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    Enemy/Boss Guide by Captain Username

    Version: 1.06 | Updated: 04/12/05 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Devil May Cry 3 - Enemies/Boss Guide
    Creator - Captain Username
    Version - 1.04
    ===========                           ==
    ===      ===                       == ==
    ===       ===                         ==
    ===       ===  ====   ==         = == ==
    ===       === ==   ==  ==       == == == 
    ===       == =========  ==     ==  == ==
    ===========  ==          =======   == == 
    ==========    =======     =====    == ========
    ===     ===                    =========== 
    ====   ====                    ===========
    ===== =====                    ==
    ===========                    ==          ====== ==   ==
    ====   ==== ====== ==   ==     ==          ====== ==   ==
    ====   ==== =   == ==   ==     =========== ==     =======
    ====   ==== ====== =======     =========== ==     =======
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    Version History
    4/12/05 version 1.06 - Added strategies from readers.
    4/4/05 version 1.05 - Sorry about the delay with the update, started a new
    job and its been keeping me busy.  Anyway added some more strats from you
    guys.  Keep them coming.  I also added my pathetic excuse for an ASCII.
    3/23/05 version 1.04 - You guys are animals, I'm getting tons of strategies,
    keep them coming.  Updated Legal information.
    3/22/05 version 1.03 - Added more strategies from readers.  Updated legal
    3/21/05 version 1.02 - Finished spell checking (maybe).  Added some more
    strategies from readers, still lots to go though.  Keep them coming
    you guys do good work.  Also I will give someone my undying gratitude if they
    make an ASCII for me to use
    3/19/05 version 1.01 - Started serious proof reading.  Added strategies
    from the emails I received and from the topics on gamefaqs.  Thanks a lot
    everyone, I've been getting a lot of good strategies.  I'm adding them in
    the order I get them and I still have a lot to go.  So if you dont see
    yours' yet, I'm not snubbing you, I just haven't gotten to you yet.
    3/18/05 version 1.0 - Finished strategies for final bosses, submitted to
    gamefaqs...accepted :)
    3/17/05 version 0.6 - Added strategies for Soul eater, hell vanguard, 
    cerberus, and gigapede, added contact and legal sections.
    3/16/05 version 0.5 - Added strategies for Hell gluttony, hell greed, 
    bloodgoyle, damned pawn, damned bishop, damned rook, damned knight, 
    3/15/05 version 0.4 - Fixed a seemingly endless supply of grammatical 
    errors.  Added strategies for hell pride, hell lust, and hell wrath
    3/13/05 version 0.3 - Fixed some more grammatical errors.  Added items 
    3/11/05 version 0.2 - Fixed a lot of grammatical errors.  Added actions, 
    gun, and devil arm descriptions
    3/10/05 version 0.1 - Began construction of faq.  Added Introduction, 
    controls, style sections.
    1. Intro
    Welcome to the Captains guide to the enemies and bosses of Devil May 
    Cry 3 (hereafter referred to as Dmc 3).  This guide only applies to 
    easy, normal, and hard difficulties.  For Dante must die strats you can 
    check out VampireHordes excellent dmd faq. If your looking to S rank missions 
    then your in the wrong place, I give strategies for winning not for looking 
    stylish, it may not be pretty but at the end of the day you will still be alive.
    Don't expect me to lay out step by step the best combos to do.  I'm
    going to assume you know how to do the combos for each weapon, if you don't,
    press left on the direction pad and read about each weapon.  I also don't
    assume you have each style maxed, so I give strategies that are not dependant
    on any one style, so feel free to make assumptions, for instance if I say 
    combo him whiles he's down and your using swordmaster you can use the more
    powerful swordmaster combos.
    Disclaimer - Faqs (this one included) will never replace good old 
    practice.  The only way to get better at something is to practice and 
    that's my suggestion for ALL dmc players.  If at first you don't succeed 
    try again, two birds in the bush is worth one in the hand, and other such 
    nonsense no one probably understands.
    Also please understand that this is constantly a work in progress.  I wanted
    to get it out to the people as soon as possible so just try to ignore the
    multitude of spelling and grammatical errors.  They will all be taken care 
    of in time.  
    I accept all strategies from readers as long as they're written
    out coherently.  I DO NOT accept "Yur so dum, I beated the boss like this".
    Understand that there is literally hundreds of ways to beat all the enemies 
    and I only listed a few for each.
    Ok lets get on with it...
    *Note - To search for a specific chapter just hit ctrl+F and put in 
    the chapter number
    Table of contents - 
    1. Intro
    2. Controls
    3. Moves
     a. Devil Arms
     b. Guns
     c. Styles
     d. Actions
    4. Items
    5. Enemies
     a. Minor Enemies
     b. Bosses
    2.  Controls
    Left Joystick - Move Dante/cycle through menus
    Right Joystick - Move camera when applicable
    Select - Taunt
    Start - Pause game/skip cutscene
    X - Jump/confirm in menus
    Square - Shoot
    Triangle - Use devil arm/back in menu
    Circle - Style move
    Up on direction pad - Items list
    Left on directional pad - Library of files
    Down on directional pad - Style meter
    Right on directional pad - Map
    3a. Devil Arms
    Rebellion - Your prized sword and starting weapon, you'll find yourself 
    using rebellion through most of the game.  A nice mixture of power and 
    speed makes rebellion a good choice against most enemies.
    Cerberus - Gotten from the three headed ice guardian cerberus, these 
    tri-ice chucks are the fastest weapon in the game.  They also swing 
    around behind you during combos making them a good choice against 
    groups. Unfortunatly their range and power are not great.  You will 
    probably only use these in select situations.
    Agni and Rudra - Gotten from the twin guardians of fire and wind.  
    These blades are one of the best weapons in the game.  They almost have 
    it all; they swing wide which makes them good against groups, they are 
    fast and powerful.  Their range is moderate to good.  They suffer from 
    a bit of recovery time at the end of some of the combos, but that's not 
    going to stop you from taking these with you on most excursions.
    Nevan - Gotten from the succubus Nevan.  This guitar turned weapon is 
    the ultimate in crowd control.  With a wide range of wide reaching 
    attacks this weapon is going to be your best friend if you decide to 
    take on the harder difficulty levels.  Its one downfall is the lack of 
    basic slashing attacks, so you have to give yourself enough time to start up 
    your crowd clearing combos.
    Beowulf - Gotten from the demon Beowulf.  These gauntlets and boots are 
    the most powerful weapon in the game.  Unfortunately just like in most 
    games the most powerful weapon is also the slowest.  Your going to have 
    to watch the recovery time or else your going to end up eating a sickle 
    Devil Arm Ranking
    Power                   Speed                  Range
    _____                   _____                  _____
    Beowulf                Cerberus                Nevan
    Nevan                    A&R                    A&R
    Rebellion              Rebellion              Rebellion
    A&R                     Nevan                 Cerberus
    Cerberus                Beowulf                Beowulf
    3b. Guns
    Ebony and Ivory - Your custom made handguns and starting weapons.  The 
    quickest guns in the game you'll be taking these bad boys wherever you 
    go.  They have excellent stunning power on lower levels.  They have 
    great range and are great for keeping your combos going.
    Shotgun - Your typical shotgun, this baby delivers high stopping power 
    but with little range.  It will be a solid addition to your lineup 
    until you hit the harder difficulties.  At that point the damage stops 
    making up for the lack of range and you will probably end up switching 
    it out for the spiral or Kalina Ann.
    Artemis - In my opinion the most worthless gun in the game unless your 
    using the gunslinger style.  Its regular shots are slow and only 
    moderatly powerful.  If your not a diehard gunslinger than this gun is 
    going to be riding the pine for most of the game.
    Spiral - A long range devastating rifle.  This badboy packs a punch in 
    its normal shot.  Unfortunately the rate of fire is extremely low.  It 
    makes a nice addition to Ebony and Ivory but you wont be using it as 
    your main weapon.
    Kalina Ann - The big boy on the block, when your toting your rocket 
    launcher you can see the demons practically turning tail and running 
    away and for good reason.  The launcher packs quite a punch, though its 
    range and rate of fire leaves something to be desired.  This will 
    become your main weapon on the hard difficulty.
    Gun Ranking
    Power                   Speed                  Range
    _____                   _____                  _____
    Kalina Ann               E&I                   Spiral
    Spiral                  Shotgun                 E&I
    Shotgun                 Artemis                Artemis
    Artemis                 Spiral                Kalina Ann
    E&I                    Kalina Ann              Shotgun
    3c. Styles
    TRICKSTER - An evasive style, using a mixture of dashes and 
    teleportation your able to avoid your enemies and set yourself up for 
    the kill.
    Level 1 
    Wall Hike - Hold circle near a wall to run up the wall or hold circle 
    while jumping next to a flat wall and run along it.
    Dash - Hold a direction and circle to quickly move a short amount of 
    Level 2
    Sky Star - Hold a direction and circle while in mid air to perform the 
    dash in the air.
    Double Dash - The same as dash except you do it twice
    Level 3
    Air Trick - Hold R1 to target an enemy then press circle and the 
    directional stick towards the enemy to teleport directly above them. 
    Triple Dash - You getting the pattern yet :)
    SWORDMASTER - If you like crushing your enemies like the bugs they are, 
    this is the style for you.  Giving you a bigger devil arm moveset, 
    everything will fall before your unstoppable might.
    Level 1 Rebellion
    Prop Shredder - Press circle while on the ground to spin your blade in 
    front of you.
