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    Devil Jin by MHamlin

    Version: 1.05 | Updated: 09/06/05 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Tekken 5
    Devil Jin FAQ
    Version 1.05 completed 09/04/05
    By MHamlim
    e-mail: cmhamlin@mchsi.com
    Table of Contents
    1. Copyright Info
    2. Version History
    3. Button Conventions
    4. Move List
    5. Move Analysis
    6. Credits
    1. Copyright Info
    This document is protected by copyright, Mike Hamlin 2005. There is no illegal 
    reproduction or distribution of this document at any time or place in this or 
    any other universe. So there.
    2. Version History
    v1.00 - First version. 8/27/05
    v1.05 - Fixed some errors. 09/04/05
    3. Button Conventions
    Following are the common conventions that are used to refer to buttons and 
    button motions. Most Tekken players are familiar with them; if you are not, 
    check them out now or you will not understand how to do any of the moves.
    f- tap forward
    b- tap backward
    u- tap up
    d- tap down
    F- hold forward
    B- hold backward
    U- hold up
    D- hold down
    N- pad in neutral position
    /- press between arrows
    1- left punch
    2- right punch
    3- left kick
    4- right kick
    +- press buttons simultaneously
    ~- press buttons quickly
    *- hold the button down
    :- just frame, requires precise timing
    >- button press can be delayed
    _- moves are interchangeable
    =- move is an add-on to the move above with lesser indent
    QCF- Quarter Circle Forward (d,d/f,f)
    QCB- Quarter Circle Backward (d,d/b,b)
    HCF- Half Circle Forward (b,d/b,d,d/f,f)
    HCB- Half Circle Backward (f,d/f,d,d/b,b)
    SS- during sidestep
    SSR- during right sidestep
    SSL- during left sidestep
    WR- while rising from crouch
    WC- while fully crouched
    BT- back is turned
    CH- counter hit
    CL- clean hit
    Hit levels
    h- High level. Blocked by standing or avoided by ducking.
    m- Mid level. Blocked by standing. Can hit ducking opponent.
    l- Low level. Blocked by crouching.
    sm- Special mid level. Hits mid but can be blocked by ducking.
    !- Unblockable.
    4. Move List
    This list shows all of Devil Jin's moves, how to do them, their damage, and 
    any special properties. A star in the property column indicates a special 
    property that move has; check for the move name in the property list to see 
    that move's property.
    Name                         Command           Damage               Property
    Flash Punch Combo            1,1>2             hhm/6,6,11
    Left Right Combo             1>2               hh/6,8
     =Demon Slayer               >2                h/18
     =Knee                       4                 m/8
      =Demon Scissors            3                 m/25
      =3 Ring Circus             ~1+4,2,4          smhm/5,10,10,21
      =3 Ring Circus Combo       ~1+4,2,d+4        smhl/5,10,10,14
    Shoot the Works              1,2,3,4           hhmm/6,8,25,30
    Shoot the Works Upper        1,2,3,f+4         hhmm/6,8,25,10
    Demon Backhand Spin          2,2               hh/12,21
    Demon Scissors               4~3               m/25
    Hellfire Blast               1+2               !/37
     =Direction Shift            U_D               !/37
    Hellfire Cannon              u/f_u_u/b+1+2     !/30
    Fly                          3+4               -                    *
     =Infernal Destruction       1+2               !/50
     =Cross Infernal Destruction f+1+2             !/50
    3 Ring Circus                1+4,2,4           smhhm/5,10,10,21
    3 Ring Circus Combo          1+4,2,d+4         smhhl/5,10,10,14
    893P Knee Kick               f+2>4             mm/18,10
    Spinning High Kick           f+3               h/30
    Knee Kick                    f+4               m/12
    Twin Lancer                  d/f+1,2           mm/12,16             *
    Hades Hammer Uppercut        d/f+2,1           mm/21,15
    Hades Hammer Sweep           d/f+2,2           ml/21,8
    Tsunami Kick                 d/f+4,4           mm/10,16
    Corpse Thrust                d+1               m/24
    Broken Plate                 d+3               l/5
    Double Lift Kick             d+3+4             smh/5,20
    Bloody Knife                 b+1               m/15
     =Parting Wave               D/F               -
      =Rising Uppercut           2                 h/23
      =Dragon Uppercut           1                 m/29
       =Heaven's Door            U/F               15                   *
