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    King by MHamlin

    Version: 1.05 | Updated: 10/12/05 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Tekken 5
    King FAQ
    Version 1.05 completed 10/12/05
    By MHamlim
    e-mail: cmhamlin@mchsi.com
    Table of Contents
    1. Copyright Info
    2. Version History
    3. Button Conventions
    4. Move List
    5. Move Analysis
    6. Throw List
    7. Throw Strategy
    8. Credits
    1. Copyright Info
    This document is protected by copyright, Mike Hamlin 2005. There is no illegal 
    reproduction or distribution of this document at any time or place in this or 
    any other universe. So there.
    2. Version History
    v1.00 - First version. 6/02/05
    v1.05 - Submission from Mark Ibarra. 10/12/05
    3. Button Conventions
    Following are the common conventions that are used to refer to buttons and 
    button motions. Most Tekken players are familiar with them; if you are not, 
    check them out now or you will not understand how to do any of the moves.
    f- tap forward
    b- tap backward
    u- tap up
    d- tap down
    F- hold forward
    B- hold backward
    U- hold up
    D- hold down
    N- pad in neutral position
    /- press between arrows
    1- left punch
    2- right punch
    3- left kick
    4- right kick
    +- press buttons simultaneously
    ~- press buttons quickly
    *- hold the button down
    :- just frame, requires precise timing
    >- button press can be delayed
    _- moves are interchangeable
    =- move is an add-on to the move above with lesser indent
    QCF- Quarter Circle Forward (d,d/f,f)
    QCB- Quarter Circle Backward (d,d/b,b)
    HCF- Half Circle Forward (b,d/b,d,d/f,f)
    HCB- Half Circle Backward (f,d/f,d,d/b,b)
    SS- during sidestep
    SSR- during right sidestep
    SSL- during left sidestep
    WR- while rising from crouch
    WC- while fully crouched
    BT- back is turned
    CH- counter hit
    CL- clean hit
    Hit levels
    h- High level. Blocked by standing or avoided by ducking.
    m- Mid level. Blocked by standing. Can hit ducking opponent.
    l- Low level. Blocked by crouching.
    sm- Special mid level. Hits mid but can be blocked by ducking.
    !- Unblockable.
    4. Move List
    This list shows all of King's moves, how to do them, their damage, and any 
    special properties. A star in the property column indicates a special property 
    that move has; check for the move name in the property list to see that move's 
    Name                 Command       Damage           Property
    Palm Attack          1,2           hh/6,15
     =Head Jammer        2+4           h/30             *
     =Jumping Power Bomb d+2+4         m/45             *
    Palm Upper           1,2,1         hhm/6,15,10
     =Suplex             2+4           h/40             *
     =Jumping Power Bomb d+2+4         m/45             *
    Jab Uppercut         2,1           hm/10,12
    Head Spinner         1+2,1         mm/18,21
    Jaguar Step          3+4           -                *
     =Elbow              2             m/15
     =High Kick          4             h/35
     =Mid Kick           d/f+4         m/23
    Moonsault Body Press 1+4           !/25             *
    Rolling Elbow Rush   f+2>2>2       hhm/14,16,21     *
    Front Kick           f+3           m/18
     =DDT                :1+2          20
    Rolling Sobat        f+4           m/23
    Shadow Lariat        f+1+2         h/25
    Jaguar Lariat        f+1+2*        !/50             *
    Body Check           f+1+4         m/21
    Shoulder Tackle      f+2+3         m/40
    Elbow Sting          d/f+1>2       mm/15,12
    Smashing Hook        d/f+2         m/12
    Lasso Kick           d/f+3,4       mh/17,15         *
    Low Kick             d/f+4         l/15
    Frakensteiner        d/f+3+4       sm/15,30         *
    Low Jab Uppercut     d+1~N~2       smm/5,13
