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    Hwoarang by Dark Raven X

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 11/30/05 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

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       / / /_____/_/ \_\_/ \_\/_____/_/ __\__/____/ \     /
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    Version 1.0
    Credit: Really, this was written by Board user Stomski. He’s just too lazy to 
    post it as an FAQ.
    This is an incredible resource for Hwoarang wannabes, and it belongs on the 
    FAQ page. 
    Hwoarang: Second best character on Tekken 3. Completely owned the Tekken Force. 
    Beat the crap out of Jin. Then got a massive drop in ability in Tekken 4. 
    Thankfully, the blood hawk has been launched back up to top tier status for 
    Tekken 5,
    and although some of his moves have been toned down a bit, he’s still every 
    bit as lethal as he used to be.
    Hwoarang’s Outfit:
    1_2: White gi with black outline and a red hawk on it.
    3_4: Orange and black vest with jeans (Tekken 3 outfit).
    Entrance Poses: 
    These are totally random entrance poses or sayings. Every character has them, 
    and these are Hwoa’s.
    ?: Does a punch, then takes a bow
    ?: Does a punch, then two kicks
    ?: Scracthes head and says "Yeah yeah.  Shut up already."
    Victory Poses: 
    To get a specific victory pose, hold down the relevant button while the 
    Replay occurs after winning a battle. 
    Getting the ? poses is random.
    1: Roundhouse right kick, then 3 more kicks
    2: 2 high kicks, then Air Raid Combo (u/f+4,4,4)
    3: Says "That's it? That's all you've got?"
    4: Back Turn, Arm Cross, Totem Pole
    ?: Jabs, Arm Cross, Right Arm Extended
    ?: Kneels by opponent and says "Not too fast, are you?"
    ?: Sits on opponent's back and says "Don't you have any special
       moves or something?"
    1 - left punch (square)
    2 - right punch (triangle)
    3 - left kick (X)
    4 - right kick (circle)
    f - tap forward
    F - hold forward 
    d - tap down
    D - hold down 
    b - tap back
    B - hold back 
    u - tap up
    U - hold up 
    d/f - tap down forward
    D/F - hold down forward 
    d/b - tap down back
    D/B - hold down back 
    u/f - tap up forward
    U/F - hold up forward 
    u/b - tap up back
    U/B - hold up back 
    qcf - quarter circle forward (d, d/f, f)
    qcb - quarter circle back (d, d/b, b)
    hcf - half circle forward
    hcb - half circle back 
    FC - fully crouching
    WS - while standing up
    N - joystick in neutral
    WR - while running
    SS - side step
    SSL - side step to the left
    SSR - side step to the right
    , - followed by
    ~ - IMMEDIATELY followed by
    < - delay, then followed by
    + - at the same time
    _ - either/or
    ° - push and hold button (buffer)
    : - just frame input
    Grounded Positions
    PLD - play dead position (face up & feet away)
    KND - knockdown position (face up & feet towards)
    SLD - slide position (face down & feet away)
    FCD - face down position (face down & feet towards)
    Move Properties
    BT your back turned to the opponent 
    JG juggle starter 
    CH requires a counter hit 
    TC technically crouching during the move 
    TJ technically jumping during the move 
    Extra Combo Conventions
    cc - crouch cancel (tap u or f,f while crouching)
    cd - crouch dash (f,N,d,d/f)
    iWS - instant while standing (d,d/b,N_d,d/f,N)
    big - only works on big characters (e.g. Jack-5)
    ( ) - hit will miss, but is required for next hit to combo
    ECD - electric crouch dash (f,N,d~d/f)*
    LFF left foot forward
    RFF right foot forward
    LFS left flamingo stance
    RFS right flamingo stance
    The basics:
    Stance: Hwoarang’s moveset depends on which foot he has forward. If he’s 
    on the left side of the screen, 
    he’ll have his left foot forward by default. If he’s on the right, he’ll 
    have his right foot forward. 
