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    Jin by MHamlin

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    Tekken 5
    Jin FAQ
    Version 1.00 completed 9/24/05
    By MHamlim
    e-mail: cmhamlin@mchsi.com
    Table of Contents
    1. Copyright Info
    2. Version History
    3. Button Conventions
    4. Move List
    5. Move Analysis
    6. Credits
    1. Copyright Info
    This document is protected by copyright, Mike Hamlin 2005. There is no illegal 
    reproduction or distribution of this document at any time or place in this or 
    any other universe. So there.
    2. Version History
    v1.00 - First version. 09/24/05
    3. Button Conventions
    Following are the common conventions that are used to refer to buttons and 
    button motions. Most Tekken players are familiar with them; if you are not, 
    check them out now or you will not understand how to do any of the moves.
    f- tap forward
    b- tap backward
    u- tap up
    d- tap down
    F- hold forward
    B- hold backward
    U- hold up
    D- hold down
    N- pad in neutral position
    /- press between arrows
    1- left punch
    2- right punch
    3- left kick
    4- right kick
    +- press buttons simultaneously
    ~- press buttons quickly
    *- hold the button down
    :- just frame, requires precise timing
    >- button press can be delayed
    _- moves are interchangeable
    =- move is an add-on to the move above with lesser indent
    QCF- Quarter Circle Forward (d,d/f,f)
    QCB- Quarter Circle Backward (d,d/b,b)
    HCF- Half Circle Forward (b,d/b,d,d/f,f)
    HCB- Half Circle Backward (f,d/f,d,d/b,b)
    SS- during sidestep
    SSR- during right sidestep
    SSL- during left sidestep
    WR- while rising from crouch
    WC- while fully crouched
    BT- back is turned
    CH- counter hit
    CL- clean hit
    Hit levels
    h- High level. Blocked by standing or avoided by ducking.
    m- Mid level. Blocked by standing. Can hit ducking opponent.
    l- Low level. Blocked by crouching.
    sm- Special mid level. Hits mid but can be blocked by ducking.
    !- Unblockable.
    4. Move List
    This list shows all of Jin's moves, how to do them, their damage, and any 
    special properties. A star in the property column indicates a special property 
    that move has; check for the move name in the property list to see that move's 
    Name                         Command             Damage               Property
    Left Right Combo             1>2                 hh/7,12
     =Axe Kick                   3                   m/25                 *
     =Spinning Hook Kick         >4                  h/22
    Kazama Style 5 Hit Combo     1,3,2,1,4           hhmml/6,10,10,10,10  *
    Feint Kick Combo             1,3~3>d/f+3         hmm/6,22,13          *
    Left Jab Low Kick            1,d+3               hl/7,14
    Double Thrust                2,1                 hm/9,9               *
     =Roundhouse                 >4                  m/18
     =Low Trick Kick             >4~4                l/15
    Switch Blade                 2,4                 hh/9,14
    Spinning Flare Kick          4~3                 m/28                 *
    Median Line Destruction      1+2                 mmmm/5,5,5,7
    Right Elbow                  f+2                 h/12
    Left Roundhouse              f+3                 m/16                 *
     =Spinning Sidekick          >4                  m/18
    Stinger                      f+3~3               m/22
     =Heat Seeker                >d/f+3              m/13                 *
    Front Thrust Kick            f+4                 m/21                 *
    Double Chamber Punch         f+1+2               hh/10,21             *
    Thrust to Roundhouse         d/f+1>4             mm/12,18
    Thrust to Low Trick Kick     d/f+1>4~4           ml/12,15
    Uppercut                     d/f+2               m/15                 *
    Left Sidekick                d/f+3               m/15                 *
     =Spinning Sidekick          >4                  m/18
    Blade Kick                   d/f+4               m/33                 *
