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"Namco has improved over the years, and Tekken 5 is the living proof."

Namco's Tekken 5 is great fun. If you compare it with Tekken 4, you'll see that Namco(almost) perfected the graphical system, a bunch of cool new characters, new moves and better sound...

Graphics: 5/5
I'd say it doesn't beat DOA, but these are some graphics. For example, in Wang Jinrei's epilogue, the graphics are obviously CG, but it looks so awesomly real. If it wasn't for DOA, Tekken 5 would be in my opinion graphically the best fighting game ever...

Sound: 4/5
Not as good as the graphics section, but it did improve. The voices are done well also. The Japanese speak Japanese, the Chinese speak Chinese and the other ones speak English. although it would've been better if Steve Fox, being british, didn't had an Australian accent...

Storyline: 4/5
Every character has its own storyline, which mentions other characters while these aren't their prologues. So does Marshall Law's prologue mention Paul Phoenix and Lee Chaolan mentions Kazuya Mishima.

Main villian: 3/5
This is the best and strongest Tekken villain ever, I'll grant him that. It's Jinpachi. He's huge, muscle-packed and has a giant weird mouth in his torso. He looks awesomly cool and he is, but his attack style is really cheesey. He has stun moves which makes your character immobile for about 5 seconds and he normally already has you by then. He has healing powers, normally I don't care about that but he steals health from you and he then converts it to him. FRUSTRATING! Now, his worst attack: the huge fireball he spits from the mouth of his torso. If you're hit, (you're most likely) you lost about half of your health or more. A good, hard last game boss, even at easy game level...

New characters: 4/5
Some amazingly cool new characters appear in Tekken 5 such as Roger Jr., Feng Wei, JACK-5, etc. My fav? definetly Feng Wei. He trains Chinese Kempo. But this is no place to talk about character profiles, now is it? The new characters look graphically amazing, same as the returning characters such as Jin Kazama, King, Steve Fox, Nina Williams(heheh), etc...

Frustration rating: 5/5
WARNING: FMO(FrustrationMeter Overflows)!!! I haven't played a game yet in my whole life that frustrated me more than this one does. Especially on stage 9, facing Jinpachi with his so called tough guy attitude and his fireball attack... he used it friggin two times in a row and my character died inmediatly...

Overall: 8/10 - Great - fun to play, some minor but no major flaws

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 08/11/08

Game Release: Tekken 5 (Platinum) (EU, 01/13/06)

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