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    FAQ/Walkthrough by kanzakii

    Version: 1.1 | Updated: 03/29/05 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Title    Devil May Cry 3: Dante Awakening
    Platform PlayStation 2
    Author   kanzakii
    E-Mail   kanzakii@gmail.com
    Version  1.1
    0.0 - Finish Dante Must Die mode and decided to write a walkthrough.
    0.1 - A week later, still thinking of what to write.
    0.3 - Finish Table of Contents 
          Walkthrough 1-3 
          weapon/Style/Skill descriptions
    0.4 - Walkthrough 4-8
        - Secret Mission Locations
        - Combos
        - Boss Section up to Agni & Rudra
    0.5 - Walkthrough 9-10
        - Blue Orb Locations
        - Ranking Information
        - Item information
        - Boss section up to Greyon
        - Legal Information
    0.7 - Walkthrough 11-16
        - More on Ranking
        - More on Item
        - Boss section up to Arkham
        - Costumes
        - Secrets      
        - Some FAQs
    0.8 - Finished all my finals and midterms. Spring Break now.
        - Walkthrough 17-20
        - Boss section up to Vergil: Final Encounter
        - Plans: adding more information on DMD
    0.9 - Fixed typos
        - Added Weapon/Style/Devil Trigger section
        - Added Lesser Demon Strategies (In progess)
        - Added the introduction gamescript to my introduction
        - Working on gamescript, up to and finished Mission 3.
    1.0 - Lesser Demon Strategies partially finish
        - Planning on a section on just Royal Guard, focusing on the 
          time to parry/deflect/just release
    1.1 - Finished three school projects~
        - More on Lesser Demon Strategies
        - Added comments on Emails
    Part I: Introduction
    Part II: Lists
      2.1 Devil Arms
      2.2 Firearms
      2.3 Styles
      2.4 Control
      2.5 Combo
    Part III: Game Walkthrough
      - Mission One
      - Mission Two
      - Mission Three
      - Mission Four
      - Mission Five
      - Mission Six
      - Mission Seven
      - Mission Eight
      - Mission Nine
      - Mission Ten
      - Mission Eleven
      - Mission Twelve
      - Mission Thirteen
      - Mission Fourteen
      - Mission Fifteen
      - Mission Sixteen
      - Mission Seventeen
      - Mission Eighteen
      - Mission Nineteen
      - Mission Twenty
      - Secret Mission Locations
    Part IV: Boss Walkthrough
        - Hell Vanguard
        - Cerberus
        - Gigapede
        - Agni & Rudra
        - Vergil
        - Heart of Leviathan
        - Nevan
        - Beowulf
        - Geryon
        - Vergil: Second encounter
        - Doppelganger
        - Lady
        - Damned Chessmen
        - Arkham
        - Vergil: Final encounter
      - Lesser Demon/General Encounters
        - Hell: Pride
        - Hell: Envy
        - Hell: Wrath
        - Hell: Sloth
        - Hell: Greed
        - Hell: Gluttony
        - Hell: Lust
        - Abyss
        - Hell Vanguard
        - Enigma
        - Gigapede
        - Blood Goyle
        - Arachne
        - Dullahan
        - Soul Eater
        - The Fallen
        - Damned Pawn
        - Damned Knight
        - Damned Bishop
        - Damned Rook
    Part V: Items
      5.1 Items Index
      5.2 Blue Orb Locations
      5.3 Ranking Guide
    Part VI: Miscellaneous
      6.1 Costumes
      6.2 Secrets
      6.3 Weapons/Styles/Devil Trigger
      6,4 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
    Part VII: Legal Information
    Part I: Introduction
    Lady:     You've heard of it, haven't you? The legend of Sparda?
              When I was young, my father would tell me stories about it.
              Long ago, in ancient times, a demon rebelled against his own
              kind for the sake of the human race.
              With his sword, he shut the portal to the demonic realm and 
              sealed the evil entity off from our human world.
              But since he was a demon himself, his power was also trapped
              on the other side.
              I never believed it. I thought it was just a child's fairy
              I discover that the so-called legend wasn't a myth at all.
              Sparda existed.
              How do I know? Well...
              I met the sons of Sparda - Both of them.
              Though the same blood of their father flow through their veins,
              the two battled each other fiercely like arch enemies.
              It seems as if they drive some twisted pleasure from this 
              brotherly fighting.
              But in the end... only one was left standing.
    The only reason you should be reading it is you've played the game for 
    awhile, and somehow got stuck, or couldn't a blue orb, or whatever.
    Well, since you already own the game, there's really no need for me to 
    introduce it to you now, is there?
    Just so you don't know, this document contains spoilers. 
    Play through the game at least once before reading it.
    Part II: Lists
    Devil Arms
    There are five melee weapons, or Devil Arms, in the game. Dante can
    only carry two of these with him in a mission. It can be changed
    during the mission via the Time Statue.
    You start off with this sword. DMC2 players should be familiar with it.
    There are several skills to purchase:
    Stinger Lvl 1 & 2
    Air Hike
    Stinger and Air Hike are the must buy if you plan to use this sword. 
    (You'll buy everything eventually, but those should come first)
    Drive is pretty worthless. I have used it maybe twice in Normal, and 
    never in any other difficulty. 
    It's gotten after you've beaten the Mission 3 Boss, Cerberus. 
    An ice-enchanted weapon, it has some effect to certain bosses.
    There are two skills to purchase:
    Revolver Lvl 2 & 3
    Revolver is a midair spinning attack. It is also effective in repelling 
    melee attacks. Windmill is more of a defensive skill, and does not have
    much practical use beside building combo. 
    (Useful against Agni and Rudra)
    Agni and Rudra
    Obtained after Mission 5. It's the 
    There are three skills to purchase:
    Jet Stream Lvl 2 & 3
    Air Hike
    They are all useful, but personally I go with Jet Steam Lvl 2
    and WhirlWind first. Since you have Air Hike with Rebellion, and you
    can switch weapons any time (given that you've equipped it).
    Whirlwind is similar to High Time from Rebellion, hitting an enemy 
    airborn and can be followed by air-combo.
    Obtained after Mission 9.
    This Electric Guitar goes well with the rocking theme in this game.
    There are four skills to purchase:
    Reverb Shock
    Bat Rift: Level 2
    Air Raid
    Volume Up
    Air Raid should be bought last, because you won't be using Devil Mode
    very often. Reverb Shock, Bat Rift, and Volume Up are all good skills 
    to use. Get at least one in Reverb Shock first, and do whatever after.
    Obtained after defeating Vergil the second time. (Mission 13)
    The skills are as follow:
    Straigth Lvl 2
    Rising Dragon (That's a lesser skill before this one)
    Air Hike
    Straight is very much like stinger... in fact, without Swordmaster,
    Beowulf is very much like Rebellion except it is more powerful with a 
    shorter reach. Rising Dragon is similar to High Time.
    There are five firearms to choose from. Dante can carry two firearms,
    and can change the equipment inbetween mission and in front of the
    Time Statue.
    Ebony & Ivory
    Dante starts with this personalized firearm.
    The dual pistols are always a favourite, mostly due to it extending
    Dante's air time. (Keep firing to keep himself in midair)
    Obatined on shelf in Mission 3.
    Useful in close range, but loses its charm when it comes to ranged
    combat. There's a few useful tricks with it using Gunslinger.
    Obatined in Mission 6 after completing the 3 trials.
    Powerful, but... not to useful because it often misses.
    Quite useless without gunslinger... wait, opinions later.
    Obtained in Mission 9.
    It's a sniper rifle sort of thing, can be fired on ground only.
    Powerful, but it has a long recovery time. 
    Kalina Ann
    Obtained after the Boss fight in Mission 16.
    Kalina Ann is named after Lady's mother. Probably the most useful
    firearm in the entire game, being a big fan of grenade myself back
    in Devil May Cry 1.
    Can be fired on ground only, and has a short range. The explosion 
    will damage the enemies as well and often break their guards.
    Before you initiate a mission, you can customize your style. You can
    only change your style during the mission by using the Time Statue.
    Dante starts with 4 styles, and gains Quicksilver after fighting 
    Greyon in Mission 12, and gains Doppelganger after fighting him in
    Mission 16.
    There are three levels for the first styles, and the styles will 
    level up by gaining a certain amount of experience.
    Level 1 =   0   - 29999 Experience
    Level 2 = 30000 - 99998 Experience
    Level 3 = 99999 - 99999 Experience
    New skills will be available at each new level.
    This style is very useful, especially helpful for dodging.
    Lv 1
    Wall Hike - Allow Dante to walk on wall for a period of time
    Dash - Dante dashes on ground
    Lv 2
    SkyStar - Air Dashing. Can be performed after Air Hike
    Double Dash - Allows Dante to dash twice before he recovers
    Lv 3
    AirTrick - Teleports right above an enemy (targetted)
    Triple Dash - Allows Dante to dash thrice before he recovers
    The skills varies depending on which devil arms you use.
    This adds to the crazy stylish actions you've always wanted.
    Lv 1
    Aerial Rave - Great midair combo
    Prop Shredder - Spinning the sword really fast, can hit an enemy
    Lv 2
    Sword Pierce - Throwing the sword to pierce through enemies. 
    The sword will be retrieved shortly after.
    Lv 3
    Dance Macabre - A series of crazy on ground actions. Can be 
    followed by a crazy combo.
    Lv 1
    Flicker - can be performed on ground or midair. More defensive
    than it is offensive.
    Lv 2
    Crystal - creats shreds of ice from the ground. Can be followed
    by Million Carats (Crazy combo).
    Lv 3
    Ice Age - Creates an ice barrier around Dante.
    Agni & Rudra
    Lv 1
    Sky Dance - Similar to Aerial Rave, but this has a follow-up move.
    Crossed Sword - Powerful on ground move. Can knock an enemy away.
    Lv 2
    Crawler - Similar to Crystal, but it creates fire instead of ice. 
    Lv 3
    Twister - Creating a Wind/Fire barrier around Dante, can be
    followed by Tempest.
    Lv 1
    Slash - Can be performed on ground or midair. Using the Nevan
    as a Scythe to slice the enemies.
    Lv 2
    Feedback - A rocking technique that's offensive and defensive
    at the same time.
    Lv 3
    Distortion - Calling a wave of lightning enchanged bats to charge
    at the enemies.
    Lv 1
    The Hammer - A midair attack, knocking an enemy to the ground.
    Zodiac - Similar to Meteor in DMC, it shoots a ball of light.
    Lv 2
    Volcano - Similar to Inferno in DMC. Slamming on the ground with 
    his fist to impact the nearby foes with the power of light.
    Lv 3
    Real Impact - Similar to Rising Dragon, but much more powerful. 
    Can be followed by a Crazy combo.
    The skills varies depending on which firearms you use.
    This makes the guns much more useful.
    Ebony & Ivory
    Lv 1 
    Rapid Shot - More powerful then usual. Dante can't move while
    shooting, though.
    charged Shot - Charged up the pistol... 
    Twosome Time - Can target two directions at the same time
    Rainstorm - Performed in midair. 
    Lv 2
    RapidShot lv 2 - Self explanatory.
    Charged Shot lv 2 - Self explanatory. (More shots)
    Lv 3
    RapidShot lv 3 - Self explanatory.
    Charged Shot lv 3 - Self explanatory. (More shots)
    Lv 1 
    Fireworks - Can be performed on ground or in midair, spinning
    the shotgun around the body shooting at nearby enemies.
    RapidShot - Firing more shots in a period of time.
    Charged Shot - Fire more bullets in one shot.
    Lv 2
    RapidShot - Self explanatory.
    Charged Shot - Self explanatory. (More bullets)
    Lv 3
    Gun Stinger - Using the shotgun like a sword to stinger an enemy.
    Can be followed by "Point Blank."
    RapidShot - Self explanatory.
    Charged Shot - Self explanatory. (More bullets)
    Lv 1
    Multilock - Locking on enemies with a series of beam.
    Lv 2
    Sphere - When on ground, charging a big sphere of energy. Can be
    followed by "Acid Rain."
    Max Lockup - Increases number of lock-on.
    Lv 3
    Max lockup - Increases number of lock-on.
    Lv 1 
    Trickshot - Shooting the enemies by reflecting the bullets off 
    walls and grounds nearby.
    Lv 2
    Trickshot lv 2 - Increases the number of times the bullets 
    Lv 3
    Sniper - Aiming at the enemy's weak spot, dealing more damage
    in one powerful shot.
    Trickshot lv 3 - Increases the number of times the bullets 
    Kalina Ann
    Lv 1
    Hysteric - Releases small missiles.
    Lv 2
    Hysteric lv 2 - Increases the number of missiles,
    Grapple - Shoots the knife at the enemy...
    Lv 3
    Hysteric lv 3 - Increases the number of missiles,
    This is a defensive style. Not my type of thing.
    Lv 1
    Block&Charge - Can block and charge the energy for a release. 
    With the right timing, no damage will be taken.
    Release - Releases the charged energy at an enemy.
    Lv 2
    AirBlock - Same as block&charge, but in midair.
    AirRelease - Same as release, but in midair.
    Lv 3
    Ultimate - Creates an energy shield to absorb energy. Enemies
    attacks will restore health if they land on the shield.
    Slows the surrounding time. Consumes Devil Gauge.
    Creates a shadow copy of Dante. Consumes Devil Gauge.
    Here are the basic control.
    Triangle: Devil Arms attack
    Square:   Firearms attack
    O:        Style specific action, Action
    X:        Jump
    R1:       Target Lock on
    R1+X:     Roll
    R2:       Change Devil Arms
    L2:       Change Firearms
    L1:       Devil Trigger
    Start:    Pause
    Select:   Taunt
    L3:       Movement ,Change target (while pressing R1), 
    R3:       Move camera, press to focus camera
    UP:       Item Screen
    Down:     Equipment/Style screen
    Left:     File
    Right:    Map
    Well, knowing the basic control doesn't mean you can start
    kicking ass. This game focuses so much on the Stylish Crazy
    action, and that means you will need to know every single
    combos and crazy combos in order to keep yourself on the SSS
    stylish ranking.
