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    Raven by SAPhoenix

    Version: 1.00 | Updated: 08/12/05 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Tekken 5
    Copyright 2005 - Ryan Williams
    Version 0.80
    Date 30/07/05
    Email: ct_homeboy@hotmail.com
    Version 1.00 - 12/08/05
    I decided to add a seperate section on Raven's play style, so I've 
    included a "Strategy" section, which will replace my "Raven okizeme and
    stuff" section (cos I really didn't think it was all that good to begin
    with *lol*). I'll be sure to make the okizeme info a part of my "Strategy"
    section though. The "Juggles" section has also been updated, along with 
    "Special thanks".
    Version 0.90 - 09/08/05
    Added a "Secret Stuff" section and updated the "Throws" section, while
    adding a section on Raven's throw strategy. More to updated soon. Also
    fixed some spelling mistakes :) Oh yeah, more ppl to thank in my "Special
    thanks" section. Go on.. have a look :)
    Table of Contents:
    1)  About me
    2)  About this faq
    3)  Character Profile
    4)  Why Raven?
    5)  Strengths and weaknesses
          5.1) Highs :)
          5.2) Lows  :(
    6)  Legend
    7)  Raven style!
          7.1) Movelist
          7.2) Throws 
          7.2.1) Throw strategy 
    8)  Juggles
          8.1) Beginner juggles
          8.2) Intermediate/Expert juggles *updated* 
    9)  Strategy *new*
    10) Secret stuff 
    11) In closing
    12) Special thanks *updated*
    Copyright agreement
    This FAQ may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, 
    private use. Please feel free to post this FAQ on any other website, provided 
    that credit is given where credit is due. Plagiaristic use of this FAQ is 
    strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright.
    1) About me
    My name is Ryan Williams. I'm 23 years of age and a desktop support engineer. 
    Oh yeah, I'm from South Africa. The Tekken series has always been one of my 
    favourites (along with Virtua Fighter and Soul Calibur, but I couldn't be 
    bothered to do a faq on those, cos I suck too much *LOL*). I'm a big fan of 
    martial arts, so games like these appeal to me in a big way. I'm not an expert 
    Tekken player, but I do know enough to hold my own :)
    2) About this faq
    This is my first faq, so naturally it will be obvious that I'm a bit rough 
    around the edges. Nevertheless, I feel that this should provide a decent 
    breakdown of what can be expected from the new Tekken character Raven. 
    If you're looking for info on wave-dashing, frame data, etc... you will NOT 
    find that here. There are other faqs available that will be more than 
    informative. This faq will focus primarily on what is/isn't effective for Raven 
    (from my own personal experience, of course), with a few juggle combos/okizeme 
    techniques thrown in for good measure.
    My motivation for this faq is that I've done numerous searches in Google for 
    faqs on Raven and found NONE! So I figured I might as well be the first to do 
    one on him... :) This faq is aimed at players of all levels (beginners,
    intermediates and experts).
    3) Character Profile (Taken from the PS2 Tekken 5 manual)
    Codenamed Raven, this international intelligence agent
    is considered highly skilled and iron-hearted. Apart
    from a scar in the shape of an "X" on his face, his
    details, including age and nationality, are unknown.
    Raven entered the King of Iron Fist Tournament 5 to 
    find out who or what was behind the event, but does he 
    know more than those he reports in to?
    4) Why Raven?
    Ah yes. Why Raven? The main reason (for most ppl that is) is that the 
    man OOZES style. And yes, he just happens to bear an uncanny resemblance to the 
    character Wesley Snipes made famous... BLADE! And... that is where most ppl 
    lose the plot. I'll say this... a lot of guys out there are going to be 
    seriously disappointed when they first pick Raven, and PICK HIM THEY WILL, 
    because "Raven looks so cool and his moves are flashy" or "he looks like Blade 
    so he's gonna kick major butt!!!". Yes, Raven does look cool. Yip, his moves 
    do look stylish and yeah, he can kick butt. But he is NOT newbie friendly! A 
    lot of ppl are going to pick Raven thinking that he is perfect for button 
    bashing... and get their butts whipped big time. And that kinda sucks, because 
    if you stick with him and learn what works for him as well as what doesn't, he 
    is pretty darn effective as a fighter. But you have to be patient, make a 
    concerted effort to learn how to use him and be prepared to lose a few 
    matches (a few 100 more like *LOL*) Maybe that's why no one did a faq on 
    him yet... :)
    5) Strengths and weaknesses
    So what kind of a fighter is Raven? Well considering the fact that he's a ninja 
    (and NO, he is not like Yoshi at all), his fighting style is centered around 
    deception, disorientation and striking when your opponent least expects it. 
    Raven is an opportunist, preying on an opponent's mistakes and taking full 
    advantage of every blunder. Poking is a HUGE part of Raven's gameplan, and 
    you'll need to utilise it as much (and as efficiently) as possible if you hope 
    to be effective with him. Despite him looking all buff, Raven can get MASSACRED 
    if you don't know what you're doing. Be prepared to lose quite a few matches in 
    the beginning... :( Which brings me to my next point; Most of his moves are not 
    safe! I'd say roughly 90% of Raven's moves are unsafe.... effective under the 
    right circumstances, but unsafe. Hence, Raven should not be played aggressively 
    (unless you have a death wish). So you might be asking, why play as him? Well, 
    if you can learn to strike a balance between offense and defense with Raven 
    (which will only happen after playing extensively with him) and know when to 
    strike, he is one HECK of an effective fighter. His okizeme is undoubtedly one 
    of the best in the game, and he has more than enough ways to get ppl on their 
    backs FAST :) You just need to know how to use him... think like a ninja, attack
    like a ninja :)
    5.1) Highs :)
    -	HUGE style factor!!!! Heck, the man looks like Blade, what more do you 
    -	Unusual moves. Can catch ppl off guard if used correctly.
    -	Strong okizeme. If you know what you're doing, Raven can be an okizeme 
    	pitbull :)
    -	Strong juggle ability.
    5.2) Lows  :(
    -	Not newbie friendly!!!! I can not emphasise this enough!
    -	Not many safe moves. Easily punished if used incorrectly.
    -	Juggle starters aren't really all that safe either.
    -	Can't really be played aggressively (unless they're on the ground that 
    	is... *LOL*)
    -	His throw game ain't all that great (well at least they look cool!)
    -	If you're not into poking (a LOT), then he probably ain't for you.
    6) Legend
    1 - Left Punch
    2 - Right Punch
    3 - Left Kick
    4 - Right Kick
    F or f - Forward
    B or b - Back
    U or u - Up
    D or d - Down
    DF or df - Diagonals between down and forward. 
    DB or db - Diagonals between down and back.
    UF or uf - Diagonals between up and forward.
    * - No input. Joystick remains neutral.
    QCF - Quarter-circle forward. (d,d/f,f)
    HCB - Half-circle back. (f,df,d,db,b)
    FC - Full crouch. 
    WS - While standing.
    BT - Back-turned.
    SS - Side step (d* or u*)
    CD - Crouchdash. 
    , - Used to separate key inputs.
    ~ - Next button in sequence must be pressed immediately after the first.
    + - Must be pressed at the same time.
    [] - You have the option to do this. Not compulsory.
    ( _ ) - Press either one or the other. Makes no difference.
    l - Hits low.
    m - Hits mid.
    h - Hits high.
    JS - Juggle starter.
    CH - Counterhit.
    Okizeme - Kicking em while they're down!
    Anything in capital letters must be held, e.g DF (Down-Forward).
    7) Raven Style!
    Yip, finally. This is what you're after. I'll provide an in-depth explanation 
    of all the moves I consider to be decent enough to be included in your style 
    of play, as well as what does not work for Raven at all. Any comments or 
    feedback would be most welcome :) I've included damage info as well as 
    ratings highlighting the effectiveness of each move (or lack therof). Damage 
    stats and move names have been taken from the PS2 version's training mode.
    *****	- Excellent move. Use at all times!
    ****	- Extremely useful move. Don't go crazy though.
    ***	- Can be effective if used correctly.
    **	- Use once or twice, that's about it.
    *	- WHY NAMCO, WHY????	
    7.1) Movelist
    Left-Right combo - 1, 2 (17 dmg, 18 CH dmg) 
    Hit location - h, h 
    (Rating - ****)
    Staple combo for most characters. Two jabs to the face. Effective poke. Don't 
    expect to stay in someone's face with this for too long :)
    Right straight to left low kick - 2, 3 (22 dmg, 24 CH dmg)
    Hit location - h,l
    (Rating - ****)
    Essentially a high-low combo. Raven punches and delivers a low crouching kick 
    a second later. Decent poke, but not all that fast. Has a slight pause in 
    between attacks. Nice mix-up though.
    PK combo - 2, 4 (28 dmg, 30 CH dmg)
    Hit location - h, h
    (Rating - ***)
    Or Punch Kick combo, this isn't as effective as the above poke. Raven does a
    jab, followed by a roundhouse kick to the face. The roundhouse doesn't come
    out immediately though, hence the lack of effectiveness. This also only hits
    high, further reducing it's usefulness. Does make for a stylish juggle ender :)
    Body Blow - df+1 (15 dmg, 18 CH dmg) 
    Hit location - m 
    (Rating - *****)
    One of the better moves in Raven's poking game. Raven extends his left arm for 
    a quick punch to the groin. Don't throw this out for the heck of it, or you'll 
    be sorry afterwards. Why the 5 star rating then? It does decent damage for a 
    single poke, is quite fast and hits mid. Decent range as well and it's quite 
    safe when blocked. I tend to abuse the heck out of this move (Don't do that 
    though *LOL*). This move's primary use is as a counter. From this, you can go 
    directly into a low poke and start Raven's great WS game. You could also opt 
    for an Assassin's Sting after the Body Blow for additional poking.  
    (more on that further below)...
