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"King of Iron Fist - Enter the best Tekken"

Tekken has always been one of my favorites, albeit on a casual scale; I'd pick up the controller and select my favorite character at the time Eddy. Capoeira is an amazing martial art, and when you start pulling off all these crazy moves, Eddy hooks you. However, there is more to the depth of the Tekken series, mostly five, then directly accessible flashy moves.

There are plentiful factors that make the Tekken depth what it is: plenty of fighters (I counted 30) each with his/her own fighting style, multiple fighting stances depending on your character, and the ability to dodge attack by moving up or down the fighting stage.

There is a great roster of characters ranging from known greats like Jin Kazama, Hworang, and Nina, to the wackier characters of the series like Roger Jr. (a kangaroo), Mokujin, and Panda, a fighting, er, panda. There some newcomers like Asuka Kazama and Raven the mysterious black guy that's a rip-off of Blade.

What's great about all these characters is that each has his own fighting style that at times feels like a wholly different character mechanics. Let's take one of the great fighting styles as an example in the form of Lei. Lei uses the Wu Xing Quan Kung Fu & Zuiquan (Drunken Fist) fighting styles. The first one is the 5 animals style, and you can switch to the various 5 stances by button presses special to Lei. You can take the snake position and unleash different attacks than if you were assuming the tiger position.

Other fighting styles include traditional boxing and Bruce Lee's martial art as well as Capoeira and Judo.

The game is known for having tiered fighters like plenty of fighting games, with easier winning chances being offered by characters such as Steve and Nina. However, if you're skilled at a certain player, you have as high a chance as taking out Steve as he has taking you out.

The game has plenty to offer, and as with the games since Tekken 3, you'll be rushing to finish each character's story and see the character specific ending. I know I love finishing the game to watch these.

The game also has the first three tekkens, albeit in their arcade form. If you ever wanted to see how Tekken evolved, you can start with Tekken 1 and see fighting at its most basic and go up to three to see how the game evolved in the PlayStation era. There is also another unlockable game called Starblade, a shooter developed by Namco back in the day.

To unlock Starblade? You have to obtain a ship module in the game The Devil Within, a game within a game. The Devil Within, like Tekken tradition now, is a side-game where you traverse levels with Jin beating up enemies and defeating bosses. The game is generic, and if it weren't for the million Gs it offered, I doubt much would take notice.

The Gs are used to customize your players to your like, dressing them as you see fit--another nice addition.

The graphics in the game are thought to be as ones of the greatest out there on the PS2, if not the greatest. The detail on the characters is next-gen quality, and the lighting effects bring out the best in the oomph of kicks and punches.

Going back to the game mechanics, the game has a basic pattern. The square and triangle buttons are used for left right punches, and circle and x are used for high/low kicks. A combination of these is used in the execution of plenty of moves, one of which are the famous grapples used as a combination of square+x and o+triangle. Grapples can be reversed, and certain characters like Paul, a judo master, has plenty of other grapples on the sides, as well as the ability to extend grapples as soon as the first one connects.

As you see, that's what's great about this game. Each character feels indeed like his own character, with his own style. What would it be like to pit Jackies Chan against Bruce Lee for example? Simple. Just set up a match between Lei and Marshall Law. Drunken Master moves against Marshall Law's focused punches and Bruce Lee ayayayayyaaas will make it all win/win.

If nothing of the aforementioned convinced you of getting this great game yet, then not much else will, since this game has it all--great character roster, great style, deep combat system, lovely graphics, and a Kangaroo for God's sake. Fighting game fans, you have to play Tekken 5.


+Lovely graphics
+Great character roster
+Each character has his/her own style/charisma that makes the game loveable to play with each
+FMVs are still here, giving you a pat on your back for each character story finish
+First three arcade Tekkens are here! Tekken 3 is amazing
+Kangaroos/Pandas/Wooden tree barks come to life


-Devil Within mini-game is a bit dull, but hey, it's an extra
-Some characters have obvious advantages over others, but nothing matters if you become skilled at your characters

Story - 9
Visuals - 10
Audio - 9

Gameplay - 10
-FUN Factor - 10
-Controls - A
-Difficulty - HARD for beginners on normal mode; try easy, even that will give you a challenge

Lifespan - 10 - if you want to master plentiful characters, it'll take a while

Overall - 10

King of Iron Fist 5 reigns supreme king over all previous Tekkens

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 12/04/08

Game Release: Tekken 5 (US, 02/24/05)

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