    I think the easiest way to organize this is to put it 
    according to weapons, since the combos are so different.
    But before that, I'll list the special moves for Trickster,
    Royal Guard, Quicksilver and Doppelganger.
    WallHike:   O near wall, in air or on the ground
    Dash:       O+direction when on the gruond
    SkyStar:    O+direction when in air
    DoubleDash: O+direction when on the ground, can perfrom twice
                before recovery
    AirTrick:   Target an enemy with R1, O to teleport to the
                enemy. Can be performed on the ground or in air
    TripleDash: O+direction when on the ground, can perfrom thrice
                before recovery
    Block&Charge: O (O as the enemy attack for best result)
    Release:      R1+Foward+O
    AirBlock:     O in air
    AirRelease:   R1+Direction+O in air
    Ultimate:     R1+Backward+O on ground only
    Time Lag:    R1+O with at least 3 symbols on Devil Gauge
    AfterImage:  R1+O with at least 3 symbols on Devil Gauge
    Then I'll move on to the good stuff. Your source for crazy
    stylish action comes from the following:
    Drive:          Hold Triangle, Release
    High Time:      R1+Backward+Triangle
    3 hits combo:   Triangle*3 
    Million Stab:   Triangle+(Pause)+Triangle+TriangleRepeat
    Stinger:        R1+Forward+Triangle
      Million Stab: R1+Forward+TriangleRepeat
    Floating:       (Only in DT) While in air, Hold R1+X
    With Swordmaster:
    Aerial Wave:    O in air
    Prop Shredder:  O on ground
    SwordPierce:    R1+Forward+O on ground
    DanceMacabre:   R1+Backward+O on ground
    Crazy Dance:    R1+Backward+ORepeat
    4 hits combo:   Triangle*4
    Satellite:      Triangle+Triangle+(Pause)+Triangle+
    Windmill:       R1+Backward+Triangle
    Revolver:       R1+Forward+Triangle
    With Swordmaster:
    Flicker:        O in air or on ground
    Crystal:        R1+Forward+O
    Million Carats: R1+Forward+ORepeat
    IceAge:         R1+Backward+O
    Agni & Rudra
    5 hits combo:   Triangle*5
    4 hits combo:   Triangle+Triangle+(Pause)+Triangle+Triangle
    Kick finisher:  Triangle+(Pause)+Triangle+(Pause)+Triangle
    Million Slash:  Triangle+(Pause)+Triangle+(Pause)+TriangleRepeat
    Jet Stream:     R1+Forward+Triangle
    Whirlwind:      R1+Backward+Triangle
    With Swordmaster:
    Crossed Swords: O
    Sky Dance:      O in air
    Crawler:        R1+Foward+O
    Twister:        R1+Backward+O
    Tempest:        R1+Backward+ORepeat
    Get ready:      Triangle
    Bat combo:      Triangle+Direction+Triangle
    Jam Session:    Triangle+UpLeft R3+TriangleRepeat
    Reverb Shock:   R1+Forward+Triangle
    Bat Rift:       R1+Backward+Triangle
    With Swordmaster:
    Slash:          O in air or on ground
    Feedback:       R1+Forward+O
    Crazy Roll:     Ra+Forward+ORepeat
    Distortion:     R1+Backward+O
    Air Raid:       (Only in DT) R1+X while in air
       Air Raid:    Square
       Vortex:      Triangle
    3 hits combo:   Triangle*3
    4 hits combo:   Triangle+Triangle+(Pause)+Triangle+Triangle
    Hyper Fist:     Triangle+Triangle+(Pause)+TriangleRepeat
    Rising Dragon:  R1+Backward+Triangle
    Striaght"       R1+Forward+Triangle
    With Swordmaster:
    The Hammer:     O in air
    Zodiac:         O on ground
    Volcano:        R1+Forward+O on ground or in air
    Real Impact:    R1+Backward+O
    Tornado:        R1+Backward+ORepeat
    Moving on to the guns.
    One or two shots from the Firearms will increase the style
    points, but repeatedly using the same gun moves will cease it.
    Ebony & Ivory
    Freeride...?    Jump on a fallen foe, and press Square.
    With Gunslinger:
    Wild Stomp:     SquareRepeat near fallen foe
    Rapid Shot:     SqaureRepeat
    Charge Shot:    Hold Square, Release
    Twosome Time:   O+Direction
    Rain Storm:     O in air
    Rapid Shot:     SqaureRepeat
    Charge Shot:    Hold Square, Release
    Firework:       O on ground or in air
    GunStinger:     R1+Forward+O
    Point Blank:    R1+Forward+ORepeat
    Multilock:      Hold O, Release
    Sphere:         R1+Forward+O
    Acid Rain:      R1+Forward+ORepeat
    Trick Shot:     O on ground
    Sniper:         R1+Forward+O
    Kalina Ann
    Hysteric:       O on ground
    Grapple:        R1+Forward+O
    I was quite disappointed at gunslinger, actually. 
    Trickshot and Gunstinger are cool, but the others are just...
    lacking on the ass kicking side.
    The thing about building high ranking on style is, use a variety
    of combos and attacks. Mix your moves, and switch firearms and
    weapons. Don't get hit though, or else you'll have to build it
    up all over. Taunting is also a great way to build up style rank.
    Dante uses different way to taunt enemies at different ranking,
    so it's worth seeing at least.
    Part III: Game Walkthrough
    You've probably just skipped through all those since you knew
    it all. Well, I'll try to cover Dante Must Die mode in this
    walkthrough, because that's when life gets rough. 
    ===========   -------------
    Mission One - A Crazy Party
    -----------   =============
    Mission one is easy. Enemies will spawn, and you will start
    kicking ass until they are all wiped out. Normally there are
    Prides and Lusts, but in DMD modes, several Wraths will join 
    in for some fun as well. Don't get caught by the bombs, then
    it should be fine.
    ===========   --------------
    Mission Two - The Blood Link
    -----------   ==============
    You're outside of the office now, but you'll be doing the
    same job: defeat everything you see. For those who are new to
    DMC, this mission might pose a problem because you have to 
    defeat every single demon and the boss, and if you die, you'd
    have to start from the beginning. 
    There are some Prides, Lusts, and Wraths in this mission, 
    and three in DMD mode. Sloths will also appear in DMD mode to 
    give you a more thrilling experience. Do not get caught in the
    Wrath's explosion because it will hurt. 
    You'll face Hell Vanguard after you've defeated all the minions.
    It's not a tough fight, just be prepared to dodge when you hear
    the toll.
    For more details, see the Boss section.
    =============   ------------------
    Mission Three - The Debils's Tower
    -------------   ==================
    There are some Enigmas here, and they stand on some high places
    as though they are welcoming you. But instead of sending you 
    their greetings, they shoot you some arrows so you know they do 
    mean business. Since they're asking for it... you know what to 
    do. There will be Wrath and some explosives in this place, just
    be careful and avoid the explosions, you should be fine.
    Proceed through the door to Bullseye bar after you're done.
    You'll see a shotgun in one of the display shelves, but it is 
    sealed by some blue fogs (I'll just call it blue seal). Smash
    all those machines at the corner and a device will be revealed.
    Hit that thing repeatedly, and it'll lit up and bring the seal.
    Grab the shotgun and proceed.
    You come to this place with a pole in the middle, and there's
    a door with a trail of blood. When you go near the door, a red seal
    will appear. This always happens throughout the game, and you'd
    know it is showtime. 
    Sloths, Lusts and Prides will occupy this place. Defeating them 
    should be pretty easy. The seal will be broken after all the 
    enemies are defeated. Go through the door.
    There are some stuff here. A blue orb fragment, a Statue for 
    Rebellion, the first secret mission entrance, and the Time Statue.
    You can easily see the blue orb fragment, so just grab that. The 
    door on the right will trigger the secret mission. 
    The Statue is on the left, so just jump and work your way there.
    Use your Rebellion and make a C combo on it (Or was it B? I don't
    remember; it breaks and I wasn't even trying) and you'll get a
    blue orb fragment.
    Then there's the Time Statue which allows you to change style
    and purchase skill/item. You might want to buy some skills for
    your Rebellion or upgrade the E&I, because you can. (I'd upgrade
    the E&I after purchasing Stinger)
    Then you will find the Cerberus, the first real boss in the game.
    (See boss fight for details)
    ============   -----------------
    Mission Four - The Uninvited One
    ------------   =================
    You're now inside the tower. Take either side of the circular stairs,
    and work your way up until you see a blue door. Enter it.
    Some Lusts and Prides will be waiting here. Get through them or get
    rid of them. In DMD, Abyss will fill this place instead. That gives 
    you have a great opportunity to test your skills. (Or your skills to
    avoid fight if you choose that)
    Going through the door, and you'll be greeted by a number of Enigmas.
    Enigmas are DEADLY when they're in DMD, especially after berserk. 
    They can easily soak up and ignore your attack, and shoot red arrows
    at you out of spite. The worst thing is you won't be able to see half
    of them because they're so far away. Get close to them and take them 
    out one by one as soon as possible.
    After you've defeated all enemies, go through the door which is 
    previously sealed. You'll see a device on the wall, and there are
    statues scattered all over the place. Destroy the statues on the
    middle platform and then turn on the device by hitting it. The middle
    platform will start rising, jump onto it. (If you didn't destroy
    enough statue on the platform, it will fall down due to overweight)
    Defeat everything you see, and grab the blue orb fragment sitting 
    near the top. Go through the door.
    Go up the circular stairs and find the yellow door, enter it. You'll
    see some stairs, a sealed door, and a seemingly bottomless pitch.
    Walk up the stairs and it will fall apart, and you'll fall along with
    it. This will lead you to the Chamber of Sin.
    A variety of demons will appear. Prides, Lusts, Sloths, Gluttonys,
    Wraths... you name it. Defeat all of them and a column of light will
    shine upon you... or rather, at the middle of the room. Go under it
    and it will teleport you back up. In DMD, your hosts here are Abyss, 
    and Soul Eaters. Yeah, you'll need to defeat them all.
    You can now go through the door which was previously sealed. 
    Then you will see something coming out of a hole. This boss is weak,
    and the first time I came here, I killed it without knowing that it 
    is a boss. Well, to be more accurate, he's only a mini-boss.
    Defeat him and go through the door at the end. 
    (See Boss section for more details.)
    Then examines and grab a key item, Astronomical Board.
    ============   --------------------
    Mission Five - Of Devils and Swords
    ------------   ====================
    Blood Goyles will appear, and you'll have to defeat them all in order
    to break the red seal. Modern weapons are your best friends... since
    melee attacks will only make them multiple. Shoot them until they
    turn into stone, and then finish them off. They do quite a bit of 
    damage, seriously. In DMD, it's 4 bars per hit, and you don't want
    that. But they are a bitch to kill in DMD after they've gone berserk..
    It is best to use Kalina Ann and blast all of them, and keeping them
    in stone form and finishing them one by one.
    Go through the red door once you're done. You want to go back to the
    stairs, so take the yellow door. Now go up to the left and place the
    key item on to the tablet thingy. One thing will be activated, and
    you can jump down and grab it. (You can use the jump pad on the ground
    floor now)
    After you've gotten the Vajura, go back to the place where you fought
    the Enigmas. This time, instead of taking the door, go to the opposite 
    direction where there is a cage. Far in front of the cage is a device,
    use the Vajura on it and the cage will be lifted. Grab the Soul of 
    Steel inside, and get ready to fight and break the red seal. 
    After you're done fighting, go back to the place where there is a 
    bottomless pitch. The easiest way to get there is through via the jump
    pod on ground level, then through the yellow door. Now you can walk 
    on air, sort of. Place the Soul on the wall and a door will be revealed.
    On the side, there is a Statue which holds a blue orb fragment inside.
    Unleash your best set of combos (Or crappy, because this Statue is easy)
    with Cerberus to smash the Statue, and grab the fragment. Now you can
    go through the door.
    You'll see a platform, a device, and a red door. The red door triggers
    the second secret mission, and the device will operate the platform.
    Get the device working and get on to the ride. Take the enemies out 
    because you don't want too much weight on the elevator, plus it is rude
    of them to just appear and attack it. Blow them off the elevator.
    (Shotgun and Stinger are both nice to use, just make sure you don't get
    yourself off the platform) The elevator cannot hold more than 6 people
    including yourself. Keep them away and you'll reach the top.
    Go outside, and go to the right and you'll see a door and Time Statue.
    Boss fight awaits, upgrade if you wish.
    Once you're inside, you'll face the demon twins. 
    Knock their weapons off and land deadly combos on them, keep doing that
    and they'll be dead in no time.
    (See Boss sections for details)
    Go through the gate after they have both fallen.
    ===========   -----------
    Mission Six - Family Ties
    -----------   ===========
    Go through the first door you see here. Don't worry, you will be coming
    back. You'll come to the Chamber of 3 Trials. The one on the left tests 
    your wisdom, middle one tests your skills, and the one on the right 
    tests your strength. They can be done in any order, and by finishing
    two of them, a new path will open; by doing all three, you will obtain
    Artemis, a new firearm.
    The old puzzle about infant, man, and old man with cane. The answer is
    4-2-3, so just go to the door with the respective number of lights. 
    If you choose the wrong bought, the way will be sealed and you'll need
    to fight yourself out.
    You'll get the Essence of Intelligence if you've done it correctly. 
    Now you can exit through any door and go back to the previous area.
    Go to the end of the hallway and grab the Essence of Technique. It is
    very simple, and you can avoid all the traps by jumping and simply
    walking. (No rolling or dash required) (This trial is more difficult
    in DMD, ie. the spikes always come in Left + Bottom instead of just
    Left or Bottom, plus it deals more damage.)
    If you get hit by the spikes, no big deal, just work your way through
    and you can still get the item. After you've grabbed it, you can go 
    back out and take on the remaining trial. 