    Aerial Rave - Press circle while in mid air to execute a sword slice 
    Level 2 Rebellion
    Sword Pierce - Press circle and forward to throw your sword at an 
    enemy. Press circle again to retrieve your sword or attack your enemies 
    barehanded with triangle.
    Level 3 Rebellion
    Dance Macrabe - Hold back and repeatedly press circle to pull off an 
    insane combo that destroys everything in your path.
    Level 1 Cerberus
    Flicker - Press circle to execute a ground combo
    Level 2 Cerberus
    Crystal - Press circle and back to have Dante slam the ground in front 
    of him laying down a line of ice spikes
    Level 3 Cerberus
    Ice age - Press circle and back to produce a sphere of ice around Dante
    shielding him from attacks.
    Level 1 Agni and Rudra
    Sky Dance - Press circle while in the air to perform a crossing swords 
    Crossed Swords - Press circle while on the ground to perform a crossed 
    sword ground attack.
    Level 2 Agni and Rudra
    Crawler - Press circle and forward to have Dante slam the ground in 
    front of him bring up a line of fire and wind.
    Level 3 Agni and Rudra
    Twister - Press circle and back to surround yourself with a column of 
    fire  and wind.
    Level 1 Nevan
    Slash - Press circle while on the ground to attack with Nevan in the 
    shape of a scythe
    Level 2 Nevan
    Feedback - Press circle and forward to have Nevan circle around you 
    damaging all enemies within range.
    Level 3 Nevan
    Distortion - Press circle and back to shoot waves of bats out of Nevan
    Level 1 Beowulf
    The hammer - Press circle while in the air to perform a overhand chop 
    with Beowulf
    Zodiac - Press and hold circle while on the ground to shoot a beam of 
    light from your hand
    Level 2 Beowulf
    Volcano - Hold R1 to target an enemy then press circle and forward to 
    slam your fists into the ground bringing up a geyser of light to damage 
    all enemies within range.
    Level 3 Beowulf
    Real Impact - Press circle and back to do a ridiculously powerful 
    upper cut
    GUNSLINGER - If fighting at a range is your thing than this gaggle of 
    gun tricks will certainly help you on your way towards ranged 
    Level 1 Ebony and Ivory
    Twosome time - Hold R1 to target an enemy and then press circle to fire    
    one of your guns towards the primary target.  Use the right stick to 
    aim    your second gun at a secondary enemy.
    Charge shot - Hold down square to charge up your guns then release a    
    concentrated blast of devil power
    Rapid shot - Tap square repeatedly to fire E&I at a high rate of fire
    Rain storm - Jump and tap circle to spin in the air firing off shots
    below you.
    Level 2 Ebony and Ivory
    Charge shot level 2 - Upgraded charge shot
    Rapid shot level 2 - Upgrade rapid shot
    Level 3 Ebony and Ivory
    Charge shot level 3 - Upgraded charge shot
    Rapid shot level 3 - Upgrade rapid shot
    Level 1 Shotgun
    Fireworks - Press circle to swing your shotgun around firing shotgun 
    blasts in a 360 degree arc all around you.
    Charge shot - Hold down square to unleash a concentrated blast of devil 
    Rapid shot - Tap square repeatedly to fire the shotgun at a high rate of
    Level 2 Shotgun
    Charge shot Level 2 - Upgraded charge shot
    Rapid shot level 2 - Upgraded rapid shot
    Level 3 Shotgun
    Charge shot Level 3 - Upgraded charge shot
    Rapid shot level 3 - Upgraded rapid shot
    Shotgun Stinger - Press circle and forward to slide across the room 
    towards an enemy shove your shotgun in their face and fire.  Repeatedly 
    tap the button as you hit to fire off several point blank shotgun shots
    Level 1 Artemis
    Multi Lock shot - Hold Circle on the ground or in mid air to fire a 
    barrage of shots at a target.
    Level 2 Artemis
    Max Lock - Increase the number of locks for your Multi Lock shot
    Sphere - Press circle and forward to make a sphere of energy form at 
    the end of your gun, damaging anything it touches.
    Level 3 Artemis
    Max Lock - Increase the number of locks blah..blah...I think you got it
    Level 1 Spiral
    Trickshot - Press circle to shoot a shot into the air that bounces off 
    the ceiling and walls and hits the enemy.
    Level 2 Spiral
    Trickshot level 2 - Increase the amount of times your bullet ricochets
    Level 3 Spiral
    Sniper shot - Press circle and forward to release a powerful shot
    Trickshot level 3 - Increase ricochet again
    Level 1 Kalina Ann
    Hysteric - Press circle while on the ground to release a barrage of 
    Level 2 Kalina Ann
    Hysteric Level 2 - Increase the number of missiles fired
    Grappel - Shoot out a grappel line that will drag minor enemies towards 
    Level 3 Kalina Ann
    Hysteric Level 3 - Increase missiles again
    ROYALGUARD - Where's the defense you say?  Right here, if blocking is 
    your bag then this is the style for you.
    Level 1 Royal Guard
    Block and Charge - Hold circle while on the ground to block enemy 
    attacks.  This charges your release meter.
    Release - When your release meter fills up press circle and forward to 
    release the pent up power against your enemies.
    Level 2 Royal Guard
    Air block and charge - The same as block and charge but in the air
    Air release - The same as release but in the air
    Level 3 Royal Guard
    Ultimate - Hold Circle and back to put up a devil power shield.  When 
    enemies attack the shield you regain life.
    Quicksilver - You gain this style after defeating a boss.  Using the 
    power of time manipulation, gain the upper hand against your enemies.
    Timelag - Press R1 and circle to slow down your enemies.  This move 
    uses devil trigger.
    Doppelganger - You gain this style after defeating a boss.  Summon a 
    shadow Dante to help you crush the Demons.
    After Image - Press R1 and circle to summon shadow Dante.  He will 
    mimic your movements.  This move uses devil trigger.
    3d. Actions
    During your travels you will come across statues where you can buy new 
    actions for your devil arms.
    Stinger Level 1 - Slide across the screen and lunge with your sword by 
    pressing forward and triangle.
    Stinger Level 2 - Increase the range and power of the lunge
    Drive - Hold triangle to throw a wave of energy towards your opponents
    Air Hike - Hit x while in mid air to double jump
    Revolver Level 1 - Press triangle and forward to spin your body and 
    trichucks multiple times.
    Revolver Level 2 - Increase the number of revolutions and power
    Windmill - Spin your chucks like a propeller in front of you by 
    pressing triangle and back
    Agni and Rudra
    Jet Stream - Press triangle and forward to dash forward swinging your 
    swords multiple times
    Jet stream level 2 - Increase the amount of slashes done during the run
    Jet stream level 3 - Add a powerful ending slash to your dash
    Whirlwind - Spin your dual blades in a propellor motion by pressing 
    triangle and back.
    Air Hike - Double jump
    Reverb Shock - charge at the enemy and attack them with a powerful 
    electric attack with triangle and forward
    Bat rift Level 2 - Use your guitar to knock the enemy up in the air and 
    then attack with bloodthirsty bats.
    Air Raid - While in Devil trigger, jump in the air and press R1 and X 
    to hover.  Press square to fire lightning down on your enemies.
    Volume up - A passive ability.  Summons more bats.
    Straight - The Beowulf version of stinger.  Lunge and punch your 
    enemies with triangle and forward
    Straight Level 2 - Increase the power of your lunge
    Rising Dragon - A powerful uppercut.  Hold back and press triangle 
    Air Hike - Double jump
    4. Items
    At the same statues where you can purchase upgrades you can also 
    purchase items.
    Vital Star Small - Recover about 1/2 of a health bar.  Price goes up to 
    Vital Star Large - Recover all your health.  Price goes up to 10000
    Devil Star - Recover all your DT power.  Price goes up to 10000
    Holy Water - Damages all the demons in a room.
    Blue Orb - Raise maximum life.  Price goes up to 50000
    Purple orb - Raise max DT.  Price goes up to 50000
    Yellow Orb - Gives you a continue after you die.  Price goes up to 3000
    5a. Minor Enemies
    General tips for all enemies
    - Make sure you listen and watch closely, almost all enemies have clues 
    to give away there attacks.
    - Vital stars are helpful...pack a few wherever you go.  You can replay 
    the first level if you start to get low on orbs.  Though none of my
    strategies rely on devil/vital stars, it doesn't hurt to keep one or two
    just in case of an emergency.  Remember there's no shame in using the
    - Practice makes perfect.  I can tell you how to beat guys until I'm 
    blue in the face but if you don't get out there and practice you'll 
    never be able to do it well
    Ok for each enemy I'll list...
    Their Attacks
    Cues for attacks
    Recommended strategy for beating them
    Since there's no way to know what style, devil arms, guns you have at 
    your disposal...I'll try to give a couple strategies and hopefully you 
    have the equipment for one of them.  Ok lets get started.
    Hell Pride - The first enemy you face in the game.  They wear a 
    distinctive purple robe and carry a giant scythe.
    Recommended Devil Arms - Rebellion, Nevan
    Recommended guns - E&I
    Attacks -
    Scythe slash - While on the ground the Pride will attack with its 
    scythe.  You can see them bring their scythe back to attack very 
    Jumping Scythe slash - Similar to the ground slash but done in the air.  
    Just like the ground attack you can see them bring the scythe back.
    Strategy -
    There are dozens of strategies for dealing with these guys.  The most 
    important thing is just not to stand still.  Especially on the lower 
    levels they will only attack if you stand still long enough for them to 
    bring their scythe back and attack.  So you want to attack, move, 
    attack, move, attack.  They should go down after about 5 slashes with 
    Warmasterofchaos adds:
    Shotgun Stinger groups of Prides to make 'em fly
    Hell Lust - They are one of the quickest enemies in the game and 
    unfortunately like to attack from behind you.  You can identify them by 
    their orangish brownish cloak.