    Corporate Elbow      d+1+2         m/21
    Stagger Kick         d+3+4,4,4     lll/14,7,7       *
     =Spinning Uppercut  2             m/10             *
    Stagger Kicks        d+3+4,4,4,4,4 lllll/16,7,5,4,3 *
     =Spinning Uppercut  2             m/10             *
    Crouching Low Kick   d/b+3         l/17
    Low Drop Kick        d/b+4         l/16
    Quick Hook           b+1           h/13
    Sidewinder           b+2           h/16
    Straight Arrow       b+2*          h/30
     =V Driver           d+2+4         m/45             *
    Toll Kick            b+3           h/23
    Disgraceful Kick     b+4           h/20             *
    Water Parting Chop   u/b+1         h/30
    Falling Heel Kick    u/f+3         m/18 or 25       *
    Capital Punishment   u/f+1+2       m/35
    Burning Knuckle      u/f+1+2*      !/45             *
    Neck Cutter Kick     u/f+3+4       h/28
    High Elbow Drop      u_u/b_u/f+2+4 m/35
    Jaguar Straight      f,f+1         h/23
    Rolling Elbow        f,f+2         m/20
    Clothesline Combo    f,f+2,1       mh/20,25
    Konvict Kick         f,f+4         m/24
     =DDT                -             20               *
    Flying Cross Chop    f,f+1+2       h or l/15        *
    Exploder             f,f+3+4       h/25             *
    Diving Body Press    f,f+2+3       m/30             *
    Stomach Smash        f,f,N,2       l/6              *
    Lay Off              f,f,N,1+2     m/0
    Jumping Knee         f,N,d,d/f+4   m/25             *
    Black Bomb           f,N,d,D/F+1+2 m/28
    Running Exploder     f,f,f+3+4     m/40
    Crouching Uppercut   WR,2          m/20
    Snap Uppercut        WR,1+2        m/18
    Body Blow            WC,D/F+2      m/23
    Leg Breaker          WC,D/F+1      l/21
    Jaguar Thrust        SS,2          m/22
    Deadly Boomerang     SS,3+4        h/54
    Atomic Blaster       BT,1+2        !/50             *
    Blind Kick           BT,3          m/15
     =Neck Breaker       :1+2          20               *
    10 hit combos:
    1,2,1,1,2,4,4,4,1,3- 86 damage
    1,2,1,1,2,4,4,4,1,1- 81 damage
    1,2,1,1,3,3,4,4,1,1- 88 damage
    1,2,1,1,3,3,4,4,1,3- 93 damage
    1,2,1,1,3,3,4,3,2,1+2- 101 damage
    Move Properties
    Head Jammer: Escape is 2.
    Jumping Power Bomb: Escape is 1+2.
    Suplex: Escape is 2.
    Jumping Power Bomb: Escape is 1+2.
    Jaguar Step: Hold down 3+4 to keep spinning. Each time King spins the follow 
    up moves increase in damage up to the third spin. For the 2, the damage 
    increases: 15, 18, 22. For the 4, the damage increases: 35, 42, 52 
    (unblockable). For the d/f+4, the damage increases: 23, 27, 34. After 6 spins, 
    King gets dizzy and falls over.
    Moonsault Body Press: Also possible during BT.
    Rolling Elbow Rush: Third hit can be cancelled with B.
    Jaguar Lariat: Unblockable but can be ducked.
    Lasso Kick: Second hit comes only if first connects.
    Frakensteiner: Throw comes only if Frakensteiner connects with standing 
    Stagger Kick: First kick is only 10 damage if used alone. Motion can also 
    begin as WC,D/F+4...
    Spinning Uppercut: Only possible after first Stagger Kick.
    Stagger Kicks (Counter): Only possible when first Stagger Kick connects as CH. 
    Motion can also begin as WC,D/F+4...
    Spinning Uppercut (Counter): Only possible when first Stagger Kick connects as 
    CH. In this case, the 2 can be added between the first, second, or third 
    Stagger Kick.
    V Driver: Escape is 1+2.
    Disgraceful Kick: 30 damage on CL.
    Falling Heel Kick: Damage is 18 on far impact, 25 on close impact.
    Burning Knuckle: If King jumps over the opponent, he will automatically turn 
    DDT (Konvict Kick): King uses this automatically if Konvict Kick connects as 
    CH. Escape is 1+2.
    Flying Cross Chop: Hits high on close impact, low on far impact.