    Short Uppercut - df+2 (21 dmg, 25 CH dmg)
    Hit location - m
    (Rating - ****)
    Nice interrupting tool that really packs a punch. I'd use the Body Blow over
    this as it's faster and has more range. But up close, this is a better option.
    Be careful when using it as you might get the Meat Hook (see further below)
    instead of this, which will leave your back exposed.
    Elbow Strike - b+1 (18 dmg, 21 CH dmg) 
    Hit location - h 
    (Rating - ****)
    Nice move to punish aggressive players. Raven lets rip with a vicious elbow 
    to the forehead. Unfortunately it hits high, so you shouldn't abuse this. But 
    by all means use it. Someone constantly in your face with their 1, 2 jabs? 
    Throw this baby out and see what happens :) By the way, on CH, this floors em 
    (face down) and sets em up for some oki.
    Left low kick - FC+3 (12 dmg, 14 CH dmg)
    Hit location - l                               
    (Rating - *****)
    For some or other strange reason, I couldn't find this listed in the PS2 
    movelist. Well, I'm listing it here because it is far from insignificant. Very 
    useful for playing "keep-away" with ppl. It's not that difficult for Raven to 
    go into crouched position most of the time, so this is quite exploitable, 
    within moderation, of course :) Decent for starting your WS game too, as you 
    can bait ppl with this move. This kick is basically the ender for the "Right 
    straight to left low kick" combo.
    Basilisk Fang - d+4 (13 dmg, 15 CH dmg) 
    Hit location - l 
    (Rating - ***)
    Yet another low poke, but not quite as useful as the Left low kick, cos it's a 
    bit slow to come out. Raven drops down to the ground and flicks out a kick. It 
    almost looks as though he slipped and fell on his butt *LOL*. Not something 
    you should abuse as players with good reflexes can see this coming and 
    counter well in advance. You'd want to do this from a safe distance, as it 
    ain't all that great up close. Decent for okizeme though.
    Low kick - d+3 (9 dmg, 10 CH dmg) 
    Hit location - l 
    (Rating - ****)
    Yip, you guessed it...  ANOTHER low poke, but this one doesn't bring Raven 
    low to the ground. Less effective then? Definitely not! Raven kinda does a lil 
    stomp type kick aimed at the opponent's shin. This is one of those "sneaky" 
    moves that you can whip out when ppl least expect it. Useful for interrupting, 
    but be aware of the range, which is not that great, and you might end up eating 
    a powerful move if you aren't careful...
    Assassin's Sting - db[DB]+2 (16 dmg, 19 CH dmg) 
    Hit location - m 
    (Rating - *****)
    Gotta love these mid pokes... :) Annnnyway, this is yet another effective 
    poke, which happens to be part of a 2-hit poke combo. I prefer using this, as 
    it hits mid, can interrupt quite effectively and brings you closer to your 
    opponent. Which isn't necessarily a bad thing, as you can go into FC from this 
    and start your WS game (or sidestep, whatever floats your boat :) Raven 
    crouches with his back to the opponent and elbows em in the groin. The added 
    bonus of this move (well, depending on if you consider it a bonus :) is that 
    you can access Raven's unique Labyrinth stance (more on that later) by holding 
    DB while executing the move. Right, on to the combo...
    Assassin's Sting combo - db+2, [1] (22 dmg, 25 CH dmg) 
    Hit location - m, h 
    (Rating - ***)
    Quick combo, but the reason I wouldn't abuse it is because of the high ending, 
    which sucks. Two mids woulda been just fine, buuuuut, all the same, this is a 
    fast, efficient combo. Just don't abuse. Raven ends the Assassin's Sting with a 
    swift jab to the face. I still prefer using just the first part of this combo. 
    Great as a juggle ender though :)
    Gatekeeper - f+1, 2 (31 dmg, 33 CH dmg)
    Hit location - h, m
    (Rating - **)
    Er, no. I'd use the Assassin's Sting combo over this anyday. Raven throws out 2
    slow-as-heck punches. Advanced players will see the first part of this combo a
    mile off. Considering the first part is so slow, the mid ender can't even be
    considered effective. The only use for this is in juggles and even then it
    ain't all that great. Avoid, avoid, avoid.
    Killer Bee - db+3 (17 dmg, 20 CH dmg) 
    Hit location - l 
    (Rating - ***)
    Hmmm... what to say about this move. Let's just say that it's one of those 
    moves that has to be used at the right moment. Like when Law decides to do his 
    friggin Dragon's Tail or whatever it's called or Asuka tries her sweep move 
    (well I ain't gonna badmouth Asuka because she's friggin brilliant :) This 
    move will basically hop over their sweeps, if timed right, and poke em... 
    yeah, poke em... not something you should abuse, obviously, but it has it's 
    purpose. I can see this being used for okizeme as well (although I don't 
    personally use it all that much anyway...)
    Shadow Scythe - uf+3 (20 dmg, 24 CH dmg)
    Hit location - m
    (Rating - ***)
    The preferred move for oki, in my opinion. You'll be surprised how many times 
    you can land this thing on ppl if you know when to use it. Eddy/Christie 
    players are going to hate you for using this *LOL*. Serves as an oki pressure
    tool :) Raven jumps towards the opponent, lifts up his left leg in the
    process and brings it down HARD. Think Kage's df+k move on downed opponents
    in Virtua Fighter 4, but aerial. This is pretty much guaranteed after a
    Crusader (normal or CH). You could probably use this on ppl that you've
    duped into crouching if you're fast and their reaction time is slow.
    Other than that, I wouldn't recommend using this for the heck of it.
    Stormbringer - uf+4, [4] (30 dmg, 33 CH dmg)
    Hit location - m, m
    (Rating - ****)
    This is a quick 2 hit combo. Raven does a spinning aerial roundhouse kick,
    followed by a reverse kick to the midsection. Both come out fast, hit mid
    and the first hit can dodge lows. This is great from a left sidestep, just 
    when ppl are rising from a knockdown. You'll hit them with this and floor
    them again *LOL*. Should be able to tag on a Shadow Scythe (or 2) once you
    connect with this.
    Skull Smasher - b+4, [b+]4 (29 dmg, 31 CH dmg) 
    Hit location - m, m 
    (Rating - ***)
    Well this is a poke that should not actually be used as an offensive tool. 
    Raven does a knee to the midsection followed by an overhead kick, exposing
    his back. It's reasonably fast, hits mid, so erm... what's wrong with it,
    you might ask. Well even if you do connect with it, there's a good chance 
    you'll be punished by quick players. It leaves you in Labyrinth stance which is 
    bad if you're too close to your opponent and can't react in time. That doesn't 
    mean it ain't useful. If you want a great wake-up tool, this is it. It's great 
    for juggle combos too. You can also do a delayed fakeout if you tap b+4 a 
    second time, which can lead into a low poke, but I'm not including it because 
    it will just leave you open too much, and the recovery time sucks. The delayed 
    option is pretty cool as a juggle ender though.
    Right Kick - 4 (20 dmg, 24 CH dmg)	
    Hit location - h			         
    (Rating - ***)			
    Hehe... yes Raven's right kick made it to the list and, while it might not be 
    the most abusable poke in the game, it is still quite effective. Raven does a 
    swift kick to the face. Use this from a sidestep for best results and DO NOT 
    ABUSE, as this hits high. Nice thing is that it knocks down on CH and when 
    they're down... mwahahhaahahahahahahah! Can be used similarly to Marduk's 4 
    (albeit with less range).
    Evading Middle Kick (17 dmg, 20 CH dmg)
    Hit location - m
    (Rating - ****)
    Nice irritation tool this :) Not the greatest poke there is, but can be 
    used quite effectively to interrupt. This thing has no priority whatsoever,
    so watch out. Decent speed though. Best used from a sidestep to the right.
    Pity this is the only sidestep move Raven has *sob*
    Crusader - 1+2 (33 dmg, 39 CH dmg) 
    Hit location - m 
    (Rating - ****)				  		
    Riiiiight... let's kick it up a notch. Can't poke all the time :) If used 
    correctly, this is the ultimate counter move for Raven. Raven does a FAST punch 
    to the mid section. But wait for it, waiiiit for it... YES there is a down 
    side. This thing has CRAPPY range. Don't go using this thinking you've got an 
    answer to Paul's deathfist. Think of it as a modified Demon Breath (Should be 
    used the same way). Use it to keep ppl out of your face who are constantly 
    aggressive. They'll re-think their strategy after a few of these... :)
    Shuriken Kick - 3+4 (21 dmg, 25 CH dmg) 
    Hit location - m 
    (Rating - ****)
    When you first see this move, you might not think it's worth a 4 star 
    rating (at least that's what I thought first time round *LOL*) but 
    trust me, in addition to the Crusader, this is a great counter move. 
    Raven does an evasive aerial cartwheel to the left. Hits mid, comes 
    out fast, can dodge lows and helps set up your okizeme. As with the 
    Crusader though, the range sucks. Use when appropriate.
    Crescent Kick - f+3 (22 dmg, 26 CH dmg) 
    Hit location - h 
    (Rating - ***)
    Hmmm, how to describe this one. It looks similar to Eddy/Christie's WS+4. 
    Personally, I wouldn't go crazy with this move. The only reason I'd bother with 
    this is because of the cool juggles you can tag off of it. Other than that, it 
    does have decent priority, but it hits HIGH, and isn't the fastest move out 
    there, so be careful with it.
    Lance Kick - f+4 (24 dmg, 28 CH dmg) 
    Hit location - m 
    (Rating - ****)
    Hehe, some Blade style thrown in :) Raven does a reverse kick to the 
    midsection. This kick shows that the man means business. Comes out reasonably 
    fast and has lovely range, but, once again, use this move properly. The 
    recovery on it ain't all that great. This should be used when ppl slip up with 
    a slow recovery move, e.g. A Paul player whiffs a deathfist... They'll eat 
    this one rather nicely :) 
    Shadow Snap Kick - df+3 (21 dmg, 25 CH dmg) 
    Hit location - h 
    (Rating - ****)
    YEAH! By far, THE juggle starter for Raven! Raven advances slightly and flicks 
    his leg up to tag the opponent neatly on the chin, launching them on CH. It 
    hits high, you say. I say that will be irrelevant when you launch someone with 
    this and set them up for a nasty 70 dmg combo... :) Well to be fair, yes it 
    does hit high and that is the only disadvantage as far as I'm concerned. But 
    then again, you aren't just going to be throwing this out like crazy, now are 
    you :) I can't really say anything bad about this move, because I love it to 
    bits! If you don't use this move at all, I can honestly say that you've limited 
    Raven's effectiveness by 60%... Yes, it IS that important... If it was a mid, I 
    would have given it 5 stars.
