform
       the wakeup kick using 4 and kick them in the face.
    Note: For some reason, this doesn't work well against Bruce and Bryan.
    --- B. Moonsault Assault (**) ---
    ...thanks enaysoftware
    1+4        Moonsault
    1. Straight out of Tekken Tag. Simply throw out the move when the
       computer is:
       a. far enough (2-3 character lengths)
       b. knocked down by a move which can't be techrolled
          (like b+4 CLEAN HIT, or juggle ending with f+2,2,2)
       c. in a stance
       ...and they will usually get hit.
    --- C. Dumb Steve (* against Steve, **** against others) ---
    ...first submitted by enaysoftware
    d/f+1,2    Two Elbows
    1. Simply throw out the move repeatedly, computer *usually* won't
       punish. Exception: if the computer is Steve, see below:
    Note: enaysoftware mentioned Steve specifically, becuase whether
          Steve blocks or gets hit by this move, he will go into one of
          his "special stances". Whatever he does, you can throw out this
          move again and he will be hit. You can do it until you're sick
          of seeing the elbows, and Steve still won't throw a single
          punch at you. Easy perfects against the "god tier" of Tekken
          5.0. =)
    Marshall Law (LAW) \
    --- A. Free Juggles (*1/2) --- (RECOMMENDED)
    1,2,3      One-two-knee
    b+2        Junkyard elbow
    b+1        Backhand jab
    d+2,3      Low punch to flip kick
    1. Anytime during a match, perform 1,2,3 or b+2 or b+1. Computer
       should block it.
    2. Immediately perform d+2,3 to launch the opponent. Juggle to your
       heart's content.
    1. The 1,2,3 works better, but b+2 and b+1 are good if you're far.
    2. b+1 and b+2 are not good against Jin. (he can parry an elbow? WTF?)
    3. This trick seems to work great against average human players as
       well. (hint hint)
    --- B. Unpunishable String (*) --- (RECOMMENDED)
    ...thanks pp2marco
    1,2,3      One-two-knee
    1. Simply perform 1,2,3 repeatedly until they're dead. Or they hit
       the wall.
    2. If they hit the wall, you have two options:
       * Wait for them to get up, then 1,2,3 them again.
       * See trick C.
    --- C. Hit them while they're down... (***) ---
    ...thanks pp2marco
    d/b+3      Cheesy low kick
    1. When the opponent falls down from the wall (like from Law's wall
       combo or a 1,2,3), hit them with d/b+3.
    2. If they don't techroll (or if you prevent them from doing so)
       simply do d/b+3 again and again until they get up.
    Note: Lower level opponents are less prone to techroll, so this is
          obviously easier to do on them.
    --- D. Law's back is turned..! Now's my chance! (**) ---
    ...thanks TheTrueJin
    b+3        Roundhouse kick into Back Turned
    d/b+2      Reverse Elbow
    2,2        Punch, Spin Punch
    BT 2,2     No-look Punches
    1. Perform one of the above three moves to turn Law's back to the
       opponent. (Works better if opponent blocks them.)
    2. Do BT 2,2 to beat most attacks the computer will throw at you.
    Note: Warlord or higher can sometimes block the BT 2,2... but most
          of the time, they will not retaliate.
    --- E. Stagger seems to mess up the AI (***1/2) ---
    ...thanks pp2marco
    f,f,f+3    Flying Kick
    b+2,3,4    Junkyard kicks
    1. Run towards the computer and do the flying kick. If they get hit,
       then try again.
    2. If they block it (and stagger), immediately follow up with the
       Junkyard kicks, which seem to have a good chance of launching
       the opponent.
    Note: For lower-level computer opponents, the Junkyard Kicks used by
          themselves will do.
    Lee Chaolan (LEE) \
    --- A. Flying Kick of Doom (***1/2) ---
    (thanks vampirelord18, even though you initially suggested ff+3)
    u/f+3+4    Lee's Trademark Flying Kick
    ff+3       Thrust Kick
    f,N        Mist Step
    * Simply throw out the move and it will hit most of the time (less
      against Warlord or better opponents, but still good enough).