    Exploder: Use f+3+4 to add step-in delay.
    Diving Body Press: Grounds opponent on close impact.
    Stomach Smash: Throw follow-ups possible only on CH.
    Jumping Knee: Launches and causes 37 damage on CL.
    Atomic Blaster: Unblockable but can be ducked.
    Neck Breaker: Escape is 2.
    5. Move Analysis
    Here, I will highlight some of the more useful moves in King's repertoire.
    Head Spinner
    Command: 1+2,1
    What's nice about this move is that it has no guard point and it hits mid. If 
    the first hit connects, the second is guaranteed. Even if the enemy blocks it, 
    the second hit will push him far enough away so that he can't retaliate. It's 
    great to use after blocking an enemy's attack so don't hesitate to throw it 
    out. Using just the 1+2 alone will leave your back turned which opens up the 
    possibility of an unblockable 1+2 but most players will see that coming and 
    duck it. However, the Blind Kick (3) can catch an enemy off guard if they try 
    to rush you with your back turned.
    The Head Spinner is also an easy and damaging juggle move. Knock the enemy in 
    the air with a simple u/f+4 jump kick, throw out a 2,1, and then finish with 
    the 1+2,1. Easy, simple, and it hurts.
    Rolling Elbow Rush
    Command: f+2,2,2
    This move is useful on the attack. The three crushing blows will cause a 
    slight stagger on a guarding enemy, especially on the third hit; you can 
    usually pull off a quick low kick if the enemy is not expecting it. However, 
    the first two hits have no guard point and together they can cause quite a bit 
    of damage. Sometimes, it's a better idea to just throw out f+2,2 and forget 
    about the third hit. However, if the first connects as CH, you can finish the 
    string to cause over 50 damage! The first two hits are also high, so don't go 
    crazy with it if your opponent keeps ducking your attacks.
    Elbow Sting
    Command: d/f+1,2
    Another move that causes decent damage and has no guard point. Like the Head 
    Spinner, the enemy will not be able to retaliate if they block this move, so 
    you can throw it out whenever you want. The first hit also floors the enemy on 
    CH. If you are expecting an attack and you can CH it, try using just the d/f+1 
    to ground your opponent and then try a ground throw or another low attack, 
    such as the d/b+4.
    Toll Kick
    Command: b+3
    The Toll Kick has speed, range, and power all in one. King's foot flies out 
    pretty far with this move and if your opponent blocks it, it will push them 
    back a safe distance. Whenever you feel your enemy is too close for comfort, 
    send out a b+3 to open up some space. Be careful with overusing this move; 
    despite its speed an alert enemy can duck it and punish you with a WR move. 
    It's also a useful juggling move because of the range.
    Low Jab Uppercut
    Command: d+1~N~2
    This is an important part of King's poking game. The low jab and quick 
    uppercut don't cause very much damage but the speed enables you to quickly 
    interrupt an attack. A nice offensive tactic to employ is to lure your enemy 
    into this attack; try a stronger attack that your opponent will block first. 
    When he tries to retaliate, immediately throw out the d+1~N~2 to stop their 
    attack. If you can pull this off a few times, your opponent will be more 
    hesitant in his attacks, thus giving you an advantage.
    Command: f+3+4 or f,f+3+4
    The Exploder is a great way to punish a distant opponent. This attack is 
    surprisingly fast and even if it's blocked, it will push your enemy back and 
    into a stagger stun. What's better is that you land in the full grounded 
    position, so you can easily roll away to avoid a counter attack. Note that you 
    can also try f+3+4 to throw in a step-in delay to fool an opponent who might 
    try to sidestep the f,f+3+4. Using this attack while running is also a good 
    tactic; just plow into your opponent at full speed. They'll either take the 
    hit or get knocked off balance. In the case of the latter, try rolling 
    forwards and then using a mid or low kick on your staggering opponent.
