Review by Dninex

Reviewed: 06/06/05

Even better than the first Tekken.

Whoa! they've already announced the next Tekken on PS3, only two or three months after Tekken 5 was released! Well then, let's take a look at the latest Tekken for now...

Graphics (9/10)

Almost flawless, yet somehow, not better then Soul Calibur II. Don't worry cause the graphics stand above other fighting games almost at par with the DOA series, which is famous for its awesome graphics, and the Soul Calibur series, which showed off amazing graphics in Soul Calibur II. The character models have been swiped off of imperfections, and look great. The stages are simply gorgeous. Tekken 5's stages feature breaking grounds and crumbling walls. Stages like the Burning Temple or the Space Station look especially outstanding, And the Space station even has walls that break off and drift into outer space. The particle effects were never fancier, and the sheer awesomeness is added with crumbling walls to produce as they said in the last E3, over the top action. The only "imperfection" is in some customize items and some character's faces.

Sound (8/10)

Most of the sounds seem to have been gathered from former tekkens, but the sounds have been redone for characters who didn't appear in Tekken 4, which is quite a lot of characters. So most of the sounds for them have been rerecorded. Although the special effect sounds haven't been renewed since at least TTT, they don't sound new in any way, bet remain as a familiar ring to the ear.

I loved the music selection though. It's far improved from Tekken 4, and songs like Moonlit Wilderness pumps action into the fight.

Controls (10/10)

Slick, smooth and they have never been better. All the commands go in right on time, just as you want them to, but ive been having problems with inputting commands for the directional buttons, but that's just my problem cause I put commands in too fast. Sidestepping got a whole lot easier, and improved from that crappy Tekken 4 style gameplay, and wall comboes are much more fun to put in.

Gameplay (10/10)

The gameplay has much improved. Lets start off with the stages. They have turned much more interactive, as you can break the floor, crumble the wall or knock a wall off to float away in outer space. One stage has frogs, that turn into angels and float away if you or your opponent lands on them. Pretty humorous addition. Next, the general gameplay. Wall comboes are much more used in this installment, because the moves tend to send enemies further. Of course the traditional stretch-stage with no walls appear, and these seem to bring back memories of olden days from Tekken 1 through Tekken Tag Tournament. Of course most of the stages have walls, but these stages seem to put in energy into the fight, since youre in an enclosed space. Juggles, on the other hand got much harder, as I said above, the moves tend to send enemies much further than in Tekken tag Tournament. Obviously, Juggling Capabilities were lowered in Tekken 4, because that installment was crappy and juggling was slower, resulting in less hits and less damage. Tekken 5 improved over the crap Tekken 4, and everything is done better than Tekken 4. In my opinion, Tekken Tag Tournament was better than Tekken 4.

Replay/UNLOCKABLES (10/10)

Wow... This game... just has a lot of hours of gameplay. In VS mode, if you play with a character of about the same skill level, the excitement is far excelled than in story or arcade mode. Speaking of modes, there is a devil within mode, which was a decent idea, but it lasts short. There is also a mode where Tekken 1-3 and another arcade shooter is available to play. There are a plethora of other modes, but you'll have to find them out yourself... anyways, the unlockables gets a huge boost with the customize section, as there is over something like 45 items for each character, and there are about 33 or so characters. The Arcade Mode is where you'll earn most of your $$$, and you also gain ranks, with Tekken Lord being the highest. The game gets tired if you play something like 1674 rounds in the arcade mode, and obviously gets repetitive, but if this happens, cool down, get some Mountain Dew or Dr. Pepper, play another game for an hour or two and resume with Tekken 5. You'll feel much better. Play a hard game if you will, because the more you fail, the more you'll feel like kicking the crap out of your opponent in Tekken.

Tekken 5 is one of the Best tekken, no probably the best tekken that came out until now. The best part about Tekken 5 that it kept up its traditional gameplay, so even if you played Tekken 5 for a few hours and wanted to play Tekken 2, Tekken 2 doesn't feel like some old, hippy nineties game. It feels like Tekken, the series, and the fighting style it has always kept alive for the past decade.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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