    Pendulum Kick - df+4, 4 (28 dmg, 30 CH dmg) 
    Hit location - m, m 
    (Rating - *****)
    Ha! Raven steals a move from the Mishimas! Which... isn't quite as fast as 
    their version! No it doesn't suck because of that little fact. This move can 
    irritate the heck out of ppl because of how deceptive it is. It's called 
    Pendulum Kick for a reason, you know *LOL*. Raven flicks his leg straight up 
    and drops it on the unsuspecting victim's head after a brief delay. That brief 
    delay makes a heck of a difference, as you can set up a guessing game with this 
    move and fake ppl out. Nice for juggles too. First hit can launch crouchers. 
    Smart move all around.
    Shinobi Cyclone - db+4 (15 dmg, 18 CH dmg) 
    Hit location - l 
    (Rating - ****)
    Cool sweeping move for Raven. More of that token Blade style displayed here :) 
    Raven does a nice roundhouse sweep. Brilliant for okizeme. Use on unsuspecting 
    players for best results.
    Meat Hook - DF+2 (21 dmg, 25 CH dmg) 
    Hit location - m 
    (Rating - ***)
    Yip, another Blade-ish move for all you fans out there. Raven does a powerful 
    uppercut that leaves him in Labyrinth stance. Decent priority, and you can do 
    some nice juggles afterwards. Just be careful when using it. You should know 
    that by now :)
    Unicorn's tail - b+2, [2], [3] (47 dmg, 50 CH dmg) 
    Hit location - h, m, m 
    (Rating - ***)
    This string can branch out to 2 possible endings. Raven does 2 punches, one to 
    the face, one to the midsection, then finishes with an odd but cool-looking 
    kick that launches. Do NOT try to use this for putting pressure on ppl. You 
    will learn the hard way, I promise you. Incredibly effective as a juggle ender 
    though. That brings us to....
    Deadly Talon - b+2, [2], [3+4] (45 dmg, 48 CH dmg) 
    Hit location - h, m, l 
    (Rating - **)
    The Deadly Talon. (Hold your horses.. this move ain't that great) As far as I 
    know, this is not juggle friendly. I'd probably have to experiment a bit 
    more to confirm though. As with the Unicorn's tail, don't try to use this 
    string offensively. Yes, it has a nice low at the end, but the whole string is 
    TOO DARN SLOW!!! So don't use it. I can see newbies immediately attracted to 
    this move because of the low ending. Trust me, ppl will get hit once by this 
    and THAT's IT. Show's over. You'll get owned afterwards if you persist with 
    this move.
    Shadow Spear - f+2 (30 dmg, 36 CH dmg) 
    Hit location - m 
    (Rating - ***)
    Geez, if this move was faster, as in deathfist fast, it would have been a 
    brilliant counter. It has great range but takes a while to come out, so this is 
    quite easy to punish when whiffed. Oh well... :( Not all bad, cos you can use 
    this to punish whiffs or moves with slow recovery. Raven advances with a 
    knife-hand strike to the midsection.
    Sudden Strike - f, F+3 (24 dmg, 28 CH dmg) 
    Hit location - m 
    (Rating - ****)
    Whoa! One heck of a cool (not to mention, essential) move for Raven. What is it 
    with Ninjas and knees anyway? Yoshi has one, Kunimitsu has one and yip, Raven 
    has one. Must be a special Ninja trait or somethin :) Raven advances with a 
    QUICK aerial knee. Coming back to the usefulness of this move, let's just say 
    that ppl will think twice about how they get up after a knockdown, as this can 
    tag them if they aren't careful. Which will usually be the case, because Raven 
    has so many different moves for oki, ppl won't know what to expect. So they'll 
    try and be cautious... and it will be their undoing... mwahahahah! Honestly, 
    this thing seems to literally come out of nowhere, it's so fast. There's a 
    downside though (as there always seems to be with Raven's moves *sob*). Don't  
    use this out in the open. This should not, I repeat, SHOULD NOT be used like 
    Yoshi's knee at all. If you do, ppl will counter. This really should be used 
    primarily for WSer's, where it works like a charm. One other thing, proper use 
    of this knee with the Shadow Snap Kick (see above) can lead to a meaty 70 dmg 
    juggle :) Details on this combo in the juggle section.
    Hades Heel - b+3 (19 dmg, 22 CH dmg)
    Hit location - m
    (Rating - ***)
    The sole use for this move is to tag ppl who lurrrve to CD... and there are
    quite a few of them, so you'll have ample opportunity to use this *LOL*.
    It's not a safe move though, but it comes in handy when players rush at you
    with a crouch dash. Raven advances slightly, then quickly does an axe kick.
    It looks similar to Heihachi/Kazuya's f, f+3. Because you have to tap b in
    order to use this, it makes for a nice defensive tool from a backdash. You 
    might be able to connect on unsuspecting crouchers as well, although I 
    wouldn't always risk it. Floors em (face-down) on CH. Great move for oki too.
    Wind Kick - f, F+4 (30 dmg, 36 CH dmg)
    Hit location - h
    (Rating - **)
    This roundhouse is the ender for the PK combo. Considering how slow this is
    to come out, I wouldn't bother. You can use this as a juggle ender, but
    that's about as useful as it's gonna get. I think you might be able to connect
    with this after a CH Body Blow, but that's another confirmation I'll have to 
    War Hound - b, B+2 (40 dmg, 43 CH dmg)
    Hit location - m, h
    (Rating - ****)
    Decent move for interrupting strings. I don't use it as much as I should, but
    it is useful. Raven does 2 kata-ish punches. Serves as a defensive tool, due 
    to the b, B bit, so you can use this straight out of a backdash to surprise 
    ppl. The second punch, which hits high, can stun on CH, which is a nice bonus.
    Be aware that the range on this is not brilliant, and the second punch can 
    whiff even if ppl get hit. 
    Poison Needle - f, f*3 (15 dmg, 18 CH dmg)
    Hit location - m
    (Rating - ****)
    Raven seems to have quite a few of these moves... you know, the type that 
    seemingly come out of nowhere and hit unsuspecting ppl :) Raven dashes foward
    and does a cool (and quick) advancing kick. Ideal for catching ppl off guard, 
    the Poison Needle can be used beautifully out of a dash, due to the f, f bit. 
    Deceptive as heck, and launches for some nice juggles. Just don't use this up
    Swift Justice - f, f*4 (21dmg, 25 CH dmg)
    Hit location - m
    (Rating - ****)
    Also not a bad move, this one... If people see you dashing forward and expect
    a high attack, this will tag em just as they start to crouch. The beauty of
    this move is that it can be delayed (same goes for the Poison Needle), so it
    won't be all that difficult to hit someone with it. Raven does a knee 
    that stuns on CH for some nice additional damage. As with the Poison Needle, 
    don't go using this up close. These moves are meant to be done out of a 
    dash to increase their deceptiveness :)
    Valkrie Lance Combo - 3,[3],[4] (44 dmg, 46 CH dmg) 
    Hit location - h, h, h 
    (Rating - ***)
    I've said this about quite a few moves so far, but here's another set that 
    would have been great if it was MID! Unfortunately, all hits go high, so 
    advanced players will have few problems with this combo. Raven does 2 quick 
    kicks and finishes with a reverse kick. If you are going to use it, I would 
    suggest using just the first 2 kicks, as players would probably crouch under 
    or reverse the last kick. Heck, they might as well just crouch under the whole 
    thing... *LOL* Not bad for juggles, so it's not entirely useless.
    Chariot - 3~4 (28 dmg, 25 CH dmg)
    Hit location - m, m
    (Rating - ***)
    Stylish? Yes. Abusable? NO. I would only use this against crouchers. Raven does
    a cartwheel towards the opponent. Advances him nicely but leaves you in 
    Labyrinth stance, so you better know what you're doing. I prefer the Chakram 
    series over this (see Chakram Series section). Nice thing about Chariot is that 
    you can tag on a Kama Kick combo (see Labyrinth Stance section) immediately 
    after connecting. On an interesting note, if you CH with this, you'll actually
    end up doing LESS damage than on a normal hit! What the heck is up with that?!
    Illusion Strike - b+1+2, [2] (40 dmg, 45 CH dmg)
    Hit location - m, m
    (Rating - ***)
    Hmmmm... I'm not quite sure what to make of this. It has it's uses, but you
    can't really make use of it as much as you would like. Raven leans back, then
    rams into the opponent with a shoulder charge, then a delayed mid punch. This
    can be useful at the end of a round when your opponent's health is a bit low
    and they're a lil desperate. So they decide to start rushing in the hope of
    hitting you. Pull this out and you'll dodge their rushes rather nicely and
    slam into them. Considering the punch part is optional, you could just opt
    for the shoulder charge and continue with your gameplan. If they decide to
    crouch afterwards, you can tag em with the punch.
    Illusion Sweep - b+1+2, [3] (45 dmg, 50 Ch dmg) 
    Hit location - m, l
    (Rating - ***)
    Starts off with the shoulder charge, then Raven immediately slides underneath
    the opponent, knocking em off their feet. Erm, only IF they don't expect it 
    *LOL*. Yes, there is a bit of a guessing game to be set up here. You know the
    deal... if they crouch after the shoulder charge, punch em. If they're just 
    standing there, pop this one out. Advanced players shouldn't have too much 
    trouble with this though. 