    Stagger Kick
    Command: d+3+4,4,4 or WC,D/F+3+4,4,4
    This is King's signature low attack. The first kick is so fast that you'll 
    almost always clip the other player with it. Although the other two kicks can 
    be blocked, you can always throw in the 2 to hit a crouching opponent. It's 
    somewhat risky but downright insulting if you keep using the d+3+4,2 to hit a 
    crouching opponent or the d+3+4,4,4 to hit a standing opponent. On CH, it's 
    even better because the 2 can come after the first, second, or third kick so 
    it's easy tack on the extra 2 by varying it with the number of low kicks.
    Command: d/f+3+4
    This cool looking move can be really annoying because it initiates an 
    inescapable throw on a standing opponent, even if it's blocked. Most opponents 
    won't be expecting it, so try it when you are close to your opponent. It also 
    works great if you knock your enemy down and then run up and throw it out 
    while they are getting up with a tech roll. Be careful, however, because this 
    move hits special mid, so it does nothing if your opponent ducks, which they 
    will do if you abuse this move. You can also use it to hit a grounded 
    Leg Breaker
    Command: WC,D/F+1
    This is a powerful low attack that starts some juggle opportunities. Since 
    this move is executed from a full crouch, you can usually get the other player 
    with it by using this move immediately after another move that ends in a full 
    crouch (such as the Stagger Kick). Once you hit the other player, follow up 
    with low jab and then the FC,D/F+3+4,2. Your opponent will eventually learn to 
    duck and block the attack but you can keep him on his toes by throwing in the 
    FC,D/F+2 uppercut every now and then.
    6. Throw List
    This list shows all of King's throws including the command, damage, position, 
    and escape. Any special properties are listed below.
    Standard Throws
    Name                     Command        Damage Position Escape Property
    Winding Nut              1+3            35     Front    1
    Suplex                   2+4            35     Front    2
    Argentina Back Breaker   1+3_2+4        40     Left     1
    Knee Crusher             1+3_2+4        42     Right    2
    Half Boston Crab         1+3            60     Back     None
    Cobra Twist              2+4            60     Back     None
    Stretch Buster           b,f+1+2        75     Back     None
    Jumping Power Bomb       d+1+3          45     Crouch   1
    V Driver                 d+2+4          45     Crouch   2
    Arm Whip                 b+1+3          30     -        None   *
    Double Heel Hold         b+2+4          Varies -        None   *
    Leg Screw                b+2+4          Varies -        None   *
     =Figure Four Leg Lock   :3+4           33     -        None
    Ultimate Tackle          WC,1+2         5      Any      2      *
     =Ultimate Punch         1,2,1,2,1      5 each Any      Varies *
     =Cross Arm Lock         1+2            25     Front    1+2    *
      =Arm Twist             1+2            10     -        None
     =Leg Cross Hold         3+4            20     Front    1+2    *
      =Stretch Combo         :1+2           30     -        None
    Figure Four Leg Lock     d/b+1+2        40     Front    1+2    *
    Knee Bash                d/f+2+3        40     Front    2
    Muscle Buster            QCB+1+2        50     Front    1+2
    Clothesline Press        WC,d/b,D/B+1+2 45     Front    1+2
    Tombstone Pile Driver    d/b,F+2        58     Front    2
    Giant Swing              f,HCF+1        65     Front    1      *
    Tomahawk                 f,f,f+2+4      40     Front    2
    Throw Away               b+1+2          -      Front    None   *
     =Throw Away Feint       1+3            -      -        1
     =Throw Away Knockdown   2+4            8      -        2
     =Throw and Destroy      3+4            10     -        3+4
     =Turn Around            :1+2           -      -        1+2
    Pile Driver              QCF+1          30     Front    1
     =Double Arm Face Buster 1+2,1+2        35     -        2      *
     =Boston Crab            1+2,3,4,1+2    15     -        1+2
    Hi-jack Back Breaker     1+2            35     Front    1+2    *
    Jaguar Driver            1+2,u,d,3+4    50     Front    3+4    *
    Leg Cross Hold           f+1+3          15     Air      None
    Leg Screw                f+2+4          13     Air      None
    Running Jaguar Bomb      f,HCF+1        22     Air      None
    Running Jaguar Bomb      f,f,f+2+4      30     Air      None
    Double Heel Hold         d+1+3_2+4      12     Air      None
     =Flapjack               1+2,1+2        18     -        None
     =Giant Swing            2,1,3,4        30     -        None   *
    Throw Properties
    Arm Whip: Time with enemy right punch. Not possible to chicken.