       =Middle Kick              3                 m/20
       =Spinning Demon           4                 l/12
      =Spinning Demon            4,4               lm/15,15             *
      =Demon's Tail              N+3               m/21
      =Demon's Hoof              D/F+4             l/21
    Back Fist Side High Kick     b+2,3             hh/12,21
    Hell Scraper                 b+2,4,2,1,2       hhmmm/12,10,10,10,22
    Demon Steel Pedal            b+4               m/21
    Infinite Power               b+1+2             -                    *
    Demon's Spear                b+1+2*            m/42
    Lightning Uppercut           b+1+4             !/40
    Lightning Screw Uppercut     B+1+4             !/80
    Rising Sun                   u_u/f+4,4,4,4     mllm/25,15,12,25
    High Pounce                  u/b_u_u/f+2+4     m/34
    Demon's Paw                  f,f+2             m/24
    Demon Cyclone                f,f+3,1,3         mhl/18,14,13         *
    Heel Spiral                  f,f+3,1,4         mhm/18,14,25         *
    Demon Spin Rewind            f,f+3,1,f,f       mh/18,14
    Laser Cannon                 b,f+2>1>2         mmm16,14,22          *
    Laser Scraper                b,f+2>1>d+2_d/f+2 mmm/16,14,21
    Rising Uppercut              f,N,d,d/f+2       h/23
    Electric Wind God Fist       f,N~d~d/f+2       h/25
    Dragon Uppercut              f,N,d,d/f+1       m/29
     =Heaven's Door              U/F               15                   *
     =Middle Kick                3                 m/20
     =Spinning Demon             4                 l/12
    Spinning Demon               f,N,d,d/f+4,4     15,15                *
    Demon's Tail                 f,N,d,d/f+3       m/21
    Demon's Hoof                 f,N,d,D/F+3       l/21
    Leaping Side Kick            f,f,f+3           m/30
    Twin Pistons                 WR,1,2            mm/10,15
    Uppercut                     WR,2              m/15
    Tsunami Kick                 WR,4,4            mm/13,18
    Decapitating Sword           SS+2              h/22
    Hellfire Incinerator         d/f+1+2           l/15                 *
    Name                      Command   Position Damage Property
    Double High Sweep         1+3       Front    35
    Over the Shoulder Reverse 2+4       Front    35
    Shoulder Flip             1+3_2+4   Left     43
    Over the Limit            1+3_2+4   Right    40
    Chicken Butcher           1+3_2+4   Back     50
    Stone Head                f,f+1+2   Front    33
    Complicated Wire          QCB+1+3   Front    40
    Wrist Chuck Slam          d/f+2+3   Front    40
    Ultimate Tackle           d+1+2     Any      5      *
     =Ultimate Punches        1,2,1,2,1 -        5 each *
      =Cross Arm Lock         1+2       -        25     *
     =Cross Arm Lock          1+2       -        25
    Attack Reversal           b+1+3_2+4 -        Varies *
    10-hit Combos
    3,2,4,3,1+4,2,2,1,2- 115 damage
    3,2,4,3,1+4,2,1,3- 91 damage
    3,2,3,4,1+4,2,1,4- 91 damage
    f,f,N,2,1,2,2,3,4,4,1,2,1- 93 damage
    f,f,N,2,1,2,2,3,4,4,3,2,1- 110 damage
    f,f,N,2,1,4,4,2,4,3,2,1- 104 damage
    b+2,4,4,4,4,2,1+4,2,1,3- 98 damage
    b+2,4,4,4,4,2,1+4,2,1,4- 98 damage
    b+2,4,4,4,4,2,1+4,2,d+3+4- 109 damage
    Move Properties
    Fly: B to block in mid-air.
    Twin Lancer: Also used as f+1+2,2
    Heaven's Door: Dragon Uppercut must connect with enemy.
    Spinning Demon: First hit, 22 damage on CL. On far impact, first hit causes 15 
    damage and second hit will not connect. Executing the motion quickly, 
    f,N~d~d/f+4,4, will make the first hit cause 18 damage and launch.
    Infinite Power: While charging, release B to cancel or release 1+2 to attack. 
    Short charge causes 18 damage, medium charge causes 28 damage and pushes back, 
    full charge causes 42 damage and knocks the opponent down.
    Demon Cyclone: Second hit stuns on CH.
    Hell Spiral: Last hit stuns on CH.
    Laser Cannon: First hit stuns on CH.
    Hellfire Incinerator: Only when opponent is grounded.
    Ultimate Tackle: Escape with 2, reverse with 1_2 just as your back touches the 
    ground. Can also be used with d/b+1+2, WC,1+2, or f,N,d,d/f+2. Can be reversed 
    with b+1+3_2+4 reversal.
    Ultimate Punches: Punches can go in several patterns: 1,2,1,2,1 or 2,1,2,1,2 
    or 1,2,1,1,2 or 2,1,2,2,1. Right punch escaped with 1, left punch escaped with 
    2. Only first or fourth punch can be escaped.
    Cross Arm Lock: Used after tackle or after three Ultimate Punches. Escaped 
    with 1+2,2,2,2,2,2.