    Walk to the middle... and now it's showtime. Enemies will spawn, and
    you are going to defeat all of them. Sounds pretty easy, but these
    enemies are all in their berserk state. To get rid of that, you can 
    turn both devices on in this area, and they will return to their 
    normal state for awhile. Prides, Lusts, Sloth, Wrath, and Hell Vanguard
    will be your companies here. (In DMD, don't bother with the device
    since you should be used to fighting berserk demons)
    After that, you will see the Essence of Fighting. Take that and go
    back to where you begin this state. 
    Now, put all the Essence on that Statue thing. After you've put two in,
    the Artemis will fire and clear a path for you. The third Essence will
    grant you the Artemis. Now go through the path it clears for you.
    You'll see a Statue here, and you can use Agni & Rudra to perform
    some lousy combos on it and get a Blue orb fragment. Go onward, and 
    the mission will end with a cutscene.
    =============   ----------------
    Mission Seven - A Chance Meeting
    -------------   ================
    First thing, you can trigger a Secret mission if you go back to the
    door (The far one) and jump up into the hole. Examine that thing 
    inside will trigger the third secret mission.
    After that, (Or if you want to skip it) go through the door you first
    saw. Jump down to the ground floor and enter. There are some Pawns 
    (Damned Pawns, and Damned Knights in DMD) here, but you can ignore them.
    Look around for an item, it's between the Pawns in the room. Grab it
    and your business is finished here. You can kill all of them, or 
    you can go back to the jump pods. 
    Take the jump pods and help yourself to reach the top level. Enter that
    door. You don't need to kill any of them, so just move on. You'll see
    two stone pillars in front of a door, and there are something missing
    from the one on the right. 
    Take the split path and go through that door instead. Move into the room
    and you'll see a Statue of a female... then boom, enemies appears, and
    red seal. That's showtime for you. There are Greed, Lust, Pride, and
    Sloths in this area. Defeat them all and the Statue will drop a tear for
    you. Take it. (Key item: Siren's Shrek)
    Go through the big door. You'll see a Statue, and you should use your
    Rebellion to unleash the best combos on it. (It will need a SSS... or was
    it SS? It is not that difficult, now that you should be familiar with 
    your Rebellion. Use SwordMaster style can make things easier.)
    Go to the middle and use the Orihalicon on that structure. Power for the
    elevator will be restored, and now you can use the elevator on the bottom
    right. Do so..
    Remember a door covered with flames? Use the newly acquired Siren's Shrek
    to put out those fire and go throught the door.
    There's a Gold Orb in this area, on the right side. After you've grabbed
    that, go back up and kill some demons, and go through the door. You'll
    see a wall. Attack it and it will break. Then you'll see a device.
    Activate the device by attacking it, and a chained steel ball will drop..
    Attack and break the ball before it rises up. The easiest way to do it is
    to corner the ball and unleash combos. An item will drop if you destroy
    the ball. Take it. (A Crystal Skull for the Stone Pillar)
    And demons will appear. Defeat them and you're free to leave. 
    Now, go back, take the evelator and slowly work your way back to the room
    with the female Statue. You will be ambushed by demons here. Defeat all
    of them, and a Hell Vanguard will appear. Defeat him and you can go on.
    Take the door.
    Now, go to the door with the pillars. Put the Crystal Skull on the pillar
    on the right, and the go through the door. Keep going until you see 
    another door. Go through that one, and you will fine that red seal has
    formed behide you. you can only go up now, and this is a familiar scene...
    Vergil awaits you at the top.
    Vergil is not difficult if you know his pattern. 
    (See Boss section for details)
    Defeat him and enjoy the cutscene, and the mission will end.
    =============   --------------
    Mission Eight - A Renewed Fear
    -------------   ==============
    If this is your first time playing, then this is when you can finally
    trigger Devil Mode. (I call it DT for Devil Trigger) 
    Anyway, you are in Leviathan's Stomach right now. 
    You need to remove all the tusks in order to explore further into his
    body. You can remove the tucks by destroying the strange orb-looking
    organs. There are five of them in total. 
    There is one to the rightmost from where you start off. Walk around and
    you will see another on the screen. Do that one, too. From here, try to
    jump onto the ship you see around here. In the ship there is a blue orb
    fragment. After that, jump down to where the acid are. Try to avoid 
    stepping on it because it drains your health. When you see a bus, jump 
    over it and destroy the organ you see. Keep going on and the path will be
    blocked by some stuff, destroy them and you can go in and trigger Secret
    Mission 4.
    You can go out now, and look for a narrow cave around here with a stream
    of acid. There is an organ around that area. Now go up, and go up again,
    you should be on a bridge. You should be seeing the last organ if you walk
    around. Do that one, and go back onto the bus, and enter the hole.
    Now you're in the intestines. Keep going until you see a path covered by
    red substance. Smash it open and go through it. You'll see the Heart of
    Leviathan. You can't do anything with them now, so just proceed through.
    Down the path you will be chased by a Gigapede, but all it can do to you
    is bite you as it gets close enough. Keep running and it will be stuck,
    and you can get to another location in the intestines. 
    There will be some Envys in the room. It's up to you to kill them or to
    get pass them. You'll reach a room with altar thing absorbing orbs from
    the fallen demons. Your goal is to kill demons, and after the thing has
    absorbed enough, a key item will materialize and a path will open. 
    From here, just run through to the other side. And in that intestine 
    area, a Gigapede will chase after you again. Use the same tactic if you
    want to avoid the fight. After you've smashed the red membrane open, 
    you'll be in the stomach again. 
    Jump right down and find that same bus. Jump onto it and enter that hole
    again. Envys spawn here, so you might want to kill them. You are now in 
    the intestine area again. It's dark and there are acid on the ground. One
    trick is to light your way by firing E&I. Head to the end of the way. 
    You'll see the Heart and Organs of Leviathan. Place the key item on the
    middle and initiate the boss battle.
    Heart of Leviathan only has two types of attacks, and the way to defeat
    it is to first destroy either organ. The middle organ will reveal its 
    core, and that is the time you deal some real damage. The only thing to
    be careful of is the Envys.
    (See Boss section for details)
    ============   --------------
    Mission Nine - Faded Memories
    ------------   ==============
    Run across the bridge. You will visit this area later. 
    Some Arachnes, spider-like demons, will welcome you. Defeat all of them
    and proceed. If you get hit by the web, you can either rotate R3 and 
    press buttons, or simply DT to free yourself. 
    Go through the far door. At the far end, you'll see a mirror and light
    beam puzzle. Your goal is to reflect the light to another statue. If you
    mess up, attack the device on the wall and the mirror will reset. 
    This one is simple (all puzzles are simple in the game), smash the one
    in front of the target statue, and the mirror to its upper left. 
    The seal will break on the door, and you can go through it now. 
    There will be Enigmas (and Enigmas are troublesome in DMD). You need to 
    walk all the way to get to the other side, and it is better to kill them
    all because they can shoot from far away. After that, go through the large
    There are bladed pillars here, and two Enigmas in the room. Avoid touching
    the pillars and go forward. Take them out if you want, and enter the next
    You'll see water and statues here. You'll need a key item for the Mask
    Statue, so leave that one for now. And there's a Nevan combat adjudicator.
    A hint that you'll get new weapon soon. Speaking of new weapon, there is
    a new firearm for grab in this area. See the Red Orb sitting on top of the
    stone pillar? Reach there and jump onto the platform above it. Spiral is
    sitting right in the middle of the platform. 
    Now you can go through the door beside the Time Statue. A room with bladed
    pillars again... Make your way through to a room filled with webs. There's
    a key item at the far end of this room, grab that. The door will be sealed,
    and some Arachnes will appear. After you have done that, go back to the
    area with the waterfall. (Nevan Combat Adjudicator)
    Go into the waterfall. If you look carefully, there is a small passage on 
    the top right, and that leads to a Secret Mission if you examine some
    red crystals. To the left there is an area with a devil star, so you might
    want to get that. Jump back from there and work your through to the end of 
    cave. You'll see a female carving. Use the key item you've earlier acquired
    by examining it. A door will be revealed, go through it. 
    Move forward into the room and there will be pre-boss cut scene.
    Nevan is a tiring boss. She can't be damage when there are bats around her, 
    and you should get rid of the bats first. The best time to go into melee
    with her is when she stands and laughs. 
    (See Boss Section for details)
    After her defeat, you'll obtain Nevan. Rock on through the green door.
    ===========   -------
    Mission Ten - The Job
    -----------   =======
    Take the Stone Mask, and work your way back to the waterfall area, then
    place the Stone Mask on the Mask Statue on the wall. (It has light on it)
    A bridge will rise up and you should certainly cross it, and jump by the
    large statue. An item sits there, so take it. It's the Neo Generator which
    you will need to take back Mission Nine starting location (Rotating Bridge). 
    Go through the right door to the hallway with bladed pillars. Deep into the
    hallway, you will be locked up and enemies will appear. These Dullahans are
    invulnerable from the front, and guns do nothing to them. The only way to 
    defeat them is to attack from the back with devil arms. Kill the three of
    them and you can move on. 
    It is straight forward from here. Back to the room with spiders, and you'll
    fight some demons, and then you will reach the rotating bridge. Cross the
    bridge, and there will be a cutscene where the bridge rotates. Then cross
    the bridge again and go through the yellow door. Head to the door, and a
    cut scene will end this mission.
    ==============   -------
    Mission Eleven - Revenge
    --------------   =======
    You'll see Enigmas in the area. Slaughter them and go down to the ground 
    floor and go through the yellow door. 
    You'll be in a long passage, and there are some Soul Eaters in this area. 
    You can defeat them easily with E&I or whatever weapons you prefer. After
    that, you can move on to the next area. 
    You are now in a pretty big room. On the left side of the room, there is a
    sword being stuck on a statue. Jump onto that sword and go up to the balcony.
    You'll see a block on the floor, and there is a hole to the close end of this
    block. Smash the block with your melee attack, and lead it into the hole. 
    Then travel to the other end of the balcony. You'll see a cracked wall, and
    cracked wall needs beating. Slash the wall, and a block will be revealed. 
    Smash this one to its respective hole, then a passage is revealed. Except it
    is red-sealed, meaning it's showtime.
    The annoying thing here is the Soul Eater, especially in DMD mode since
    Soul Eaters actually do lots of damage. Kill all those buggers before you do
    Hell Vanguard. 
    Go through the revealed passage after you've kicked their asses.
    There is a Agni & Rudra combat adjudicator in this area, show it what you've
    got and take the fragment inside. Jump onto the wagon afterward.
    Demons will spawn, and some will stay on the other wagon. The only thing you
    need to watch out for is Wrath. (I don't remember if they spawn in normal, 
    but they sure do in DMD) The wagon will stop once you've killed the demons.
    You see stairs in front of you. Go up and visit the Time Statue if you want.
    Boss fight awaits. In the room, go for the items and a boss will show up 
    without using the door.
    You fight Beowulf, and he is not hard to defeat once you
    get the hang of it. Stay close and dodge the attack. The cage dropped from 
    the ceiling CAN be destroyed by your melee attack. (I haven't tried destroying
    them when they are FLYING, though)
    (See Boss section for details)
    ==============   -----------------
    Mission Twelve - Hunter and Hunted
    --------------   =================
    You will be in Devil Mode for most of the mission, and your health will start
    to go down slowly. You will die if your health is depleted. (Some would think
    it stops once it reaches 1, but no.) Seemingly you cannot use QuickSilver in
    this stage... and for those who have unlocked SuperDante, using Super Dante
    doesn't give you any edge over this one.
    Anyway, ALWAYS rush for the door unless it is sealed.
    Go back to the wagon and start testing your power. There are more green orbs
    than usual, which makes it pretty easy to get through. (Even in DMD this is
    easy. The power of DT is quite something.) Go through the door.
    This room needs some clearing. Do so, and proceed. You should rush through 
    the next one, as well as the next one where the gears are. 
    Now you are passage where Arkham's body used to be in. Demons will spawn and
    you have to kill every single one of them. In normal, this is easy to do 
    because Devil Mode is overwhelming. In DMD, you have to be careful and be FAST
    on killing those prides and lusts, and pray that they drop green orbs. They do
    go berserk, which gives you a hard time killing them.
    Hell Vanguard is as tough as usual in DMD, and you'll have to be on your guard
    and not get sliced in half. Find yourself a place where the camera angle favors
    you. After the red seal is removed, navigate through the door. 
    You will reach the bridge, and a scene will be triggered. Afterward, you're no
    longer cool (back to normal). Run across that bridge. Go through the door.
    You now see a Time Statue and a corridor, and right away you can tell this is
    going to be bad. Boss fight awaits you, upgrade if you want. Sprint down the
    You'll see another bridge... and then a cutscene. Greyon will welcome you.
    There are two parts in the fight... the first part will end after you have
    lowered Greyon health by around 1/8. The second fight can be very easy or not
    too difficult depending on how you fight it. You can jump on the cart, and 
    that is THE way to fight Greyon. Otherwise, stay on foot and shoot... and go
    melee as he stops. 
    (See Boss section for details)
    You gains a newstyle QuickSilver upon defeating him, and ends the mission by
    going through the door.
    ================   ------------------
    Mission Thirteen - Chaos Warm Welcome
    ----------------   ==================
    This is a rather short mission. There are varies Damned demons in the area,
    smash them into pieces and proceed. You'll then see a corridor, sprint down.
    There is one red light down there, examine it to trigger a secret mission.
    Go to the ground floor and go through the door.
    You  will see a door right at you, and a passage to the left. 
    Take the passage and use the door at the end. Ignore those Chessmen and go
    play in the Vestibule.
    You will see a puzzle. An easy one, but the first thing to do is to walk up
    and smash open the cracked wall. You'll see more mirrors within that wall,
    and you find that the goal is to direct the beam to the now revealed statue.
    Smash the mirror in the wall (the one that points at the side). 
    Outside the wall, smash the one right next to the cracked wall, and the one
    to its diagonal left. (Left and down)
    After you're down, you should found a key item within the hidden passage
    pass the statue. Head out, and use a different path. You'll see a Time 
    Statue and a Nevan Combat Adjudicator. And you know what to do with Combat 
    Adjudicator. After that, enter the big door using the key item, and fight
    Vergil, who has gained the power of Beowulf.
