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"Has some excellent qualities and some utterly horrible ones too."

Tekken 5 is, in my opinion, a vast improvement on the horrid underwater-like fighting system of Tekken 4. Unfortunately if you were seeking something new and fresh you'll be a little disappointed because this game is basically a better version of Tekken 3 with some new characters and an amazingly boring action sub game. Overall I love the game but it has a few flaws that literally make it unplayable at times.

Gamplay: 9/10 -It's just like the third installment and despite crappy animation it works great!
Graphics: 7/10 -It's acceptable and it looks good for a PS2 game but it's not winning any awards etc.
Sound: 7/10 -It's just there. Nothing noticeably bad but nothing memorable.
Story: 5/10 -They're interesting but mostly corny.
Difficulty: 1/10 -This is where it fails. There's just no consistency in the hardness.

The Bads:

The biggest problem I have with the game is the difficulty. One fight will be ridiculously easy and you'll be totally bored and the fight right after will take you 10 continues to get through. What's really ridiculous is how difficult the last few battles are on Easy mode, most notable is the fact that the final boss tends to counter your first attack THE VERY SECOND the fight begins . . . ON EASY! I shutter to think what fighting him is like on the Very Hard setting.

The other problem with the difficulty is that it suffers from being very unrealistic. The computer gains advantages that real players could use (IE Taking absolutely no time to do a complex move . . . at the beginning of a fight). This used to be a common problem in games but better AI for computers has been around for a while so there's no excuse.

Other than the bi-polar difficulty level of the game, the sub games are utterly boring, especially the "action" game(if I wanted to run around and break boxes all day I'd have played Crash Bandicoot).

The animations are a little crumby but in all honesty they allow for moves that wouldn't really be possible otherwise.

The Goods:

This game has a familiar fighting system that works well and button customization that comes close to cheating (I put my grabs and button moves on the L keys).

The characters are fun and chances are you'll have more than just one character you can be good with.

Many characters have moves that are easy to spam for a victory when you're not wanting to prolong a fight and the computer generally doesn't spam (Except for that bastard last boss). You can think of that as good or bad I guess, players with pride won't abuse it during a VS match.

Overall it's a good game. If Easy mode was actually very much different from normal and hard I'd have given the game an 8/10.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Originally Posted: 06/30/08

Game Release: Tekken 5 (US, 02/24/05)

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