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Tekken 5 review

Tekken 5 is out and it's the best Tekken so far no doubt about that! But what has made it improve so much? The gameplay, the extra's? yup! But what is so good about the gameplay, the extra's? Sit back, relax and read this review you will find out, trust me…Lets enter the Tekken!

Background -

Tekken has been with us for so long, hitting us off with Tekken: The Movie, it's pretty old! Tekken was created by Namco but just talking about the games, Tekken hit off on PS1 so did Tekken 2 and 3. Tekken 3 now getting called a classic. Tekken made it's way into PS2 with Tekken 4 and Tekken Tag, Finally Tekken 5. NO Tekken is better than Tekken 5.

Gameplay –

It's a fighting game like most of you reading this would know. Each character has there very own fighting style, so you will most likely get a best player you are good at and a player you not as good at. You fight one on one against a friend or the PS2, your choice. The game gets so addictive making you want more and more always sucking you in with the gameplay. You will have to also learn how to block then attack like…say you are facing Jin and you are Brian, when Jin does a low kick try to crouch and block it then do a punch straight into his face. This will take a while to learn but you will get the hang of it. 10/10

Sound –

Whaooh! This is amazing there is so many places to fight and each place has its very own music. The music normally always goes with a fighting style and it still does in Tekken 5. Tekken 5's music is one of the reasons you would get the game as it draws you into the game that little bit more! 9/10

Graphics –

I had to rub my eyes when I saw the graphics Tekken 5 has. It exceeds most games bye far leaving them in its dust. The faces look real, so smooth like real skin, when they throw a punch it does not leave some colour behind for a second. When they talk the movement of the lips looks correct, the eyes, the movement, it all looks so real. Lets not forget though the videos you get when you finish story mode, everything looks great, as it should. They have done a great job. 10/10

Extras -

Tekken has outdone it self this time! Now before fights they actually talk, before and after the battle. You can change characters costumes to the way you like them. Now for one of the big things you can play Tekken 1, 2 and 3 on Tekken 5 well only arcade mode but still, that is great! Now with super hot girls, and another big thing…Devil Jin Mode, where you must go through stages as Jin in a third person view fighting robots, and at the end of stages boss's! Lets not forget all the classic modes like “VS Mode” and “Team Battle” they are all still there! 10/10

Plot -

Well…every character has there own little story in the middle and at the end of story mode, so there are many plots in a way. Lei is a Cop so his evolves around that, Nina hates her Sister Anna…hers evolves around that. One of the main thing is though to become the King of the Iron Fist Tournament, and the cursed blood in Jin's family. Don't worry you will be able to watch your favourite videos in theatre mode. 9/10

Replay Value –

Story Mode is nine battles long. You will finish it countless times. There are around 30 characters to learn, survival mode (my record at the moment is 31) Team Battle, Theatre mode...and all your favourites! You will spend so many hours playing Tekken 5, trying to get records or just trying to beat your pals...whatever you do you'll love it! You will practice combo's you will learn over time till no one can beat you. Just trying to rank up your favourite characters will be time-consuming. You'll definitely be playing Tekken 5 for a very long time. 10/10

Overall –

If you want a game that will push you to the limits get this! This is the game for you! Glitches, no! Gameplay, Extras and sound are all great. I can see how this game has reached its fifth and I will not be surprised if it reaches its tenth title. It is the King of fighting games and will continue to be. It even is better the Soul Calibur III. If your thinking of renting Tekken just to test it out, don't bother you'll rent it then but it. Just buy it and save yourself that extra ten bucks! 10/10

- Cya guys thanks for reading!

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 11/09/05

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