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"Pieces of Memory"

I was a Tekken fan for the early onset of the series. After the third installment, I began to lose interest in much of the series. I still bought the games and played through it, but it just didn't have that same magical feeling. Perhaps, it was becoming stale or perhaps Tekken just didn't have the same creative things that the older installments did. With that said, Tekken 5 is able to capture some of that magic back. While it still doesn't hold up to the esteem that the first, second, and third did, the game is still better than Tekken 4 and Tekken Tag. The improvement over the last few installments is quite notable. Tekken 5 takes away some of the things that Tekken 4 did wrong, so that it could be more akin with Tekken 3. In this case, it was a good thing to go back to an older edition.

Tekken 5's main appeal is both its in depth single player mode, and multiplayer capabilities with some buddies. The single player modes offer a lot. The player will spend a lot of time trying to unlock things and unraveling some of the well fleshed out stories that I feel Tekken games has always had. Playing Tekken 5 with a buddy is also quite fun. Talking trash and trying to beat each other down is one of the fun moments of the game. One thing that I didn't like about Tekken 5's game play is the speed of the combat. Perhaps I am used the Dead or Alive series and its quickness, but I thought Tekken 5 was a bit slow at times. The combos are catered to both casual and hardcore fans. That's what I liked about it. If you want to play the game casually, you can still do so. But the game is in depth enough to warrant tremendous skills in order to master the game.

The graphics and sound department for the most part is quite solid. The graphics isn't anything special, but for the most part is done fairly well. The animation of the fighting sequences is nicely done. Character models for the most part look good, although at times the characters don't look quite as good. Going back to the fighting sequences, the game does a nice job of wowing the player with nice looking moves. The voiceovers on the other hand aren't done quite as well. The group of actors does a sub par job at portraying the characters. The music on the other hand was lively and enjoyable.

Tekken 5 improves on Tekken 4 and Tekken Tag. It goes back to some of the things that Tekken 3 did, and in many ways that's the reason why I feel Tekken 5 is the best Tekken game to come out in a while. In addition, Tekken 5's appeal to both hardcore and casual fans is a welcome sight. Tekken 5 should be fairly cheap now, so go pick it up! I full heartedly recommend this title to anybody who likes fighting games.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 06/04/08

Game Release: Tekken 5 (US, 02/24/05)

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