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    Lee by LeeChaolan

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    Tekken 5
    Lee Chaolan FAQ by..
    3.Lee History
    4.Lee Story
    5.Lee Movelist
    6.Lee Juggles
    7.Lee Strategies
    8.Lee Overall
    9.Thanks To
    1.  Hello and thank you for reading what is probably going to be my biggest
    faq ever.  Lee Chaolan has always been the most stylish of the tekken lineup
    and has also always been my favorite to play as since Tekken 2 and 1 on the
    psX version. Lee's Strength Lie in his juggles and stylish moves. His speed is
    no losing point either and he can easily juggle and dance around the bigger
    characters such as Jack 5 and Panda. Please bear (no kuma pun intended) with
    me here as this is my first major FAQ and first FAQ for a fighting game. It
    will likely be awhile before this FAQ is good as all the others out there.
    Until stated in the FAQ it is still under construction.
    2.Copyright Info
    This may not be reproduced under any circumstances exept for personal,private
    use. It may not be placed on any website or otherwise distributed publicaly
    without advance written permission. use of this guide on any other web site
    or as part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation
    of copyright law.
    3. Lee History
    Lee first made an apperance in Tekken 1 as Kazuya's Subboss. Unfortunatly Lee
    was unplayable until Tekken one was released on the PSX. Although lee had no
    ending he was playable and had several of his own moves and he was VERY
    similar to Law. Infact Tekken 5's instruction manual has them listed as both
    using a fighting style simply told to be "martial Arts".  Fortunatly Lee's
    style recieved some revamping with each game and while still somewhat
    similar lee's style and playing strategy has become much different.
    4.Lee Story
    I'll be condensing this and it does contain spoilers for his tekken apperances
    and explains some sequences the game won't tell you.
    Prior to and Tekken One-Lee Was adopted by Heihachi as a way of making his real
    son Kazuya Jealous. To further this Heihachi even began to treat lee as a sort
    of favorite. Kazuya and Lee  lived nothing like real brothers but began to
    become rivals. Kazuya still somehow  learned Mishima Fighting Style from his
    father while Lee did not or could not learn it. It might be possible that
    Law Trained him put I dont know email me if you do. Anyway, Heihachi years
    later host the King of Iron Fist Tournament One. Lee Goes up against Kazuya
    right before he can face Heihachi. Unfortunaly for Lee Kazuya had the devil
    gene and beat Lee to a pulp. Lee still managed to survive and hang around long
    enough to see Kazuya come into power over the Mishima Zaibatsu......
    Tekken 2- Betraying Heihachi, Lee Works for Kazuya who has become the ruler of
    the Mishima Zaibatsu. Lee supposedly forced Boskonovich to work  on projects
    for Kazuya. Then Kazuya holds the king of Iron Fist Tournament 2. This time
    Lee has to face his stepfather Heihachi. Heihachi is disguisted with Lee for
    his treachery and defeats him quite easily. Since Heihachi Beats Kazuya and
    retakes the Mishima Zaibatsu Lee is sent away from the Zaibatsu.
    Lee's T2 ending did not happen as it depicts him locking away Kazuya and
    Tekken3- Lee Wanted revenge for some time after being sent away but decided
    it would be pointless to kill Heihachi who would probably die of old age anyway.
    Therefore Lee Finds a mansion in the Bahamas and apparently has a robotics
    company of his own.
    Tekken Tag- Not part of the storyline but Lee is seen in the intro driving
    a White car and his ending depicts him finally defeating Heihachi and Kazuya.
    Tekken 4- Lee Still in the Bahamas Has designed a robot he believes could be
    the ultimate fighting machine. When The Mishima Zaibatsu attacks G coporation
    he senses the Zaibatsu's Influence. Lee hears about the King of Iron fist
    Tournament 4 and his passion for fighting is rekindled along with his hate
    for the Mishima Zaibatsu. Lee enters the tournament as Violet to hide his
    identity so that he may get test data for Combot his new fighting machine.
    Unfortunatly for Lee he runs into his old rival and step brother Kazuya.
    Lee thought Kazuya died at the king of Iron fist tournament 2 and was greatly
    suprised. Lee Lost the fight against Kazuya and apparently the combot
    project failed as well.
    Lee's T4 ending didn't happen either. It depicts him taking the zaibatsu and
    testing combot out on Heihachi.
    Tekken5- Lee Hears that Heihachi has been killed and sees this as an his
    chance to finally take the Zaibatsu. Unfortunatly the day to day operations of
    the Mishima Zaibatsu continue normally and the King of Iron Fist Tournament
    5 is announced shortly afterward. Lee angered, believes that Kazuya has beat
    him to the position in the Zaibatsu and enters the tournament hoping to
    finally defeat his eternal rival.