      (from a distance, you can perform Lee's Mist Step to try and
      force the computer to crouch before you throw out u/f+3+4)
    * Best if Lee does the flying kick at the maximum distance it can
    * You can also try ff+3 if you're more comfortable with it,
      although u/f+3+4 is better as it crushes low attacks.
    Once the opponent is knocked down, you can choose from various
    A. Backdash, then throw out the kick again. A good setup and
       easiest to perform.
    B. Forward dash, backdash, then do the flying kick. Getting close
       to the computer usually forces it to throw the wakeup kick,
       you can backdash to avoid it then nail them with the flying
    C. Backdash, mist step, then flying kick. Stylish, but it works,
       as mist step can force the computer to throw out a low getup
       kick, which your flying kick (which crushes lows) will then
    C. Sidestep, then do the flying kick. Good if you know your
    D. Watch the computer for any movement other than a sideways
       roll, then kick them. Requires good reflexes and some
    --- B. Flying Kick of Doom Followup (**) ---
    d+4,4,4,4  Multiple Kicks
    1. Simply throw out the u/f+3+4. If it hits, follow up with
       d+4,4,4,4 for more hits.
    Note: Good for finishing off the computer. In my opinion it's
          still better to set them up for more flying kicks if they
          have a lot of life though.
    --- C. Cheapshot... (***) ---
    f,N+3,4,d+4   Mist Step into Double Flying Kick into Low Kick
    1. Simply throw out the listed move. If the computer blocks the
       first two hits, they will get nailed by the third hit 99% of
       the time.
    Lei Wulong (LEI) \
    --- A. Kick to the Face (**) --- (RECOMMENDED)
    WS+3      The Kick We Will Use For This Trick
    1. Simply do WS+3. Repeat until opponent is dead.
    Note: If you do the while standing "motion" wrong you will simply
    get a standing 3, which hits high, so low and many mid moves will
    go through it. Standing 3 will still stop high attacks though,
    and still allow you to continue this "loop".
    Don't even bother with the Instant While Standing motion since
    timing on this setup is quite lax; you can simply wait for Lei to
    crouch and let go for the WS+3.
    --- B. Guard Break (****) ---
    ...thanks pp2lorenz
    variant 1:
    1. Make the computer block the f,N+4,1,2,3.
    2. They will stagger, and always be hit by the followup.
    variant 2:
    1. Make the computer block f,N+3.
    2. They will stagger, and always be hit by the followup.
    1. Always use d+4 on higher-level opponents for better results.
    2. I rated this as difficult because the computer often ducks or beats
       your f,N+4 or f,N+3 due to it being a high attack.
    3. Due to the high risk and low damage output (if computer blocks that
       is) I won't recommend this trick. It looks cool though.
    --- C. Snake Stepping (****) ---
    ...thanks pp2lorenz for variants 1 and 2
    All of the following tricks continue from Snake Stance (SNA).
    Various ways to get into SNA:
    * SS+1+4 or SS+2+3 or f+1+4 or f+2+3
    * f,N+1~SS
    * d/b+4~d
    * d+4~d (recommended; in fact, I'll use this in the examples
             below, but feel free to substitute)
    * BT d+4~d (also a good choice)
    variant 1:
    d+4~d SNA 2,2~f DGN 2
    1. Just do the entire string. Computer should get hit often by the
       final hit (DGN 2 uppercut beats many moves). If they block it,
       they will be staggered and won't punish.
    Note: DGN 2 is not very effective on Warlord or better.
    variant 2:
    d+4~d SNA 2,2,2~f PAN 1,2
    1. Just do the entire string. Computer should get hit often by the
       third hit, then also by the final hits (PAN 1,2 ducks highs).
       If they block it, they usually won't punish.
    variant 3:
    d+4~d SNA SSR PAN 2 (or PAN 1,2)
    d+4~d SNA SSL DGN 2
    1. Do d+4~d to go into Snake Stance.
    2. Sidestep towards the opponent's weak side* then perform the
       uppercut. Opponent will try to punish you before you sidestep their
       attack (looks cool) and doing PAN 2 or DGN 2 will uppercut them
       for free.
    Note: If d+4 knocks the computer down on a counter hit, uppercuts will
          still hit grounded opponents but won't launch.
    * The opponent's left side is usually their weak side.