    Death from Above - df+1+2 (35 dmg, 42 CH dmg)
    (Rating - *)
    A teleport unblockable for Raven. Kunimitsu and Yoshi have better ones than
    this. If you get hit by this, you're either new to Tekken 5 or need to 
    seriously develop your reaction skills. Raven teleports into the air, stays
    up there for a considerable amount of time (looks almost like he's 
    preparing to do the ultimate dunk or something *LOL*) and eventually
    descends with a punch aimed at the opponent. Don't use this.
    Blind Ghost - df+3+4 (28 dmg, 33 CH dmg)
    Hit location - m
    (Rating - ****)
    Don't give up hope peeps! Raven does have one good teleport move, and it's
    this one. This is perfect for deathfist/WGF abusers. If they're constantly 
    throwing em out, use this. You'll disappear just before they hit you and, lo
    and behold, Raven pops outta nowhere and floors em with one heck of a cool
    looking kick :) As you've probably guessed, this isn't something you want to 
    become predictable with. Use this to surprise your opponents and only use it
    when you know you can connect. Proper use of this move will make ppl fear
    Raven :) This leaves you in Labyrinth stance by the way, so you can hit ppl 
    with a Reverse Chakram (see Labyrinth Stance section) for additional damage.
    Summon Force - d+1+2
    Power Charge (Any move after the charge becomes a CH)
    (Rating - *****)
    A move that serves the same purpose as Jin's Power Stance AND lets you look
    cool while doing it? YEAH you should use it! Makes any move used after the
    charge a CH, so this definitely helps to give Raven that extra edge. This 
    also makes moves like the Shadow Snap Kick and Elbow Strike a heck of a lot
    deadlier... hehehehe... Head over to my newly added "Secret stuff" section
    to see what else you can pull off with this move.
    Rising Uppercut - WS+1 (14 dmg, 16 CH dmg)
    Hit location - m
    (Rating - *****)
    Raven has some great WS moves. This would rate as one of the best, as it 
    launches, comes out fast and the range on it is nice. Safe when blocked as 
    well. By all means, use this move.
    Jackknife Elbow - WS+2 (16 dmg, 19 CH dmg)
    Hit location - m
    (Rating - ****)
    This is another good WS move, but you'd have to be very close to your opponent 
    to pull it off. Like the Rising Uppercut, this is very fast, but it has no
    range and only launches on CH. It does have this weird property when 
    someone isn't CH by it. They'll briefly pop into the air (One leg will 
    basically leave the ground for a second), during which time you can quickly 
    use a Skull Smasher on em. Always use in close proximity.
    Trident Kick - WS+3 (24 dmg, 28 CH dmg)
    Hit location - m
    (Rating - ****)
    Great WS move. Has range, decent speed and does nice damage. Don't use this too
    close to your opponent though as it has a (very brief) bit of lag on it. I'd 
    recommend using this from about a character's distance from your opponent for
    best results. Very nice for punishing rushers. You can also use this straight
    out of Raven's Shadow Sprint (see Shadow Sprint section) for added 
    Shadow Snap Kick - WS+4 (18 dmg, 21 CH dmg)
    Hit location - m
    (Rating - *****)
    This is a nice "get out of my face" move. It's kinda similar to Lee's knee
    flick move and has better range than the Jackknife Elbow, so this is great
    for stopping agressive opponents in their tracks. The range on this still
    doesn't beat the Rising Uppercut, so use it carefully, but often :)
    Spinning Middle Kick - WS~f+4 (25 dmg, 30 CH dmg)
    Hit location - m
    (Rating - *****)
    Ah, I like this one :) Comes out faster than the Trident Kick and can 
    usually be used quite safely up close. Also useful for keeping ppl out
    of your space.
    Hydra Bite series
    Hehehehe... this unique series of kicks (with the optional punch added for good 
    measure) just adds to Raven's style factor even more :) And nope, they aren't 
    just there for flash (unlike quite a few of his moves). On the contrary, if you 
    use this correctly, you'll be adding greatly to Raven's strategy (and look cool 
    while doing it LOL). I'll go into detail on each of the possible enders of the 
    series, as well as their usefulness...
    Hydra Bite - 4~3 (22 dmg, 24 CH dmg) 
    Hit location - m, m 
    (Rating - *****)
    This it where it all starts; with this nifty little move. This is another great 
    juggle starter for Raven. It has decent speed and priority, and is relatively 
    safe if defended against. Think Jin/Asuka's Can-Can kicks, but sideways... 
    that's kinda what it looks like. I think a better comparison would be Elena's 
    Scratch Wheel from Street Fighter 3. That said, this is a brilliant move for 
    ppl who like to use WS tactics against you. Can also be used to punish 
    whiffed/slow recovery moves, provided you are close enough. The Hydra Bite 
    can branch out into the following; Hydra Bite high, mid and low.
    Hydra Bite High - 4~3, 3 (38 dmg, 40 CH dmg) 
    Hit location - m, m, h 
    (Rating - ****)
    I love using this as a juggle ender. It's incredibly stylish and you're 
    guaranteed some ooh's and aah's from onlookers :) You'll notice that I've only 
    given this variation 4 stars and that's because of the high ending. If you 
    become predictable with this move, ppl will take note and follow up 
    accordingly. That said, the last kick can be delayed, which is useful for 
    fakeouts (and ending juggles). However, the next in the series is far better 
    suited for defense...
    Hydra Bite Mid - 4~3, 4 (30 dmg, 32 CH dmg) 
    Hit location - m, m, m 
    (Rating - *****
    Now this is what I'm talkin about! If ppl start latching on to your Hydra Bite 
    High fakeout and reckon they've got you figured out, whip this out while 
    they're crouching. Fairly obvious what the end result will be, cos it's a 
    mid :) You can delay this ender along with the High and set up a decent 
    guessing game in the process. Basically, you'll end up making this move quite 
    safe, as ppl will be reluctant to attack due to the high/mid option. So if you 
    ever get your Hydra Bite blocked, you know what to use... :)
    Hydra Bite Low - 4~3, 1 (29 dmg, 31 CH dmg) 
    Hit location - m, m, l 
    (Rating - ***)
    Yip, only 3 stars for this one. The other 2 variations have great speed going 
    for them, but this one kinda sucks in that area. Yeah, it's quite deceptive, 
    but players might be able to take advantage of the lag on this thing and do the 
    nasty on you. On the other hand, they'll probably get tagged by this because of 
    the High/Mid variations *LOL*. Give it a try, but I'd recommend using it only 
    once or twice in a match.
    Chakram Series 
    Hey! Where are ya goin? We ain't done yet! Hydra Bite ain't the only series in 
    Raven's arsenal. This is another decent series that can help to diversify your 
    strategy. It consists of the following: Chakram, Heavy Chakram and Spinning 
    Chakram - f+3+4, [4], [2] (38 dmg, 42 CH dmg) 
    Hit location - m, l, m 
    (Rating - ****)
    If you've ever watched Xena Warrior Princess *LOL*, you'll know what a Chakram 
    is. The round boomerang thingie that she throws at ppl... Which has no 
    relevance here whatsoever... SOOOO... moving right along :) Raven does a cool 
    aerial cartwheel towards the opponent (that's the f+3+4 bit), then let's lose 
    with a sweep kick and a Crusader. What's nice about this move is that it hits 
    mid, comes out VERY fast and hops over lows quite nicely (provided your timing 
    is spot on). You definitely want to CH with this thing. If you hit with the 
    f+3+4 bit, the rest is guaranteed. This is great for ppl who react slowly when 
    on the ground. If they roll back, they can get tagged by this. In a few cases, 
    you could get em if they side roll too (which tends to be a bit more risky). 
    This is one of those moves that you really have to get a feel for to use 
    properly. It can be punished if you become predictable, and any player with 
    good reaction skills can knock you out of the cartwheel bit if you just throw 
    it out and hope for the best. So, er... don't :) The 4 and 2 bits are optional
    so if the first part is blocked, you don't have to complete the rest.
    Heavy Chakram - f+3+4, [F+4], [2] (42 dmg, 46 CH dmg) 
    Hit location - m, l, m 
    (Rating - ***)
    Now I'll be honest... I really don't use this all that often. But that doesn't 
    necessarily make it a bad move. This is similar to the Chakram, but the main 
    difference is that Raven does this cool roll to close the distance before 
    sweeping, then lets loose with the Crusader. This can be used for ppl that roll 
    to the back when knocked down. You'll close the distance and tag them with the 
    sweep. Of course, this isn't guaranteed, and can be a bit risky, so I wouldn't 
    recommend using this variation all that much. Still looks friggin cool though!
    Spinning Chakram - f+3+4, [3+4] (33 dmg, 37 CH dmg) 
    Hit location - m, m 
    (Rating - ***)
    Hehehe... seems Raven was a bit of a breakdancer before he took up 
    Ninjitsu *LOL*. Difference here? Well Raven lets rip with the 
    cartwheel, then does a cool breakdancing-ish move immediately 
    afterwards. I don't use it much, mainly because the Chakram 
    does more damage than this. Still, nice to throw out now and 
    then for style points :)
    Shadow Sprint - QCF
    (Follow-ups include Fatal Elbow, Buzzsaw, Black Hole, Quicksand, Hell Hound)
    Now don't go thinking this is a super fast dash that leaves Raven temporarily
    invisible/invincible (would've been cool though *LOL*). This is Raven's CD. The
    above follow-ups are the official ones, but you can also use a Trident Kick 
    during the Sprint, which increases it's range, deceptiveness and effectiveness.
    See below for info on the official follow-ups.
    Fatal Elbow - QCF+1 (24 dmg, 28 CH dmg)
    Hit location - m
    (Rating - ****)
    This is one of Raven's deception tools. When using the Shadow Sprint, your 
    objective, at all times, should be to keep ppl guessing. They should NEVER know
    what your next move will be. That already increases the usefulness of his CD 
    moves significantly. This move is deceptive because of the delay from the 
    elbow. It doesn't come out immediately, so to aggressive players it would 
    appear that you are pausing, not quite knowing how to proceed. The minute they 
    rush you, out it comes and sends em packing :) You shouldn't use this 
    aggressively. This is more of a counter-attacking tool than an offensive one.