    Corpse Thrust                d+1                 m/24
    Knee Popper Sidekick         d+3,3               lm/7,10
    Right Sweep                  d+4                 l/15
    Double Lift Kick             d+3+4               mh/5,15
    Savage Sword                 d/b+2,2>3           mmm/12,15,21         *
    Right Low Roundhouse         d/b+4               l/15
    Left Spinning Back Kick      d/b+3               h/21
    Mental Alertness             b+1                 -                    *
     =Left Drill Punch           1                   m/22
     =Suigetsu Strike            2                   m/24                 *
     =Spinning High Kick         3                   h/30
     =Right Sweep                4                   l/15
    Backfist to Left Roundhouse  b+2>3               hm/12,21             *
    Left Crescent Low Roundhouse b+3,4               hl/15,15
    Spinning Sidekick            b+4                 m/18
    Power Stance                 b+1+2               -                    *
     =Attack Reversal            ~f,f,b+2+4_1+3      Varies
     =Lingering Soul             d,u,b,f             -                    *
      =Right Roundhouse Punch    f,N,d,d/f+2         h/30
      =L.L.R.K.                  f,N,d,d/f+4         l/22
      =Soul Rage                 1,2,3               hhm/7,11,25
       =6 Hit Combo              1,f+3~3>3           hmm/10,30,17         *
       =8 Hit Combo              1,3,2,1,4           hhmml/10,13,13,13,15 *
    Avenger                      u/b+1+2             !/100                *
    Front Jump Kick              u_u/f_4             m/13                 *
    Evading Middle Strike        u/f+2               m/18
    Spinning High Kick           u/b_u_u/f+3         h/30
    Demon's Paw                  f,f+2               m/24
    Right Axe Kick               f,f+4               m/19
    Left Axe Kick                f,f+3               m/25
     =Kazama Style 5 Hit Combo   1,3,2,1,4           hhmml/6,10,10,10,10  *
     =Heat Seeker                1,3~3>d/f+3         mm/22,13             *
    Evil Intent                  b,f+2>1>2           mhm/18,10,24
    Thrusting Uppercut           f,N,d,d/f+1         m/22
    Electric Thrusting Uppercut  f~N~d~d/f+1         m/22
    Right Roundhouse Punch       f,N,d,d/f+2         h/25
    Electric Wind Hook Fist      f~N~d~d/f+2         h/30
    L.L.R.K.                     f,N,d,d/f+4         l/18
     =Spinning Flare Kick        3+4                 m/21
    Crouching Uppercut           WR,2                m/15
    Left Spinning Back Kick      WR,3                h/28                 *
    Twin Lancer                  WR,1>2              mm/10,16
    Mental Alertness Taunt       1+3+4               -
    Name                      Command         Damage Position Escape Property
    Double Face Kick          1+3             35     Front    1
    Over the Shoulder Reverse 2+4             35     Front    2
    Shoulder Flip             1+3_2+4         43     Left     1
    Over the Limit            1+3_2+4         40     Right    2
    Pivoting Hip Throw        1+3_2+4         50     Back     None
    Tidal Wave                u/f+1+2         40     Front    1+2
    JF Tidal Wave             u/f+1+2~u/b+3+4 42     Front    1+2
    Complicated Wire          QCB+1+3         35     Front    1
    Parry                     b+2+4           -      -        -
    Note: During a tackle, Jin can execute the Cross Arm Lock with 1+2. Jin can 
    also reverse the Cross Arm Lock if used against him.
    10-hit Combos
    f+2,3,3,3,2,1,2,3,4,2- 113 damage
    Move Properties
    Left Right Combo Axe Kick- Damage of second hit becomes 11.
    Kazama Style 5 Hit Combo- Input ~d+1+2 on last hit to power up.
    Feint Kick Combo- Input ~d+1+2 when last hit strikes opponent to power up.
    Double Thrust- Follow-ups change damage of second hit to 10.
    Spinning Flare Kick- Causes 21 damage to grounded opponent.
    Left Roundhouse- Input ~d+1+2 on striking to power up.
    Heat Seeker- Input ~d+1+2 on striking to power up.
    Front Thrust Kick- Input ~d+1+2 on striking to power up. Stuns on CH.