    Ling Xiaoyu (XIA) \
    --- A. Easy Sweeps Setup (***) ---
    SS+3      Power Sweep
    1. Perform some jabs which will be blocked by the opponent. As you
       recover, immediately perform SS+3 for a juggle.
    Note: Higher-level computer opponents may block this.
    Nina Williams (NIN) \
    --- A. Punishing people who just won't stay put (**) --- (RECOMMENDED)
    u/f+1     Overhead Chop
    d+4,1     Low Kick to Spinning Palm
    1. Juggle your opponent any way you want, ending in u/f+1 which cannot
       be techrolled.
    2. Immediately perform d+4,1, which will re-launch the computer
       opponent because they will try to roll backwards. Juggle with
    3. Repeat step 2 until opponent is dead or until they hit the wall.
    1. This trick is best performed on stages without walls.
    2. In Tekken 5.1, substitute u/f+1 with 1+4 (it requires more skill
       to juggle with though).
    --- B. Unpunishable String (**) ---
    d/f+1,2    Cheesy Two-Hit String
    1. If you have no clue how broken Nina and Anna were in Tekken 5.0,
       here's the proof. Simply perform this move again and again until
       the CPU dies. Some luck required, but you will beat 95% of the
       computer's moves...
    1. Less effective against characters with fast jabs such as
       Steve, Paul, and Nina.
    2. In Nina's case, she has a more effective setup than Anna... see
       Trick C.
    --- C. Free Launch (*) --- (RECOMMENDED)
    d/f+1      Cheesy Uppercut
    d/f+1,2    Cheesy Two-Hit String
    d/b+4,3    Shin Kick to Divine Cannon
    1. Perform d/f+1 or d/f+1,2.
    2. Whatever happens, whether the computer gets hit or blocks, just do
       d/b+4,3 to duck their attack, score a counter hit, and launch them
       for free. If they ever block it, they will usually not punish.
    3. Combine with Trick A for best results.
    Paul Phoenix (PAU) \
    --- A. Unblockable Sweep-Elbow (**1/2) --- (RECOMMENDED)
    ...thanks pp2marco
    d+1,4,2   Overhead smash, Sweep, Elbow
    1. Simply perform the listed move. Opponent should block the first
       hit then get swept and elbowed for decent damage.
    Note: If the first hit is a counter hit, everything is guaranteed. If
          they get hit by the first hit (but is not a counter hit), they
          will block the second hit properly. So make sure opponent
          blocks first hit. Otherwise they will be able to punish.
    --- D. Cheapshot... (***) ---
    f,f+3,4,d+4   Double Flying Kick into Low Kick
    1. Similar to Lee's flying kicks, just throw out the listed move. If
       the computer blocks the first two hits, the computer will get
       nailed by the third hit 99% of the time.
    Raven (RAV) \
    --- A. Unblockable "Leg Grab" (**) --- (RECOMMENDED)
    ...thanks HellWinds
    b+2,2,1+2 Chop, Elbow, Low Twohand Sweep
    1. Just do the move! As long as computer blocks the second hit,
       they're bound to get hit by the third.
    2. You can follow up with Trick B for more damage.
    Note: The computer will block properly if they're hit by the first
          two hits... and then hit Raven back.
    --- B. Help! I'm down and I can't get up... (**) --- (RECOMMENDED)
    ...thanks HellWinds
    u/f+3     Jumping Axe Kick
    1. Simply knock down your opponent with any move that doesn't allow
       a techroll (like d/b+4 or b+2,2,1+2).
    2. Perform u/f+3 again and again, the computer will have difficulty
       escaping. (If they ever escape, Raven usually eats minimal damage.)
    Roger Jr. (ROG) \
    --- A. Ayer's Rock Trap (**) --- (RECOMMENDED)
    f+4,3,2   Ayer's Rock (two reverse kicks and a power punch)
    1. Start off with f+4,3,2. Computer should walk right into it and
       get blown away.
    2. Run up towards the opponent's fallen corpse.
    3. Watch the opponent. If they techroll, wait until they get up.
       Once they get up or try any form of wake-up kick, perform f+4,3,2.