    Buzzsaw - QCF+2 (13 dmg, 15 CH dmg)
    Hit location - l
    (Rating - ***)
    This cool lil move hits low and, like the Fatal Elbow, is a deception tool. If
    you think you can try and whip this out when you feel like it, you're dead 
    wrong, because it's so obvious what you're doing (bit of a wind-up before the
    move actually comes out). The idea is to not make any of Raven's CD moves 
    obvious. You have to be "sneaky" :)
    Black Hole - QCF+4 (15 dmg, 18 CH dmg)
    Hit location - m
    (Rating - ****)
    The effectiveness of this move will be based soley on how well you make use of 
    the Shadow Sprint. If you suck at it, moves like this are going to fail you
    time and time again. If you master it though.... hehehehe... This is what I'd 
    suggest. When you CD, you'll have enough time to observe what your opponent 
    is doing. If they crouch, you have this lil number and the Fatal Elbow to hit em
    with. If they're just standing there, you can hit em with the Buzzsaw, or my
    preferred low, Quicksand (see below). Once you can judge, let rip with this 
    when the time is right and you'll launch em for some nice juggles.
    Quicksand -  QCF+3+4 (16 dmg, 19 CH dmg)
    Hit location - l
    (Rating - ****)
    Yip, I'm convinced this guy took up breakdancing before he became a ninja. 
    This move pretty much confirms it :) Stylish as heck, and, under the right 
    circumstances, beautiful to use. Nice for irritating ppl when they're on the 
    ground and ESPECIALLY when they're rising from a knockdown, as this will get em
    when they least expect it and send them right back down again... mwahahahaha!
    But, for all it's good points, there's a heck of a lot of lag involved if this
    is blocked, so you really need to know how, and when to use it. One thing I've
    noticed is that if this does get blocked, usually any attack (apart from a low
    attack, that is) passes right over Raven until he fully recovers. Doesn't
    always happen though... :)
    Hell Hound - QCF+1+2 (23 dmg, 24 CH dmg)
    Hit location - m, m
    (Rating - **)
    No, I don't really like this one at all. I've tried my utmost to improve this
    move's effectiveness, but it just can't be done. I dare you to find a good use
    for this move. Raven basically crouches under attacks, pauses, then does 2 mid 
    punches. That pause gives ppl more than enough time to react. If this was 
    faster, I would've have upped the rating.
    Labyrinth Stance (LS) - b+3+4
    (Follow-ups include Blind Whip, Backfist, Blinding Knife, Crusader,
    Spiral Cannon, Soul Steal, Cold Massacre, Demon Knee, Kama Kick combo, 
    Sixth Sense, Reverse Chakram, Shinobi Cyclone, Gremlin Smasher, Phantom Warp)
    Whew! That's a heck of a lot of follow-ups! Yeah, this is Raven's unique 
    Ukyo-ish stance (for all you Samurai Shodown fans out there *LOL*). Well, 
    perhaps not all that unique, as there are other characters who can go BT, like 
    Lei and Xiaoyu, but Raven just looks cool doing it :) More so than those 2, 
    however, you need to be very careful with this stance. A lot of Raven's LS 
    moves don't really have great range. Some are a bit slow and others not really 
    all that necessary. Still, it's better to know more than less :) General rule 
    of thumb; If you know what you're doing, you'll be fine. If you don't, you're 
    screwed *LOL* If you accidentally end up in this stance, tapping either 3 or 4
    will give you a quick reverse kick (which hits high though) that's useful for 
    defense. You can also tap b+3+4 again to return to the normal stance. Let's 
    move on to each move's purpose.
    Blind Whip - From LS, 1 (15 dmg, 18 CH dmg)
    Hit location - h
    (Rating - ****)
    Very fast poke from LS. Range ain't that great, so use sparingly. Hits high too
    so this definitely ain't my poke of choice. Leaves you in normal stance.
    Backfist - From LS, [b+]2 (13 dmg, 15 CH dmg)
    Hit location - h
    (Rating - ****)
    Another fast poke. I prefer using this, as it seems to have a bit more range 
    than the Blind Whip and there's a nice 2 hit combo you can do with this for
    crouchers. The b+2 option leaves you in LS.
    Blinding Knife - From LS, 2, 2 (28 dmg, 30 CH dmg)
    Hit location - h, m
    (Rating - *****)
    This is great for ppl who crouch after the Backfist. They'll get hit by the
    second hit of this combo. I'd recommend using this instead of just a single
    Backfist. You can also tag on a Body Blow by simply pressing 1 immediately
    after the second hit. Leaves you in normal stance.
    Kama Kick combo - From LS, f+4, 3 (31 dmg, 33 CH dmg)
    Hit location - l, h
    (Rating - ****)
    Smart 2 hit combo from LS. Not really an offensive tool because of the high
    ending (would've given it 5 stars if it was a mid *sob*). This is ideal for 
    wake-ups and juggle combos, where it really comes onto its own. I think that if
    you connect with the low on CH, the high kick is guaranteed (just need to 
    confirm). Guaranteed after a successful Chariot or Meat Hook (see above). 
    Leaves you in normal stance.
    Shinobi Cyclone - From LS, d+3 (15 dmg, 18 CH dmg)
    Hit location - l
    (Rating - ***)
    Bears the same name as the cool sweep that Raven can do, but this is NOT the
    same move. More of a poke actually. I wouldn't use this all that much as it has
    a bit of a delay before it comes out. You should be able to tag ppl with this 
    if they don't close the gap fast enough. Leaves you in normal stance.
    Cold Massacre - From LS, f+2, 4 (30 dmg, 33 CH dmg)
    Hit location - m, m
    (Rating - *****)
    Nice 2 hitter that can also get ppl off your back (no pun intended *LOL*). Fast
    and hits mid. Nothing more to be said about it really. Just use it :) Leaves
    you in normal stance.
    Demon Knee - From LS, f+4 (25 dmg, 30 CH dmg)
    Hit location - m
    (Rating - ****)
    Hehe, this has Blade attitude written all over it :) This is pretty good at 
    getting ppl to back off. On CH this will stun em and set them up for a quick 
    combo. Not the best range, but it does the job. Leaves you in LS.
    Soul Steal - From LS, f+1 (18 dmg, 21 CH dmg)
    Hit location - m
    (Rating - ***)
    I'm giving this 3 stars and I know a lot of ppl are probably going to slam me 
    for it, but I consider it to be a 3 star move. This has nice range and hits 
    mid. It also has the unique ability to shift your opponent behind you on a 
    clean hit, which leaves both of you BT. Which isn't really that bad for you, 
    but can be bad for your opponent *LOL*. I think a Spiral Cannon is guaranteed 
    if you succeed with this, as well as a Crusader. I'd personally go with the 
    Spiral Cannon option (see below). I just don't use this often enough to 
    consider it a worthy addition to my arsenal. It's not that it sucks... it
    just seems to lack that "YES" factor in comparison to more effective moves.
    Leaves you in normal stance.
    Crusader - From LS, 1+2 (30 dmg, 36 CH dmg)
    Hit location - m
    (Rating - ****)
    Yip yip yip, just like the Shinobi Cyclone, LS also has a Crusader. But unlike
    the differences between the Shinobi Cyclone versions, this is virtually 
    identical to the standard Crusader. I can't really say whether it has improved
    range (kinda looks like it, but I'm probably wrong), but it loses none of it's
    effectiveness. Use the same way you would the standard Crusader. Leaves you in
    normal stance.
    Reverse Chakram - From LS, f+3+4 (24 dmg, 28 CH dmg)
    Hit location - m
    (Rating - ****)
    Yes, a Chakram too, but in reverse :) Seriously though, this comes in HANDY for
    ppl who like to abuse lows (Christie/Eddy) and is pretty much guaranteed after
    a successful Black Hole. Very fast, and ups the style factor, which is always a
    good thing *LOL*. Leaves you in LS.
    Spiral Cannon - From LS, 3+4 (20 dmg, 21 CH dmg)
    Hit location - m
    (Rating - ****)
    GREAT launcher from LS (although I suck at doing combos from it *LOL*). Hits
    mid, so crouchers won't win against this one. It's not terribly fast, but it
    is fast enough. You might even be able to connect with this after an Assassin's
    Sting (the DB version) if ppl are too slow to react. You should be quite safe 
    if this gets blocked, but don't go crazy. Leaves you in normal stance.
    Gremlin Smasher - From LS, f, F+3 (25 dmg, 30 CH dmg)
    Hit location - m
    (Rating - **)
    Another LS move that I don't use. It's so obvious what you're doing that 
    players will just wait for it to finish before punishing you. Yeah it has 
    range and it hits mid, but good players will never get hit by this. Leaves
    you in normal stance.
    Phantom Warp - From LS, f, f, f (in the direction of the opponent)
    (Rating - *)
    If you can use this effectively, you're a Tekken God *LOL*. Raven backflips
    toward the opponent and teleports behind him. You have to be friggin close for
    this to work though. If you whiff, Raven just does a standard backflip and 
    leaves his back exposed. Not the kind of position you want to be in, unless
    it's on your terms :) I think you might be able to do this after a Soul Steal
    but I don't use either of these moves, so I don't particularly care. Raven
    actually has a far superior teleport to this, the Blind Ghost (see above).
    Sixth Sense - From LS, f+1+2 (When reversal succeeds - 25 dmg)
    High/Mid reversal
    (Rating - ***)
    You'll need to develop a friggin sixth sense in order to use this properly 
    *LOL*. It's a really cool reversal where Raven flips over his opponent and 
    chops em on the head. I'm not really much of a reversal person (in that I don't
    use them much and HATE it when I get reversed) but if you are, use this for 
    some fun. I don't really bother with it much, cos if you whiff, you'll feel the
    pain afterwards.