    The following is Lee's Storymode data so it may or not be proven true in the
    next game.(since kazuya and heihachi almost never lose I doubt lee won)
    Lee gets his match against Kazuya. Kazuya tells Lee he is stupid for not
    seeing what is really going on at the tournament. Lee tells him to quit his
    rambling and fight. Lee defeats Kazuya and eventually faces Heihachi. Although
    suprised to see him alive Lee defeats him as well.
    Lee's ending shows him making Heihachi serve him at his mansion while he is
    tended to by a bunch of women.
    5-Lee Movelist
    f+1  Forward Jab
    d+1  Down Jab
    FC+1  Crouch Jab
    d+2  Down Straight
    FC+2  Crouch Straight
    FC+3  Low Kick
    d/b+4  Shin Kick
    FC+4  Crouch Shin Kick
    1,2  Double Punch
     = ~f,N   = Mist Step
     = 2,3   = Revolution
     = <4 [~3]   = Violet Kick [HMS]
     = 4° [~3]   = Silver Rain Kick [HMS]
    d/f+1  Quick Upper
    b+(1,1_1:1)  Fang Rush
     = ~f,N   = Mist Step
     = 2   = Triple Fang
     = 3+4   = Hit Man HMS
    WS+1  Quick Upper
    1+2  Schwartz Rose Hook
    2,2,3  Right Cross Revolution
    f+2,3  Revolution
    d/f+2  Uppercut
    WS+2  Rising Uppercut
    SS+2  Rear Cross Punch
     = ~f,N   = Mist Step
    SSR+3 [~4]  Left Violet Screw (HMS)
    3<3  Violet Kick Hammer
    f+3,3,3,[3,3],4  Acid Storm
    f,f+3  Impulse Shot
     = <4   = Shredder Combo
     = <(f_d/f)+4   = Mid Shredder
     = <(d_d/b)+4   = Low Shredder
    d/f+3  Side Kick
    d+3 [~4]  Silver Low [HMS]
    d/b+3  Slice Kick
    b+3 [~4]  Mist Wolf Kick [HMS]
    b+3<3  Mist Wolf Combo
    b+3~3 [:4]  Feint Mist Wolf
    u/f+3  Quick Silver Sting
    FC,d/f,d,d/f+3  Dragon Slide
    WS+3,3  Tsunami Kick
     d/f+3   = Step In Kick Infinite Starter
     D+3   = Silver Low Infinite Starter
     3,3,3,3 = Rave Kicks
     u+3,3,3 = Violet Hammer - Rave Kicks
     d+3,3,3 = Silver Low - Rave Kicks
    (f_N_b)+3+4  Hit Man Stance HMS
    f,f,N+3+4  Delayed Dragon Slide
    b,b,N+3+4  Handspring Backflip HMS
    u/f+3+4  Silver Sting  30 h GB KND
    FC,(U/B_U_U/F)+3+4  Rainbow Kick
    4,3,3  Violet Spin Hammer
    4,3,4  Violet Spin Somersault
    4,4,4  Machine Gun Kicks
    4,(u_u/f)+3  Roundhouse Somersault
    f+4  Silver Whip
    f,f+4  Dead Lease Rush
    d/f+4 [~3]  Front Kick [HMS]
    d+4 4 4 4 Laser Edge
    D+4<4<4<4 [~3]  Laser Edge Rush [HMS]
    d,d/f+4  Silver Tail
    d,d/b+4  Blazing Kick
    b+4 [~3]  Silver Heel [HMS]
    b,b+4 [~3]  Violet Cutter [HMS]
    u/f+4  Violet Knee
    u/f,N+4  Hop Kick
    FC,(u/b_u_u/f)+4 [3]  Quick Catapult [HMS]
    FC,(U/B_U_U/F)+4  High Catapult Kick
    WS+4 [~3]  Rising Kick [HMS]
    SSL+4 [~3]  Right Violet Screw [HMS]
    FC,(u/b_u_u/f)+3 [~3+4]  Fake Somersault [HMS]
    b+1+2  Punch Parry
    f,N  Mist Step
     = b,N    Silver Sway
    b,b,u/b  Wall Jump
    Lee's Basic Throws
    (names for these are to be added once I find them)
    6. Lee Juggles
    Some of My Favorites:
    d/f+2 4,3,4 (this won't fully work on some characters)
    D,DB,B+4~u/f+4 4,3,4,
    HMS 2, dash in, 1,2~f, 1,2~f
    (on crouching opponent) b+4/CH b+4, SS+2~f, b+1:1~f, 1,2~f...
    [launcher], 4,3,4, [wallsplat] 4,3,4
    FC d/f,d,d/f+3, PLD 3
    FC d/f,d,d/f+3 damage in DR is boosted up (as strong as Law's version).