    Hitting 3+4 will make him switch stances. Be aware that if you move at all
     in with the wrong foot forward 
    (IE: Right foot forward when you’re on the left) you will revert to having
     the correct foot forward. 
    If you’re knocked down, or launched, you’ll revert to having the correct 
    foot forward. 
    Hwoarang can however, dash forwards (f~f) or backwards (b~b) and stay in 
    the opposite stance.
    Flamingo: The Flamingo Feint is one of Hwoarang’s inherited moves from Baek,
    but works a little differently than Baek’s.
    To enter a Flaming Feint, press F+3 or F+4. Depending on which foot 
    you have forward,
    Hwoarang will perform a kick before entering the Flamingo stance. 
    Hwoarang can not block at all when in a Flamingo.
    The Moves:
    safe launcher on regular hit, tracks ssl. Fairly standard but 
    something totally unlike anything he's had before.
    annoyance mid. +1 on block. 
    0 on block. +3(?) on hit. tracks ssl. Good spacing, experiment with bd,
     ss and jab on block, throw and mid on hit. 
    Just Frame SkyRocket. totally safe on block. Leads to combos of up to 70% 
    on open ground. 
    Goes under highs at certain points in its animation. Big range. 
    However, not incredibly fast and does not track at all. 
    Still too good. 
    punishes a whole bunch of stuff on block for great juggle damage. 
    Not safe at all. 
    Don't use it unless you are very sure it will connect. Hits grounded. 
    super safe mid, Mid ws move. On hit, f+3 into LFS mixups_ cd~ws+44_iws+44_ 
    cd throw covers most bases. 
    On block, he's in RFF afterwards so holding B will make him move far back. 
    RFF b+4 will avoid linear attacks and RFF b+3_23 will CH slow ones but 
    Secondary moves, ones which didn't quite make the cut:
    12 frames mid (uninterruptable by 10 framers after 1,2 hit), huge range. 
    weak damage though
    huge spinning axekick. Reasonable frames on block (+3 or so). Leaves in RFF.
    Hits grounded if very deep.
    Very useful, but linear and slow, use mainly in oki.
    safe, high crush low. Somewhat slow and easy to see on reaction, 
    weak frame adv. Mix up FC 4, ws+44 and f+throw on hit. 
    12 frame high with slight ssl. Very good damage, punishes some useful moves 
    on block. 
    Weakened on CH from earlier iterations as of time of writing, holding B gets 
    them out of all side turned followups:
    WEAK. Leaves in RFF. 
    high crush jugglestarter. Not amazingly fast, but forces crouch on block 
    (meaning you can backdash ws moves and punish or go for a straight mixup). 
    15 frame double palm push thingy. Use mainly in wakeups as the mixup to 
    throws because it hits lower than df+2 
    and has better frames on hit.
    this is a great, mid-hitting move that's guaranteed on ch, and can be delayed. 
    i don't think a delayed hit 
    is guaranteed on ch though.
    this is an alright string, but the last hit can be ducked, so meh. 
    however, it's guaranteed on ch and launches. 
    Pick your poison on this one. i wouldn't use it unless i knew i was 
    going to get a ch.
    this move (raised palm backhand thing) ssls reasonably well, ssl,b+2 
    does a kind of double sidestep, 
    against linear moves this often gets you to their back where you can 
    mix up df+2 and u+3+4 (vs duck jab). 
    On CH you get db+4~f blah combos, but the ssl means you will generally
    be unable to get the full HH
    3~4. jumping double kick Safe mid, travels far, good damage. 
    not incredibly fast, tracking suspect, and midair. 
    On block you will have to deal with throw_low_mid mixups. 
    hunting hawk (3 improbably mid air kicks). Toned down AGAIN. 
    Somewhat slow mid, low crush move that gives good frames 
    (+6 or so) on block for f+1+2_throw. tracking suspect, 
    2nd hit whiffs a LOT in this game 
    (is still safe but you are at negative frames). 
    does not seem to have guard stun any more AT ALL, 
    hence is near totally useless now.
    RFF (Right Foot Forward). 
    General stuff:
    Hwoarang can dash forwards and backwards in RFF but cannot walk (F_B).