    The main different here is Vergil can go into Devil mode, and that's the 
    thing to watch out for. Try to avoid fighting him when he's in this mode. 
    Otherwise, the battle is simple. Study his pattern and dodge the attack the
    same way as before. (He has different attacks, but rolling will do the trick)
    (See Boss section for details)
    He will be defeated, and let's welcome chaos.
    ================   -----
    Mission Fourteen - Drive
    ----------------   =====
    Search around the area for the Beowulf, as well as the Beowulf Combat 
    Adjudicator. Anyway, exit using the door behide the Combat Adjudicator.
    Take the elevator which will lead you to the lake, and exit through the
    opposing door (a hole... rather). Take the door in there. You're in the
    Vestibule again, jump near the flames and find a hole, which triggers a
    secret mission. 
    Remember the hidden passage? A doorway is opened around there, go through
    it. You are now in the room with that sword stuck on a statue, and you 
    cannot proceed until you've defeated all enemies. An easy fight normally
    because you'll face puny Blood Goyles. For DMD, you will fight... 
    The Fallen. Three of them (or four?) It takes FOREVER to defeat them,
    because they will go berserk. Only two will show up at one time, and one
    will berserk if you've defeated another. Once you have taken one of them,
    ignore the berserk one and destroy the new comer first. Take the berserk
    one out last.
    After the fight, go through the door opposing the stuck sword.
    Take the wagon, and have some fun fighting. When you're done  with the
    wagon, run up the platform and use the door. You'll find gates after 
    gates inside. And within the gates, Damned demons will materialize. Pawn,
    Bishop, Knight, you name it. Travel around all the gates and defeat all 
    of them, your goal is to get through, as well as getting a blue orb 
    fragment. Go through the brown door when you're done.
    You'll see a door near the Time Statue. Use it. You'll see Engimas, kill
    them or not, go forward and you'll see light in the area. Touch the light
    and it will teleport you.
    You're in the indoor place with a pole. Follow the blood trail to the door
    and go through it like last time. Once you're outside, go forward, and 
    a cutscene will occur soon. The mission also ends here.
    ===============   ---------------
    Mission Fifteen - The Gatecrasher
    ---------------   ===============
    Go to the door, and it will be sealed. The Fallens will appear, and it 
    will be a tough fight in DMD. Attack them with melee attack until they
    break guard (the wings no longer cover their chests), and attack with 
    whatever weapons you have. In DMD, it actually takes about 4 Holy Water
    to defeat them. Not saying you should use items, but that is just a 
    physical measurement of their toughness.
    Go through the door after you've killed them.
    Then there's more fighting. Arachnes will be your company this time. 
    Fight them and head for the door. 
    There's a structure at the middle, but nothing to see here now. You need
    3 key items (or, 3 fragments of a key item). For now, go to the door at
    the end. In there, head forward and turn on the device. Now you should
    go back to the room with arachnes, and activates that device. 
    The coloured segment of the room will now change, and it will lead you
    to a different area if you go through. Do so. This is now the room with 
    gears, and there is a device in this area. Activate it. Proceed to the
    next room.
    In this room you will find a Blue orb fragment, and at the far end, you
    will find a fragment of the Orihalcon which you'll need for his mission.
    Go back to the gear room and go through the door with coloured segment.
    You will see a door and a device. Activate the device and use the door.
    This is another Arachnes room, and this one has a Orihalcon fragment
    sitting around. Grab that, and arachnes will spawn. Kill them and leave
    the room, and through the coloured door. 
    There's a device on the right, as well as a door on the further right.
    Turn on the device, and then go through the door. You'll see a fragment
    of the Orihalcon on the ground. Grab it and head back to the coloured
    You can see the structure in the middle, but you can't reach it from here.
    You do see another path, so follow that path and you'll go to the place
    where you fought Greyon. In there, you find The Fallen instead. Ignore 
    them and drop to the arena. A Blue Orb fragment awaits. Grab it and get
    back up.
    Go back to a device and activate it, and go back through the 
    coloured door.
    You should be in the first Arachnes room, if you mess up on the way, 
    head back to the device and activate it, and try again. Keep doing that
    until you are in the first Arachnes room (with door on both ends).
    Head through the door and go to the structure in the middle. Place the
    Orihalcon fragments on it, and up the lift you go. 
    Mission will end when you step out of the lift. 
    ===============   -----------
    Mission Sixteen - Win or Lose
    ---------------   ===========
    The Sun & Moon. After the cut scene, you will see two doors. One leads
    you to the Moon item, and the other one Sun. Personally I go for the
    Moon first. Take the door on the left, head down for a crack in the 
    wall. Go through the crack. 
    This is the Chamber of Sins you've once visited, where you fought a
    number of demons (and for DMD, you fought Abyss and Soul Eaters). 
    But your goal is not to fight here... not yet. There are two devices,
    and upon activation, a ball will drop. Well, drop both balls by
    activating both devices. Then you are to make both balls smash into
    each other and break that in that manner. The best way to make them
    smash together is to perfrom a 3 hits combo on one, and a 3 hit
    combo on another. Give them some room to swing around. After that,
    you get the Moonshard...
    Not so fast, The Fallens will ambush you. Defeat them and you can
    go back to the starting point of this mission.
    This time, choose the Sun door instead. It is to the right. All you
    need to do is Kill demons, and proceed to the next door. And head
    up for the red door. 
    You see a device in a room, and right away you know this would involce
    ball. Activate the ball dropping device and break the ball. Obtain
    Golden Sun, and lots of demons will want you. Kill them and head back
    to the starting location.
    Place the key items on the respective stand. A door will be revealed.
    Head up through the ceiling. You might want to kill those demons 
    because Enigmas and Blood Goyles are annoying. 
    Then head left and up the stair and use the door. 
    Run down the stair, and don't drop yourself to the pitch because it 
    leads you to the Chamber of Sins. Go and head for the door.
    After that, head for another door at the far end. 
    Exploring this area, you'll find a Time Statue, and a door. Time
    Statue in the mid of a mission usually mean bosses, and so does this
    one. Lady wants you to go away because she emphasizes so much on 
    family matter. Show her what family matter means to you.
    Lady is quite fast, and I personally suggest Trickster, just for the
    SkyStar and AirTrick which help for closing in the distance. 
    Get close, attack. Disrupt her before she launches rocket/missile,
    don't get into the explosion of the grenades, and you'll have her.
    (See Boss section for details)
    You obtain Kalina Ann after you defeat her. Go forth, and jump
    via jump pod. Keep going to the top, and through the door. 
    Mission will end.
    =================   ------------
    Mission Seventeen - Inner-demons
    -----------------   ============
    Head down, and you'll see a hole at the end. Enter it if you want
    to fight demons for a Gold Orb. Take the door if you want to proceed
    You will see lots of moving and stationary blocks, and you know this
    is going to be bad... especially for people who hate jumping. Ever
    played Nanobreaker? Good thing this level here is much easier and less
    annoying than Nanobreaker. 
    Anyway, there is a Beowulf Combat Adjudicator around the corner here.
    Give it your best shot, and smash it into pieces. Take the blocks and
    go to the first floor you see. Go through the door. 
    This is near where you fought Agni & Rudra. Run through it until you
    have reached the garden, look left for a Blue fragment. Nothing else
    to see here, head back to the blocks.
    Now you need to go to the level above you. I personally found the left 
    route easiest (Left as in you just entered the room). And it's via the
    stair-like cubes that come in four. Make your way up with ease, and 
    onward you go. 
    There's only one way... you know what to do. (If you turn back... well,
    I don't know how you made your way to here.) Make your way through
    the spikes (Your movements are faster if you DT, so if you want, go 
    ahead and do that. Although this can be done easily with neither DT nor
    Go up. And the go left. There is a Statue in this area, and it will
    trigger a Secret Mission. There's also a door which you should take.
    Now, showtime because you can't get away. Abyss will ambush you, and
    it is just like any other fight. Kill them and go on. 
    There's a Time Statue, and if you want to buy stuff or upgrade, do so.
    Get ready for a boss fight. Head out, and run into the dark misty 
    portal thing. Doppelganger! CASTLEVANIA! One day Dante will face 
    Dracula, or some vampire related monster... or was that Nevan?
    Doppelganger doesn't take any damage when he's in his normal form.
    You will need to break the wall and let light leak in, rendering him
    into his naked form (and stunned, no less), in order to deal damage.
    An easy fight once you get the hang of it. 
    (See Boss section for details)
    You get a new style Doppelganger after the fight. Teleport out and 
    end the mission.
    ================   -------------
    Mission Eighteen - Invading hell
    ----------------   =============
    Finally, you made your way to hell. Or the Netherworld as they call
    it. This stage has some really cool things, so check it out. 
    Walk forward and the rock will slowly form a path for you. Jump
    through the portal you see at the end.
    You'll be on a Chess board, and the Damned pieces will act like they
    are on a game of chess. For instance, you will "win" the game if you
    defeat the Damned King, and Pawns will transform if it reaches your
    (See Boss section for details.)
    After you've kicked ass in chess, another mirror portal will appear, 
    jump into it.
    There are some Fallens on the way, good thing is the path is not
    sealed. Head straight for the portal. Go into it.
    You will be in a place called Lost Souls Nirvana. What exactly are..
    the Lost Souls? Well, what else? The bosses you have defeated earlier
    of course! You are not the only one to think, "Holy shit, Megaman!"
    here, either. "Yeah, and the dash, Air dash, and Zodiac.." Okay, we
    will stop there. 
    ...Anyway, your goal is to defeat a certain number of Bosses by 
    examining some of those walls. By some, I mean three to seven. If it 
    is your first time, you should go for all Nine of them for a Blue
    If this is on Normal or Hard... Well, if it's normal or hard then it
    doesn't really matter because it is not difficult to defeat all...
    In DMD, go fight Cerberus, Agni & Rudra, and Doppelganger. If you 
    have problem with Cerberus and Agni & Rudra, then it is really a bad
    news for you because in any of the paths, you will have to fight 
    either Cerberus or A&R. 
    Well, you wish. After you've cleared the specific bosses (Note the 
    colors on the wall, lights will form after you've defeated a boss),
    a portal will appear, and you are now done with this mission. 
    ================   --------------
    Mission Nineteen - Forces Collide
    ----------------   ==============
    Abysses will greet you. Give it to them, and proceed. Then you will
    be in a mirrored room... with some Abysses. You cannot hurt them 
    however... and there are hints on the wall telling you to destroy
    the mirrors. Look for a mirror that is green, or if you are colour-
    blind, look for a mirror that clearly shows your reflection (or the
    demons). Attack the damned mirror. The mirror will shift, so just
    keep looking for the one.
    After you have destroyed one mirror, there will be a small pause, 
    and other Abysses will appear and you should do the same. In DMD
    though, DO NOT WAIT. Don't wait for the Abysses to appear, you can
    attack those damned mirror even if there are no Abyss around. Give
    it a head start, or else, a Berserk Abyss will bring death.
    Then go through the mirror portal thing.
    You'll see an hourglass, which is cool. The first time I reached here,
    I didn't even know the hourglass is a timekeeper and will respawn the 
    demons. Really watch it in DMD... when a demon (Abyss, but it can 
    apply to any general demon) berserks, FORGET HIM for now. Kill the
    normal Abyss as the chance of them turning berserk will be very low.
    By very low, I mean none, or the technical term zilch. 
    When they're all down, grab the key item and go the opposite way out.
    Go back and you will be in the Lost souls place again. Take this very
    same mirror and you'll be in another location, and do the same again.
    You will be back to the Mirror room eventually. Use the key item on 
    the statue thing. Go up and up, upgrade if you want, and take the 
    door. Get ready for a party..
    SPARDA! The first time I reached here, I was thinking, "Cool, now I
    get to battle the Legendary Sparda! Or at least, one that uses his
    power." Then he transformed into a backup toilet. 
    Face the Ultimate form of Arkham. (I wish we could fight him in his
    jester suit first, that would be so awesome)
    There are two parts in this, and the second part takes place once 
    you hit him down to 50%. Before that, he'll use some big action
    attack, projectile, summon legions and hide. I personally will bring
    Kalina Ann no matter what, just to get rid of the legion buggers. 
    After you hit him down to 50%, Vergil joins and steals your spotlight.
    Dante and Vergil will then go rip Arkham apart - under your control
    of course. 
    (See Boss section for details.)
    After he has fallen, enjoy the cutscene and the mission ends.
    ==============   ---------------
    Mission Twenty - Screaming Souls
    --------------   ===============
    This game can't wrap up without a brotherly fight...
    So here it is, Dante and Vergil, one last time. 
    All weapons work actually... the first time though, use Rebellion +
    anything (you should be very familiar with Rebellion by now). My 
    first time on hard, I beat him with Agni & Rudra + Nevan, E&I + 
    Kalina Ann. (Which is what I always use in DMD)
    In normal and hard, Kalina Ann does a beautiful job in tearing him
    down, really. The only draw back is you will need to get close, and
    keep a distance. The only thing to watch out for... well, of course,
    ALWAYS watch out for his Devil Trigger, but beside that, watch out
    for his Round Trip, which is a new move. Dodge when it is near you,
    and be prepared to dodge again if it goes behide you.
    Run and keep shooting with E&I so he doesn't regenerate too much
    health. When he triggers Ultimate Devil, nevermind. Do not get hit
    by helm breaker or he'll follow with Stinger, which is death in DMD.
    Use items if you have to... I had to use one Vital Star L in DMD to
    get it over with. (Or I could have retried for maybe 40 more times?)
    (See Boss section for details)
    Then when it plays the credits, aim for killing 100 demons to unlock
    a hidden ending movie featuring Vergil. The only thing to watch for
    is Demon #99, which is a Hell Vanguard and it takes a bit to kill.
    Now you should try a higher difficult, or use Super Dante. 
    Secret Mission Locations
    There are 12 secret missions, and a blue orb fragment will be
    rewarded upon completion. Here are the entrance location of each
    1.  Mission 3  - 13th Avenue, the door on the right.
    2.  Mission 5  - Surge of Fortunas, Red entrance near the device.
    3.  Mission 7  - The Dark Corridor, double jump onto the opening
                     on the wall.
