Review by MightyIndie

Reviewed: 08/14/08

One of the greatest fighting games I have ever played.

It's time for the King of Iron Fist Tournament yet again, and the Tekken fighters are coming out swinging punches and kicks in one of the most well put together fighting games I've ever had the honor of owning. I've owned this game for barely three days now and it's already been spinning in my PS2 for hours on end, my friends and I taking turns thrashing eachother into oblivion.

Story: ....Ummm.
I will be frank. This is the first Tekken game I've ever owned, but I've played demos of the other ones and honestly... This has your usual fighting game storyline. There's a lot of people fighting in a tournament for their own (sometimes strange) reasons, and then RRRAWWWRRR in comes the demon. However, the characters each have their own individual stories that conflict with eachother, (as fighting games will) however it's still entertaining in it's own right and that shouldn't turn you off from buying this game. The endings for most of the characters is more than worth the admission if you know what I mean, and it's fun to play through with each character to see everything from their point of view.

Gameplay: Poetry in motion.
If you've never played a Tekken game, it's like this: It's everything but a normal fighting game. You can't sit there and mash on the buttons like an idiot. Punches, kicks, throws, everything has to be linked together at the right moment or you're going to be doing those same two punches while the computer has fun flipping you around like a ragdoll. And it will, don't doubt me for a moment. This game is hard. And not the normal kind of hard, either. Even on easy mode I was getting extremely frustrated with how insanely difficult the fights can get (I know Final Bosses in fighting games are supposed to be hard, but COME ON!!!) and felt the urge to just stop playing. Nothing can kill the mood like an enemy who does as much damage in one combo that you do after two combos, a throw, unblockable attack, another combo...

Graphics: Oh, wow.
I'm not a graphics person, really. I'm here to PLAY a game, not gawk at OMG 60 FPS AND A KABILLION MEGABYTES OF RAM. Do you people honestly listen to yourselves when you go on about that? But all things considered, this game is amazingly beautiful. Hair sways, people move in a realistic motion, even the bear and kangaroo look and move like real animals. You feel like you're watching real people duke it out.

Replay Value: Play it again, son!
This is a game you will definately want to keep, not rent. Each character has a variety of different parts to buy and wear as well as color changes, so you'll be playing through to earn money for buying the pieces. The first three Tekkens (Only the arcade modes, however) are also crammed into this disc, so you can check out the series from the very... ugly begining. There's also a beat-em-up adventure game that lets you explore Jin's past, and a ranking mode that lets you fight against increasingly difficult opponents as well as a team battle and survival mode. It's got all the makings of a good fighting game and can hold you and your friends in for a very long time.

If you like fighting games, you have absolutely no excuse as to why you shouldn't own this. It's not hard to find, either. The gamestop I picked this up at had to have at least 20 copies. And it's cheap, too, so it's a really good bargain. What are you waiting for? Go pick this up and enjoy yourself with this game that can truely be described as "excellent."

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Product Release: Tekken 5 (US, 02/24/05)

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