    Doing this puts him in LFF 
    (pressing B in RFF covers lots of distance and is very safe). 
    He cannot low parry in RFF. :( This means you MUST crush safe lows. 
    Many useful LFF moves are possible in RFF inc. 
    df+2, df+1, df+3,crouchdash, db+4, db+3,u+3+4 etc. 
    JFSR does NOT work in RFF, although he can do the cd+4 regular 
    "terrible recovery" skyrocket. 
    RFF moves:
    RFF jab is super good at 10 frames and a whopping +4 on block. 
    Repeated RFF jab= very annoying.
    RFF 2,3 is somewhat guaranteed on CH 
    (2nd hit can be ducked but not blocked) and does good damage. 
    RFF 24>4 are less useful, mainly for CHing ws attacks of ducked RFF 2.
    RFF 24~f_u_d goes into RFS (SLOWLY) 
    after the 4 if you wish to riskily continue pressure. 
    RFF 4>4~f iterations possible on their own. 
    General strats, mix RFF 2_23_f+3_iws+44_df+4~f_cd mixups on block. 
    not really a new move, but iws+44 comes out MUCH faster in RFF than 
    LFF. Very good.
    RFF 3,4.
    New move. RFF 3 hits grounded and recovers well on block in LFF. 
    The 4 is high and can be ducked on hit/block but 
    transfers into RFS for pressure. General strats on block: 
    RFF 3, df+2_throw_jab_bd mixed in with continuing the string 
    when they try to poke you after blocking. 
    RFF 3~4(~f)
    BACKLASH: spinning roundhouse. Most damaging non-unblockable in 
    the game AFAIK. Slow and high, but deceptive in some ways.
    Recovers very fast (even on whiff) in LFF. On block turns opp to the side.
    Sadly, you no longer seem to get anything 
    good after RFF 3~4 is blocked a la Tag, 3 or 4, and once knocked down by 
    3~4, the opp can tech or backroll, meaning you 
    have no guaranteed ground hits afterwards. 
    New addition is ability to go into RFS quickly by holding F afterwards, 
    this is good for scaring people out of attacking 
    you if you with it, by causing them to walk into stuff like 
    RFF 3~4~f(whiff),
    BE WARNED: the RFS cancel Backlash does approximately half the damage of 
    the regular one!
    RFF f+3
    high but very fast and quite damaging. Goes into LFS VERY fast 
    afterwards for (lame) LFS mixups. 
    On CH LFS f+3_1_df+3 (I think) are guaranteed. If ducked you can 
    often mash f+3 again and beat out ws moves. 
    RFF ff+3
    big jumping spinning axekick. Crushes lows, db+4~f etc juggle on hit. 
    Hits grounded. 
    NOT SAFE (at least vs chars with 11 frame ws, untested against others). 
    Mainly use as juggle ender, backroll catch or
    guaranteed ground hit. Leaves in LFF. 
    RFF b+4
    spinning jump kick. sidesteps right, avoids many linear moves. 
    Changed so that it is mid, but unsafe on block. 
    Crushes lows? Guaranteed RFF ff+3 on hit. 
    df+4~f. Fast mid that goes into RFS for pressure. Decent. 
    On CH RFS df+4_b+3 MAY be guaranteed 
    (untested as no-one ever gets CH by the damn move for some reason). 
    RFF f+4~4
    hmm. Like a short ranged, non-ground hitting (safer on block?) version of 
    LFF b+3.The fact that you have to be in RFF to do it means you really 
    won't connect with it that often, but very good damage if you do. Average 
    but sometimes usable. 
    RFF b+3. 
    Much like LFF b+4 but has a backstagger on CH- this means that if they do not 
    hold D to escape the stagger,you can hit ff+4, then df+2_u+3+4 in their back.
    Untested, but I am reasonably sure that CH RFF b+3, b+3, b+4,244 is an 
    inescapable (near death) combo if the opps back is to the wall. 
    Again, RFF requirement means this is unlikely to hit often. Fun though.