    Double Chamber Punch- Input ~d+1+2 on striking to power up.
    Uppercut- Juggles on CH.
    Left Sidekick- Input ~d+1+2 on striking to power up.
    Blade Kick- Input ~d+1+2 on striking to power up.
    Savage Sword- First hit stuns on CH. Last hit stuns on striking.
    Mental Alertness- d/f to cancel into crouch dash. f to cancel into f,f.
    Suigetsu Strike- Time with enemy high or mid punch to parry and auto-counter.
    Backfist to Left Roundhouse- Input ~d+1+2 when second hit strikes to power up.
    Power Stance- Powers up and pushes the enemy back. Power up is lost if the 
    enemy is repelled.
    Lingering Soul- When doing b+1+2, the 1+2 must be held down. Lingering Soul 
    moves must be executed within approximately 5 seconds, otherwise the effect 
    wears off.
    Soul Rage 6 Hit Combo- Input ~d+1+2 when last hit strikes to power up.
    Soul Rage 8 Hit Combo- Input ~d+1+2 on last hit to power up.
    Avenger- b,b to cancel.
    Front Jump Kick- u/f+4 changes damage to 11.
    Left Spinning Back Kick- Also done with f,N,d,d/f+3.
    About powering up: When you use the b+1+2 power stance, or when you input 
    ~d+1+2 when certain moves hit, Jin's hands will glow for a few seconds. In 
    this state, the next attack you make will count as CH, whether it was indeed 
    CH or not. If the enemy blocks, he will suffer guard damage, even if guard 
    damage is turned off. However, Jin will be unable to block, and any attack he 
    suffers will count as CH. If Jin repels an enemy during Power Stance, the glow 
    will disappear, but Lingering Soul is still possible.
    5. Move Analysis
    Switch Blade
    Command: 2,4
    This is an nice and relatively safe move to throw out. The second hit will 
    cause a slight guard stun and pushes the enemy back, which makes the move 
    completely safe on a block. Not only that, there is no guard point between the 
    hits, so if the first connects, the second will hit, also. And if the second 
    hits, the enemy will be flipped over on the ground, which you gives you a free 
    d+4 if you forward dash quickly enough. The biggest downside to this move, 
    though, is that both hits are high, so an alert player will duck them and 
    punish you.
    Double Thrust Roundhouse
    Command: 2,1>4
    This is an excellent move to throw out in order to keep your enemy on his 
    toes. Although the first hit is high, the second hits mid, so most players 
    will eat it if they duck the first hit. The final kick is there to add extra 
    damage or to push the enemy back a safe distance. Notice that the second hit 
    of this combo can also be executed with d/f+1 and it gives you a frame 
    advantage on block, which makes it a fast and cheap way to annoy your 
    Command: f+3~3
    Another move that gives you a frame advantage on block. Although there is a 
    bit of windup, it's faster than you might think and opponents who go for a 
    quick counter will wind up getting hit with move. You can intentionally have 
    your opponent block this move in order to buy yourself some time; simply throw 
    it out and then continue quickly with another attack. The final d/f+3 kick 
    does not do you much good unless your opponent is trying to recover from the 
    first hit in order to counter.
    Median Line Destruction
    Command: 1+2
    This is a nice fast move that is useful if your opponent gets too close. It 
    has terrible range so if you miss, you'll be punished. Notice how the last hit 
    knocks the enemy back and stuns them for a bit. Although you don't have any 
    guaranteed moves to use, Median Line Destruction does come in handy against 
    walls. If you hit the enemy while they are near the wall they will not move 
    back, which gives you time for a quick 2,1 or 2,4.