    4.  Mission 8  - Leviathan's Stomach, go under the shipwreck behide
                     the blockage.
    5.  Mission 9  - Limestone Cavern, jump to the small passage on the
                     right, and go between the red crystals.
    6.  Mission 10 - Subterranean Lake, to the right of the huge Statue
                     at the middle.
    7.  Mission 11 - Gears of Machness, double jump then wall hike to 
                     the top where the red light is.
    8.  Mission 13 - Spiral Staircase, the red light at the staircase.
    9.  Mission 14 - Vestibule, just jump to the entrance near the flames.
    10. Mission 16 - Waking Sun Chamber, the door on the right where you
                     obtained the golden sun.
    11. Mission 17 - Pitch-black Void, the shiny statue.
    12. Mission 18 - Forbidden Nirvana, to the left of the big foot.
    Part IV: Boss Walkthrough
    Here are all the bosses you'll fight in the game. By the time you've
    reached DMD, you'll be so used to the fights that some of you will 
    think that the boss fight are pathetically easy. (IF you don't make
    mistakes, that is. Two or three mistakes will take Dante out in DMD.)
    Hell Vanguard
    He's more of a mini-boss, because you'll see so many of them in the 
    game you'll lose track of how many you've fought. A pretty easy fight
    if you know what you're doing.
    He has three types of attacks.
    When you're in front of him, he'll cut you with his scythe. It is a
    pretty worthless attack, and you should never stand in front of him
    anyway since you should be busy slashing him from the back. 
    Every now and then he'll take a toll, and when you hear it, you will
    know it's time to dodge. There are two attacks follow this toll.
    He can charge at you from a random location, and you can dodge it
    by jumping or rolling.
    Or, you'll see quick sand on the ground, and he'll very soon rise up
    from the sand with a rising scythe attack. Just make sure you are not
    on the sand and you'll be fine.
    In Normal, he'll take a toll, and appear in another place so you can 
    attack him, and take another toll, and repeat. In DMD, it is two tolls,
    and appears, and two other tolls. (It is three tolls during the first
    mission when he's the boss, also when he's berserk)
    That just means you have fewer chance to attack him, and you will need 
    to dodge more often. 
    Three attacks from Hell Vanguard is death in DMD if you're not in Devil
    Mode... so make yourself familiar with his attacks.
    The three-headed helldog who guards the entrance to the tower.
    Since he's ice based, using Agni & Rudra will be quite useful against
    him. (It doesn't make much of a difference in DMD, though)
    Cerberus has many different attacks, and he is covered with ice. 
    You cannot damage him unless you've get rid of the ice covering him...
    and the easiest way to do that is shooting it.
    Once you've shot off the ice, get close and slash him with whatever
    weapon you're using. Attacking the heads deal more damage than 
    attacking his legs. 
    He will freeze himself with ice every now and then, and that means you
    will need to deal with those ice armor again. (He does it VERY OFTEN
    in DMD. You can get probably just one combo in before he resummons the
    His attacks:
    (Million Carats?!) Shreds of ice will fall from the ceiling. 
    You can dodge this easily because you will know where those ice will 
    land by looking at the ground. 
    Crystal - He can execute it with either of his front legs. 
    Ice shreds will come up from the ground, and you can dodge it by rolling.
    Ice beam (I'd call it Frozen Execution myself)
    Breathing ice beam from his mouth and freeze the ground. It will freeze you
    if you step on those ground, even if the beam doesn't contact you. 
    Keep some distance while he does it, or jump and extend the air time by
    firing E&I to avoid getting frozen. (Getting hit with this in DMD is pretty
    much a continue, unless you use items)
    Ice block - He'll shoot out a block of ice from his mouth and cause
    massive damage. Easy to dodge.
    Charge - When his health is low, he'll charge toward you and hit you
    with his massive body. It is close to death in DMD, so make sure you are
    ready to roll away when you see his "Get Ready" gesture.
    Paws - He can swing either of his paws when you get too close. Jump when he
    Headbutt - I'm not sure if he's biting or just headbutting... but he'll 
    move his heads, and if it hits you it will do minor damage. He'll do it
    to break your midair combos.
    Cerberus is fairly easy even in DMD after practise. 
    This is easily the easiest boss in the game. Well, since he's actually
    a mini-boss. But the point is, I defeated this thing and I was like,
    "Wait, that was a boss?!" Gigapede is a giant creature that loves
    travelling from hole to hole... and he uses high voltage to inflict
    damage on its prey.
    He only has three attacks (There might be more, but that's all I've seen)
    Orbs - He'll form orbs and shoot them to you two by two. Dodge it or hide
    behide a stone pillar on the side to avoid getting hit. But a manly way
    to deal with them is to actually strike them back. (Not sure if it can
    be done by all weapons, but I've tried with Rebellion, Cerberus, and A&R)
    Vertical Beam - He forms electric beams under his body. Don't touch it
    and you won't get hurt.
    Horizontal Beam - He forms Horizontal beams under his body, and it will
    move towards you. Jump or roll accordingly.
    How do you tackle this giant pile of nothing? When I first face him,
    I didn't know what to do since he's so huge and harmless. Then I landed
    on his head and started slashing. To my surprise, that's the way to fight
    him. Actually, his entire body is vulnerable to attack. (Though hitting
    the head deals the most damage) After a few combos, he'll twist in pain
    and drop you off and crawl back to a hole. All you need to do is wait and
    jump on him again when he comes back out.
    When you're on him, all he will do is move around and shoot orbs. And since
    the orbs can be reflected, it isn't an issue at all. This mini-boss is weak
    on DMD as well, so just fight him the same way you would in normal.
    Agni & Rudra
    This fight would probably be tough when you first fight them, but there are
    tricks in defeating them easily. The fire one is Agni, and the wind one is
    Rudra. Being fire, Agni is weak against Cerberus, so you might want to take
    advantage of that.
    When one of them falls, a cutscene will follow soon after the remaining
    retreat from an attack. In the cutscene, he'd grab the fallen weapon and
    wield both of them himself. Dodge right after the scene or you'll get hurt.
    He's more powerful when he dual-wields.
    They have quite a number of moves, and the most difficult thing about this
    fight is they come in two. If you get cornered (and that means the camera
    will change to a-little-above-your-shoulder), you won't be able to spot
    both of them on the screen and that's very dangerous.
    Charge - Every now and then the twins will retreat from you so they can
    charge at you again. If you're on the ground, one might jump on you and the
    other will do dash slash on the ground. If you jump dodge the first one,
    the other one will follow up with a jump, trying to hit you in the air.
    This is easy to dodge if you have double jumps, but the best way to dodge
    them is actually staying close to them and roll as they get close.
    Slash - When you're in front of them, they will slash you with their blades.
    This is actually your chance to attack... but I'll save that for later.
    Step attack - They can do a step attack for a greater reach. While you're
    focusing on one of them, the other will strike you with it. Always keep
    your eyes on both of them, since they like to do it to get your attention.
    Crawler - Only Agni can do this, and if you can see him on the screen,
    it is easy to avoid. He'd first have to charge up his weapon with fire,
    and slam it on the ground. A wave of fire will grow from the ground toward
    you. A simple roll will dodge it.
    Twister - Only Rudra can do this. He'd charge up his weapon, and then jump.
    As he lands, a twister will form around him, damaging any enemy nearby.
    Keep a distance from him while he does it and you'll be fine.
    Whirlwind - This can only be performed by Agni & Rudra together. It is not
    the ordinary whirlwind you use... the flame which shoots out from it covers
    a much greater area, and dealing tons of damage. Keep a good distance from
    him while he performs this deadly move.
    Tempest - This can only be performed by Agni & Rudra together. It is
    similar to twister, except it is much more powerful and covers a huge area.
    Stay away from him and you should be fine.
    You might ask, "He sounds so powerful, so how the hell do I defeat him?"
    Well, Agni & Rudra isn't that hot if you know how to fight them.
    The key in defeating them is to cross swords with them, because this will
    knock their weapons off. When you're in front of them, they would guard
    your attack, and follow by an attack of their own. This is the time you
    strike again. If you get the timing right, you will knock them offguard.
    Then they'll come back for more. If you do that repeatedly, their weapons
    will fall off their hands... and you'd know it's showtime. Without weapon
    in the hand, the demon will just kneel down and ask for your beating.
    Only thing you'd need to worry about is the still-standing demon. (You can
    knock both demon's weapons off at the same time, but it takes practise)
    One effective way to take down their weapons is by using the Cerberus.
    Both Revolver and Windmill are great for knocking them offguard. (Flicker
    might work too)
    In Normal, you might consider weaker both of them before
    taking one of them out, because it is easier to fight two weak one than
    a strong one.
    In DMD, I personally suggest the opposite... mainly because I hate dealing
    with multiple enemies, and in DMD, the damage really doesn't make any
    difference. If you get hit, then be prepared to die. The major difference
    in DMD is it takes more tries to knock their weapons off. (and of course
    the much much higher defense and offense) Also, he'll use Whirlwind five
    times instead of three times (releases flame five times).
    Vergil is intimidating at first, because he is your brother, and since you
    have watched the intro-movie from the beginning, you know that he is
    capable of kicking your ass. On top of that, he throws in words such as
    "Scum..." to tease you when he fights.
    All in all, the first Vergil is a pretty easy fight in fact.
    He has many different attacks, and it depends on how far you are from him.
    When you're up close, he will do the follow:
    Two-Slash - Drawing his sword and do a quick two-slash combo. This has an
    incredible reach, and can hit you even if you're in-air. The best way to
    dodge is by rolling.
    Sword-draw - This is a very quick attack, as Vergil charges toward you
    and draw sword. He'll go through you if you're in his way, and you'll take
    massive damage. He usually does this attack as a counter after he has
    blocked your attack, so be prepared to roll if he blocks. He will use this
    in long range as well, if he thinks he can reach you.
    Long range wise, he has one move:
    Sword-Stealth - He won't draw out his sword, but instead he puts his hand
    on it. Transparent orbs of energy will appear, the number may vary. If you
    touch any of them, you'll get hurt.
    Sword Formation (DMD only)
    Remember Nelo Angelo inDMC1? Vergil has the sword formation attack too!
    There are only two formations, but mainly, he'll have swords rotating
    around his body and he'll carry on with his usual moves. The swords can be
    destroy, and he will shoot the swords at you. It doesn't do a ton of damage
    though, so that is a good thing.
    To defeat Vergil... well, there are several chances for you to attack.
    When he does the Sword-stealth attack, after he's performed the Two-slash
    combo or the Sword-draw attack. Appoarching him from the back will reduce
    the chance of him blocking, and you can get up to two combos (around 10 hits)
    before he recovers. Rinse and repeat, and he'll be down in no time.
    Heart of Leviathan
    I totally hate this boss, why? Because the organ on the left keep stealing
    my orbs, while the organ on the right keep sucking my devil gauge dry.
    But this is a easy boss to defeat if you know what you are doing.
    Four Envys will show up in this place, and they will respawn if defeated.
    The Heart at the middle has two attacks only.
    Orbs - It can release several homing orbs that deals tons of damage.
    Get hit with two of these and you will bite the dust. Or soon.
    In DMD, there are five orbs in total. These orbs are indiscriminative...
    they will damage anything that comes in their ways.
    Laser - It shoots two rays of laser, and it will sweep across the screen
    from different direction. In DMD, it will sweep 5 times before it stops.
    (3 hits and you're gone)
    Once you've depleted the health of either organ on the side, the middle
    one will open, and now it's the chance for you to attack. If you are low on
    health, you might want to consider killing some Envys and pray for a
    green orb. The heart will close up after a while, and you'll have to do it
    again. Keep doing that until it dies.
    A very time consuming boss on DMD, and quite dangerous because your finger
    get tired in long battle. Plus you'll have to keep your eyes on those
    Nevan is a female vampire demon thing, and she mainly uses lightning and
    bats. An easy but time-consuming boss to face... and she comes with many
    different attacks.
    Bat Rift - She'll send charged bats toward you. In normal, she sends like
    3 or so. In DMD, she sends about 6. Rolling is your best friend here.
    Black Tide - Don't know what I should call it, but she'll flip and a tide
    will move and slash toward you. Just roll to the side.
    "Get Ready!" - When you get close to her, she'll say "Get Ready!" and spin
    her body. If you get close to her, you'll get cut. The best thing to do
    is to taunt her, and get ready.
    Distortion - This is similar to Bat Rift, except it has a smaller quantity,
    but it is larger, and does a lot more damage. Rolling or jumping will avoid
    "Now you will be tired." - She'll say that, and summon a bolt of lightning
    striking at where you're standing. In DMD, there will be 2 and 3 bolts
    depending on how much life she has left.
    Horizontal Bolts - Similar to Gigapede (Or Griffon from DMC1), there will be
    horizontal lightning bolts moving toward you. In DMD, there will be three to
    four wavse each time. You can just walk away from them before they get close.
    Vertical Bolts - Like Horizontal Bolts, except that it's Vertical.
    Field lightning - She will teleport on stage, and call forth a lightning
    that will fire anything on the ground. Double jump to avoid it.
    Black Void - A black void will slowly form under her when you finally break
    her guard. It will eventually explode, creating a barrier for Nevan (and
    at the same time damaging you if you get caught in it) to teleport away
    and resummon her bats.
    The first thing you realize is your gun doesn't hurt her any. The second
    thing you'd notice is even your weapons aren't doing anything. So now you
    might think "Shit, I'm dead." Keep thinking that won't solve the problem,
    so basically dodge her attack, and get close to her when you can. She'll
    perform the "Get ready" attack, and you should taunt her and get Devil
    Gauge. When she's done, get close and stop hitting her. If you've done it
    right, she'll laugh and the bats surrounding her will be taken out slowly.
    Eventually, all the bats will be gone, and you can turn into devil mode and
    start the real fun.