    Try adding 2,1 in juggles into 1,2~f, and 2,1,1 to end juggles (although
    it slams the opponent down, it has short range and nothing's guaranteed from FC;
    primarily for mix-ups).
    4,3,4 is not as reliable in DR; only works off of higher wall splats.
    d,d/b+4 does not high crush in DR
    On CH d+3,4, HMS 4 in guaranteed
    On CH d+3,4, HMS 4 in guaranteed
    Starting from 5.1 because on 5.0 d+3 CH doesn't really do anything
    Also add a few things
    b+1,1:2 is safe, b+1,1,2 is not
    HMS is like flk, autoblocks mid and high
    1,2~f mixup games outside of juggles help a lot as well. Helps Lee players
     bulldog and mix up 1,2,4 (NC), throws, uf+4 and lots of other mind games.
    6b. Mist Step Juggles
    The basic mist step juggle is:
    launch, 1,2~f, 1,2~f...
    If you have trouble with the ~f part, then try
    launch, 1,2~f,f 1,2~f,f...
    End the mist step punches with 3,4 in open space or 3,4,d+3 if you are nearing
    a wall.
    For example:
    uf+4, 1,2~f, 1,2~f, 1,2~f, 3,4
    uf+4, 1,2~f, 1,2~f, 1,2~f, 1,2~f, wall, 3,4,d+3
    7. Lee Strategies
    Violet Mist UM of the Phillipine's Punch Parry Strategies:
    NOTE: All HMS Strats stay in HMS. Cancel when you need to.
    I don't cancel very often.
    b+1+2-punch parry
    After a successful punch parry:
    For Ducking opponents: u/f+3+4, f,f+3, & u/f+4.
    For BT Opponents f+4~D+4,4,4,4 or D+4,4,4,4.
    When in hitman:
    I use 1~4 to measure the length of lee's moves such as 1~3, 2 and 3. 4 is
    sometimes a good choice but not always.
    1~4 is also a good move for ducking opponents. If they block it, most
    likely they will go into these options: duck, or hit you (punch or kick;
    high or low).
    If its ducking(d+1) use 1~4/1~4~3 or 2. Not 3 or 1~3 (unless delayed)*
    just block d+4.
    If its a punch, use punch parry 1+2.
    If its a kick block the attack, high 2 has a chance but mid just block)
    1~4~3 to return to HMS.
    1,2,2 has a lot of options:
    back away or block if you have no idea what to do or play safe
    1,2,4(~3) or 1,2,[4](~3) for a quick 3 hit (For countering opponents only)
    ss+2 works well in High property moves (Hwoarang's ws+4,4)
    b+1+2, if opponent throws a punch
    u/f+4 if opponent is ducking
    *b+1+2 intentionally
    *Intentional punch parry strats:
    Lee's punch parry is dual purpose: a parry and a... Taunt.
    When Taunting opponents please be sure to know when can you attack afterwards
    and the distance of the enemy.
    Moves after Taunt/Punch Parry:
    u/f+4 - great for rushing opponents(far) and ducking opponents(near)
    d+3 - Again for rushing opponents
    f+3,3,3,3,3,4 - Again for rushing opponents
    Hitman Stance - Apply Hitman strats
    u/f+3 stagger effect:
    on block it'll stagger opponents.
    u/f+4 on ducking opponents
    b+3~3:4 on backing opponents
    b+3~4 to set up HMS.
    Mist Step to Sway Strats:
    f~N~b, 1,2~f~N~b, b+1,1~f~N~b, HMS 1~f~N~b
    after a Sway:
    f+3,3,3,3,3,4; d+3; u/f+4; b+3(~4) all on dashing opponents.
    b+1+2 (Taunt)
    Pressure enemies with:
    f+4 (x2)
    Mahona2000's Combos
    Combos for 5.0 not yet tested for 5.1
    HMS 2, b+1,1~f, 1,2~f, 1,2~f,3,4
    u/f+4, d/f+1, b+1,1~f, 1, JF b+1,1,2
    u/f+4, d/f+1, b+1,1~f, 1,2~f, 1,2~f,3,4
    BTW u/f+4 combos shouldn't be done on bigger characters I have trouble landing
    8.Lee Overall
    Lee is Defintily A fighter of Style,Speed,and juggles. He has really great
    speed matched by only a few characters  such as feng wei. Juggles are
    probably his best assets as they can do pretty good damage when used in the
    right situation,try keeping fighters in the air as long as you can and making
    your own juggles.
    9.Thanks Too
    BARONATRON for correcting some things.
    Violet_Mist UM- For Punch Parry Strats
    CjayC for making Gamefaqs
    TekkenZaibatsu for providing a place to find out moves and official names for
    Namco for making this game.
    Zaibatsu Forums Members for strats and juggles.

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