    Recommended Devil Arm - Rebellion, A&R
    Recommended guns - E&I
    Attacks - 
    Dash - These enemies only seem to attack when your not close to them.  
    Watch for the ones hanging around the outer rim of the battle because 
    when you least expect it they rush in and claw at your back.  The trick 
    to beating them is listening closely. 
    GoldNinja adds:
    They also have an uppercut move. It starts with them dashing a very short
    distance and if your in range they will do a spinning uppercut move.
    They make the same sound as their long range dash, so as long as you air
    hike away you will clear their range.
    Strategy - 
    Right before they begin their dash they will give off a growling 
    sound.  Right when you hear this...JUMP...I don't care what your doing, 
    even if the guy in front of you only needs one more hit, its always 
    better to not take damage than to give it.  As you jump they should pass
     right below you, if you feel so inclined feel free to get a little revenge by 
    dropping on them with a helm breaker (rebellion: triangle in mid air).  
    When you'd like to go on the offensive just close in and keep up the 
    pressure, as long as your close and combo them they wont be able to 
    recover fast enough to dash attack you.  They take about 10 hits with 
    Hell Wrath - Toting a giant bomb over their head these guys will 
    quickly become a pain in your butt when they start to pop up 
    unexpectedly right into the path of your bullets.
    Recommended Devil Arms - Anything with Air Hike
    Recommended Guns - E&I
    Attacks -
    Explode - The Hell Wrath has no normal attacks, but after a certain 
    amount of damage is dealt to it; it will explode damaging everything in 
    range.  You can tell when its about to blow because it will turn a deep 
    red color.
    Strategy - These guys are very easy to deal with once you learn to pick 
    them out of a crowd.  Simply back away from them, target them with E&I 
    and turn them and anything else around them into a gooey mess.  The 
    explosion is about 10 Dante's long so make sure you give yourself a big 
    cushion.  When facing them in a small area, just air hike and then 
    shoot them with E&I.  At the peak of Air Hike you clear the blast radius 
    Hell Sloth - White robed teleporters wielding scythes, the Hell Sloths 
    will quickly become a nightmare if you let them.
    Recommended Devil Arms - Cerberus, A&R or Beowulf if you have it
    Recommended Guns - E&I, Shotgun or Kalina Ann if you have it
    Attacks - 
    Teleport Scythe Attack - The Sloths are annoying because they like to 
    teleport instantly to where you are and then give you a nice scythe to 
    the face.  Luckily they like to make a big production before they do 
    this move, so as long as you pay attention you should rarely get hit by 
    them.  When they tilt there head back and growl it means their about to 
    teleport.  What does this mean to you, you may ask?  Well basically 
    where you are when they begin the teleport move is where their going.  
    So the easiest way to dodge is to not be there.  As soon as you see their 
    head go back simply relocate to another part of the room and they will 
    miss every time.  If you cant see them when they begin the teleportation,
    just keep an eye behind you, you will see some smoke start to form before they
    "phase in" simply move out of the way.
    Strategy -
    The preferred way to take these guys out is with Beowulf.  Simply do 
    Killer bee (Beowulf: Triangle in Mid air) over and over again and they 
    will be down in no time.  Since you spend more time in the air then you 
    do on the ground and Sloths have no moves that attack the air...you'll 
    be living on easy street.  
    Some of you may not have Beowulf though so you'll have to suffice with 
    Cerberus.  The goal here is to have them surround you.  But Captain you 
    say...that's just stupid.  Actually its not, Cerberus attacks go to all 
    sides of you including your back so as long as enemies are in range 
    they will all get hit.  Getting them to surround you is very easy, 
    simply start attacking one and wait for the others to teleport to you, move 
    just out of scythe swing range (they will not move at all after the 
    teleportation and before the scythe swing) then simply wade back in 
    with Cerberus.  Its nice, Cerberus has very little knock back so you should 
    be able to take them all out before you knock them out of your range.
    Rebellion and E&I are another combo and if your facing the sloths for 
    the first time thats pretty much what your packing.  Keep up a solid 
    stream of fire with E&I, which accomplishes two things a)it keeps them 
    stunned b)it keeps them from teleporting.  As you shoot start making 
    your way towards one of the sloths, give him a rebellion combo one, and then 
    run...because as soon as you let up your pistol fire to combo one of 
    them you can bet the others are on their way to you.  Once you get some 
    distance go back to putting E&I to good use...rinse...and repeat...not 
    the fastest way you could do it but definitely the safest.
    Kalina Ann is one of the best weapons to use if you have it.  Simply 
    spam the shots, the sloths will get knocked down from the blast, since 
    it takes them so long to teleport you can pretty much just alternate from 
    one to the next and keep them all on the ground. 
    Hell Gluttony - Greenish in color these guys like to take you out with 
    with their fearsome sand blast attack.
    Recommended Devil Arms - Rebellion
    Recommended Guns - E&I, Shotgun
    Attacks -
    Scythe Attack - Your basic garden variety scythe attack, just like the 
    hell prides they will telegraph this move by leaning back to charge up 
    their swing.  Simply move out of the way when you see them charging up.
    Sand Attack - The main danger of the Gluttonys is the Sand blast 
    attack.  Watch when you see them lean their head back and sand appears 
    around their head.  They will spew out a wave of sand that will lay some 
    serious hurt down on you.  Like most enemies the key to avoiding this 
    is to recognize the motion they make before they do it.  Then you can simply 
    air hike straight up, (The attack will not go higher than head level)
    Strategy - The best time to get these guys is right after they do their 
    sand attack.  When you see them tilt their head back jump above them 
    and start shooting with E&I.  You will hover long enough that the 
    attack plays out beneath you, then you can come crashing down with a nice
     helm breaker.  If you prefer not to wait for the sand attack, just treat 
    these guys just like the hell prides, they should be down in no time.
    Hell Greed - In my opinion one of the hardest enemies in the game, 
    wielding caskets that they use to summon minions to help them, these 
    guys quickly become a nuisance.
    Suggested Devil Arms - A&R, Rebellion
    Suggested Guns - E&I, Shotgun
    Attacks -
    Casket swing - A very powerful melee attack the Greed brings the casket 
    back and whacks you in the face with it.  Make sure you watch closely 
    while your attacking them, when they bring there arm back with the 
    casket make sure you get out of there fast, the most important thing to 
    remember is THEY SWING IT TWICE once right to left and then immediately 
    back again.  I cant tell you how many times in the beginning I ran back in 
    and got plastered because I didnt remember that he swings twice.
    Casket Summon - This is a two part attack, similar to the Casket swing 
    the Greed will give this attack away with the position of the casket.  
    When he brings it straight back over his head, get out of the way 
    because he's going to be slamming it straight down.  The first part of 
    the attack happens when the casket hits the ground.  Black pools of magic 
    will rise up in a 2 Dante long area around him so don't be standing next 
    to him when it happens.  The second part is the summoning, once the 
    casket is in the ground you will see ghosts flying around, after a few 
    seconds of flying they will turn into other enemies, including but not 
    limited to hell prides, lusts, sloths, and gluttony.
    Strategy -
    The strategy for these guys is very simple...attack...attack like 
    crazy.  Get in close to one of the greeds and use rebellion to combo 
    him like crazy.  When he rears his casket back air hike straight up and 
    commence the blasting with E&I.  Don't drop early because you don't want 
    to get hit with that second swing if he's doing the casket swing.  Once you 
    can see him on screen and is sure he is done drop down with a helm 
    breaker and start comboing him again.  If your lucky you can kill him 
    before he does casket summon, but that is unlikely.  Once there's a moderate 
    amount of enemies around switch to A&R, the reason being that you have 
    a wide range for attack so other enemies that try to jump you from the 
    sides will get caught up in your combos.  Watch for the greeds attack 
    again, jump, blast, but this time make sure you switch to rebellion in 
    mid air so you can Helm breaker him.  Rinse and repeat and he should go 
    down eventually.  Then just mop up his summons.  It's very important 
    that you take the greeds out first, trying to take out the summons is a 
    losing battle, you can never keep up no matter how good you are.
    BloodGoyle - An ethereal red gargoyle that likes to travel in packs, 
    guns are the only way to go against them.  This is also the only enemy 
    that I feel gets easier the higher the difficulty is
    Recommended devil arms - Anything
    Recommended guns - E&I, Shotgun or Kalina Ann if you have it
    Attacks -
    Dive - The goyle spins around multiple times and then makes a lightning 
    quick dive at you.  This is the easiest move to spot for multiple 
    reasons, first of all they spin around a dozen times at least, it is 
    painfully easy to spot.  And just in case you miss that they let out a 
    screech as they dive at you that you cant possibly miss.
    Split - There are two ways that the goyles split, the first is if you 
    hit them with a devil arm too many times.  The second is that they do 
    it by themselves if you let them sit for too long.  Look for one that's 
    glowing a bright red and has energy coming off of him because he's 
    about to split apart.
    Strategy - 
    Guns are the only way to take the blood goyles down.  You have to turn 
    them to stone with your guns before you can take them down with your 
    devil arms.  This is one of the reasons I believe that easy is actually 
    harder then Hard mode when it comes to this guy.  Lots of times on easy 
    while your beating up a stoned goyle a blood goyle will fly by and take 
    an unintentional hit and split apart.  On hard everything takes more 
    hits, so the occasional misstrike wont mean your knee deep in goyles.  