    Since she's vampire, she is weak to water. No I don't mean holy water, but
    Cerberus. Cerberus is a great weapon to bring to this fight. In fact, in
    stead of DT when you can actually hit her, you can DT when you're dealing
    with the bats, because DT with a Cerberus will greatly increase your attack
    speed. Even in DMD, I was able to get rid of all the bats in one go.
    When her health goes down to 20%, she will only just bat rift (but sending
    more bats), and will appear near you without any bat. Don't get too excited,
    because he will give you the kiss of death if you do. She will suck your
    life and at the same time restores her own. Either run, jump away and E&I
    her, or DT. (If you get caught, you can DT to break her guard)
    The major difference in DMD is the amount of bats she sents, the amount of
    lightning bolts, and the amount of bats surrounding her.
    Beowulf is the powerful and reckless kind of boss in DMC3, and that means
    he lacks the agility that people fear. Most of his actions can be seen
    from a mile away, which makes dodging them an easy job.
    He has quite a number of moves:
    3 hits combo - Swinging his arms and slam on the ground, with a ground area
    effect. It is very capable of catching you in midair, so the best way to
    avoid getting hit is rolling away. If you go behide him, he'd stop the
    Swing - He swings his arm 180 degree in an attempt to hit you when you're
    behide. This usually happens after you've damaged his eye. A simple jump or
    roll will get you out of trouble.
    Cage - He will stomp on the ground, and a cage will drop from the ceiling.
    He will then proceed to kick it toward you. A simple roll will dodge this
    attack. (But this is actually your best chance to attack him)
    Berserk - Similar to your devil trigger, Beowulf will go berserk (Wings
    will grow from his back). This has an area of effect and will damage you
    if you're within that area. He goes berserk after taking a certain amount
    of damage. He'll then go on all four, and have a different attack pattern.
    Feather - He will fire feather projectiles at you, and this is possible
    the most dangerous attack he has. ALWAYS stay on the ground and roll your
    way out of it, because some of the feathers will hit you for sure if you
    jump. Even a Double Jump + SkyStar cannot avoid it (though you could
    double jump and AirTrick...). He will use this only if you're far away.
    So keep your distance.
    Charge - He will run, and jump on you. If he lands on you, or hit you
    during the jump, massive damage will result. Roll away as he does it.
    As I've mentioned, the best time to attack him is when he stomps the
    ground for cages. Just go behide him and slash away. Don't get caught
    by his occasion arm swing, then you will be fine. When he is still in
    his normal non-berserk state, you can slash at his right eye. This will
    stun him for a period time at which you can deal out lots of damage.
    Beware of his arm swing though. (He would usually berserk after if you're
    in DMD) Always stay close to him so that he won't use the feather.
    There are two parts to this fight... but the first part is just really
    simply. Greyon will charge at you, and you should shoot him, and jump over
    him as he gets close. If you're good, you can jump on him and land combos
    all over him. He'll teleport, and appear from the further end of the
    bridge. He'll stop once in a while (This is the time to hurt him in DMD,
    because the E&I does pitiful damage), and he will fall down if you do
    enough damage to him. In DMD, he will fire projectile when he stops.
    After you have taken about 1/8 of his health, the bridge will break and
    the real run starts. He has quite a lot of moves in fact.
    Charge - Same as the first part, he'd charge at you and disappear as it
    hits the wall. Same tactic as before.
    Projectiles - Greyon will run around the arena, and shoot projectiles at
    you. There will be 5 or so projectiles at a time, and the best way to
    dodge them is to simply run, or walk, or roll. Attack him from a distance
    as he does this.
    Brake - Greyon will stop running once in a while, and as he brakes, he
    will swing the cart he's pulling creating a wall a fire for a second
    or two. The cart will deal tons of damage to you if you get hit by it
    like always.
    Projectiles2 - He will fire projectiles when he's stationary. 3-5 waves,
    and 3 projectiles in each wave. Slowly go near him while dodging them.
    Stomp - Greyon will stomp on the ground and creates waves of fire,
    spreading in different direction. He will do this twice, and the
    direction of spread will differ. Jump or roll depending on the situation.
    Time Lag - This happens when you land hits on him when he falls. There
    will be enough time for you to recover and dodge the upcoming attack, so
    no worries on that.
    Time Orb - Greyon will summon orbs on the battlefield, and if you touch
    any of those orbs, there will be a time lag effect. Spears will apear
    around you and attempt to pierce you as well. He starts this move at
    around 50% health.
    Same as the first part. If you are good, jump onto the cart and start
    doing combos. This is quite essential for DMD I found, because E&I does
    too little damage, and he doesn't let you land enough hit on him when he
    stops (he will time lag to get out). Remember to jump off before he brakes
    though, or else that will be very painful.
    Otherwise, walk around and shoot him with your E&I while dodging. Go near
    him as he stops, dodging the fire and projectiles (If you are fast, he
    won't be doing the stomping). Always attack Greyon's body and not the
    cart, because this can cause Greyon to fall down.
    Eventually he will be defeated.
    Vergil: Second encounter
    This fight is similar to the first one, except that Vergil has new moves
    from Beowulf. He has all the moves from the first fight, but he gains new
    ones as well. At the beginning of the fight, Vergil will use Beowulf 
    3 Hits combo - At close range, Vergil will execute a punch-punch-kick
    combo. When he does, just move out of his way and he won't be able to get
    you. Sometimes he might change it to a Rising Dragon + Killer Bee finish,
    and that is the time when you need to dodge, since Killer Bee will autoaim
    at your location. 
    Killer Bee - A kick performed by Vergil when in midair. This autoaims at
    Dante's location, but can be dodged by rolling to the side.
    When his health goes below 3/4, he will go in Devil Mode. His health will
    replenish when he DTed. And that is when he will start using the sword
    moves. When he DTed, he will often teleport above you and perform Killer 
    Bee. This is possibly the most dangerous thing ever (Aside from Teleport
    + Helm Breaker). Keep a close lookup for that.
    The one move to watch out for is sword-draw, since it is fast and it deals
    massive damage. He also has the Sword formation if you're playing DMD. 
    Those swords CAN be destroyed, so you should do so by firing the E&I.
    To defeat him, dodge the melee combos he tries to land on you. If he does
    not follow up with Rising Dragon and Killer Bee, run up to him and slash
    him until he blocks. If he blocks, quickly dodge by rolling away. 
    If he follows up with Rising Dragon and Killer Bee, be careful when you
    dodge Killer Bee, and get close to him and attack him after he has landed.
    Do the same when he starts blocking.
    When he DTs, I personally prefer not attacking him... since he will not be
    thrown offguard even if your attacks land on him, and it is very dangerous
    if you get hit by his Devil mode while you're in normal form. 
    Some people will go DT right when Vergil does, but I prefer going DT when 
    I attack. It is just personally preference.
    Always try to deplete Vergil's health by E&I when he DTs, so that his 
    health will not recover. (It will cancel out, pretty much) Of course, if he
    keeps on using Teleport + Killer Bee... (which he will in DMD), there's 
    nothing you could do. This fight could take more than 30 minutes in DMD. 
    (Really depends on which moves Vergil uses... and not using any item)
    It can be a long and hard fight. Watch out for his Devil mode and you will
    be fine.
    A very interesting boss... He has the same Rebellion moves as Dante, and he
    is a shadow. This should remind you of Castlevania, except in here, you 
    cannot hurt your shadow by simply attacking it. 
    See all the circular things on the wall? If you break any of them, light 
    will go through and shine into the room. and if the shadow is caught by any
    of those... he will get stunned, and it's your chance to attack.
    If you hit all those in the room, the shadow will get stunned regardless of
    where he is in the room. This is your chance to deal out major damages to
    him. After that, he would recover and darken the whole area, and you'll need
    to repeat the process.
    During the fight, he would charge and stinger you, and shoot a dark orb to
    block the light off the wall. The number of hits required to break the wall
    changes depending on the difficulty. (1 hit on Easy, 3 hits on Normal, 
    5 hits on Hard, 8? lost count... on DMD. Will confirm later.)
    Beowulf will do more damage to the Shadow due to its light element. But the
    difference is really small in DMD mode... 
    One thing to watch out for is when you're hitting the wall, the shadow will 
    charge at you. You will automatically switch target to the shadow. To avoid
    this, hit the wall one time less than the required amount, and give it the
    final blow when the shadow is close. 
    He will fall pretty easily. (This is a long fight in DMD. Bare with it.)
    Lady is the most nimble boss you'll face in the game, and she focuses mainly
    range attacks. Aside from constantly running away from you, she does have 
    a number of moves.
    Kalina Ann - She will shoot a rocket toward you. DO NOT GET HIT. Especially
    when you're in DMD, because this is deadly. The good thing is she will say
    something before she does this attack, and she needs time to perform it. 
    Attack her before she launches it.
    Hysteric - This launches multiple missiles toward you. Same as the rocket, 
    she needs time to prepare it. Disrupt her.
    Grapple - Instead of aiming at you, she will aim at the ceiling and get away
    from you if you're close. This reminds me of Spiderman. Anyway, you can get
    a few hits in as she grapples away. (And sometimes this will stop her)
    Flying Dagger - She does this as a counter when she gets hit by you. (When
    she is hit flying away) Very hard to dodge... and really, you can't do much
    with that. This only does minor damage however.
    Grenades - She will drop grenades all over the places when she's high... at 
    a high place. The grenades have an area of effect, and does tons of damage.
    They are easy to spot though, so keep up your guard for them.
    Rapid Shots - She fires the dual pistols at you. You can block them by fire
    your E&I back at her, and that's cool. It does minor damage to you.
    There's no trick to this fight. Get close, and attack. Avoid the grenades,
    missiles, and rockets, and you will be fine. Devil Trigger before you land
    your attack for best result. 
    Damned Chessmen
    Well, Damned Queen and Damned King showed up this one, and this is the only
    stage they will be in... so I counted this as a "Boss" fight.
    First the Damned Pawns will start moving. Then the Damned Knights, Bishops,
    Rooks... and finally the Queen and King. One thing to watch out for: Do not
    let the Damned Pawns get to the other side of the board because it does follow
    the chess rules. Pawns can transform into other Chess pieces if they reach the
    other side. 
    Given that, you should destroy all the Pawns first, if you don't want to see
    another Rook or Bishop flying around. (Especially in DMD, because a berserked
    anything-higher-than-a-pawn takes a long time to beat) 
    Always focuses on this piece by piece. Attack the Damned whatever until it
    shatters. Why? Because if you stop attacking, it may go back to its passive
    statue stage and you can't attack it for some time. Not to mention the Queen
    will travel around causing massive damage to you. 
    I usually start out clearing all the Pawns, and then Bishops, and then the
    Queen (because Rooks cannot shoot diagonally, and Knights aren't a threat)
    Why not go for the King? Well, you could go for the King right away in normal
    or hard... but in DMD, that is pretty much suicide. Unless you can dodge every
    attacks coming from all different direction, plus the explosive attack that
    the King gives out.
    You will be able to proceed once the King is fallen.
    Arkham is quite easy. It is in two parts... and you will have a companion
    in the second part of the fight. The only thing to watch out for is Arkham's
    tentacles. It does tons of damage to you, and you wouldn't want that.
    Here are the attacks he has.
    Tentacles - Arkham swings his "arm" when you get close. It is a big action,
    and you should be able to see from a mile away.
    Projectiles - (I am assuming that this is his tentacles as well...) He shoots
    red projectiles at you, and it comes in 3. If you're not careful, you'll
    get hit by probably the last two. Don't roll if it is unnesessary, and don't
    jump because it is hard to avoid getting hits in air. (It is easier in the
    first part when you can use AirTrick or SkyStar)
    Charge up - Arkham will charge up and release a wave of energy that hits 
    everything around him. It would look like he is covered by a layer of...stuff,
    when he's charging up. Stay away from him when he does.
    Legions - Arkham buries himself and summons a horde of Legions. Use Kalina Ann
    to eliminate these buggers.
    When his health drops to half, Vergil will come and steal your spot light. 
    Then you get to fight along side with Vergil.
    Basically, you are controlling both Dante and Vergil. If you hit Square, Vergil
    will do his Square attack, and etc. If you press O, he will teleport to you.
    The main thing is to LOCK UP onto Arkham so Vergil would actually aim on him. 
    Or else he'd be attacking the air. (Well, since Arkham is so huge in size, some
    of those attacks will land on him)
    Do the same basically, except it is much harder to dodge the projectiles. 
    He shoots out 4 instead of 3, and it does a lot of damage. Since you can't go
    into DT, that means, DO NOT GET HIT IN DMD, and if you do, you die. 
    Vergil: Final encounter
    This battle is probably the hardest of all. There are several reasons...
    Well, Vergil has always been tough. Especially after he uses Devil Trigger.
    He's also fast, and he has Force Edge with him meaning he will use Helm Breaker
    and Stinger AT YOU, the two most powerful skills you have.
    The Ultimate Devil Trigger is DEADLY, since you pretty much have no way to 
    fight back.
    This place is quite narrow, and it is easy to get hit in narrow places.
    He has all the old moves except for the Beowulf ones, along with the new ones:
    Helm Breaker - Just like your Rebellion, Vergil will appear above you and break
    your skull with his Force Edge. Usually follow if a Stinger if he lands a hit.
    Stinger - Same as your stinger. Except, well, it is much more powerful.
    Round Trip - Throws the Force Edge like a Boomerang. Since he still has Yamato
    in his hand, he will execute his other moves if you get close even if Force 
    Edge is taking its trip. Dash/Dodge this when it is close. Kalina Ann can knock 
    it down, but it requires perfect timing.
    Ultimate Devil Trigger - Basically he will pretty much disappear and Orbs will
    form all over the place. OR...
    he will keep on teleportating + Helm Breaker, and if it hits, + Stinger. 
    How the hell do you defeat him?
    Using the same tactic as before, attack him after he is done with a set of 
    moves. Same as before, You can get in probably two sets of combos before he
    recovers and blocks. 
    Main thing to watch out for is the Devil Trigger. In DMD, Vergil almost abuses
    his use of Devil Trigger, and you would think he is Super Vergil (as in Super
    Dante, not Super Vegeta.) Don't even try to fight him when he's in that stage.