    Double Heel Hold: Time with enemy left kick. Not possible to chicken.
    Leg Screw: Time with enemy right kick. Not possible to chicken.
    Ultimate Tackle: Can be reversed with 1+2 just as your back touches the 
    Ultimate Punch: Punches can flow in several patterns: 1,2,1,2,1 or 2,1,2,1,2 
    or 1,2,1,1,2 or 2,1,2,2,1. 1 to escape right punch, 2 to escape left punch. 
    Can only escape first or fourth punch.
    Cross Arm Lock: Can be used immediately after tackle or after three Ultimate 
    Leg Cross Hold: Can be used immediately after tackle or after three Ultimate 
    Figure Four Leg Lock: Can be reversed with 3+4. See hit analysis on practice 
    mode for the timing.
    Giant Swing: Opponent can tech roll, reducing the damage to 45. If you throw 
    the opponent into a wall, damage increases to 70 and tech roll is not 
    Throw Away: Throwing the opponent into a wall deals 5 damage.
    Double Arm Face Buster: This is not a separate throw.
    Hi-jack Back Breaker: Only possible when f,f,N,2 connects as CH.
    Jaguar Driver: Start Hi-jack Back Breaker and then input u,d,3+4 to change to 
    Jaguar Driver.
    Giant Swing (Air): Opponent can tech roll, reducing the damage to 20. Throwing 
    opponent into a wall increases damage to 35 and tech roll is not possible.
    Note: King's kick reversals have varied damages. To determine the damage:
                        (Damage of move being reversed/2) + 25
    After dividing by 2, any fractions are rounded down.
    Ground Throws - Executed while enemy is lying on the ground.
    Name                     Command     Damage Position               Escape
    Shoulder Cracker         d/b+1+3_2+4 28     Face up/Feet away      1+2
    Swing Away               d/f+1+3_2+4 30     Face up/Feet towards   1
    Head Bomber              D/B+1+3     33     Face up/Feet towards   2
    Figure Four Leg Lock     D/B+2+4     33     Face up/Feet towards   1+2
    Turn Over                d/b+1+3_2+4 0      Face up/From side      1_2
    Wing Tearer              d/b+1+3_2+4 32     Face down/Feet away    1+2
    Half Boston Crab         d/b+1+3_2+4 30     Face down/Feet towards 3+4
    Camel Clutch             d/b+1+3_2+4 35     Face down/From left    1
    Bow & Arrow Stretch Hold d/b+1+3_2+4 37     Face down/From right   2
    Notes: Giant Swing can be tech rolled, reducing the damage to 20. If opponent 
    is thrown into a wall, damage increases to 35 and tech roll is not possible. 
    To escape Turn Over, press 1 if from the left, 2 if from the right.
    Chain Throws
    Here is a table that shows the different possible sequences. The throw list 
    below corresponds with the letter labels in the table.