    4. Repeat from Step 2.
    --- B. Easy Sweeps Trap (***) ---
    SS+4      Animal Sweep
    d/f+1+2   Shoulder Bash
    1. Perform some jabs or d/f+1+2 which will be blocked by the opponent.
       As you recover, immediately perform SS+4.
    2. Juggle with d/f+1+2. (or just finish them off with a bigger juggle
       if they're almost dead)
    3. Opponent techrolls and gets straight up. Repeat from #1.
    Note: Higher-level computer opponents may block this.
    --- C. Easy Kangaroo Headbutt Setup (**1/2) ---
    d/b+1+2   Flying Kangaroo Headbutt
    1. Perform some jabs which will be blocked by the opponent. As you
       recover, immediately perform d/b+1+2 for easy knockdown.
       (recommended to combo with d/f+1+2 afterwards for quick and
       painful damage)
    Note: On higher-level computer opponents, delay a bit after the jabs.
    --- D. Super Stomp Setup (***) --- (RECOMMENDED)
    u/f+3+4   Jumping Stomp
    1+2,3+4   Spin to Castanet Kick
    d/b+3     Tail Sweep
    BT 3+4    Shrimp Kick
    1. Simply juggle the opponent in one of two ways:
       a. any normal launcher, 1+2,3+4
       b. any sweep, d/b+3
    2. After your last juggle hit, immediately perform u/f+3+4. The
       stomp should hit behind the computer.
    3. Since Roger Jr.'s back is turned toward the opponent, perform
       BT 3+4 to launch them.
    4. Juggle them with f+4,3,2 for big damage.
    1. Does not work on lower-level computer opponents.
    2. This sometimes works against human opponents... heh heh heh.
       I love this setup...
    3. This is guaranteed NOT to work in Tekken 5.1.
    Steve Fox (STV) \
    --- A. Stun Setup (***) ---
    3+4,2      Albatross Spin to Straight Punch
    1. Just do the move. At the correct distance, the computer will try
       to retaliate, giving you a counter hit and giving them a stun
       which cannot be escaped, so combo the opponent as you see fit.
    2. You can improve the chances of this hitting by:
       a. Doing the move at the farthest distance that the punch would hit
       b. Canceling your moves into Flicker Stance, then performing the
          spin quickly afterwards. Example, during a jab string cancelled
          into Flicker (2,1~b), you can do the Albatross Spin move.
    Wang Jinrei (WAN) \
    --- A. Free Throw (****) ---
    WS+4       Skyscraper Kick
    d/f+1+3+4  Whirlwind Toss (a blockable special-mid "throw")
    1. Perform and hit the WS+4.
    2. Immediately do the d/f+1+3+4. Most of the time, the computer
       should "techroll" right into it.
    Tip: You can also perform the WS+4 with qcf+4.
    Note: Does not work on lower-level computer opponents.
    --- B. Lather, Rinse, Repeat (***) ---
    ...thanks pp2lorenz
    WS 2,2,2   Gravity Punches
    1. Simply hit the computer with a barrage of WS 2,2,2. They'll get
       hit eventually, usually a counter hit on the third hit (knocks
       them down). If blocked, they (usually) won't hit back.
    Tip: Start the match with d+4 to safely set up the WS 2,2,2.
    --- C. Low Blow (*) ---
    ...thanks pp2lorenz
    f+1+2      Quick Double Palm Thrust
    1. Just do it. Computer will be blown away 98% of the time.
    Note: 98% of the time, it won't work against Warlord or better,
          totally ineffective.
    Yoshimitsu (YOS) \
    --- A. Unblockable setup 1 (***) --- *updated* (RECOMMENDED)
    ...thanks pp2lorenz
    f+1+2      Shoulder Block
    b,b+1      Sword Stab
    1. Juggle your opponent ending in f+1+2.
    2. Do the unblockable after the computer techrolls.
    1. Actually, you need to be far from the computer after the juggle
       so that they will be GUARANTEED to techroll even if your
       unblockable is starting up. So after you juggle with f+1+2, input
       the unblockable slowly (like b,wait a split second,b+1) so that
       Yoshi backdashes slightly before doing the unblockable.