    Keep dodge and keep his health at par with E&I or Kalina Ann. (You have to be
    quick with Kalina Ann, though)
    If he uses Ultimate Devil Trigger, be sure to dodge every single attack. It
    is OKAY to get hit by an orb or two... (meaning you won't die) but definitely
    not the Helm Breaker. When he runs out of Devil gauge after that, he will get 
    exhausted and just stand there. This is your free chance right there, get him.
    This is why I like Trickster here, since this battle focuses so much on 
    dodging, much more so than dealing stylish damage. With Air Trick, Air Star
    and Triple Dash, Vergil in Normal and Hard should not be too big of a problem.
    In DMD though... and if you insist on not using items... just be glad that 
    you don't need yellow orbs to continue!
    Lesser Demons/General Encounters
    In this section I will cover the information on the lesser demon, ie. the 
    demons you see in every other screen. In Devil May Cry 3, bosses sometimes are
    not the biggest threat, especially in DMD, since a berserk demon can take 
    quite a lot of beatings before he falls. Most of the lesser demons only have
    one to three moves though, so it is easy to know their every moves and avoid
    Hell: Pride
    Prides are the weakest demons of all in terms of threat. All they can do is...
    walk slowly toward you, raise their scythe, and attack you. Their movements
    are predictable, and you should never get hit by them. If they're not berserk,
    you can easily blow them away with Kalina Ann.
    Hell: Envy
    Envys (some people spell it Envies, I personally don't care) don't appear too
    often. You see them in Leviathan's body, as they are fluid-based demons as 
    opposed to sand-based. They are more aggresive than Prides, but afterall they
    are no real threat. In some of the fight though, the camera angles are not
    that great (in Leviathan), so if anything, THAT is what you need to worry 
    Hell: Wrath
    In terms of doing surprise damage, Wraths come first on my list. These demons
    carry a massive bomb above their heads, and they are not afraid to throw it
    at you - causing a huge explosion which will result in his death, his 
    surrounding allies' death, and massive damage to you. When I say massive, I 
    mean about one third. (Normal, more depending on the difficult)
    To destroy this massive force of destruction, you will have to use your 
    firearm and keep your distance. If you get close, he will throw the bomb
    after some time. Distance and bullets are the keys.
    Hell: Sloth
    Sloths are the sand-based demons, and the most deadly thing about them is
    the teleport. Through sand. These guys aren't dealy, actually, but they are
    sneaky. Especially when you're surrounded by 6 other demons... and this guy
    will appear suddenly behide you and slashes you with his scythe. The good 
    thing is, that's pretty much all he does. It's best to use Kalina Ann to 
    blow them away, if you are sure that there is no Wrath around. 
    Hell: Greed
    Greeds are the demons with the casket. They are durable, and annoying. They
    love to summon their little friends... (other Hell, except for Wrath/Envy)
    to join into the fun. Before the summon, they would swing the casket, 
    hitting anything in the way, and stomp it on the ground. Just make sure you
    don't get close to him when he swings (or quick roll as he swings), and
    attack him while he's summoning/idling. This demon itself is not a problem,
    but it is the demons that it summons... especially in DMD mode, where the
    combat will last forever with these guys around.
    Hell: Gluttony
    Gluttonys. What is a Gluttony? Well, the bastard that blows sand. And he
    uses scythe like everything else in the game. The only thing to watch out
    for is the Sand attack, because you might not see it coming when you are
    surrounded. To avoid getting hit, it is best to stay close to the Gluttony,
    or at least keep him in your sight, so you can be ahead of his game. 
    Hell: Lust
    Lust is the speedy Hell-type demon. He has a dash attack, and an air attack.
    If you're far away, he would dash and attack you. If you're in the air 
    showing off, he will do a rising scythe attack. However, they will make a 
    sound before they attack... and you could even SEE it. If you have good ears,
    listen carefully (which can be tough when you need to listen for 10 different
    attacks), or try to keep it inside the camera view. Kalina Ann can blow them
    far away.
    Abyss is the cool-looking, scythe-wielding demon in the game. They slash, they
    teleport, and they will shoot fire at you after it teleports and rises to the
    air. Most of the them they don't mix with other demons... and gather with only
    their kinds, but there are exceptions. You will see them with Soul Eaters, for
    example, just to make your life a living hell.
    They do noticeable damage, and triple that in DMD. They get take quite an
    amount of beating before they go down, and they vary in colours (well, that's
    not a battle ability, but it makes them annoying, sometimes).
    Be ready to dodge when they rise up, and always try to airborne them. This is
    also one of those times that really matters... be sure to skip the berserk 
    one and go for the normal ones first, just to speed things up.
    Hell Vanguard
    Vanguard again? Well, he's different in his non-boss mode. Subtle different,
    that is. He's weaker, and he doesn't teleport-attack as often (In DMD, the 
    boss would tele-attack 3 times before he lets you attack, while the normal
    Vanguards only do two).
    Otherwise, he's the same as the boss type you see in Mission 2. One thing 
    though... as non-boss, they do come in multiple... meaning you can face two
    of these in one screen. In one of the secret mission, if you aren't careful,
    you will end up facing two Vanguards and one Arachne.
    Enigma. Nothing in Normal, Something in Hard, Deadly in Dante Must Die. Can
    you imagine getting hit by a little arrow and have 1/3 of your hp gone?
    Well, you can very much visualize that with Enigma's help in DMD.
    They attack with blue arrows and red arrows. Blue arrows will make a nice
    arch in the air, and fall on you, while red arrows will go right at you. If
    you see a berserk Enigma charging up its red arrows... be ready to dodge. 
    Any kind of high time will not break its stance, Kalina Ann will not help,
    and you will die. 
    A useful tactic to fight these demons is AirTrick with Trickster. Teleport
    to them and blow them away with Kalina Ann, and kill them before they know
    it while dodging other arrows, since Enigmas come in packs. Yeah... easy
    for me to say, I know.
    Not the boss Gigapede, but the Gigapede in Leviathan's body. These creatures
    are weak... they do bite, but... that's all they'd do. You can ALWAYS run 
    away from them, and you should in DMD. If you really want to fight them,
    then always prepare to quick roll as you see it falls behide... because it 
    is going to charge right back up and bite. Or you could run til they get
    stuck, and kill them there. 
    Blood Goyle
    These red buggers split themselves if you hit them with melee attacks.
    Unless they are stoned... or turned to stone. Hit them with high power 
    firearms such as Spiral and Kalina Ann (Trick shot works great here), and 
    they will turn into stone statue. Well, then you slash. If you didn't kill
    them, they will split themselves as they turned back to normal.
    The one attack they do is... rush at you after they've spiraled in the air.
    It will hurt, so get your quick roll ready. 
    There are two types of Arachnes. The small one and the big one. 
    Their attacks are similar... the claw attack, the charge attack, and the
    web attacks. The big Arachne's claw and charge attack can attack you in
    air as well as on ground, so jumping is not a good way to dodge them. 
    While you can jump to avoid the small ones attack.
    If you get caught in the web, press the direction pad + buttons to get
    free, or simply Devil Trigger. If you don't, you will either be attacked
    by other Arachnes, or the Arachne you're attached to will throw and hurt 
    When you kill an Arachne, it will spawn babies, like Phantom's babies back
    in DMC1. Only that they will try to get on you and damage you. Either jump,
    Devil Trigger, or shoot those little bugs to death.
    The spirit of an armor or whatever it is. It doesn't take damage from 
    Firearm, and the only way to hurt them is attacking its rear. An alternate
    way of saying kicking their asses... Anyway, just use whatever Devil Arm,
    sneak to these guys back, and attack. It's not like you see them everywhere,
    so they don't deserve much attention.
        - Soul Eater
        - The Fallen
        - Damned Pawn
        - Damned Knight
        - Damned Bishop
        - Damned Rook
    Part V: Items
    Here are the consumable items you can purchase from the Time Statue.
    Item lists
    Vital Star S - This recovers four bars of health. This tops at 5,000.
    Vital Star L - This fully recovers Dante's health. The only thing worth
                   buying, really (aside from the Orbs). The cost of this
                   item increases by 1,500 after each purchase, and stay at
                   10,000 red orbs.
    Devil Star   - This restores the devil gauge.
    Holy Water   - This will destroy all enemies on the screen. Will deal
                   damage to bosses if used. Starting at 10,000, and top at
                   30,000 red orbs.
    Blue Orb     - Increases the maximum life bar. 
    Purple Orb   - Increases the maximum devil gauge.
    Gold Orb     - Full recovery when you are defeated. You can choose not to
                   use one when you die, though.
    Blue Orb Locations
    There are a total of 20 Blue Orb Fragments through the game. 
    Some are within the combat statues where you'll need to execute combos..
    and some are just up for grab. This doesn't include the secret missions'
    Unlike the Secret missions, you don't have to go to the
    particular mission for the fragment. With the exception for those that
    are available only after the destruction. (For instance, Underground Arena)
    The easiest (and earliest) way to get those are during these missions.
    Mission Three
    1  - Residential Area: 13th Avenue
    2  - Residential Area: 13th Avenue Rebellion Combat Adjudicator
    Mission Four
    3  - Temen-ni-gru 2F: Incandescent Space
    Mission Five
    4  - Temen-ni-gru 2F: Pitch-Black Void Cerberus Combat Adjudicator
    Mission Six
    5  - Central Temen-ni-gru: The Dark Corridor Agni&Rudra Combat Adjudicator
    Mission Seven
    6  - Upper Temen-ni-gru: The Dark Corridor 
    7  - Upper Temen-ni-gru: Lift Room Rebellion Combat Adjudicator
    Mission Eight
    8  - Leviathan Stomach: On the ship (First one before it turns dark)
    9  - Leviathan: Split path Cerberus Combat Adjudicator
    Mission Nine
    10 - Forbidden Land 1F: Subterranean Lake Nevan Combat Adjudicator
    11 - Forbidden Land 1F: Subterranean Garden
    Mission Eleven
    12 - Temen-ni-gru 2F: Altar of Evil Pathway
    13 - Forbidden Land 1F: Temperance Wagon Agni&Rudra Combat Adjudicator
    Mission Thirteen
    14 - Forbidden Land 3F: Obsidian Path Nevan Combat Adjudicator
    Mission Fourteen
    15 - Forbidden Land 3F: Lair of Judgement Ruins Beowulf Combat Adjudicator
    16 - Forbidden Land 1F: Hell's Highway
    Mission Fifteen
    17 - Temen-ni-gru 1F: Underground Arena
    Mission Seventeen
    18 - God-Cube Chamber Beowulf Combat Adjudicator
    19 - Upper Temen-ni-gru 2 Azure Garden
    Mission Eighteen
    20 - Netherworld: Lost Souls Nirvana (Defeat all bosses)
    Not going to write too much about ranking. This is how ranking works.
    There are five categories: Time, Orb, Style, Damage, and Item. At end
    mission, you'll recieve a ranking for each category, from D to S.
    This is actually a point system. 
    S - 5 points
    A - 4 points
    B - 3 points
    C - 2 points
    D - 1 points
    In order to get an overall S rank for the mission, you will need at least
    23 points. Meaning, you'll need at least 3S and 2A in any order. (4S and B 
    works, too)
    Overall Ranking
    S - 23 to 25 points
    A - 18 to 22 points
    B - 13 to 17 points
    C -  8 to 12 points
    D -  5 to  7 points
    ...Personally I have never gotten anything lower than a B on the overall 
    ranking. The information on C and D is just theoretical.
    Getting all S will give you a S overall ranking at the mission screen,
    but it will show SS when you check the Total Result. So... what are you
    waiting for? Go upgrade your ranking to all SS.
    Part VI: Miscellaneous
    There are varies secrets in this game (beside the Secrets Missions)
    Costumes, Gallery, Movies, Codes, Two players...
    There are 4 difficulties, not including the Heaven or Hell mode since it
    does not go into the Total Result chart.
    You start with Easy and Normal, and finishing Normal will unlock Hard,
    finishing Hard will unlock Dante Must Die, and finishing DMD will unlock
    6.1 Costumes
    Costumes will be unlocked upon the completion of different difficulties.
    There are 6 different Costumes.
    Dante DMC3
    This one is available from the start. This uses the Kazuma Kaneko's design
    when you turns Devil.
    Dante DMC3 no Coat
    He's half naked. Actually, this is Dante DMC3 without coat, the
    default costume you use in Mission 1 in the first play through. This also
    uses Kazuma Kaneko's illustration for Devil Trigger. This can be unlocked
    by finishing Easy or Normal.
    Dante DMC1
    The Dante design from Devil May Cry 1. The important thing about this one is,
    Dante will use the old Devil Design as well. So if you dislike Kazuma Kaneko,
    pick this costume instead. In the gameplay, you'll see him wielding the old
    Forge Edge instead of Rebellion. This is unlocked after completing Normal.
    Dante DMC no Coat
    Same as the one above, except Dante doesn't wear his coat. 
    Unlocked after finishing Hard.
    Same as the Sparda costume in Devil May Cry 1. (and this is a costume this
    time, not a character unlike DMC1) Dressed in purple... and his Devil Mode 
    is of course, Sparda. A shadow of Devil will show on the ground as he walks 
    even if he's in his normal form. This is unlocked after Hard.
    Super Dante
    Unlike DMC 1, Super Dante is just a costume and not a new character, meaning
    you can switch in-between mission. Super Dante has infinite DT, that means 
    you can Doppelganger or Quicksilver the entire stage. One different is, your
    health does not recover even when you're in Devil Mode if you choose Super
    Dante costume.
    6.2 Secrets
    There's a cheat code which unlocks everything, and this is available at the
    very beginning. Personally I found this very lame... but what can I do. It 
    would have been better if it requires a certain amount of gameplay hours
    and a clear game data before the cheat can be used...
    Anyway, for the Japanese version, here goes.
    Hold R1+R2+L1+L2 and rotates L3 three times.
    *Note: You cannot cancel this code after activation. All savefiles in your
    memory cards will be affected. Do not use it on your main card if you only
    want to take a look.