    Standing Heel Hold
    Arm Breaker
    Cobra Clutch
    Mexican Magma Drive
           \ \-Y
             /  \  \-FF
            /    \-GG-HH-EE
           /            \-FF
    Label Name                         Command                     Damage Escape
    A     Standing Heel Hold           f,N,d,d/f+2+3               25     2
    B     S.T.F.                       1,2,3,1+2                   35     1
    C     Scorpion Death Lock          1+2,3,1,1+3                 40     2
    D     Indian Death Lock            1+2,1,3,1+2                 25     1+2
    E     King's Bridge                1,3,4,1+2,3+4               45     None
    F     Arm Breaker                  f,N,d,d/f+1+4               20     1
    G     Triple Arm Breaker           1+2,1+2                     30     1
    H     Head Jammer                  1+2,4,2+4                   20     2
    I     Struggle Combination         4,3,4,3+4,1+2               25     None
    J     Chicken Wing Face Lock       2,1,1+2+3                   20     1+2
    K     Dragon Sleeper Finish        2,1,3,1+2+4,1+2+4           30     1
    L     Rolling Death Cradle         1+3,3+4,2+4,1+2,1+2+3       70     2
    M     Cobra Clutch                 3+4,1+4_2+3                 20     1_2
    N     Flinging Half Nelson         2+4,1+2,1+2                 25     1
    O     Sleeper                      3+4,3+4,1+2                 15     2
    P     Triple Trouble               1,1,1+2                     20     1
    Q     Human Necktie                3,4,1+2,3+4                 23     2
    R     Cobra Twist                  1,4,2,3                     12     None
    S     Reverse DDT                  2,1,1+3_2+4                 13     1_2
    T     Samurai Rock                 2,3,1,1+2                   24     1+2
    U     Reverse Special Stretch Bomb 1+2,1,2,1+2+3_1+2+4         16     1_2
    V     Backdrop                     3+4,1+2                     15     None
    W     Burning Hammer               1+2,3,4,1+3_2+4             18     1_2
    X     Screwdriver                  2+4,3+4,1+3,1+2,1+2+3_1+2+4 32     1_2
    Y     Sol Naciente                 1+2,4,1+2,1+2+3             27     1+2
    Z     Reverse Special Stretch Bomb d/f+1+2                     25     1+2
    AA    Cannonball Buster            2,2,1+2                     15     None
    BB    Reverse Arm Slam             f,d/f+2+4_1+3               22     1_2
    CC    Backdrop                     3+4,1+2                     15     1_2
    DD    Power Bomb                   1,2,3+4                     15     1_None
    EE    Giant Swing                  2,1,3,4                     25     1_2
    FF    Muscle Buster                3,2,1,3+4,1+2+3+4           30_25  1_2
    GG    Manhattan Drop               3+4,1+2,1+2+4               15     2
    HH    Victory Bomb                 1,2,3+4,1+2                 18     None
    A few notes about the damage and escape listings:
    -Escaping any throw after Standing Heel Hold does 10 damage to King.
    -Some escapes in the Mexican Magma Drive sequence can be either 1 or 2. The 
    escape depends on the input for the throw; if the input was left, escape is 1, 
    if right, escape is 2.
    -The damage for Muscle Buster is usually 30 but if it used at the end of a 
    string that began with Cobra Clutch, it changes to 25.
    -The escape for Power Bomb is 1, but only if it was used after Reverse Special 
    Stretch Bomb. If it was used in the Reverse Arm Slam sequence, it is 
    -The escape for Giant Swing and Muscle Buster is normally 1 and 2, 
    respectively. However, if either of these two throws are used after Victory 
    Bomb, the escapes switch places; Giant Swing escaped with 2 and Muscle Buster 
    with 1.
    King can also start his Reverse Special Stretch Bomb combos with two other 
    methods. A d/f,d/f+2+4 gives you a Reverse Special Stretch Bomb that works on 
    a crouching opponent.
    SS+2+4 is the King Step and it will also start Reverse Special Stretch Bomb. 
    However, if you grab the enemy from the side or back (which is usually the 
    case), the combo will begin with Cannonball Buster instead.
    7. Throw Strategy
    King's trump card is his huge list of damaging throws. His throw techniques 
    are so varied that you can grab an enemy whenever you are close to him, 
    whether he is standing, crouching, lying down, or even in the air. However, 
    the key to using his throws properly is being able to pull them off quickly 
    and accurately. Go to practice mode and get the timing for the button presses 
    down before you even think about using them in battle.
    Regular Throws
    King's regular throws are the easiest and simplest ones to do. Throws like 
    Giant Swing look intimidating but they are easy to pull off. The trick to 
    using throws instantly is by letting them flow from another move. This is 
    accomplished by starting the pad motion while another move ends and then 
    hitting the proper punch or kick button just when King is ready to accept 
    another command. Take a look at this example:
    You want to use Giant Swing. The motion begins f,HCF so if you do this motion, 
    you will see King step back and forth slightly. An alert player will see this 
    and be ready to duck, so you can't just run up to the opponent and start the 
    motion. One thing you can do, however, is to throw out a jab and then do f,HCF 
    motion during the jab. By the time the jab ends, you should have completed the 
    pad motion so now just hit f+1 to send out the throw. You will see King jab 
    and then immediately throw with no lag time. The throw can come out so fast 
    that your enemy will most likely get caught by it. Practice all of King's 
    throws and see which ones come out the fastest from different moves.
