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"Number 5 happens to be my favorite number."

I visited heaven in the form of Tekken 5. The series came on strong after such disappointing sequel in the form of Tekken 4, and it remixed what made Tekken 3 such a hit by adding new elements along with old-school Tekken goodness.

The result came as a great port form the Arcade, and I am oh so happy to have played it in this PS2 system. Truly amazing, this fighter should not be missed from your library of fighters.

At all.

Gameplay - 10

The controls are perfect, not near perfect, not above average. Perfect.

It's so easy to pull off attacks and combos; you often forget you are playing the home version of the Arcade. The great aspect of this game is that there is many characters making a comeback from earlier titles, repolished, refined, and rounded to meet newcomers in the sequel. Some are pretty devastating, others rely on skill, and even others are just plain to play as, but it all comes to one single statement:

It's so fun to play with them all.

Veterans and newbies of the series will be appalled by the game's ability to set the difficult during a match, and the challenge many characters controlled by the computer will impose.

Story - 10

That's right, Tekken has a storyline. The story has always been around telling just what happened in earlier titles, and then wraps them up to tell a whole new chapter in the form of Tekken 5.

Heihachi Mishima is confronted by a swarm of Jack robots, along with Kazuya Mishima, his son. They seem to help each other survive the ordeal until Kazuya leaves Heihachi to his luck with the robots. Raven later enters the scene confirming Heihachi's death to an unknown source, and the game begins from there.

Just who was it that ordered Heihachi's death? Was it his own son? Was it his devious half-brother Lee?

Graphics/Sound - 10

To give anything less than a ten would be a blasphemy. Tekken 5 surpasses 4 by a long shot, adding a nice array of texturing and interacting stages where everything is affected by the character's motions. From holes on the ground to golden coins being kicked about, to the peaceful dandelions and the scorching flames of a burning temple.

The effects of some stages are stunning; you can actually see the ripples of the heat waves during the burning temple's stage, and the light source in every single part of the character's body.

The music is fantastic. I found myself nodding to every techno-beat featured in the game. Buy yourself a nice sound system when you get this game. I highly recommend it.

Play Time/Replayability - 10

It all depends on the difficult setting, and how well the player is familiar with the characters overall. Tekken 5's settings are similar to those featured in Tekken 3, and fans of the game will find themselves playing it fro a long, long time.

Final Recommendation -10

Extras including registering your own name for the Story and Arcade modes, earning points to buy accessories to your character, and best of all, the Namco History option, which includes the classic first Tekken title, among other Namco favorites.

These and other modes to keep you coming back for more. Tekken 5 is a great, great game, and one fans of the series will fondly remember.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 03/03/05

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