    There are a multiple strategies for turning them to stone.  The first is 
    with E&I...this works on any difficulty level with any style, just keep 
    up a steady stream of fire and they will turn to stone, then just wade 
    in with your devil arms.
    The second is with shotgun and gunslinger equipped.  This method only 
    works on normal and easy.  Just use fireworks (gunslinger and shotgun: 
    press circle) over and over again and you'll soon be surrounded with 
    stone goyles.  Since it hits in almost every direction you'll be safe 
    from everything.  On hard unfortunately they take so many hits to turn to 
    stone that this strategy doesn't work very well.
    The third strategy which works very well on hard, if you use the Kalina 
    Ann, its very effective since a single Kalina Ann strike turns any 
    goyle in the blast radius to stone.
    Diez the White adds:
    Bloodgoyles are elementally weak to fire so they go down quicker if you
    use A&R against them.
    Watch adds:
    for Blood Goyles, if you don't have K-A yet, Spiral will turn them
    into stone with one hit.
    Spiders - Every game has to have giant spiders that make your skin crawl...
    this game is no exception.
    Recommended Devil Arms - Rebellion, Beowulf if you have it
    Recommended guns - E&I, Shotgun, Kalina Ann if you have it
    Attacks -
    Fang stab - You can see the spider rear back and stretch its fangs out.
    Just airhike away to dodge it.
    Web - When the spider takes its "sac" and starts wiggling it make sure you
    keep on the move and get behind it if possible because its going to shoot
    web out that binds you.  If you get caught just jam on all the buttons to
    break free.
    Rush - The spider looks like its going to pounce, it kind of settles into a
    crouch.  Just air hike and hover with E&I until it passes under you.
    Strategy -
    This is one enemy that I feel you should just run by if possible.  They are 
    very annoying since they don't get stunned easily and take a lot of damage
    to go down.  The most sure method of taking them down without getting hit is
    repeated helm breakers, that way you don't have to worry about any of the
    spiders attacks getting to you.  
    If you have Beowulf, you can replace helm breakers with Killer bee which is
    very effective at causing damage while still keeping off the ground.
    Diez the White adds:
    A&R do fire damage to the spiders who are elementally weak to fire
    Thesixthdragon adds:
    What i do is jump into the air and start firing Ebony&Ivory like no-other.
    After you get about half way down, Air Hike back up, fire a little bit, then
    Killer Bee them. Or Helm Breaker if the situation so calls for it. Or, if you
    are just feeling overly lazy, Gunslinger works very well. Air Hike and hover,
    then Rain Storm as much as you can, and then repeat. Don't lock on, because
    then Rain Storm will end a lot quicker. Just keep it unlocked, as the spiders
    will gather under you, and you'll deliver a hell of a lot of shots on them.
    Damned Pawn - The warrior of the chess piece ranks, you will fight a lot 
    of these guys during the second half of the game.
    Recommended Devil Arms - Rebellion
    Recommended Guns - Kalina Ann if you have it
    Attacks -
    Double sword strike - Frankly you should never be hit by these guys, 
    there attack is so blaringly obvious, watch when your attacking and 
    you'll see that their swords start to glow orange, once they do just 
    either take 3 steps back or just air hike and the swords will miss.
    Strategy -
    Just combo them like crazy with rebellion, when their swords glow just 
    step back and then go back in once they swing or jump and shoot them 
    with E&I to hover over their sword strike and helm breaker them when 
    their done.
    If your having problems (you shouldn't) you can always just shoot them 
    until they die since they have no ranged attacks and move very slowly.
    On hard mode you might want to use the Kalina Ann, the pawns tend to 
    form into groups and the Kalina ann will kill any in the blast radius 
    about 7 shots.
    Damned Bishop - The mage of the chess pieces, his fire attack will make 
    short work of you unless you make short work of him first.
    Recommended Devil Arms - Rebellion
    Recommended Guns - E&I, Shotgun or Kalina Ann if you have it
    Attacks - 
    Fira - A two part attack that can do major damage if you don't dodge it.  
    Watch the air around him, when it starts to glow red you can tell the 
    first part of the attack is coming.  The bishop will summon 4 balls of 
    fire, if you touch these you will take damage.  After about 4 seconds 
    the bishop shoots those balls of fire in every direction.
    Blue Aura - I have yet to confirm what this does, I assume its healing 
    them since you can walk right into it.  If anyone knows for sure if its 
    healing and how effective it is feel free to email me.
    Strategy -
    Another easy enemy, just go combo crazy with rebellion until you see 
    the air start to turn red, air hike, shoot with E&I until you see them 
    shoot the fire, helm breaker, rinse and repeat.  The mistake that most 
    people make is that they push the limit too much, they think they can 
    kill it before it shoots out the fire.  Let me tell you don't risk it, 
    as sure as you are you can get that last hit in before it summons the 
    fire, it is not worth it.  You can always get the last hit in later and at no 
    risk to yourself.  Play these guys with the mentality better safe then 
    sorry or your going to find yourself in a world of hurt.
    Just like with the pawns, I recommend spamming Kalina Ann shots when 
    you get to hard mode.  Then just Air hike and hover with E&I when they 
    shoot the fire.  It takes about 5 shots.
    Damned Knight - A demonic horned horse/dragon thingy.  Slow moving but 
    Recommended Devil Arms - Rebellion, Beowulf if you have it
    Recommended Guns - Kalina ann if you have it
    Attacks -
    Horn Swipe - The knight likes to try to take a chunk out of your hide 
    with his stone horn.  Watch his head and when he tilts it down and to 
    the side either air hike, E&I combo and hover over him or take about 4 
    steps back which puts you out of range.
    Ground Pound - Unlike the other chess pieces, the knight is just as 
    dangerous when he jumps as when he is on the ground.  Make sure your not 
    under him when he lands since the bottom of the knight is formed into a 
    point. Very easy to dodge since you mostly fight these guys in closed 
    in areas, and you can always keep an eye on them and watch for the 
    Strategy -
    The same strategy that works for the rest of the pieces works here as 
    well.  combo with rebellion, air hike over his attack when he bends his 
    head down, hover with E&I, and helm breaker.  Just don't stand still and 
    his ground pound should never be an issue.
    I like to use Beowulf's killer bee once you get it.  It does excellent 
    damage and since your in the air a lot his horn attack doesn't pose much 
    Damned Rook - These guys really don't resemble any rook I've ever seen, 
    more like a like-like from Zelda but whatever...
    Recommended Devil Arms - Anything
    Recommended Guns - E&I
    Attacks -
    Laser - Bet you never expected a chess piece to shoot lasers eh?  Well 
    watch out when the rooks sides glow red and it opens up since your 
    about to get one hell of a laser show.  Its a shame for them that you 
    can jump or else that attack would actually be useful.
    Warmasterofchaos adds:
    Spawn - The rook will spawn new chess pieces off screen.
    Strategy -
    I'll separate it into two strategies, one when there's only one rook and 
    one when theres many.
    When there's only one rook treat it just like the other chess pieces.  
    Wham on it with whatever devil arm you want, watch for it to turn red, 
    air hike over the ground lasers, hover with E&I, rinse and repeat.
    When there's more than one rook I would suggest playing it safe.  Because 
    its hard to tell when the lasers are going to come when a rook is off 
    screen, I would suggest staying in the air as much as possible.  Simply 
    Air hike and spam E&I.  When you hit the ground just jump up and do it 
    again.  It will take a little while longer this way buy you pretty much 
    guarantee that you wont be hit by a laser that comes from a source off 
    Thesixthdragon adds:
    With the rooks, if you look closely you can always see what looks like an
    outline of where the lasers are going to be...somewhat like a four-sided laser
    pointer. I find that it really helps in battles with multiple rooks if you can
    spot that, even if they are off screen. And when a rook has split open for the
    attack, E&I it for a second, and then Helm Breaker/Killer Bee it, right in the
    little red blob. It seems to do a large amount of damage. 
    Damned Queen - The post powerful yet easily avoided piece on the board.
    Recommended Devil Arms - Rebellion, Beowulf
    Recommended guns - E&I, Kalina Ann
    Attacks - 
    Purple rush - The queens attack is the most easily avoided one on the board
    she has the most blatant audio and visual cues before she rushs.  Her rush
    will follow a certain line which is designated by the purple glow along on
    the ground.  Its very easy...don't be in the purple and you wont get hit.
    She also does this really creepy scream thing before she rushs, so in case
    you miss the purple (impossible) you can still hear the scream.
    Strategy -
    All she does is rush around the board.  So just wait for her to rush, smack
    her around with Beowulf or rebellion (depending on what your more comfortable
    with) when she stops.  Wait for her to move again, air hike over her rush,
    rinse and repeat.  You can also use the Kalina ann, which is nice because it
     does good damage and also does splash damage to anything around her.
    Damned King - Leader of the board, if you defeat him, everything else will
    Recommended Devil Arms - Anything
    Recommended guns - Kalina Ann
    Attacks -
    Brain Rays - This move has two indicators, one of which is impossible to
    miss.  The first is that the king exposes his brain.  The second is that
    once the brain is exposed, you will see a circle of purple on the ground
    around the king, showing the range of his attack.  In case you don't get it
    yet...Purple = bad.  Get out of the purple and the attack cant hurt you.
    Strategy -
    Its very easy to beat the king, just stand about 7 Dantes away and fire with
    Kalina Ann.  None of his attacks can hit you and you will take him down
    in about 10 shots.  You can try to take down the king first to beat all the
    rest of the pieces but I wouldn't suggest it since the rest of the pieces
    will have a field day with you as your trying to take him out.