    5. Move Analysis
    Flash Punch Combo
    Command: 1,1,2
    Three quick hits with no guard point that floor your opponent. The last hit is 
    the strongest and will hit mid and cause a power wall stun (if close enough to 
    a wall). The first two hits are high but they can be thrown without the final 
    2 as a nice poking move.
    3 Ring Circus
    Command: 1+4,2,4
    This move can be useful and risky at the same time. Since the last hit can be 
    changed to either a high attack or low attack, your enemy will have to guess 
    how to block. Since the first hit is low, you can run up and start the combo 
    to hit your opponent and tie them up in the move, where they will then have to 
    guess the hit level of the last kick. However, this move is not fail-proof. If 
    you abuse it, your opponent will duck to block the first kick and then be free 
    to punish or interrupt as the next two hits are high. Not only that, if the 
    opponent actually DOES block the last kick, you are completely punishable.
    Laser Cannon
    This bruiser sends three powerful mid-range hits that safely push the enemy 
    back on a block. However, there is a second of lag on the first hit, so faster 
    characters can interrupt. Although the damage output is high, you will need to 
    use the Laser Cannon if your opponent is blocking so that the last hit will 
    push him back. b,f+2,1,d+2 will juggle but if the last his is blocked, you 
    will be in trouble. The best use for this move is juggling; once you get the 
    enemy in the air, unleash the Laser Cannon to deal a ton of damage.
    Demon's Paw
    Command: f,f+2
    This is a quick mid-hitting move that causes decent damage and is safe on a 
    block. On CH, it will knock the enemy to the other side of the stage, setting 
    you up for a tackle or shoulder ram. It's great to end a juggle with. However, 
    it has little tracking ability so you run the risk of whiffing this move when 
    it is used.
    Command: 1+2
             3+4, 1+2
             3+4, f+1+2
    Devil Jin's laser gives him unbeatable range but each one is easy to avoid.
    For the 1+2 laser, you can duck it pretty easily. If you see Jin stoop over, 
    quickly duck down and edge forwards. Devil Jin has terrible recovery time from 
    this move and chances are you'll be close enough to punish him with whatever 
    move you want.
    When Devil Jin flies up, he will either fire a laser at you or swoop around 
    behind you and fire a laser. Although a simple side-step will get you out of 
    harm's way, you can also run underneath Devil Jin and pull off a back throw 
    when he lands. This can be a little tricky because you will get nailed if 
    you're not fast enough.
    Devil Jin's upwards laser will not strike any large character if they are 
    standing (even Kuma or Jack-5) so don't worry about that. It will only hit a 
    enemy in mid-air. Devil Jin's downwards laser can only be used on a character 
    who is on the ground.
    Heel Drop
    Command: d/f+4,4
    This is a great move for pushing an enemy back or disrupting an attack. The 
    two kicks have no guard point, cause decent damage, hit mid, and are safe on a 
    block. Throw this move out whenever you want to keep the enemy on his toes. 
    The WS+4,4 version is great for punishing a whiffed high attack or throw. The 
    second hit of this move also slams the opponent on the floor during a juggle, 
    so it may be possible to follow up with a Spinning Demon.
    Rising Uppercut
    Command: f,N,d,d/f+2
    This is a fast move that causes decent damage and knocks the enemy straight up 
    in the air. The big problem with this move is that it hits high, so an alert 
    opponent will duck it. For best results, you should use the EWGF version. The 
    EWGF comes out faster, recovers faster, and pushes the enemy back on a block. 
    This move is great for juggles but it's tough to pull off. You need to press 
    the d/f and the 2 at exactly the same time to get it to come out. Practice 
    this move a lot.
    Spinning Demon
    Command: f,N,d,d/f+4,4
    This is Devil Jin's signature low attack. The sweep is reasonably fast but it 
    requires a fast button press. This is because there is a slow version and a 
    fast version. The slow version will not floor the enemy; instead, the sweep 
    will cause them to trip and the mid kick will actually miss. By executing the 
    motion quickly, the sweep will floor the enemy and then the mid kick will hit 
    them in the air. Naturally, abusing this move will only allow your enemy to 
    anticipate and block it.
    Here some combos for Devil Jin that you might find useful:
    1,1,2 (wall), 4
    WS+2 1 b,f+2,1,2
    b+4 (CH) d/f+1 1,1,2
    WS+2 b,f+2,1,d+2 f,f+2
    WS+2 1+4,2,4
    WS+2 f,f+3,1 b,f+2,1,2
    6. Credits
    The only people I can really thank right now are the folks at gamefaqs.com for 
    hosting this FAQ. Hats off to them.
    Questions? Comments? Suggestions? Corrections? Feel like contacting a random 
    person on the internet? Send anything you want, except for viruses and spam, 
    to cmhamlin@mchsi.com and I might read your message if I'm not too lazy at the 

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