    Well that's about it for the moves. I'll provide some info on throws, juggles 
    and okizeme now.
    7.2) Throws
    Raven has some cool throws, but as I mentioned earlier, his throw game kinda
    sucks :( That shouldn't discourage anyone that wants to makes his throws a
    part of their strategy, as a large part of Raven's gameplan is to ensure that
    your opponent does not know what to expect... throws being a prime example :)
    Most ppl would not really expect throws from Raven all that much as they 
    realise that most Raven players would be more akin to playing it safe with 
    pokes and counters rather than risk a throw. But that ends up making his 
    throw game a tad more effective...:) On to the throws...
    Grave Digger -  Approach opponent, 1+3 or f+1+3 (35 dmg)
    Throw level - h
    (Rating - ***) 
    Raven grabs the opponent and flips em over similar to Paul's Shoulder Pop
    throw, but ends up breaking the opponent's leg... OUCH! I'll explain the 3 
    star rating in a sec.
    Salamander - Approach opponent, 2+4 or f+2+4 (35 dmg)
    Throw level - h
    (Rating - ****) 
    Raven grabs the opponent, uses their shoulders to vault up into the air, then
    does three kicks to the head before landing safely away from his victim :)
    Now you may be wondering why the heck I gave this throw 4 stars, but the 
    Grave Digger only gets 3, even though they both do the same amount of damage. 
    Weeell, when you face up against ppl, they'll be able to break 2 of your 
    throws with the SAME button... :( those throws being the Grave Digger and the 
    Orbiting Moon (see below). So that eliminates 2 of your frontal throws rather 
    easily, buuuuuuuuuut there's an interesting guessing game that you can setup, 
    so no need to feel sad :) Check out my Throw Strategy section for more info.
    Neck Ringer From opponent's left side, 1+3 or 2+4 (40 dmg)
    Throw level - h
    (Rating - ****) 
    Stylish!!!! Raven hops onto the opponent's shoulders, then does a VERY COOL 
    frankensteiner-ish frontal flip with his legs, sending the opponent crashing 
    to the ground. Yeah baby! Use this for style points, PLEASE! *lol* The damage 
    ain't bad either :)
    Swift Assassin - From opponent's right side, 1+3 or 2+4 (40 dmg)
    Throw level - h
    (Rating - ****) 
    Raven pops the opponent behind him, snaps the neck, then flips em over his 
    shoulders. The nice thing about this throw is that it appears to be guaranteed
    from a CH Body Blow (at least, I was able to land this every time I connected
    with a CH Body Blow) so give it a try for some extra damage. CH ONLY though.
    Dark Matter - From opponent's rear, 1+3 or 2+4 (40 dmg)
    Throw level - h
    (Rating - *****) 
    Another stylish throw! Raven grabs the opponent, sweeps their legs out from 
    under them, then connects with a PUNISHING kick to the chest while they're 
    down. I'm givin it a 5 star rating because it can't be broken (rather 
    obviously because it's a back throw) and because it just plain looks cool 
    *LOL*. You probably won't see this one much though.
    Orbiting Moon - Approach opponent, df+1+4 (38 dmg)
    Throw level - h
    (Rating - ****) 
    Geez this looks cool :) Raven lifts the opponent with his LEG, pops em into
    the air and connects with one heck of a powerful aerial kick, sending em 
    flying. I've given this one 4 stars because it is the preferred throw to the
    Grave Digger, as it does more damage. Both can be broken with 1, though (you
    would think that because it's a df+1+4 throw, it would be a 2 button escape
    but it's not) but, as I said, there are ways and means to get this to 
    connect. I'll explain further below.
    Undertaker - Approach opponent, HCB, f+1+2 (48 dmg)
    Throw level - h
    (Rating - *****) 
    STYLLLLLLLLLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!! Raven's been taking some notes from 
    Hayabusa, that other great ninja from the Dead or Alive series. Raven 
    does a move similar to the Black Hole, sending the opponent WAYYYYY up into
    the air. He then teleports behind the opponent, and snaps the neck... IN 
    FRIGGIN MID AIR!!! Yeaaahhhhh! Yip, this one will rack up the style points in 
    a heartbeat, and it does decent damage. The motion ain't so bad if you're 
    familiar with King's Giant Swing (it's just a little different), and can be 
    used just as effectively. You can use this out of a dash, or a punch rush if 
    ppl don't expect it (which is kinda the idea *lol*). The other great thing 
    about it is that it requires a 2 button escape to be broken. All in all, a 
    great throw to use.
    7.2.1) Throw strategy
    Ok, now I'll sum up what I was talking about in the Salamander section. This
    is what could happen in a match up. You go up against an opponent who knows
    that your Grave Digger AND Orbiting Moon can be broken with 1. That 
    theoretically leaves him with the Salamander and Undertaker to worry about. 
    The obvious thing for him to do would be to then prepare for the Undertaker, 
    as it does the most damage. What you'd want to do is DELIBERATELY throw out 
    your Grave Digger and Orbiting Moon throws so that your opponent starts 
    latching on to it. Why? So that you can give him the impression that you are 
    playing into his hands :) When he starts breaking the above throws, use 
    your Salamander. He'll get caught off guard if you abuse your Grave Digger/
    Orbiting Moon enough. When he starts latching on to your Salamander throw, you 
    can either revert back to Orbiting Moon (ALWAYS use this over Grave Digger) or 
    Undertaker (you'll probably have to practice to get it out fast enough) for a 
    nice mixup. You can use similar setups to lure ppl into a chicken if you're up 
    against a reversal-happy player (doing a move that they reverse constantly, 
    then chicken buffer) so the same methodology applies. So, the moral of the 
    story is... use your throws now and then for variety, and, most importantly, 
    8) Juggles
    Geez, this guy has so many juggles, it ain't funny. I'll highlight what I use
    regularly (so basically just the stuff I consider to be fun and useful). These
    are juggles that I came up with MYSELF after hours of experimenting, so if you
    find similar juggles in other faqs, that is purely coincidental. I'll include
    damage info for each juggle at a later stage.
    8.1) Beginner juggles
    JS - Meat Hook (DF+2)
    DF+2, f+4, 3
    DF+2, 3+4
    DF+2, 1+2
    DF+2, 3_4
    DF+2, f+2, 4
    JS - Cresent Kick (f+3)
    f+3, f+2
    f+3, f+3
    f+3, 1+2
    f+3, 3+4
    f+3, 3, 3, 4
    f+3, f+1, 2
    f+3, db+2, 1, d+3
    f+3, b+4, [b+]4
    f+3, df+4, 4
    JS - Hydra Bite (4~3)
    4~3, 1, 1, 1+2
    4~3, 1, 1, db+2, 1
    4~3, 1, 1, f+1, 2
    4~3, 1, 1, b+1
    4~3, 1, 1, b+4 [b+]4
    4~3, 1, 4~3, 3
    4~3, 1, 3, 3, 4
    4~3, 1, 1, f+3
    4~3, 1, 1, f+4
    4~3, 1, 1, df+3
    4~3, 1, 1, db+4
    JS - Rising Uppercut (WS+1)
    WS+1~f, 1, 1, 1+2
    WS+1~f, 1, 1, 3+4
    WS+1~f, 1, 1, b+4 [b+]4
    WS+1~f, 1, 1, db+2, 1
    WS+1~f, 3, 3, 4
    WS+1~f, 1, 1, df+4, 4
    WS+1~f, 1, 1, b+1
    WS+1~f, 1, 1, f+2
    WS+1~f, 1, 1, df+3
    WS+1~f, 1, 1, db+4
    8.2) Intermediate/Expert juggles
    JS - Meat Hook (DF+2)
    DF+2, b+2, f+4, 3
    DF+2, b+2, 1+2
    DF+2, b+2, f+1
    DF+2, b+2, f+2, 4
    DF+2, b+2, 3+4
    DF+2, 2, DB+2, f+4, 3
    (If anyone has managed to tag on a knee after the DF+2, 2, please let me know. 
    I've tried but I just can't get it right, even though it looks possible :) I 
    just need to know whether it can be done.)