    Enigma - Alien looking archers, their energy arrows will give you a 
    very bad day.
    Recommended Devil Arms - Anything
    Recommended guns - E&I, Kalina Ann
    Attacks -
    Blue Arrows - The enigma shoots blue arrows.  Blue arrows have a curved 
    trajectory meaning their going to be raining down on you.  You can tell 
    the enigma is loading blue arrows because you will see blue things 
    spinning around in front of him.  Just adjust your direction to dodge 
    the arrows or use dash if your in trickster style.
    Red Arrows - Used on the later levels on normal and easy.  Red arrows have a 
    straight trajectory which makes them much harder to dodge then blue 
    arrows.  You can deflect red arrows with revolver (Cerberus: triangle and 
    forward), jet stream (A&R:Triangle and forward) and several other moves 
    as well (I'm not going to list them all but you can pretty much tell by 
    looking at the move if it will deflect it or not.)  You can tell when 
    he is going to shoot red arrows since you will see red things spinning in 
    front of him.
    Strategy -
    On easy and normal these guys pose no challenge.  Simply run towards 
    them and start hacking on them once you get one hit in they cant get 
    away so you can finish them off.  When they start shooting blue arrows 
    simply run left or right to dodge them.  Shooting E&I at them when 
    there loading there arrows will stun them and they wont be able to shoot.
    On hard these guys are a nightmare, red arrows do massive damage, E&I 
    no longer stun the enigmas at all,  and they scuttle backwards out of 
    your range every time you try to get close.  The secret here is using 
    the Kalina Ann.  Not only will the Kalina Ann destroy red arrows it also is 
    the easiest way to knock them down.  Once their down you can just run 
    up and treat them just like you did on normal mode, once you get that 
    critical first hit your golden.  If you have trickster level 3 these 
    guys are a lot easier.  Simply air dash and land about 10 feet away, at this 
    range your not close enough for them to try to scuttle away.  They will 
    start loading red arrows at this point.  Fire the Kalina Ann, most 
    likely you will hit the enigma and it will go down, but if your a 
    little slow then they will still at least hit and destroy the red arrows it 
    shoots, fire again at the enigma and you will knock it down. 
    Thanks to Warmasterofchaos and highonphazon for the correction on when
    the enigmas shoot red arrows.
    Soul Eater - A bashful demon, they will only become visible if you turn 
    your back to them.
    Recommended Devil Arms - Anything
    Recommended Guns - E&I, Kalina Ann
    Attacks -
    Rush - Every time you turn your back the soul eaters materialize 
    otherwise they are just a blue mist that doesn't move.  Whenever they 
    materialize they will do a dash towards you.
    Strategy - These guys are actually very difficult because I've yet to 
    find an auditory clue when their about to rush you.  The best method 
    for dealing with them is to use gunslinger and then twosome time straight 
    back, since your back is to them they will materialize and try to rush 
    you but whenever they get hit they stop their rush.  So as long as you 
    keep up constant fire and try to keep a general idea of where they are 
    you can keep them at bay.  They only take about 10 handguns bullets 
    each so you'll take them out very fast.
    You can also use Kalina Ann which takes them out in one hit, but its 
    risky because you have to let them close to within rocket distance.
    Warmasterofchaos adds:
    If you run away the soul eaters will do their rush attack
    Hamster Destroyer adds:
    I noticed in your DMC3 enemy guide you said that soul eaters would not 
    materialize without your back being turned to them. This is, for the most part
    true. However if you attack the smog they use to cloak themselves with long
    enough they will be forced to appear.
    Nemis5 adds:
    One thing against the soul eaters if you turn your back to them but keep the 
    camera on them you can use the spiral to kill them in one hit just quickly turn
    around and fire very fast 4 times out of 5 you will hit them.
    Fallen - Fallen angels.  You have to expose their juicy center to 
    damage them.
    Recommended Devil Arms - A&R
    Recommended guns - E&I
    Attacks -
    Various Lance swings - The fallen have a variety of lance swings they just do  
    whenever they want it seems like, so unless you jump into them you probably
    wont get hit by them.
    Lance spike - When the fallen raise the lance above their head it means its
    time to move from where you are.  They throw the lance right into the ground.
    Just because you dodged the lance doesn't mean your done, the battle is only
    half over.  The lance will explode in about a 10 Dante ring in every
    direction.  Just airhike out of the combat zone.
    Shield - The fallen holds their wings in front of them, shielding their juicy
    center.  After repeated attacks you can destroy the wings.
    Strategy -
    A&R's jumping cross slash (A&R: triangle in midair) is very effective at
    removing their shields.  Once you see the animation of the shield being broken
    keep up constant attacks against the one who is weak (they usually attack in
    pairs).  They like to go into the walls when their shield is broken and
    only emerge for a few seconds.  Keep up a steady stream of handgun fire
    if you cant reach them to do the A&R slash.  The key to beating these guys is
    to not rush.  Most of the time people die is because they try to rush and
    end up jumping right into a spinning lance.  These guys are going to take
    awhile... wrap your mind around it now.
    (If anyone has a better fallen strategy, email them to me)
    Warmasterofchaos adds:
    Windmill (Cerberus: triangle and back) and then revolver(Cerberus: 
    triangle and fowrard) is a strong attack against the fallen
    Musouka adds:
    One method for breaking their wing/shield is to use Sword Pierce (Swordmaster
    lvl 2 Rebellion move) on them. Let them hover around you, and then when
    they stop to perform an attack, quickly use Sword Pierce; it will
    break their shield in one hit if you make contact. Then just go right
    ahead and blast them with Ebony and Ivory. Another good idea may be to
    use the Spiral on them when they stop to attack, because of it's
    immense attack power. Or just get in REALLY close with the shotgun.
    Thesixthdragon adds:
    With the fallens, i just use E&I continuously until their wings break off, 
    doesn't seem to last too long, but i've got all guns maxed...so yeah....other
    wise, as soon as it breaks, i just fire until i'm within range to attack with
    anything. Their little lance attacks don't do diddly pudd if you are right
    underneath of them, or right next to them. I've yet to be hurt by anything
    other than a lance throw, that that was just off guard. 
    5b. BOSSES
    Ok now for the main event...the bosses.  Dmc3 fields a wide array of 
    unique bosses and most are going to stretch you to the limit of your 
    skill.  But don't worry you have your good friend the Captain to see you 
    through.  I suggest before you take on any of the bosses on hard that 
    you max out your health, dt bars, and each style.  As well make sure you 
    pack at least one vital star L when you attempt each boss just to be on 
    the safe side.  I'll also list two strategies one using just the weapons 
    you had available the first time through, and another with the full 
    complement of weapons.
    Hell Vanguard - He starts out as a boss but later makes appearance as a 
    normal enemy.  As the first boss you face he is the easiest but if your 
    ill prepared he can still take you for a ride.
    First time through
    Recommended Devil Arms - Rebellion
    Recommended guns - E&I
    Attacks -
    Teleport - After a certain amount of hits or when your far enough away 
    the Hell vanguard will melt into the ground and reappear somewhere 
    Scythe attack - A normal swing scythe attack and the only move he will 
    do that's not right out of his teleport move.  Watch for him to bring 
    his scythe back as that is the cue he is going to do it.
    Dashing scythe attack - More likely to be done on hard than easy or 
    normal.  After he melts into the ground for the teleport.  Watch for 
    his point of reappearance...if its from the ground then see below, but if 
    he reappears in mid air then jump straight up (it might be a good idea to 
    orb farm in mission 1 to get air hike) and he should pass right 
    underneath you.
    Jumping scythe attack - More likely to be done on hard than easy or 
    normal.  After he melts into the ground watch for his point of 
    reappearance...if its from the ground then immediately get yourself out 
    of the black area.  If you don't then he leaps out of the ground and gives you 
    a nice slash to the face.
    warmasterofchaos adds:
    The vanguard will do the teleport attacks twice in a row on hard
    Strategy - 
    If your like me the first time you see this scary scythe wielding wacko 
    your going to want to hang back and blast away with E&I but that is the 
    worst thing you can do.  The more you stay away the more likely he is 
    going to do his scythe dash which is his most damaging move.  Beating 
    him is actually rather simple.  Just move in and start doing normal 
    attacks with rebellion, you will hit him maybe 5 times until he attacks 
    back, as long as you keep attacking you will keep getting a "clash" 
    animation of your weapons hitting each other.  Once you get that 
    animation, simply roll out of the way after a clash.  His scythe will 
    miss you, then just wade back in with rebellion.  If he tries to teleport see 
    above on how to dodge him, then just go right back to attacking.  Rinse and 
    repeat and you got this sucker wiped.
    Second run through
    Suggested Devil Arms - Beowulf
    Suggested guns - Anything
    The strategy is the same except Beowulf is more powerful and feel free 
    to Dt if you so choose.
    Thesixthdragon adds:
    The way i beat the Vanguard every time is when he appears, wait until he 
    rears back with his scythe, then jump over him and combo him from behind. It
    works best with Cerberus, or Agni&Rudra. After a small amount of combo-ing,
    the Vanguard will disappear. I usually hop away from that spot like a mental
    kid on a pogo stick, and he will always end up being pretty much behind where
    you were. If you look closely you can see where he is teleporting to because
    his eyes will give off a faint blue streak. 
