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"Tekken 5 feedback"

Tekken 5 feedback

Tekken 5, the latest brawler from Namco continues the long tradition of arcade style one on one fighting in a home console. The rules are simple, win two rounds out of a possible three rounds fight to advance to the next match. Most battles takes place either in flat out even terrains or in an enclosed square like arena of stretch less, borderless open spaces. This is dramatic departure from Tekken 4. As T4 was more realistic in turns of environment. The uneven terrains cope with the removal of all interactive objects, like a statue, columns, phone booth made the arena barren of the realism T4 offers. I feel Namco has taken a step back to the fundamental of PS1 era presentation and game play. This has a lot to do with the developer caving in to public opinions. I strongly believe this really shouldn't be the route Tekken should take. After all, the Street Fighters series were very conservative in its approach. Each iteration differs little and the nuance and appeals to the audience eventually went dry. I can't help but to think what innovation could have been implemented in the latest installment if Namco had built on the T4 foundation. Perhaps what we missed out are the wall jumps or the bounce off wall flip kicks so omnipresent in any modern day martial art films.


Tekken 5 has a large roster of fighters, everything from karate expert, Tae Kwon Do fighters, Sumo wrestler, boxer, kick boxer, Kempo fighter and so on. There are three new fighters in this one. Raven, Feng Wei and Asuka. To be correct, there two new fighters, Asuka's move set is recycle from Jun from Tekken 2. Despite that, it's a great pleasure to see each fighter sporting a more unique move set than the same old recycle one every character shares. I still feel the move set and balance needs to be improve. Genryu for one shouldn't move like a sprinter. I also feel the series should retire some of the older fighters that aren't very charismatic or appealing, including the likes of Kuma, Panda, Roger.jr and Mokuji. They are intentionally not serious elements, but they are tiresome and really don't fit in with the rest.


Story wise, Tekken 5 has one of the dumbest and shallow plot line. It's no better or worst than most one on one titles of similar nature. Would it hurt Namco to try and do a better story? Would it hurt to throw away everything ever written in the past about every character and start a new image? I mean it's probably more plausible that Kazuya and Jin are brothers than father and son. The flaw and incomprehensible bad story is so unmemorable, it really should rework. How hard can that be?

Graphic, game play and sound

Tekken 5 built on the already impressive T4 engine. The filter, graphic effects are really pretty. It's a strong graphic game cope with strong game play. The sound is plain, nothing really stands out except the tune from the Moonlite stage.

Tekken 5 offers several mode of play, the primary being the story mode, the arcade mode (similar to the Kumite mode of Virtual fighter 4, a mode where you fight to gain rank and money to buy customizable objects like sunglasses or hat.) Team battle, survival mode are also available. Along with these are the bonuses the game pack along. Included are the arcade version of Tekken 1, 2, 3 and a shooter call Starblade. Also there is a bonus game call Devil Within, a final fight like fighting game running around mazes and corridors. It's quite a horrible game really and a time killer.


Tekken 5 is an excellent fighting game for the PS2. Has it been done before, the answer is yes. I do hope the next Tekken will be more innovative in stage design, story composition and game play. After all, you can only sell the same game so many time before the audience walk away to something far less recycle.


Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 03/23/05

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