    JS - Crescent Kick (f+3)
    f+3, f, F+3, 1, b+2, 2, 3
    f+3, f, F+3, 1, 1+2
    f+3, f, F+3, 1, 3+4
    f+3, f, F+3, 1, b+4, [b+]4
    f+3, f, F+3, 1, df+4, 4
    f+3, f, F+3, 1, db+2, 1
    f+3, f, F+3, 1, 1, df+3
    f+3, f, F+3, 1, 1, b+1
    f+3, f, F+3, 1, db+4
    f+3, f, F+3, 1, f+3
    f+3, f, F+3, 1, f+4
    JS - Hydra Bite (4~3)
    4~3, f, F+3, 1, b+2, 2, 3
    4~3, f, F+3, 1, 1+2
    4~3, f, F+3, 1, 3+4
    4~3, f, F+3, 1, b+4, [b+]4
    4~3, f, F+3, 1, 4~3, 3
    4~3, f, F+3, 1, df+4, 4
    4~3, f, F+3, 1, 1, df+3
    4~3, f, F+3, 1, 1, b+1
    4~3, f, F+3, 1, 1, f+3
    4~3, f, F+3, 1, 1, f+4
    4~3, f, F+3, 1, 1, db+4
    (you can do an extra f, F+3 after the 1 to increase dmg. This only applies
    to a single 1, so for combos with a 1, 1 you can replace the 2nd 1 with 
    f, F+3)
    JS - Rising Uppercut (WS+1)
    WS+1, f, F+3, 1, 1, 1+2
    WS+1, f, F+3, 1, 1, db+2, 1
    WS+1, f, F+3, 1, 1, df+4, 4
    WS+1, f, F+3, 1, 1, f+1, 2
    WS+1, f, F+3, 1, 1, b+4, [b+]4
    WS+1, f, F+3, 1, 1, f+3
    WS+1, f, F+3, 1, 1, f+4
    WS+1, f, F+3, 1, 1, db+4
    WS+1, f, F+3, 1, 1, 3, 3
    WS+1, f, F+3, 1, 1, 2, 4
    (the same applies here. You can replace the 2nd 1 with f, F+3)
    JS - Jackknife Elbow (WS+2)
    WS+2 (CH), f, F+3, 1, 1, 1+2
    WS+2 (CH), f, F+3, 1, 1, db+2, 1
    WS+2 (CH), f, F+3, 1, 1, df+4, 4
    WS+2 (CH), f, F+3, 1, 1, f+1, 2
    WS+2 (CH), f, F+3, 1, 1, b+4, [b+]4
    WS+2 (CH), f, F+3, 1, 1, f+3
    WS+2 (CH), f, F+3, 1, 1, f+4
    WS+2 (CH), f, F+3, 1, 1, db+4
    WS+2 (CH), f, F+3, 1, 1, 3, 3
    WS+2 (CH), f, F+3, 1, 1, 2, 4
    (you can repeat the same juggles for Jacknife Elbow as the Rising Uppercut, 
    provided that it counter hits. On normal hit, you can do a b+4, [b+]4)
    JS - Shadow Snap Kick (df+3)
    df+3 (CH), f, F+3, 1, 1, 2, 1+2
    df+3 (CH), f, F+3, 1, 1, 2, f+2
    df+3 (CH), f, F+3, 1, 1, 2, f+4
    df+3 (CH), f, F+3, 1, 1, b+4, [b+]4
    df+3 (CH), f, F+3, 1, 1, b+1
    df+3 (CH), f, F+3, 1, DB+2, f+4, 3
    df+3 (CH), f, F+3, 1, f, F+4
    df+3 (CH), f, F+3, 1, 1, 2, 4
    df+3 (CH), f, F+3, 1, 1, db+2, 1
    df+3 (CH), f, F+3, 1, 1, f, F+3, b+4, b+4 
    (this is the 70 dmg one, by the way. Try doing this consistantly :)
    (Some new additions to the Shadow Snap Kick list as well)
    df+3 (CH), f, F+3, f, F+3, 1, f, F+3, f+2 (84 dmg)
    (thanks to Khusraw Sabit for this one :))
    df+3 (CH), f, F+3, f, F+3, 1, f, F+3, df+4, 4
    df+3 (CH), f, F+3, f, F+3, 1, f, F+3, b+4 [b+]4
    JS - From LS, Spiral Cannon (3+4)
    Spiral Cannon section to come soon!!!
    9) Strategy
    I've decided to do a strategy section to be fair to players who are new to the
    character and don't quite understand how to use his moves to their full 
    potential. I'll include some suggestions and focus on what is most effective
    for improving Raven's win ratio.
    First off, USE his 1, 2 jabs. They are the best offensive pokes in his arsenal,
    can bring you closer to your opponent rather safely and can set them up for a 
    fall if they aren't careful. You won't be able to stay in their faces with this 
    for long (as I mentioned before), but this is an important part of Raven's 
    game. If you don't use it, you're reducing his effectiveness considerably. What 
    are your options from here? You could opt for D+2 (don't use 1, it has no 
    range) to set up your WS, SS if your opponent is predictable or even back-off 
    and lead them into a trap :)) e.g. if they close the gap fast after the back 
    dash, 1+2... if they hesitate then attack, f+4.
    Another good poke is his 2, 3. It's a well known fact that most players become
    irritated rather quickly if hits start connecting from out of nowhere *LOL* and
    it helps if you frustrate ppl with Raven because it significantly increases
    your chances of winning :) 2, 3 is one of your frustration tools. The high-low
    mixup can become very effective after several 1, 2's and if you connect with 
    this enough, regardless of the fact that it does minimal damage, you're bound
    to start messing with ppl mentally. After the 3, you can remain crouched, so 
    your WS game gets another boost :) If players were close when they got tagged 
    by the 3 and decide to attack, you can launch them with your WS+2 or push them 
    away with WS+4 if you need to briefly re-think your strategy. If they backed 
    off slightly, you can decide to use your WS+1, WS+3 or WS~f+4. Whew! Not bad 
    eh...:) Beware the dreaded low parry though :( Don't go overboard! Still, ppl 
    have to guess whether you are going to complete the combo with 3... and if they 
    guess incorrectly, they just might eat a...
    PENDULUUUMM KICK !!! Ahem...:) So ppl guess incorrectly, attempt a low 
    parry or a low block... and get LAUNCHED!! Mwahahahaha!! It is THAT easy to 
    bait ppl into getting hit by this... hehehe... The Pendulum Kick (df+4, 4) 
    isn't a bad offensive tool either. Ppl attempting to dominate with their WS 
    game won't get very far against this thing *cough* K.a.z..u..ya. *cough* 
    Br.i..a..n *cough* *LOL*. Plus, the second hit of the combo can be downright 
    sneaky *lol*. I can't believe how many times I just rushed in thinking that I 
    could score a hit and WHAM! Out comes the second hit and tags me. It's not 
    quite a pressure tool, but is immensely useful for attack. Mid hitters get my 
    vote anyday... :)
    Ok, quick tip for Raven. He is not directly offensive. What do I mean? In other
    words, he can't apply pressure like other characters. He has to be "counter"
    offensive. How, you ask? With moves like his f, f*3 and f, f* 4 :) Now these 2
    moves are not safe moves if you throw them out as offensive tools, but when 
    someone is rising from an attack, this is where these things really start to 
    shine. You dash forward, they rise, attempt an attack and either get launched
    or CH stunned! I can promise you this... these moves are very hard to see coming
    most of the time. If you don't become predictable with them, they can easily 
    become 2 of your best counter offensive tools. Always remember... they are NOT
    direct offensive moves. Proper application of these moves is critical. You 
    whiff, you DIE :(
    Another counter offensive move for Raven is his f, F+3. This isn't an 
    offensive tool in the same vein as, say, Yoshi's knee, in the sense that while
    Yoshi can beat pokers quite effectively with his knee, Raven can't. I dare 
    anyone to prove to me that you can't be poked out of this move (I know, because
    I've SEEN it happen). You can do this from a further range than Yoshi's, but 
    that just ends up making it less safe. Sure, you could connect with it after a
    sidestep quite effectively, but there's a far better use for it (other than a
    juggle filler). You can put IMMENSE pressure on ppl rising from an attack if 
    you use this properly. If they try ANYTHING, and I mean ANYTHING other than
    blocking this after rising, they WILL get hit. It is THAT fast. You just have
    to be doing it under the right circumstances. Don't go using it when someone's
    rising kick is already executing. You'll get hit instead. Use it to go after 
    ppl the minute they roll and they won't be able to retaliate, regardless of if
    they try anything while rising. You want to scare ppl with Raven? Use this 
    move properly... :)
    Two more counter offensive tools and we're on to the defense! :) Those would 
    be Raven's df+1 and db[DB+]2. I wouldn't go as far as to say that these are
    the most important counter offensive tools Raven has, but they are definitely
    crucial to succeeding in matches. His df+1 is a poke that can interrupt very
    well, is safe on block (well most of the time *LOL*) and on CH, gives you the
    advantage. You're limited in terms of effective options, i.e, you can't do a
    guaranteed Crusader (1+2) after a CH df+1, but you can go straight into a D+2
    and go with the options I've explained above, or you could even throw on CH!
    (I've confirmed this, it is a guaranteed throw on CH if you're fast enough :)
    You'll get Raven's Swift Assassin, his right-side throw). Obviously, this 
    could be broken, but it all comes down to reflexes at the end of the day and
    I'm pretty sure you'll connect with the throw quite often after CH with 
    little chance of a throw break :) Then there's his db+2. You can usually do
    this immediately after a CH df+1, which pushes ppl away. You have the added
    option of going into LS (Labyrinth Stance), which is not a bad alternative as
    ppl get pushed AWAY by the db+2, so if you HOLD db and press 2, you'll shift
    into LS (albeit, VERY deceptively *LOL*), so if they rush in, they might end
    up eating a LS Crusader or Spiral Cannon! Mwahahahahah!!! Use these properly
    and they will be a major benefit to you.
    The one thing you'll notice in most matches against Raven players is that
    ppl will go out of their way to use rushdown tactics on him. Why? Because 
    Raven doesn't have SAFE MOVES. A lot of moves have lag, others are just 
    downright unnecessary and some just don't have the range or speed to connect
    often. So ppl will rush him with that in mind... and get their butts kicked in 
    the process :) They say "He aint safe!" I say, "bring it on..." :))
    What do you do when you're under pressure? Which defensive tools do you use in
    a given situation? Read on grasshopper :)
    For jabbers who don't have a problem with attacking high, as long as they can
    put you under pressure and try to turn the tables, use your b+1. This can 
    interrupt rushers VERY well. You'll probably floor aggressive pokers with this
    9 times out of 10. It is going to be at it's most effective when you're 
    countering, NOT when you're attacking. If you try to use this offensively, ppl
    will be able to duck (as it's high) and you'll be in their WS trap, so watch 
    out. This is your best defense against rushers who constantly attack high. You
    could also opt for a b, B+2 to interrupt their strings or alternatively go for
    a Shinobi Cyclone (db+4) to knock em off their feet. That should make em 
    edgy... hehehehe...
    Ok, so we got the high pokers outta the way. What about the guys who use CD 
    tactics. Hmmm... we have Paul, Brian, Kazuya, Heihachi and even Jin, to name a
    few. Don't these guys have crouch dashes? Yip they do. Isn't that an effective
    part of their gameplan? Yip, it is. Can we get rid of it then? Yes, we can :)
    How? Use df+4, 4, that's how *LOL*. Raven isn't the type to run up close and
    attack. What kind of ninja fights like that? A ninja lures his prey close, so
    that he can attack them when they least expect it. So back off and let them 
    come after you with a CD and LAUNCH EM! That'll teach ya to CD and think you
    have the upper hand *LOL* What else do we have for CD users? The... CRUSADER!
