"Ahhh sweet destruction"

When I first read about Destroy All Humans, it was one of the games that I figured would be one of the greatest games ever made or an utter disappointment. Well to my surprise, it was actually quite a lot of fun and pretty dang funny too. Now its not up there with the likes of MGS3 or GTA: San Andreas, but its not a let down either.


I guess the graphics would be just a little above average at best. Crypto, the alien you play as, looks awesome. Its just everything else does not look as good. The other people, buildings, and cars just don't seem to have the same smoothness as Crypto.

MUSIC: 8/10

This game has got that unique 50's style alien movie music. Think Invasion of the Body Snatchers, except a lot more fun and a lot more anal probes.


No complaints here, just good ol sounds of buildings blowing up and the sounds of people screaming as there being fried by the Zap-O-Matic. What sweet lullaby's they are.


The controls are pretty simple and straightforward. It make takes a little getting use to, but other than there are no real problems with it.


Now a lot of people say that this is GTA with aliens well....its not. But thats doesn't necessarily mean that game sucks. Its actually a good game and lots of fun. The missions are a lot of fun and extremely unique. To accomplish these missions, you need weapons and skills...well Crypto has got that area completely covered. From telekinesis to the anal probe gun all the way up to the death ray on your flying saucer, you have plenty of choices to destroy all humans with. Crytpo has plenty of other fun toys to use, but just use one of the FAQs if you want to see them all. After a while though, running around and aimlessly killing people gets old after a while and there is no mission select, so the game gets kind of repetitive after a while.


Like I said before with no mission select , the only other thing you could do is start over. Thats not all that bad, cause the game can be worth playing again and you can always just go back kill as many people as your evil, twisted heart desires.


Id say if you like aliens, mindless killing, good humor, and something new then this game is for you. If your still not sure then go out and give rent it, but I am going to say thats it worth buying.


Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 08/08/05

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