    2. You can also set this up after other juggles. pp2lorenz suggested
       d/f+2, f+1, f+1, f+1+2, b...b+1. You can also do it with, for
       example, d/f+2, d/f+2, d/f+2, f+1, f+1, b...b+1 ... and so on.
    3. The only difficulty in this one is having to launch the opponent
    --- B. Unblockable setup 2 (***) --- (RECOMMENDED)
    ...thanks pp2lorenz (with a little mod by me)
    d+1        Sword Slash
    b,b+1      Sword Stab
    1. Knock down your opponent with whatever move that can't be
       techrolled (e.g. u+1+2,3 sweep / b,b+1 unblockable ).
    2. Hit them with d+1 on the ground.
    3. If you're far enough, the computer will techroll, so perform
       b,b+1 to skewer them.
    1. If you do d+1 and immediately do the unblockable, the computer
       won't get up. A little timing is required. See note #1 in Trick A.
       This setup works about the same way.
    2. In fact, if they survive being stabbed by a sword, you can setup
       another one using this trick.
    Section 10: Question and Answer Portion (FAQ-)
    Here are some of the "questions" I got in the mail...
    As a courtesy I will not name names.
    I'll add more Q&A's if there's any more issues that need to be
    Q1: "Who do you recommend to beat the AI with, for money?"
        I'd say that the Laser trick is the easiest of all the methods
        I listed, so I'm recommending Devil Jin.
        Personally I'm using Jin as my computer killer.
    Q2: "You know what, your move names are wrong."
        Excuse me, that's not even a question. Anyway, for some moves
        I simply lifted the names off Catlord's FAQ or Tekken Zaibatsu's
        movelist. But most of it, I just made up because it sounds cool
        or describes exactly what the move does. I reserve the right to
        do that for the sake of... me saving time, and you not having to
        strain your imagination.
    Q3: "How many Tekken Lords do you have?"
        As of 09/16/2005, I have 21:
        Anna, Asuka, Baek, Bryan, Christie, Devil Jin,
        Ganryu, Jack, Julia, Feng, Kazuya, Heihachi, Mokujin,
        Nina, Paul, Raven, Roger Jr., Steve, Wang, Yoshimitsu
    Q4: "Why don't you let my site (or insert random gaming site)
        host it?"
        Like I said, I'm lazy. I don't want to update multiple copies
        of my work online, and I don't want people emailing me about
        outdated versions of the guide.
    Q5: "Trick X doesn't work! You're a liar!"
        Er, like I said, some tricks work better for others. Try the other
        methods and find one that works for you. Or just try another
    Section 11: About the Author (ABOU)
        Project 8, Quezon City, Philippines
    Where I play:
        At home (of course)
        Quantum SM North Edsa (Quezon City) - I go here very often
        Timezone Glorietta 4 (Makati City)
        Timezone SM Megamall Basement (Mandaluyong City)
    Tekken 5.1 characters:
    Tekken 5 characters:
        Roger Jr., Feng Wei
    About me: I prefer the online alias Robo-Mike. Robo comes from
        Robo-Ky, a character in the fighting game Guilty Gear XX. You
        can tell now that I'm better at 2D fighting games than 3D.
        Still, I find Tekken fun to play. Customizing character
        outfits is a plus.
        I started this guide, because I thought that some people find
        Arcade Mode sort of tedious. Beating the computer should not
        be a chore, so I put all the tricks I knew into writing.
        Thanks in part to contributors, the FAQ has grown to over 70KB...
        and still growing!
        Again, thank you for reading this guide.
    Section 12: Contact Info (MAIL)
    e-mail: removed, coz I don't feel like updating anymore... UNTIL
    Section 13: Contributors/Special Thanks (ENDC)
    Special Thanks to:
        Thanks for adding a few more tips and making my guide even
    In alphabetical order! (drumroll please...)