    Anyways, on to RFS (Right Flamingo Stance)
    Ways to get into it:
    24_124 (most practical)
    db+4~f (risky but fast)
    f+4 (ass... slow and high AND slow transition)
    444~f (ass)
    d+3,4_LFS d+3,4 (toned down)
    RFF f+4 (useful for fakeouts)
    LFF fn+4 (kinda slow)
    RFF df+4~f (good, seems a little slower to transition than T4)
    RFF 4~f_24~f (slow... use the delayed 4 if you must)
    LFF 3+4
    RFF 3~4~f (best on whiff, on block do the regular backlash)
    General Flamingo notes:
    In either flamingo stance, he can hop back and forward or sidestep.
    None of these cover particularly great range (unlike BEAK's Fla SS). 
    If you stand there in Flamingo he will put his raised foot down and 
    return to the corresponding stance (RFS->RFF, LFS->LFF). 
    This "step" actually counts as a forward input, so pressing
     f+X after the step will result in ff+X moves, ff+X for fff+X etc). 
    He cannot block in any shape or form in Flamingo. 
    RFS Moves. 
    RFS 2
    fast and great frames on block/hit but high. Can go into the same 
    23_24~f_244 iterations as RFF. Leaves in RFF.
    RFS df+4
    frames on block, db+4 blah juggle on hit, mid, awesome move. Leaves in LFF. 
    basically those two should make up 90% of your RFS game. 
    His other notables are:
    RFS 3+4
    stance transition to LFF, pretty basic. 
    RFS b+4
    essentially RFF b+4 with the same strengths and weaknesses.
    RFS f+4
    8 frame double kick, very useful for beating out ws moves or high pokes. 
    High so vulnerable to high crush and duckable,also very bad on block. 
    LFS (Left Flamingo Stance):
    basically LFS has the same moves as RFF except using the opposite foot 
    and going into the corresponding stance (RFS 2= LFS 1, RFS 2 goes to RFF,
    LFS 1 goes to LFF), with some slight differences (LFS 1 cannot chain into 
    followups as RFS 2 can)
    Notable moves which are different from RFS:
    looks much like RFF df+4 but is very different: Leaves in RFF, frames on hit,
    slight negative frames on block (although you can avoid much with holding B),
    floors on CH for guaranteed RFF ff+3, on duck gives guaranteed f+3_b+3
    (f+3 more reliable). on block mix up hold B_RFF 2_iws+44, on hit 
    f+3_cdws+44_dash throw etc. 
    low,high string. 2nd hit is blocked if first connects. Leaves in RFS.
    The RFS transition is slower than it was, so you must be more cautious
    with your followups, but this is still his only real mixup out of 
    flamingo, and with the beefing of LFS df+3 on crouch, less people are 
    inclined to duck this. followups on hit include: RFS 2_f+4 for 
    jabbers, RFS df+4 for duckers, RFS b+4_bb,df+4 for duck jab and
     3+4 into LFS mixups for those too scared to do anything.
    Followups on block include: eating a ws launcher and dying. 
    Note: this move also works in LFF, but in LFF you have throws, 
    so there is no reason to use it. 
    LFS 3>4
    basically LFF df+3,4 out of flamingo, still really good. 
    You can also "mix" this up with...
    LFS 33~F
    which does 2 left kicks, but cancels the 2nd into LFS. Although 
    the transition is somewhat slow, you can use the LFS 3>4 delay to make 
    people scared of pressing buttons into it. Fun stuff, esp for those who
    still like to play rushdown. 
    LFS 2_RFS 1
    spinning punch, much like LFF f+2. Hits lower on the ground 
    (knocks Ling out of AOP) than LFF f+2, and has slight tech crouch abilities. 
    Low damage and not blindingly fast, unfortunately. 
    LFS 223_RFS 123
    Strange move. Somewhat crappy. Anyway, Hwo does the first three hits 
    of his tenstring and ends up backturned. All 3 are guaranteed on hit. 
    On side hit it sends them spinning to the ground for a BT 3_DF,ws+44 mixup. 
