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"Tekken5: More of the same???"

10 years ago, Tekken changed the gaming world forever and set new standards in 3D gaming. 10 years later, at the 6th version of this title, Tekken 5 is just a combination of the last 6 games (without tag team of course) with gorgeous graphics. This game also seems and feel rushed and uncomplete (something very evident in story and the characters moves and stages). Nonethless, it serves as a decent and solid upgrade.

Graphics 10/10: Absoultley gorgeous. Namco really showed what the PS2 is made of in this version. Charater faces look as realistic as possible. Backgrounds and FMVs are absolutely stunning. Even the comic book like storyboards that were introduced in Tekken 4 have been greatly improved. Minor details such as seeing your breath in the Artic stage, moving articles of clothes and hair, to cracks in the glass and pavement when you slam your opponent into the ground add to the beauty of this experience. This alone is worth the game.

Sound 6/10: More or less the same. The voice acting has vastly improved. Characters now speak their native languages and accents. Music: OK, although mediocre in some of the stage.

Gameplay 6/10: Now this is where I get critical. The gameplay has reverted back to Tekken 3 and even 2 somewhat with the awesome features of stage interaction present in Tekken 4 completely gone which is a big problem for me. Tekken 4 took that to an innovative extreme; you could bash your opponent into a wall/pole/car/statue and it effected them. You could even add that to a combo or a strategy Not so here. Stages are back to the bland and open arena present in Tekken 3. Juggling and grabbing is a LOT easier this time and a lot more responsive to your opponents moves.

The new players: the Blade lookalike Raven, Asuka, and Feng Wei are just (literally) rehashes of previous and now gone characters from games past (try and figure out which ones they are). Baek, Bruce and Ganryu return with Bruce's character coming out different than previous ones. The game's boss character, Jinpachi is the lamest out of all five games. Even lamer than Ogre from Tekken 3.The same more popular characters are back again with the same old moves and few new moves. Boooring,

Tekken Force mode returns but only this time it focues Jin only as his story is more emphazised here than in the actualy Story mode.While its a major improvement and an expansion over previous versions, you get more of the same.

Tekkens storylines have never been well deveoped or well done in light of other fighting games such as Street Fighter and Tekken 5 is no excpetion. The storyline is the same as the other Tekkens: A new Iron Fist Tournament brings everyone back in the game for one more go. Characters and their missions haven't changed much in this regard: Anna and Nina still fight; Hehaichi and Kazuya are still bad (but not the big cheese anymore); Paul is just as cocky and arrogant as ever; Paul and Law still go at it and so on and so on........

Replay: 7/10 This would've been lower than the previous other Tekkens if it weren't for them. The game comes with the first 3 Tekkens in their playable glory; fully unlocked and everything. Its good nostalgia for the old sckool gamers, and a history lesson for the younger gamers, some of whom weren't even alive when Tekken 1 came out. Its also an interesting look and analysis into the evolution of video game graphics over 10 years, showing we're come a LONG way.

But that isn't flaw free either. The old games in this game are just a novetly and nothing serious and severely limited compared to what they used to be Other than to serve as a museum or for two player fun, its totally useless. It would've been a lot better with the whole a complete games were added ala Street Fighter Collection, either as a separate disc or as a separate title.

Another thing is the accesory mode where you buy chlothing and other accesories for each characters with credits you earn while playing. A noble, yet disappointing and pointless feature. It would've been cooler if you could purchase better moves and weapons like the original SoulBlade rather than clothes and hairstyles that wont make a difference at all concerning their moves and power.

All in all a decent game. It was rushed and not thought out through it seems as its nearly the same as Tekken 3 but strangely enough, NOT Tekken 4. Get for the graphics or for the memories (by playing older versions of tekken). Unless you are a rabid fan or a curious newbie, i'd wait for the price on this titile to depreciate before purchasing it. Will this been the last Tekken, only sales, popularity, and time will tell......

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 06/30/05

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