    * enaysoftware - King tips
    * g meza (shugreth at gmail dot com) - Heihachi tips
    * GreedyLilAsian - Jack-5 tip
    * HellWinds - Asuka, Bruce, Jin, Lee, RAVEN
    * pp2lorenz - Lei, Wang, Yoshi
    * pp2marco - Baek, DJin, Feng, Ganryu, Law, Paul
    * Richard Schweitzer - Asuka tips
    * TheTrueJin - Law, Hei, Jin, DJin
    * vampirelord18 (flcl_fan at gmail dot com) - Marduk, Jack, Lee, DJin
        For FAQ hosting, a great interface and a big collection of cool
    my job
        For taking up most of my time and giving me money for my gaming
    tekkenzaibatsu.com - Tekken Zaibatsu
        For standardizing move lists, great combo movies, and providing
        a forum for Tekken players around the world.
    s4.invisionfree.com/pinoyfighters - Pinoy Fighters Forum
        A great community of Filipino fighting game players.
    all the Tekken arcade players I've played
        For providing hard-to-beat painful competition causing me to blow
        truckloads of money on Tekken 5. I've learned a lot from you
        fools, and someday I WILL BEAT YO ASS! Okay, maybe not.
    Section 14: Revision History (HIST)
    v2.5   Julia setups
    final  Paul "unblockable"
    v2.4   Raven setups by HellWinds
           Bruce trick by HellWinds
           Various King stuff by enaysoftware
           Asuka stuff by HellWinds
           Jin stuff by HellWinds
           Devil Jin stuff by pp2marco
    v2.3   Two new Jack setups
           Two new Nina setups
           Anna now has 1 trick!
    v2.2   Feng move by pp2marco, also clarified Trick D (d/f+2,2)
           Added Wang cheesiness by pp2lorenz
           King and Paul tactics... FINALLY! Paul is by pp2marco
           Revised explanation and improved Yoshi's unblockable setup
           Renamed section to Bad AI Behavior and added to it
    v2.1   Added Christie tips
           One Law move by pp2marco
           Wang technique by pp2lorenz
           Yoshi trick by pp2lorenz
    v2.0   A couple of interesting Lei tricks by pp2lorenz
           Heihachi tips (some by TheTrueJin)
           Law tricks by pp2marco and TheTrueJin
           Jin and Devil Jin techniques by TheTrueJin
           Corrected motion for Kazuya's move (thanks pp2marco)
           Grammatical changes here and there
           New (RECOMMDENDED) icon for each character
           Put more space between some paragraphs and sections, making the
              guide a lot less cramped. New layout.
    v1.6   Added yet another tip for Ganryu (courtesy of pp2marco)
           Added a Devil Jin trick by vampirelord18
           Added a Marduk setup by vampirelord18
           Added new section "Tekken 5.1 notes" (T5.1)
           Clarified some conventions and character tricks
           Split some sections
           About the Author revised
    v1.55  Added a new improved tip for Ganryu
           More Lee tricks
    v1.5   Added a tip for Jack-5 (thanks vampirelord18)
           Added a tip for Lee Chaolan (thanks vampirelord18)
    v1.4   Added a tip for Roger Jr.
           Added a tip for Marshall Law
           Added tips for Marduk (some by flcl_fan)
    v1.3   Added a tip for Asuka (thanks Richard Schweitzer)
           Added a tip for Jack-5 (thanks GreedyLilAsian)
           Added notes to Lei's WS+3 trick
    v1.2   Added three tips for Heihachi (Thanks g meza)
           Added a trick each for Ganryu and Heihachi
           Rearranged Section 9 questions in order of relevance
           Rearranged Section 11 and added to Special Thanks
           Minor grammatical corrections here and there
    v1.1   Divided Section 5 (Arcade Mode) into subsections for easier
              reading. Added more notes and comments to this section.
           Added tips for getting as much gold as possible under Section 6.
           Made Section 8 more readable.
           Added more info for Feng, Nina and Steve.
           Added Question and Answer portion.
    v1.0   Added tips for Devil Jin, Lei, Bryan.
    v0.5   General Tips complete so far.
           AI Exploit info for Baek, Feng, Jin, Kaz, Ling, Roger Jr.
           and Wang.
    Final Words
    (They did it mostly unintentionally though, by removing tech traps
    and by making some of her moves recoverable thanks to various new
    subsystems in Tekken 5.1, yeah, that's right.)
    Tekken 5 Dark Resurrection is coming out! Check out your local
    Tekken sites (like Tekken Zaibatsu or something) for news!
    With that, I'm bidding you all farewell for now. I'll be back when
    T5DR is on the PS2.

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