    If you find your throws being ducked repeatedly, use King's easy crouch 
    throws. Once you do this a few times, your enemy will starting standing up to 
    the avoid those, in which case you can use regular throws again.
    The mid-air throws are nice because they can't be escaped. You can even use 
    them when the enemy is knocked up against a wall. The Double Heel Hold to 
    Giant Swing is the most damaging but an opponent can tech roll to reduce the 
    damage. However, when King uses Giant Swing, the enemy always goes in the 
    opposite direction King is facing. So if your back is to a wall, use the Giant 
    Swing to throw the enemy into the wall, which increases damage and prevents 
    tech roll. It is also possible to juggle an enemy first and then finish with a 
    throw but your choices are very limited as the enemy will usually hit the 
    ground before you can pull off the throw.
    Mark Ibarra also has this to say: "With a quick u/f+4 kick to a 1,2 you can 
    still have just enough time to mash in d/1+2 which'll net you a Double Heel 
    Hold which can be switched into the flapjack (1+2, 1+2), instead of using the 
    giant swing all the time [54 dam]. Sometimes a rolling elbow rush can be 
    thrown in after the 1,2 to be followed up with a rolling elbow rush [49 Dam]. 
    Sometimes you can even time some stagger kicks in just righ to get an extra 15 
    Chain Throws
    All of King's chain throws begin with a crouch dash or spin of some sort, 
    which gives them some range. Unfortunately, the motion is also a dead give-
    away and your opponent will simply duck the throw. The best solution is to 
    fake out your enemy by using the crouch dash and then throwing in a mid attack 
    to crush his crouching guard. For King's regular f,N,d,d/f you can use the 
    Jumping Knee or Black Bomb to surprise an enemy expecting a chain throw. For 
    the Cobra Clutch, which begins with the 3+4 spin, you should try using the 
    d/f+4 mid kick. The Reverse Arm Slam and Reverse Special Stretch Bomb throws 
    begin with a unique crouch dash that only initiates if you actually start the 
    throw, so there is no way to trick an ducking opponent for those sequences.
    The SS+2+4 King Step is also good for starting a chain throw. If your enemy is 
    coming at you, side step and hit 2+4 to swing around the attack and start a 
    chain throw. Remember that you can always cancel the King Step with SS+2+4~B 
    if your opponent tries to fake you out.
    Once you've started the sequence, the key to making it successful is 
    variation. The escapes for all of King's chain throws are 1,2 or 1+2. There 
    are two types of reactions to chain throws:
    Button Masters: These players know the escapes for a particular series. They 
    will choose the escape for the throw and then tap that button repeatedly to 
    break it. Since you can vary your sequences, the escapes can vary, as well. 
    This way, you can fake out the player by changing to a different sequence.
    Button Mashers: These players will frantically pound 1 and 2 like mad men 
    until they break the throw. This tactic is surprisingly effective but the 
    biggest downside is that this will never break throws that require 1+2 as an 
    escape. If you know you are playing a button masher, use throws that require 
    1+2 for escaping.
    There are a lot of different combinations so it's not hard to mix up the throw 
    sequences to prevent your opponent from escaping. Remember that the most 
    powerful sequence isn't always the best. In the Mexican Magma Drive sequence, 
    you can use two types of inputs for several throws to change the escapes, so 
    it should be even more difficult to escape. A good rule of thumb is to never 
    take the same path twice; always use a different sequence each time you get an 
    enemy in a chain throw.
    8. Credits
    The only people I can really thank right now are the folks at gamefaqs.com for 
    hosting this FAQ. Hats off to them. Also thanks to Mark Ibarra for his advice 
    on the mid-air throws.
    Questions? Comments? Suggestions? Corrections? Feel like contacting a random 
    person on the internet? Send anything you want, except for viruses and spam, 
    to cmhamlin@mchsi.com and I might read your message if I'm not too lazy at the 

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