    Cerberus - 3 headed guardian of the tower.  His ice attacks make him one 
    bad puppy
    First time through
    Suggested Devil Arms - Rebellion
    Suggested guns - E&I
    Attacks -
    Swipe - A short swipe done with the paw, watch for when he brings his 
    paw back, because that's the cue he is going to do it.
    Icicle drop - When the center head goes up and he starts howling watch 
    out because he is about to do the icicle drop.  Several icicles fall 
    from the ceiling and try to skewer you.  Simply start rolling once you 
    hear the howl and don't stop until the icicles stop falling.
    Ice breath - He goes back on his hind legs and tilts the center head 
    down.  Once he does that he produces an icy breath that covers the 
    floor in ice...if you touch it at any time you take damage.  Once you see him 
    give the cue, just air hike and start hovering with E&I until the ice 
    Ice ball - When the center head goes straight back into his chest like 
    he's breathing in make sure your not in his path because he's about to 
    release a ball of ice that freezes you and damages you upon contact.  
    Once you see the cue retreat to the corner closest to him on the right 
    side of the room and he cant hit you.
    Pounce - He'll bring all of his heads in towards his chest and kind of 
    sit back.  If you ever had a pet, its the same exact motion an animal 
    makes before it pounces.  Just like the ice ball, go to the corner and 
    he cant hit you.
    Strategy - 
    This is the way I beat him, I don't care if you think its cheap.  I 
    consider it playing strategically.
    The room is shaped like this from a top down view (sorry for the bad 
    drawing its not really my thing)
    Cerberus sits here
          /    \
         /      \
         I      I
         I      I
         I      I
    You want to place yourself on the right slanted wall closest to him. 
    From this position the only attack that can hit you is the icicle 
    drop.  Avoid it as described above and then just go back to your corner.  
    While standing in the corner constantly blast away with E&I.  When he 
    pounces run over to his heads and slash them up as much as you can 
    before he stands back up.  Once he's on his feet just retreat back to your 
    corner and start blasting again.
    Second run through
    Suggested Devil Arms - A&R
    Suggest guns - E&I
    Strategy is the same, except when you attack after the pounce A&R will 
    hit multiple heads at the same time increasing the damage done.  Also 
    Agni does fire damage to an ice creature for extra damage.
    Warmasterofchaos adds:
    Each head has a different attack, The one with blue eyes does his breath,
    the one with Green does the ice balls. Destroy these heads and the attacks
    will become obsolete.
    Free_Fighter adds:
    You can use gunslinger to increase the damage done if you take the "shooting
    him" strategy.
    Thesixthdragon adds:
    My best advice is focus on the green-eyed on first, then eradicate the one that
    does NOT shoot the giant ice balls. Towards the end, the ice balls will be your
    best friend. Slicing one gets you a small green orb, kind of like slicing
    Mundus's rune balls at the end of DMC. After going back with A&R I find it's
    good to have Swordmaster selected, then just start nailing the right paw (right
    from your p.o.v.) continuously. If he moves it at all, except to jump up in the
    air to re-ice himself, just Air Hike. When he falls down, just use every combo
    you have on the heads, focusing on the aforementioned ones. When he regains his
    stance, jump up and sky dance like a maniac, until he starts to get yappy, then
    run back and shoot, then paw, then repeat. If you get low on life, hang back to
    the far right side, focus on a head, and shoot, the whole time walking right,
    as it seems to evade the pounce a little better. ALWAYS focus on the green head
    first, to get rid of the damned ice-shower, the rest is just pudd. If you get
    low on life with just the blue head left, start slicing the ice balls, get the
    orbs, and if he pounces, Air Hike and E&I.
    Gigapede - A giant harmless centipede who got in your way
    First time through
    Suggested Devil arms - Cerberus
    Suggested guns - E&I
    Attacks -
    Purple orb - You will see purple magic orbs forming at gigapedes side 
    occasionally.  They can be smacked back at him for good damage or just 
    dodged by rolling or dashing to the side.
    Electric orb - When you see blue orbs forming at gigapedes side, 
    immediately head for the higher ground offered by the walkways, they cannot 
    rise above this level to get you.
    Strategy - 
    When the battle starts walk up to the edge of where they start you and 
    you will see a hole below you.  That's where gigapede is coming out, 
    just jump on his back as he passes under you, walk up to his head, and 
    combo the hell out of his head with Cerberus.  He will begin spiraling 
    upwards and then spinning, you will probably be knocked off before he gets 
    to the other tunnel.  When you fall just run back to where you started 
    the level and jump on his back again when he passses under you.  If he 
    shoots his purple orbs at you, you can knock them back with Cerberus 
    for extra damage but usually I don't risk it and just take cover or roll 
    to dodge them.  Gigapede will go down quick and you will probably take 
    no damage during this "fight".
    Second time through 
    Same as first as far as weapons and strategy
    Cytiger adds:
    This works best when Gigapede is coming out of the hole slowly.  First, 
    position yourself next to the large door on the ledge (the one you entered to
    fight Gigapede).  When Gigapede emerges, hop off the ledge and land on its
    back.  Attack it with Devil Arms (Rebellion and/or A&R recommended).  When it
    surrounds itself with white electricity, it's about to turn over and try to
    drop you.  That's your cue to Air Hike and land right back on its back and
    continue slashing away until it re-enters the hole.  
    Agni and Rudra - Brothers of Wind and Fire, this dynamic duo is going to be
    hard to take down.
    First time through
    Recommended Devil Arms - Cerberus
    Recommended guns - E&I
    Attacks -
    Sword slash - When they bend their arm back its time to roll out of the way
    because a slash is soon following.
    Ground pound - After you deal enough damage or after enough time has passed
    the brothers will take up position at the end of the room in each corner.
    When they rush at you just keep rolling until they both have landed.
    Strategy -
    Cerberus is your best friend in this fight.  The easiest way to beat the 
    brothers is just to spam revolver (cerberus: forward and triangle) over
    and over again.  Anytime the brother your targeting goes to swing at you just
    do revolver and you will deflect his blade and possibly disarm him.  Just
    keep an eye on the other brother and when he goes to attack just roll away.
    When they take up position for their dual ground pound its a great time to
    get one of them by himself.  For instance if you see Agni run to his corner
    step up attacks on Rudra, his only concern will be getting to his corner, so
    you can attack with immunity.  When they both get to the corner its a great
    time to shoot with E&I since it takes about 3 seconds for them to charge.
    Your main goal in this fight is to make sure that you damage the brothers at
    the same rate because if you kill one when the other still has a lot of life,
    things will get much harder for you.
    Combined brothers attacks -
    Sword slash - Similar to when they are by themselves he will rear back before
    he swings, when you see that just roll to the side or jump back.
    Fire and Wind blades - When you see him raise both blades above his head and
    start spinning them make sure you move away since flames and wind will rise
    up around him and damage you if your close.  Don't drop your guard when he
    drops his arms.  The second stage of this attack is shooting blades of wind
    and fire at you.  Simply roll
    Warmasterofchaos adds:
    On the A&R fight after you attack one brother the other brother will gain
    his elemental power and also gain extra strength (agni) or speed (rudra)
    Radenmarz adds:
    I found that if you place yourself between the two of them and wait, then
    junp at the right time they will attack eachother and dissarm eachother 
    leaving them both unarmed for a long time. This can be done over and over
    again, damaging a different one each time untill they both have just a sliver
    of life left that way you can kill them both before you trigger their power up
    if one dies and the other lives.
    Vergil 1 - Time to teach your brother some manners
    First time through
    Suggested Devil Arms - Rebellion
    Suggested guns - E&I
    Attacks -
    Sword slice - There are multiple sword combos Vergil does, they all look
    really similar and it would take more time than I have to give to list 
    them all.  However they all start with Vergil saying something...for instance
    "Die", "Dante", "I like pie"...you get the drift.  They're all dodged the same
    way however and that is by airhiking.  Once you see him start his attack,
    simply air hike and his whole attack will play out beneath you.  Then you have
    your chance to counter.
    Teleport - Generally when Vergil manages to put some distance between you he
    will do a "teleport and slice" attack.  It's very easy to tell when he is
    going to do this since you will see him "shimmer" and then the air near you
    will shimmer.  Once you see the air near you shimmer, simply airhike and just
    like his other sword slash, the attack will play out beneath you.
    Orbs - When Vergil jumps back and throws his hand out it usually means orbs
    are on the way.  The orbs are just bubbles that appear out of thin air and
    if your within their range when they fully form then they will damage you. 
    The trick to beating them is to NOT roll wildly, you're more likely to put
    yourself into an orb then to dodge one.  So just stand still and if you can
    see an orb forming (the air around you will shimmer), then you roll out of the
    way.  Oftentimes you can just stand still and no orbs will come near you.
    Strategy -
    Your probably a little overwhelmed when you first meet this guy, I mean he's
    normal sized...with just a sword...he must be AMAZINGLY good, but in reality
    he is one of the easiest boss fights in the game once you learn how to 
    exploit his weakness.  Vergil's one flaw is his incredible recovery time
    after every single one of his attacks.  So follow these 5 simple steps to 
    beating Vergil
    1.  Stand still - you want him to come to you, you never want to start 
    engagements yourself, just capitalize off of his mistakes.
    2.  Airhike - Once Vergil moves into range and starts his attack pattern
    just airhike straight up (very important) and hover with E&I.
    3.  Helmbreaker - Once Vergil is done with his combo (puts his sword down)
    then its time to drop on his head with a helmbreaker.
    4.  Start combo - At this point two things can happen a) you hit first, tear
    him up until he rears back to counterattack, at that point just jump away and
    start at step 1 again. or b) you attack at the same time and get the "clash"
    animation.  Don't try to force attacks in at this point, simply jump away and
    start at step 1 again.