    Here's the lame mixups after these moves. 
    level 1: opp has never seen these moves before. you=continue tenstring 
    level 2: opp thinks you will continue tenstring and ducks after 3rd hit. 
    you = BT 3 for launch and combo
    level 3: opp knows that you will try for BT 3 so waits until the point 
    when it will come out. You: BT 1+3_2+4
    level 4: opp is sick of this lame mixup and presses buttons immediately 
    after the 3rd hit. You = continue tenstring :P
    Unfortunately it's all a bit neutered when they realize they can just duck 
    the 3rd hit on block (much like Ling's u+4*duck here*12 tenstring mixups) 
    and backdash on hit (I think) but it's kind of funny when they don't know
    how to get out. 
    LFS d+4_RFS d+3
    SLOW AS HELL sweep. In T5 this move finally hits grounded (thank god) and 
    as such is your only ground-hitting option in flamingo. If you are lucky 
    to get a standing hit with this, ff,db+4~f, juggles are yours for the taking. 
    242,f+3~uf+343 (staple. uf+343 notated as HH for hunting hawk now)
    23,33~f,33~f,1,ff+4 (quite hard)
    23,33~f,1,242,ff+3 (HARD)
    231,242,ff+3 (blah)
    any df+2 juggle
    3~4,df+3+4 (staple)
    3~4, 242, ff+3
    3~4, 231, ff+4 (quite hard)
    3~4, 231, cd~ws+44
    f+4,2,f+3~HH (most damage prolly...unreliable)
    Off short launches, including:
    -RFS d/f+4
    -RFF f,f+3
    -RFS d+3 (ff afterwards)
    -LFS d+4 (ff afterwards)
    -CH RFS 4
    -CH d/b+4
    -CH SS+4
    -CH f+1+2 (ff)
    -CH b+2 (unreliable due to axis)
    -FD/FT 3 (crouch cancel with u)
    db+4~f,2,ff, 343
    f+3+4,3~4 (staple. lame)
    f+3+4,3~4~f,2,f+3~HH (most damage? hard, IMO)
    f+4,2,3~4~f,3 (super hard on regular chars, easy on big)
    RFF f+4~4
    f+3,3+4,2,f+3~HH (staple)
    f+3,3+4,23,df+3+4 (must be close)
    CH d+44
    the f version has slightly longer range but slower execution speed. 
    This is Hwoarang's most popular throw. However, the wakeups afterwards 
    are not AS good as most people think, b+3 is NOT guaranteed as it can 
    be siderolled, backrolled or u+2222 stood up out of. To remedy these, 
    you can mix up with db+4~f for a small juggle 
    (eg db+4~f,1,db+4~f,3 or db+4~f,df+4,b+3) or ground hit. Another 
    solution is to dash repeatedly up to the other person 
    during side or back roll and b+3, timed right this will juggle them 
    in the back (123,1,df+3+4 or 124,23). You can also throw quick standers
    (qcb+3 and ddb+1+3 recommended)
    the other basic throw, this is way weaker. basically you don't have much 
    frames to work with at all, 
    ff+3 is a reasonable option for standers, f+3+4,f+3 is good for backroll 
    and staydown, other than that just dash into standard oki mixups. 
    His weakest overall throw, but the range and 1 break mean you will 
    use it quite a lot. Also good if you are weak on a particular side 
    of the arcade, just do this throw and regardless of whether it's broken 
    or not, you end up on the other side. 
    human cannonball. The godly range of this throw has been toned down, 
    but it's still has decent range and is very useful for the very 
    simplicity of it's command and the 1+2 break. Another useful factor 
    is that you can buffer the throw by holding 2 and then doing 
    running_dashing_cding,f+3. oki options are minor, but one particularly
    irritating trick is to do f+2+3, buffer the 2 then run/wd up to the 
    other person and f+2+3 them again as they stand up. Other good options 
    are ff+3 or standard oki mixup after you run up to them.
    In a change from previous tekkens, this throw DOES work in RFF, 
    but the range is awful (almost Law f+2+3 bad). 