    Front Thrust Kick
    Command: f+4
    This is a powerful mid attack that you'd want to throw out in hopes of getting 
    a CH. If this happens, you will stun the enemy and get a free 4~3 as they fall 
    over. It also has decent range but if blocked up close, your enemy can punish 
    Savage Sword
    Command: d/b+2,2>4
    This powerful combo is both risky and rewarding. The first two hits, if used 
    alone, are dangerous on a block. However, they will stun on CH, which gives 
    you some more attack opportunities. Adding the 3 kick on the end is great 
    pushing the enemy back if they block the d/b+2,2 and it will stun on a hit, 
    giving you a guaranteed 4~3. This is also a great move to end a juggle; simply 
    use your favorite juggle but substitute the last hit for this combo for a lot 
    of damage.
    Double Lift Kick
    Command: d+3+4
    This is another high-risk move. The d+3+4 is a juggle starter consisting of 
    two hits. There is no guard point, so the first hit makes the second 
    guaranteed and lunches the enemy. Although this juggle comes out quickly, it 
    TERRIBLE recovery, so whiffing it will allow your opponent to punish you with 
    pretty much anything short of a major unblockable. However, anytime you get an 
    opportunity for a free hit, you should go with this move. Another great aspect 
    is that this move guaranteed out of a low parry, so use it whenever you low 
    Mental Alertness
    Command: b+1
    This stance allows Jin to attack with several different moves, but one of its 
    inherent traits is that it causes him to duck away from high attacks. Your 
    options from this stance aren't just limited to attacking; pressing d/f 
    cancels into a crouch dash and pressing f cancels into a forward dash (so 
    pressing f+2 acts like f,f+2). As far as attacks go, only the 1 drill punch is 
    fast enough to strike reliably. The 2 can parry high and mid punches for a 
    free counter, but it requires good timing and anticipation. The 4 is a nice 
    low attack but it a slow windup and you will suffer a nasty guard stun if 
    Evil Intent
    Command: b,f+2,1,2
    This combo consists of three powerful blows all strung together. The last hit 
    pushes the enemy back on a block, so this is a good move to throw out if you 
    need some space. It is capable of causing quite a bit of damage, but the enemy 
    will usually block all three hits. Don't overlook it's usefulness in juggling, 
    Electric Wind Hook Fist
    Command: f~N~d~d/f+2
    This is a very fast and very powerful move but it hits high, so your enemy can 
    duck if you abuse it. A successful hit knocks the enemy clear to the other 
    side of the stage, so a running tackle or shoulder ram will be possible. It's 
    relatively safe on a block, but don't crazy with it. This move is also pretty 
    difficult to pull off, so practice it until you can get it consistently.
    Spinning Sidekick
    Command: b+4
    This is a great defensive move. It is perfectly safe on a block, hits mid, and 
    is reasonably fast. You can use this to push your enemy back or to retaliate 
    quickly if you block one of their moves. Although you can throw this out of a 
    f+3 or d/f+3, most opponents won't fall for it.
    Command: b+2+4
    Jin's parry is unique. Unlike regular mid and high parries, Jin's parry does 
    not stop the enemy's attack; it actually causes Jin to take a small step out 
    of the way. When Jin brushes the attack aside, it will give you a frame 
    advantage. Again, unlike other parries, the size of frame advantage depends on 
    what your parrying. Parrying a slow move gives you a chance for a strong 
    attack or a d+3+4. Parrying faster attacks will shorten your options, but it's 
    generally safe to use 2,4 after a parry. However, parrying extremely fast 
    moves such as jabs will not get you anywhere, so use your parry sensibly.
    Here some juggle moves for Jin:
    (any starter) b,f+2,1 d/b+2,2,3
    (any starter) 1 1 1,3~3 d+4
    (any starter) 1 1,2,4 (sets up for running attack)
    (any starter) 1,2,3 d+4
    f+4 CH f,N,d,d/f,f+4 d/f+1,4
    (any starter) 2,1 1 2,4
    6. Credits
    The only people I can really thank right now are the folks at gamefaqs.com for 
    hosting this FAQ. Hats off to them.
    Questions? Comments? Suggestions? Corrections? Feel like contacting a random 
    person on the internet? Send anything you want, except for viruses and spam, 
    to cmhamlin@mchsi.com and I might read your message if I'm not too lazy at the 

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