    Using these steps don't be surprised if you can beat Vergil in under 2 minutes
    without taking any damage.  Just remember to watch out for his orb attack and
    you should be fine.
    Second run through 
    Suggested Devil Arms - Beowulf
    Suggested guns - E&I
    Same strategy, just replace helmbreaker with Killer bee
    Free_fighter adds:
    You can use gunslinger and just shoot at Vergil from the distance for the
    entire fight.  If he tries to close in just airhike away from him.
    Hypersonic444 adds:
    When fighting Vergil first time around, using Dance Macabre over and
    over takes him out in nothing flat. You won't take any damage, and you'll be
    dishing it all out.
    Grayfox919 adds:
    To avoid Vergils "orb" attack, I usually stinger toward him. Seeing as this
    is a very fast move, you should avoid all orbs that form.
    Leviathan Heart - Time to give the Leviathan some serious heartburn
    First time through
    Suggested Devil Arms - Cerberus
    Suggested Guns - E&I
    Attacks -
    Spawn - Minor enemies will spawn constantly during this boss battle, there's
    no way to stop them, you just have to deal with their presence.
    Purple orb - The center heart will shoot out 3 or 4 purple orbs in a group.
    Just watch them come out, they move extremely slow so they're very easy to
    dodge, just place the minor enemies between the orbs and you...and bye-bye
    orbs and enemies.  This is actually more helpful to you then it is to them.
    Red laser - The center heart shoots out two lasers that start in the corner
    or the room, sweep to the center and back again multiple times.  They are 
    very easy to dodge, when they first appear just air hike and hover with E&I,
    when they pass under you, drop down, then air hike and hover again, rinse 
    and repeat.  This attack also kills all the minor enemies.
    Strategy - 
    Its very easy to beat the heart, simply attack the left heart with cerberus
    until it pulls back.  At this point the shield over the middle heart will open
    up.  Wham on it with everything you've got, Dt if you can (the hearts will
    steal your dt every once in a while).  When it closes, go back to messing up
    the right heart again.  Rinse and repeat.  The minor enemies should cause few
    problems because cerberus's attack arc means that it will hit guys to all sides
    of you, which should keep them at bay while you focus on the hearts.  If you
    want you can deal with the guys just as if they were hell prides, but I
    wouldn't suggest it since the center heart spawns guys very regularly.
    Second time through
    Same strategy
    Grayfox919 adds:
    For the Leviathan Heart. For this boss I equip Rebellion and AR, using
    swordmaster as my style. The trick is to air hike, slash twice (using 
    the style button), switch wpns, slash twice, and so on...You will stay in
    the air for extended period of time while still doing damage to the heart.
    I found you can also attack the center heart while he is doing his laser 
    move using this technique. Just be careful not to finish the AR air combo as
    you will spin rapidly downwards.
    Nevan - Don't be distracted by the breasts, this woman's mean and has got a 
    serious hunger for your blood.
    Ok before we start turn off everything that might be making noise in the
    room.  It is vitally important that you be able to hear what she says during
    the battle.
    First time through
    Suggested devil arms - Rebellion
    Suggested guns - E&I, Shotgun
    Attacks - (credit to: something to fear, revoltnow, person with many ali,
    magnus core, sinister samurai, lord atog, the chris, gamefreak, the real
    truth and yuriseal for information on the lines she uses)
    Ok before each of her attacks she will give some kind of audio cue, its very
    important to listen for these
    "Hows this" - She will shoot balls of bats at you.  Simply roll the opposite
    way she is moving when you hear the cue.
    Warmasterofchaos adds:
    The lower Nevan is on life, the more bats wil appear during this move
    "Now you will become tired" - Pillars of light will come up from the floor, it
    can be anywhere from one to four depending on the difficulty level.  Simply
    start rolling when you hear the cue...try not to trap yourself in a corner.
    "Get Ready" - Nevan will spin around and blades of black magic will surround
    her.  Simply move back about 3 dantes away when you hear the cue to dodge it.
    "Long scary laugh" - She covers the entire floor in electricity.  Just airhike
    and hover with E&I to dodge it.
    "Are you enjoying yourself" - People who played the first dmc will 
    recognize this attack.  It's the same one that Griffon used.  Lighting bolts 
    will appear in front of her and head towards you. You can either manuever 
    between them...if you trust yourself :) or just airhike and hover over them.
    "Short Laugh" - Black magic spikes will appear in front of her and head
    towards you.  You can either move to the left or right and go around them, or
    just run back about 12 Dantes away and they wont reach you.
    "Don't you love me" - A concentrated burst of bats, just roll right or left to 
    avoid it.
    Strategy -
    You cannot attack Nevan until you take down her bat shield, so that's what
    we are going to do.  Just attack constantly (dodging the attacks she does,
    see cues above) when her bat shield falls just go crazy beating the hell out
    of her.  Rinse and repeat.  The real strategy is just knowing how to dodge
    each of her attacks.  Near the end of the battle she will start trying to suck
    your blood, if you have DT, simply DT and she cant grab you...otherwise
    just airhike and spam E&I to stay out of her reach.
    Second time through
    Suggested Devil Arms - Beowulf
    Suggested guns - Kalina ann
    The kalina ann takes her shield down pretty quick and beowulf does more damage
    when she's down.
    Warmasterofchaos adds:
    Using Twister/Temptest on Nevans bat tower will score you a SSStylish rank
    and remove about 3 chunks from a full tower.
    The sideburns and FierceDeity013 adds:
    Nevan takes elemental damage from cerberus.  So just hit her with a bunch of
    cerberus combos to quickly take down her bat shield.
    Beowulf - A giant demon who has a bone to pick with you because of your
    father.  Sucks for you huh?
    First time through
    Suggested Devil Arms - Rebellion, A&R
    Suggested guns - E&I
    Attacks -
    Strike - Takes hand, beats you with it...pretty straightforward, telegraphs
    it just like any other strike, watch for him to bring his hand back.  Just
    roll or dash away.
    Stomp - Takes foot, steps on you.  He will raise his foot and try to mash
    you with it.  When you see him raise his foot just roll or dash away.
    Magic stomp - It looks like stomp but you can see some magic forming around 
    him.  When he hits the ground a giant column of light rises up around him.  
    It is very important that when you see the foot go up that you get
    away as quick as possible because this attack is very damaging.  DONT ROLL
    this will not always clear the blast radius, its much safer to just run away.
    Feather attack - When he is about half a room away from you he will probably
    do his light feather attack.  When you see his wings spread out you have about
    3 seconds to get behind him or your going to be in some serious hurt.
    You can block it with royal guard but besides that I have no idea how to 
    dodge this attack.  
    Lord Faust adds:
    You can use Ice age (cerberus: swordmaster: circle and back) to block
    Beowulfs feather attack.
    Pillars - At multiple points in the battle Beowulf will run off into the
    corner.  Stay as far away as possible when he does this because it's about
    to be raining pillars.  He will stomp his foot and a pillar will fall down
    in front of him, he will then smack it towards you.  To dodge them just wait
    for the exact moment he hits it and then just roll right or left to dodge.
    He will probably do this about 6 times.  Try not to trap yourself in a corner.
    Strategy -
    This is another boss where the whole strategy is just in dodging his attacks.
    Just combo him like crazy with rebellion or A&R (whatever your more
    comfortable with) watch for the cues, dodge as necessary, go back to
    comboing.  When he runs off into his corner to begin the pillar attack, its
    a good time to tear into him with E&I.
    Second time through
    Same weapons and strategy.  I wouldn't recommend using Beowulf against him,
    even though its more powerful, just because of how much recovery time it has.
    Watch adds:
    One thing about Beowulf - you can make him extra vulnerable for a few
    moments but its hard, it involves slashing him in the face (the one
    good eye).
    I've found it's easiest with Rebellion and Trickster. When Beowulf
    does his three hit punch combo (two swipes then a big smash down on
    the ground), just dash back once (rolling will get you crushed) and
    then hit standing slash. You should smack him in the face. Beowulf
    will rear back and roar, and you've got time for two slashes before he
    does a blind swing that hits all around him - dodge that. After that
    though he'll just stand there for a little while, letting you get
    extra damage in.
    When he runs to the corner to summon pillars, get behind him for easy
    damage and then just roll sideways when he turns towards you. He's
    slow anyway.
    Tsunamigamer514 adds:
    During the Beowulf boss fight, the pillars that he kicks at you can be
    deflected back at him for a bit of damage if you have the Swordmaster style
    equipped. Just throw the sword at him as it flies towards you(Up+Circle).
    Lothos1103 adds:
    During his pillar attack when he is throwing them at you, get right up to him
    and just hack away.  Stand on the side so his stomp won't hit you.  If done
    correctly, he won't hit you at all while he is calling pillars down from the
    Kichigal_mike adds: 
    This is what I did the first time I defeated him. I used trickster@lvl3, then
    equiped e&i and rebellion. During his first set of attacks, it was easy
    enough, dodge, then use stinger and pull off some combos, escape. Sometimes
    when he would walk toward me, i will jump, shoot, air dash backwards when he
    tries punching me, shoot, then air hike. Every time I move away from him, I
    make it a point to shoot him with E&I. 