    Yep, let them rush you with a CD and you'll send them riight back where they
    came from :) You could also connect with a Hades Heel (b+3) if they don't 
    suspect it.
    Right, CD users and pokers have been targeted so far. What about ppl who 
    abuse lows? Christie/Eddy come to mind. So you're not quite quick on the draw
    with your df low parry and it seems as though they're gaining the upper hand.
    What to do, what to do...:) You have 2 very good options: uf+3 and Chakram 
    (f+3+4, 4, 2). The uf+3 goes over lows effortlessly, which is why it is also
    a great okizeme tool. The Chakram series will damage them badly if they get
    tagged by it, so ppl who abuse lows will think twice about exploiting that
    Last but not least... so ppl have you figured out and try to mix up their
    attacks accordingly, so that you can't clamp down on any individual strategy
    they have in mind... which, more often that not, will be the case. An example:
    Paul starts off with jab rushes to set you up for his d+4 (and once a Paul 
    player has you down on the ground, especially a good one, you know what you're
    in for... yeah... OUCH). So you fall for it and he reckons he's got a pretty
    good thing going. So he decides to mix it up, cos he suspects you'll catch on
    soon enough. Jab rushes and, OH CRAP, you guessed wrong and you end up eating 
    a deathfist! Hmmm... not looking so good... by now Paul is pretty confident 
    that he's got you pinned down and figured out. So, jab rushes, and he whips
    out either one of the 2... but... where the heck did Raven go? Too late, cos
    Paul is flat on his back and in a prime position for a reverse Chakram. What
    did you do? Raven's Blind Ghost :) (df+3+4) Remember how I mentioned that this
    move will make ppl fear Raven? It ain't no joke. How's this... An Asuka player
    decides to use her White Heron (1+4) combo after an exhausting amount of 
    mixups. So you decide to block but that's not the best option, cos if you 
    block it, you'll have to guess the ender. Being mid and low enders, this is 
    still a pretty darn effective pressure move to use, especially when ppl are 
    desperate. So you block the whole thing, guess wrong and eat the mid or the 
    low. How about when she starts it, back dash. Ok, so you still might be in 
    range for the last hit, you don't know what it's gonna be, she's coming in 
    with the combo and almost has you cornered. And WHAM! She's on her back, and 
    you're ready for some oki... :) There are really limitless opportunities to 
    use this, which I will encourage you to discover on your own. If you get this 
    blocked though, not good :( You could sneak a D+1 or D+2 out of it if your 
    opponent takes too long but... yeah... that probably won't happen. So take 
    The most fundamental aspect of winning with Raven. If you don't become 
    accustomed to attacking ppl on the ground, you're going to have a tough time
    winning against good competition. He is INCREDIBLY effective at keeping ppl
    grounded, so it would almost be a shame if you didn't take full advantage of 
    his ability to do so. Here we go :)
    Once you've knocked down your opponent, there are a number of things you could
    do to keep him there. Here's a possible situation:
    You use db+4 to sweep them. Once they're down, uf+3 immediately. If they're 
    still in front of you, b+3, which will KEEP them there. Even if they move, 
    you'll still be able to connect with another uf+3. For the heck of it, after 
    the second uf+3, close the gap with a QCF+3+4. If they're still on the ground, 
    it will hit them. If they're already standing... well... hehehe... back to step 
    Or, once you have them cornered against a wall, on the ground *lol*, repeatedly
    kick them with d+3 for some true Blade attitude... hehe... they'll keep trying
    to get up, but the d+3 will keep em grounded until they wise up... which might 
    end up happening when it's too late...:) You could even throw in a d+4 if they
    try to roll... it might force them to get up the wrong way and... mwahahahah!!
    Remember this... there's no such thing as being cheap with Raven. You have to 
    work FRIGGIN hard to do well in a match, especially against good competition. 
    Any good Raven player would tell you the same thing. If you don't grab every
    opportunity to do damage, you're pretty much screwed :( Raven is SO not top 
    tier. He's at the bottom of the food chain in Tekken 5 and I really hope they
    improve him significantly in the next instalment. That said, if you're a new
    or existing Raven player, don't be fazed by the things I've said. I'm only
    telling it like it is and Raven is more than capable of winning many matches,
    but you just have to work a little harder with him than everyone else to get 
    there. That's my motivation... prove to ppl that even though he might be a 
    weak character in theory, looks can be deceiving...:)))
    10) Secret stuff
    This section will highlight some of the secret stuff that Raven (and other
    characters, by the way) can do. You'll probably have seen some of this stuff 
    in other faqs (the Hidden Moves faq by Wild Man X being a prime example) but I
    guarantee that there might be something you haven't come across yet (or you 
    have but don't know how to perform it).
    Off-the-wall (otw) attacks
    This was brought to my attention by Francis Kwan (aka Wind Demon) and until he
    mentioned this to me, I had honestly NEVER seen it! It turns out that every 
    character can do an otw attack (e.g. Raven jumps towards the wall, then does
    a cool aerial roundhouse kick towards the opponent that hits mid). I'm not sure
    how effective this would be in actual play, but it seems that it would surprise
    a lot of ppl first time round. What you need to do is be VERY close to the wall,
    then do a backflip motion (u~ub) and your character will perform their otw move.
    Francis mentioned that it is easier to perform an otw if you do a back dash 
    prior to doing the backflip motion and I've confirmed this, so THANKS Francis!! 
    Guys, go check this one out.
    Summon Mirage
    It's still a mystery to a lot of ppl (including me *LOL*) what the purpose of 
    this move is. There's been a lot of speculation regarding this move, but no 
    hard facts. If ANYONE can confirm what the heck this is used for, PLEASE drop 
    me an email! If you check out the Hidden Moves faq, you'll see how to perform 
    this but seeing how this is a Raven move, I'll include the instructions here. 
    You need to perform about 25 Summon Force moves (Francis mentioned that if you 
    hold D while pressing 1+2, you can reduce the amount of times you have to 
    repeat the Summon Force to 6! I still have to confirm this though) then do the 
    following motion once Raven's voice starts changing (it's very obvious when 
    you hear it):
    		b, f, u, d+3+4
    Raven splits in 2 and prepares to do.... NOTHING. That's right folks, all Raven
    does is stand there and look spooky (it kinda looks like a glitch when you pull
    it off). You can dash back or forward, but I mean, what the heck is the POINT?
    There should be some UBER coolness somewhere in there, shouldn't there? :( You
    go through all the effort of doing those friggin Summon Forces and WHAM... 
    you're rewarded with NOTHING. Oh well... maybe one day Namco will finally
    console us and let us know that Summon Mirage isn't completely useless...*sigh*
    Samurai Showdown teleport move
    No, fortunately that's not what it's called *LOL* (although I'd like to know 
    what the official name for it is). The move just reminds me of the cool 
    teleport move that Galford and Hanzo from Samurai Showdown could perform, you 
    know, the one where they teleport the minute they get hit and either drop on 
    you or hit you with a low... sneaky sneaky sneaky... :) Well Raven's got a 
    similar (but sadly, less effective) move. The minute he gets hit, press 1+2 and 
    he'll perform his Death from Above. This will probably surprise ppl on the 
    first try, but they'll wise up soon after :( It's still cool to do, but it 
    would have been so much better if you could've done this with his Blind Ghost 
    (sadly, it ain't so *sob*). In the next Tekken, Namco should give Raven a cool 
    low teleport move that works the same way as the Death from Above teleport, but 
    is guaranteed to connect everytime and do craploads of damage!!! Wouldn't that 
    be cheap... :) mwahahaha!!!
    I'll be adding more to this section as soon as I have new info.
    11) In closing
    I hope that this faq is beneficial to everyone that comes across it (and has 
    the patience to read through it *LOL*). I've really put a lot of effort into it
    as it is my first faq. If the general response to this faq is positive, then I
    might consider doing another one (Feng Wei perhaps? No-one wrote a faq on him
    either and he's such a cool character!) in the near future. If I was able to 
    help someone become a bit better at Tekken (or at least, with Raven), then I've
    succeeded in what I set out to accomplish. I realise that I might have left a
    lot out, and that a lot of what I've included might end up not being considered
    useful, but hey, it's what works for me. Each and every person does things 
    their own way, and I'm encouraging you to develop your own strategies and 
    playing style, not to try and emulate mine. Please do provide me with feedback
    (I'll take the good with the bad) and I don't mind criticism, provided it 
    doesn't border on vulgarity. If there is anything that you would like to 
    contribute to this faq, or see added to it, drop me an email and I'll see what
    I can do.
    12) Special thanks
    - First and foremost, to God, whom I cannot do without.
    - To my parents, who didn't always approve of my staying up until 2.00am in 
      the morning to work on this faq. God bless em :)
    - To my sister, who was always willing to see how far I had progressed, even
      though Tekken is as appealing to her as steak is to a vegetarian :) Thanks
      Candice, it means a LOT!
    - To Scott Jackson aka TRXiang (I hope I got that right *LOL*). I made use of 
      your key for my faq, albeit heavily modified as you can see :)I hope you 
      don't mind and I'm stating here and now that I am not trying to pass it off 
      as my own. 
    - To Francis Kwan aka Wind Demon. Thanks for sharing your tips and secrets
      with me! I really appreciate it man. Keep up the good work!!!
    - To Khusraw Sabit. Thanks for the email and the combo! I look forward to many
      more tips and combos in the near future :)
    - To my buddies at work, who probably won't read this faq as they ain't really
      into fighting games anyway! (Don't worry Sydney, I know you like Tekken, so
      you're the exception *LOL*)
    - To all who have emailed me thus far regarding my faq. Thanks for your
      comments, feedback and compliments. You guys have been an inspiration to me
      and I will definitely be churning out more faqs as a result. Thanks and 
      please do continue to email!
    - Last but not least, to Namco, for continuing with a brilliant fighting series
      and for always improving on each new version. Long live Tekken!!!!

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