    Two Players
    Two players are available... but this is not really two players. You can 
    control the shadow of Dante with the second player's controller when he 
    casted After Image, the same can be done to Vergil in Mission 19. 
    Press Start on the second controller and start player.
    6.3 Weapons/Styles/Devil Trigger
    Weapons/Devil Trigger
    Generally, I equip Agni & Rudra, Nevan, Ebony & Ivory, and Kalina Ann along 
    with Trickster. 
    What I use:
    I like Agni & Rudra for its great offensive power, range, and of course, 
    Air Hike. Nevan I mainly use for crowd control, and it can easily
    airborne the enemies. It is very easy to excel in style with Nevan, since 
    there are many many chances for Dante to taunt during combat. 
    Ebony & Ivory is the firearm that I always equip. It has great range, rapid 
    fire, and most important of all, it sustains your air time. Kalina Ann is 
    great for mass destruction and crowd control. It can get you out of trouble
    when things start to heat up. It lacks in range, but it is not a problem.
    Useful Skill  - Stinger, Helm Breaker, High Time (High Time combo)
                    Aerial Wave, 
    Useless Skill - Million Stabs, Glide (Devil Trigger)
    Rebellion USED TO BE my favourite weapon in DMC3. But soon after I've mastered
    other weapons, I've found that Rebellion... simply is not enough. True, its 
    Stinger, Helm Breaker are great moves, (and I don't use Swordmaster often, so
    no Aerial Rave. Even then, there is Sky Dance) but it some how juse doesn't do
    well when you get surrounded. Not to mention the Million Stabs move blows. As 
    for one-on-one combat, its power is outmatched by Beowulf totally, and it is 
    not as fast as the Cerberus. 
    In Devil Trigger, Dante gains can float in midair by pressing and holding 
    R1+X. It's quite useless though. During Devil Trigger, his attack power, 
    defense, attack speed, speed, and health recover will all rises considerably. 
    If you want a well-balanced weapon, for sure bring Rebellion with you.
    If Agni & Rudra doesn't exist, I will sure as hell take Rebellion with me. 
    Useful Skill  - Revolver 
    Useless Skill - Most of the skills are just medicore... personally I've never
                    found Million Carats useful.
    Cerberus is fast, and it is more defensive than it is offensive. Dante spins 
    the weapon around his body in a stylish way and hits everything that is close 
    to him. In terms of attack power, it is low, but the multiple hits are able to
    make up for that. The real downside is the lack of Air Hike. With Trickster,
    the lack of Air Hike could be made up by using Sky Star. With other styles 
    though, you will have to switch weapons to use Air Hike (which I always do, 
    switching weapon during a jump and initiate another jump).
    Speed is what this weapon is about. In Devil Trigger, Dante's attack speed 
    will raise immensely... to a level that you need to adjust your timing for
    weapon combos. DT also increases other attack power, defense etc, but not as
    much as it does to attack speed. 
    Agni & Rudra
    Useful Skill  - All
    Useless Skill - Actually, sometimes I think that Tempest should cover a larger
                    area since I have to hurt my thumb to trigger it. It doesn't
                    do much damage in DMD, either. Well, nothing does... (Except 
                    for Beowulf)
    This is my favourite weapon of all. It has speed, range, power, Air Hike, and
    two is better than one. I have to admit though, Stinger is better than Jet
    Steam, since Stinger doesn't wait for contact. Helm Breaker is more versatile
    than Aerial Cross mainly because it cuts down vertically. However, the usual
    combos of Agni & Rudra are better than Stinger in terms of range and power. 
    I also suggest not to equip Agni & Rudra AND Rebellion at the same time. It 
    is quite pointless, as their moves are similar. 
    In Devil Trigger, the attack power seems to get the most boost.
    Useful Skill  - Feedback, Jam Session, Reverb Shock, Bat Rift
    Useless Skill - Distortion, Slash (too slow)
    Nevan is the best Devilarm for crowd control. If you think Nevan is for ranged
    attack, then you are wrong. Its power in melee combat is so much greater than
    its ranged one. I usually charge it with a Reverb Shock, and then Bat Rift
    immediately. If I can successfully airborne the enemies, I would first taunt,
    and continue with my attacks (either with Nevan or switch weapons). Very easy
    to get a high style ranking with it.
    Comparing to the others, the recovery rate in Devil Trigger is seemingly 
    higher with Nevan. The one unique thing about DT Nevan is probably Air Raid, 
    and it can help in Normal and Hard (Not in DMD though).
    Useful Skill  - Rising Dragon, Killer Bee, Tornado, Straight, Hyper Fist, 
    Useless Skill - None that I'd concern useless... The Hammer has its use, but 
                    very limited.
    Beowulf is brute force. With this, you just attack, attack, and attack. Yes,
    it is a bit slow, and the range is short, and it is strictly one-on-one with
     the exception of Volcano, but the huge attack power makes up for it. To be 
    honest, Beowulf's moves are actually similar to those of Rebellion and 
    Agni & Rudra.
    HOWEVER, in Swordmaster, Beowulf would really shine with Zodiac, Volcano and 
    Real Impact/Tornado. Real Impact + Tornado is really a devastating move which 
    unleashes insane damage (Well, relatively), while Volcano is somewhat crowd
    Is Beowulf more powerful than Ifrits back in DMC1? No, it is nothing near that.
    Volcano is does significantly less than Inferno, and there is no Rolling Blaze.
    It does come with Air Hike though, so it can be a substitude to Agni & Rudra 
    or Rebellion, just in case you get bored from slashing and hacking.
    The DT has incredible defense, and probably attack too (not too sure, since it
    is powerful to start off with, and with any multiplier it would like so much
    more powerful right away).
    I usually use Trickster or Swordmaster, and I do believe that they are the more
    useful styles. Gunslingers could have been much more useful if there would be
    more skills available... and Royal Guard's Absorb ability just doesn't cut it. 
    Not to mention you have to get the perfect timing in order to fully make use
    of Royal Guard, yet, three to four mistakes in DMD and Dante will be no more.
    (But it is rewarding if you do master Royal Guard. By mastering I mean zero
    error tolerance.)
    Quicksilver and Doppelganger ARE useful, but the Devil Gauge burns out too 
    quickly. In a boss fight, Quicksilver with a couple of Devil Stars can give
    a sure win. (And don't tell me you use the code to unlock Super Dante and
    Quicksilver all day, because that's just lame)
    Useful Skill  - All except Wall Hike
    Useless Skill - Wall Hike (you can use it to grab Blue Fragments sometimes...)
    Wall hike really doesn't do much. First of all, it is not like there are wall 
    everywhere, and secondly, not all walls are hike-able.
    The style overall is amazing though. With Triple Dash, AirTrick, SkyStar, one
    can finish the entire level without a scratch with ease. (Or not with ease..)
    AirTrick can easily shorten distance and enable you to land in a quick hit, 
    while SkyStar can be used in an offensive or defensive (evasive) way. 
    Dash might not be much since there is the quick roll, but Double Dash and
    Triple Dash cover a much great distance, not to mention you can change
    direction in each dash. 
    If you believe in "As long as I don't get hit I win," use this style definitely.
    Useful Skill  - Many
    Useless Skill - Many 
    Swordmaster adds a lot of different moves to different Devilarms. The ones worth
    mentioning would be Aerial Wave, Sky Dance, Tempest, Volcano, Tornado, Feedback.
    The enemies can be defeated without these skills, but with these, the job can be
    done more easily. 
    There are plenty of useless skills though, and it was really a let-down. For 
    example, the scythe form Nevan looks cool, but Slash is just depressingly bad. 
    I feel like I've turned in Pride while I execute the Slash move.
    If you think that "I'll kill you before you kill me," than this is your style.
    Useful Skill  - Many
    Useless Skill - Few
    Let's face it, there are not enough skills for Gunslinger. It was disappointing
    when I reached Level 3 of Gunslinger only find up I get a power-up for an old
    skill, instead of getting new ones. Yes, there are new ones, but none of them
    are actually useful... well at least, not useful enough to substitude for 
    Swordmaster. (Especially in DMD)
    The cool skills are Rapid-Shot, Firework, Rainstorm, Two-some Time, GunStinger,
    Charged Shot, Multilock, Sphere, Acid Rain and Trickshot. Some of them are just
    "cool," but not useful. Two-some time for example is cool as hell, but its 
    damage is pitiful... not that I am complaining or expecting it to be better 
    though. Acid Rain should cover a large area, and charge up faster, and Sniper
    should do more damage. I don't know what to say about Kalina Ann's skills, 
    because they suck so much. A normal shot is better than the skill ones.
    If you like guns and want to be cool, take Gunslinger with you.
    Useful Skill  - Ultimate, Block&Charge, Air Block, Release
    Useless Skill - Air Release (in comparion)
    Why is Air Release useless? Why, I have never used it. Never felt I need to,
    never felt that using it would make my life easier. There is a very limited
    number of demons that are in the air, and even fewer that is worthy to take
    a Air Release. I mean what, are you going to jump and release to a Soul-
    Eater? Or do you really want to take chance and Air Release The Fallens?
    There are some boss fights which you can use Air Release, such as Cerberus.
    But you wouldn't really need it (meaning, it would not make it any easier)
    until you reach DMD. 
    Other skills ARE useful, since defensive skills do come in handy in certain
    situations. Ultimate for example can block quite a number of boss attacks.
    The bummer for Block&Charge/Release is timing. Think about Onimusha, it is 
    like doing Issens except you have to charge up multiple times first. To 
    minimize the damage you take, you will need to block as the attack hits you,
    and that takes quite some time to master.
    All in all, this style totally kicks ass, but it takes quite a long time to
    master, and it is not for everyone. If you can release with a good timing,
    you can easily tear enemies apart even in DMD mode. 
    If you think that "Defense it the best offense," and you have good hand-eye
    coordination, give RoyalGuard a try.
    There's only one skill: Time Lag. With the expense of Devil Gauge of course.
    It can be useful when you are in sticky situation, or when you have 
    exploited a boss' weakness and wish to deliver more damage before she 
    recovers (I'm talking about the Nevan's fight, but it applies to others as 
    If you don't need any style normally, and only want a boost at some point,
    take Quicksilver with you.
    Afterimage creates a shadow, which uses the exact skills as you. If you call
    the image with Rebellion and E&I equipped, the shadow will have those 
    weapons, and will not change even if you switch weapons later on. You can 
    unsummon, switch weapons, and resummon if you want it to have a different 
    weapon... but you would not have the leisure to do so normally 
    (as opposed to... Super).
    With a 2P controller, you can press start and gain controller of the shadow.
    A temp. two players actions. Shadow takes no damage whatsoever.
    If you don't need any style normally, and want to double team your foe for a
    short peroid of time as a boost, equip Doppelganger.
    6.4 Frequently Asked Questions
    Q: How did you get the game so early?
    A: They released it a week earlier in Hong Kong, and I got my friend to buy
       it for me.
    Q: How long does it take you do finish DMD? 
    A: Didn't time it. But it took me 6 hours to finish normal, and the total
       gameplay hours after I've finished DMD is around 38 hours. I did try to
       gather more blue orbs before finishing it though. 
    Q: Did you use items in DMD?
    A: As much as I want to say no... I did. I use one large vital orb in the
       final battle just to get it over with. 
    Q: How do you fight [Boss name] ?
    A: See the boss sections for details. If that doesn't help you, either email
       me or practise more. There shouldn't be any problem until you play DMD.
    Q: I couldn't find [certain blue orb fragment]!
    A: Well... I might revice that section later.
    Q: How do you get SSS on [certain Combat Adjudicator]?
    A: Practise the moves. Execute different moves, and pull out the crazy combo.
       Using Swordmaster helps a lot in getting higher style rank.
    Q: Is [items] worth buying?
    A: The only items worth buying is Vital Star L, and of course and Blue and 
       Purple. I've never used Holy Water in a real fight (I use it for testing
       purpose to measure toughness), never continued with a Gold Orb, and never
       tossed a Devil Star.
    Q: Why do you call it "Time Statue" instead of "Divinity Statue?"
    A: I've calling it Time Statue since DMC1, and can't change it now. Besides,
       Time is easier to type than Divinity.
    Q: The Devil Modes kind of suck in this game. Discuss.
    A: No, although it is true that you don't gain new moves or altered moves 
       with Devil Trigger, your abilities actually improve quite a lot when you
       are in Devil Mode. 
       Rebellion is the most balanced, and you can float around in midair by 
       holding R1+X... in fact, I'll make a little section on Devil Mode.
    Q: You said Distortion is useless in your guide, why?
    A: Just want to see if people actually pay attention. It doesn't.
       It is not useless, but you just need to get the right timing with it
       since it can be slow charging it up.
    Q: Do you have SS ranks all over the Total Result screen?
    A: I wish. Working on it, currently I have around 6... Plenty of S though!
    Q: How do you think about Devil May Cry 2? Is DMC3 any better?
    A: DMC3 is infinitely better in varies areas. There are better lines, and 
       Dante doesn't act like an old man. The best thing is he doesn't say,
       "Don't speak, just die" anywhere in DMC3.
    Q: I found a mistake on the walkthrough. It is Envies, not Envys.
    A: This is not a question, but either way, I don't care. 
    More to come.
    Part VII: Legal Information
    I'll keep this one short. If you'd like to post this on your site, you may
    do so as long as the content is not altered in any kind of way. Or you can
    ask for my permission via email, kanzakii@gmail.com.
    Also feel free to email me if you have any comments or questions.
    Concerning Email:
    while I appreciate all emails I've been getting... I'd like to thank
    Captron614 for being the first to just comment without asking for my help.
    And like I've expected, lots of people have emailed me about boss strategy..
    after I've finished the boss strategy section. Well, it is not like you can
    magically defeat the boss after recieving my response, and keep in mind that
    you need to practice.
    That aside... please be specific about the problem. "I'm getting my ass 
    kicked by Vergil in Mission 20" doesn't tell me a lot... Tell me what you're
    using, what moves you have difficulty dodging, and how many times you've died.

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