Review by DarkReign128

Reviewed: 07/12/05

The Iron Fist Tournament continued.

Welcome back to the Iron Fist tournament. If this is your first Tekken game welcome to one of the most technical fighters out there. This game features your old classic favorites and new ones as well.

Gameplay: This game isn't too pick up and play friendly. It is recommended to try practice first for those who are new to this fighting series. If you are a good follower of the series you will be able to pick your old time favorite and fight, or pick some new fighters and check them out. Being this game is one of the most technical fighters out there, you will find "button mashing" to be pretty much impossible to get ahead and that it is a practically strategic, reflexive, and competitive all at the same time. All characters can be played in this game in a variety of fashions. If one character does not fit your liking, you have so many more to choose from. The library of characters in this game is very impressive especially considering their move lists which are extremely large.
This game isn't one of those super attack move type fighters. This game has a lot involved when played in depth. Players have the ability to make very high combos, but they won't be done by super charged meters or anything like that. While a player can make a nice combo move, it takes a lot of practice. A lot of moves in general within this game take a lot of practice. This is generally why newer players should practice in a practice mode before getting involved with the game itself. This game isn't too pick up and play friendly, but very enjoyable when deeply involved.

Story: All of the characters in this game have a background. There is a story behind each and every one of them, but the game doesn't show all of them inside and out in this game alone. This series needs to be followed outside of T5 alone in order to find out a lot about the characters themself. Tekken's story is deeper than a lot of other series but it's usually through such things as the Tekken anime movies and such. The Tekken series is one of the biggest games in the fighting genre to have stories behind the characters.

Graphics/Sound:They are all pretty well done. I actually found myself paying attention to the little things in all of the environments down to the detail put into even the grass of the area: "Moonlit wilderness" I also like the musics in all of the levels and found some to be surprising as well. The environments mix well with the scenery which I found surprising in a fighting game. While the game also features ground breaking effects when a player hits the ground, some of these effects are great but others don't look as good. Some of the ground breaking effects look a bit fake sometimes.

Play Time/Replayability: These factors don't die when you finish the story modes. You can even dress up your characters within game money and buy all the little extras involved. The replayability is also very high with friends who are fans of the series as well. This game also has one of the biggest competitive offline scenes out there. Many players have tournaments around the world in this game. If you do not have friends to play with, I recommend you find some competition out there if you like this game. Another neat feature is the option to play direct ports of the previous Tekken games included on the disc. Tekken 5 includes these bonuses for fans who love the old games and want to play them over again. I found this to be a surprising add on to the game.

Final Recommendation: Great game but not played alone. It has good graphics and very well done characters. Best of all, the gameplay is deep and innovative. Hardcore fans will not be disappointed by this title. Fans who were disappointed with Tekken 4 should not be discouraged to try this title. Newer fans may take a while to get used to the feel of this game but will enjoy it when they find a good character that they function well with. So new players should not be discouraged when trying this game for the first time to find themselves losing a lot. This game is a pretty good competitive game.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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