    Swaps side on a successful throw. 
    his strongest throw in terms of damage, you get guaranteed db+4 
    afterwards to make it that bit better. Other setups untested ATM. 
    Throwing the other person as they stand up after this throw is 
    always good though :). 
    Useful dash throw with a 2 break. Stronger than his standard throws,
    use this if you are playing Leedy, then slap him upside the head for 
    being a freak and trying to break it on reaction, because Hwo actually 
    does the 1+3 animation. Handy. The best oki seems to be BT 4 if they 
    backroll, or DF,ws+44 if they stand up, sideroll or lay there. 
    You can also go into BT foxstep stuff if you are a showoff. 
    similar damage to the human cannonball, but better oki setups, 
    db+4 seems guaranteed, ff+3 works if they twitch. The somewhat
    annoying command means that you don't get this much in open play,
    but it's useful in wakeup and after certain moves like ss+4.
    The RFF grab
    in RFF both standard throws are replaced by the RFF grab, where 
    he picks them up with his foot and slams them over his head. 
    The throw itself is quite slow, but has very good range, decent
    damage and a 1+2 break. Don't overuse, but looks quite cool.
    Ground games afterwards are limited, similar to 1+3 or f+2+3.
    Air throw, ok juggle ender
    Hwo's wall game isn't exactly Bryan's, but he can still do 
    decent damage. Mainly you want to hit people with 
    RFF_RFS 244_243. 
    LFF 3~4 or RFF 3~4 near the wall guarantee 3+4,3~4 
    (do not hold forward, you will lessen your damage. 
    It IS possible to hit 2 backlashes~f,RFS 244 but 
    it's really dependent on where you are. Not recommended). 
    df+2, LFF b+3, CH df+33(?) all cause high wall splat and 
    guarantee b+4,244_243 near the wall. 
    RFF f+44: 3~4 (?)
    Basically, other than that you just want to carry 
    them to the wall with jabs: 
    launch, 231, 1242 (hits wall) dash 244
    or launch 1 (hits wall) 24,243
    JFSR, RFF 3~4~f,2, ffn2 (hits wall) 244
    etc. It's pretty situational, obviously, 
    so make up your combos on the fly.
    RFF_RFS 23 is also useful as a juggle ender near walls 
    as it sends them a long way, if you can't jab them 
    to the wall this is a great option. Also, with correct 
    spacing you can hit combos like launch, 24,23,(wall hit) 
    b+4,244 for insane damage. 
    From a distance, my preferred combo/setup is RFF 23 
    (wall hit), ff+3, RFF 3. I don't know if the RFF 3 
    is guaranteed, but it's safe and hits grounded. 
    If it isn't guaranteed I'm sure you can mix it up 
    with a throw. 
    When you've knocked someone down near the wall, 
    be very careful as they can techroll around many
    of your moves (ff+3 will miss a lot). 
    One of my random setups is just to crouch near the 
    wall and wait: if I see them stay down, 
    I do ws+44 (on connection RFF 3_ff+3_throw them 
    as they stand up_crouch again), if I see them 
    techroll I wait for them 
    to finish it then mix up ws+44 and f+throw
    if your back is to the wall, ff+2,df~ws+44 seems to be guaranteed.
    Stomski; Writing practically all of this. 
    GameFAQS; The best games website. Evar.
    Tekken Zaibatsu; The best Tekken Forum. Evar.
    And Jon Bentley; He let me test out these moves on his pitiful Steve. :-P
    About the author:
    First FAQ. That’s all. Questions can be shot at Darkravenx(AT)gmail.com, 
    but if I think you’re a jackass I may not reply.
    Things I’ll reply to:
    “You’re guide rocks!1”
    “You missed a move”
    “How do I…”
    “Enlarge your…”
    Things I won’t reply to:
    “You’re guide suxxorz!1”
    “Lol, I’m better than joo!”
    “You owe me money”
    As you may have guessed, I’m a Hwoarang user. And for the record, Hwoa > Jin.
    "Now you know. And knowing is half the battle"...

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