    The moment he does that rampage thing, i just shoot, use air trick when he
    charges me, repeat and rinse. When I see him charging his feather projectiles,
    I immediately use air trick to get near him. I noticed that there is also
    another blind spot for those projectiles- rebellion's slashing distance. It
    would usually take 2 air tricks and an air dash (trick-dash-trick) to get near
    The_enemy_inside914 adds:
    I just wanted to submit a hint on the Beowulf strategy, if you use swordmaster
    as your style you can easily hurt his eye with rebellion tapping circle in the
    air for a combo, it works excelent and most likely every time you do this his
    eye will get hurt making him vulnerable for more combos.
    Geryon - Time controlling horse O_o  I'm not even going to touch this one
    First time through
    Recommended Devil Arms - A&R
    Recommended guns - E&I
    Attacks - 
    Carriage - Not really an attack but its good to know, his carriage has spikes
    all over it and will damage you if you get hit by it.
    Quicksilver orbs - Once you get him to about half life he will start using
    quicksilver orbs, they float after you and if you get hit by them they put
    you in slow motion.  This is usually followed by a carriage rush.  Important 
    to note is that when he rushes you after quicksilver DO NOT try to roll away.
    You will not clear the carriage.  Either trickster dash or airhike away.
    Missiles - As Geryon circles the arena he will release missile salvos at you.
    Trickster dash or just roll to avoid them.
    Spears - On higher difficulties after being quicksilvered you will have a ring
    of spears surrounding you.  Just airhike away from them.
    Magic Stomp - Once Geryon stops and after you start attacking him, watch out
    for when he raises his front legs up.  When he stomps them down a column of
    magic very similar to beowulfs will come up.  Simply move about 10 Dantes away
    to dodge this attack when you see the cue.
    Strategy -
    First half of the battle
    You will be on a narrow bridge and Geryon will continuously charge at you. 
    Simply airhike over the carriage and spam E&I at him.  Eventually he will get
    tired and stop.  Run up to him and start whamming him with A&R, their jumping
    cross slash (A&R: Midair triangle) is very powerful.  If he manages to get
    back up just rinse and repeat.
    Second half of the battle
    After doing enough damage you and Geryon will fall into an underground arena.
    He will begin circling you, just shoot him with E&I from the center of the
    room.  He will be shooting missiles just roll to dodge them.  Eventually
    he will pull up to the center of the room, watch out he likes to swing his
    carriage around before he stops which does good damage to you if you get hit.
    So wait for him to fully stop.  He will start shooting missiles straight at 
    you, just run left and right to dodge them, or if you have trickster 3 just
    air dash, teleport right to him.  Regardless when you reach Geryon proceed
    to turn the hurt on, watch out for magic stomp.  If you do enough damage he
    will fall down, proceed to lay down some more hurt.  Eventually he will use
    quicksilver to escape.  Make sure you do not roll away once he starts rushing
    his carriage at you since you will clear the wheels.  Dash or Airhike away.
    Rinse and repeat, this time watching out for quicksilver orbs (see above)
    Ismael01866 adds:
    You can acutally jump on the carriage and start swinging your sword or Beowulf
    whaterever weapon you like, just try to avoid using Cerberus cause you´ll 
    likely fall of the carriage.  While he runs some laps around the coliseum, 
    as mentioned above slash your sword, the missiles he shoots while running 
    in circles  wont hit you, just keep an eye on the trail he runs cause after a 
    while he´ll run to the center of the arena , this is the time where you jump 
    off, cause blue flames will surround the carriage and will damage you and 
    when he reaches the center of the arena he´ll stop and swing the carriage 
    in a circular motion, but by this time you should already be away from him, 
    ready to avoid the next attacks.  After this he`ll throw some more missiles 
    and then stomp the floor to do the blue flames attack. After this just jump 
    on the carriage again and he will start running again in circles.
    Vergil 2 - Vergil's back...with a vengeance
    First time through
    Recommended Devil Arms - Rebellion
    Recommended guns - E&I
    Attacks -
    He has all the same attacks as he does the first time (see Vergil 1)
    Beowulf combo - I don't know why Vergil thought using Beowulf is a good idea,
    he suffers from horrendous recovery time.  The same as the yamato combos, just
    airhike and hover over them.
    Killer Bee - Vergil will teleport into mid air and then come down with a 
    flying kick.  Just roll to the side and he will miss every time.
    DT - Vergil can morph to devil mode now, in this mode he does more damage,
    doesn't react to hits, takes less damage, moves quicker, basically everything
    you can do in DT.
    Strategy -
    First half of his life bar
    The strategy is similar to the first battle, wait for him to attack, airhike
    and hover, wait for his attack to play out, helmbreaker.  Except its
    actually nicer since he has more recovery time after his combo so you have
    more time to get the first hit in.  Watch for him to teleport and immediately
    roll to dodge Killer bee.  When he lands he has to recover so this is also
    a great time to start your combo up.  The important thing to remember when
    comboing him is to jump away when he leans back to counterattack.  Around
    55% of his life he will most likely DT.  Just stay away from him and
    constantly shoot with E&I.  By shooting him you will slow his life regen and
    knock him out of DT quicker.
    Second half of his life bar
    He goes back to Yamato so this become identical to the first fight.  (See
    Vergil 1)
    Second run through 
    Recommended Devil Arms - Beowulf
    Recommended guns - E&I
    Use your own killer bee after he uses his, its super effective, otherwise
    the strategy is the same.
    Grayfox919 adds:
    To avoid Vergils "orb" attack, I usually stinger toward him. Seeing as this
    is a very fast move, you should avoid all orbs that form.
    Lady - Dont you love rocket sandwiches
    First time through
    Recommended Devil arms - Beowulf, Rebellion
    Recommended guns - E&I
    Attacks -
    Grenades - After you attack her she will generally drop some nice grenades
    as presents for you.  They're pretty easy to dodge, see those blinking red
    dealies...yeah dont be near those.  Make sure you run though, rolling doesnt
    clear the blast radius.
    Kalina Ann - Listen for her to start talking smack...that generally means
    she is going to let loose with the big momma rocket launcher.  This place
    is a rocket hiders playground, there is nearly infinite walls to hide behind.
    Just pick one when you hear the cue.
    Gun Dive - Along with her grenades, every time she dives away from you
    after you attack her she is going to be shooting at you.  This is the
    most annoying attack in the game, luckily it does little damage.  The best
    way to avoid them is to roll as soon as you see her dive away, you can also
    try knocking them away with rebellion, but this strategy is dubious at best.
    Allurbase2999 adds:
    Normally when you knock heroff balance (like when you stinger her) lady shoots
    you.  Normally when you get hit by one of her handgun bullets you go flying as
    well.  Right after she getsknocked off balance, you can actually fire E&I to
    deflect what she shoots at you bullet by bullet.  Then hit her again..etc...
    Shooting - She...ummm...shoots you.  When you see her raise her handguns take
    cover..makes sense...right.
    Strategy - 
    Lady is a very easy boss to deal with.  None of her attacks deal much damage
    except the Kalina ann, and as long as you listen for her cue you should never
    be hit by it.  The best strategy is to go along the tops of the pillars
    looking for her, and then killer bee her on the ground.  At this point one of
    two things can happen a) you knock her down, thats good, go nuts, beating her
    senseless until she dives away.  (see above on what she does after she dives).
    b) she dives away immediatly (again see above).  I wouldn't recommend shooting
    her just because this flushes her out of her corners too soon.  You want to 
    get the big hit in once, rather than dozens of little hits.  This battle can 
    be annoying since she likes to run away constantly, but you should have no 
    problems with it.
    Second time through
    Same strategy and weapons
    Doppelganger - He's you...kind of
    First time through
    Recommended Devil Arms - Rebellion, Beowulf
    Recommended guns - anything
    Attacks -
    Lunge - The doppelganger runs towards you and lunges at you.  Just airhike
    over it.
    Black orb - The doppelganger will shoot a ball of dark towards the lights
    to turn them off.  It is not aimed at you so if you get hit its your own damn
    Explosion - After doing enough damage after you turn all the lights on, the
    doppelganger will make a huge dark explosion that turns off all the lights
    and will hurt you if it hits.  Just watch for the black pool of liquid
    to form, and jump about 12 dantes away to avoid it.
    Strategy -
    You fight in a giant arena, the only way to damage the doppelganger is to get
    it in the light.  There are two ways to go about this
    One eyelid
    You will see about 8 eyelids around the outside of the arena.  Run to one of
    them, if the doppelganger rushes you just airhike over him and wait for him to
    go back to the center.  Hit the eyelid with rebellion 5 times (you may have
    to adjust the number of hits based on difficulty, its very easy to test,
    just hit the eyelid and count the number of times it takes to open).  When the
    doppelganger rushes you again just wait until hes about 4 dantes away and hit
    the eyelid the last time.  The doppelganger will hit the light and start
    screaming.  DT, and whomp ass with Beowulf until he jumps away.  Rinse and 
    Allurbase2999 adds:
    Use the stratedgy you used for one-eye lid, but don't hit him after he screams.
    Normally after you hit him, he shoots out the shadow balls to close one of the
    eye lids you opened.  So instead, move on right away to the next eyelid, and 
    wait for him to get close to deliver the final hit so he'll be stunned again.
    Do this til all eyelids are opened, and enjoy your 8 seconds of hits. (also 
    saves a little time because he'll be next to you instead of being in the center
    when all eye lids are opened)
    All the eyelids
    The same as the first strategy but dont worry about timing the hits.  Just run
    around opening all the eyelids.  Once you get them all open he will start to
    scream but this time he will sit still for about 8 seconds instead of 2.  DT,
    whomp ass, using this strat he will do the explosion so see above on how 
    to dodge it.  Rinse and repeat as necessary.
    Chess Board - The chess pieces have a bone to pick with you...and by pick,
    I mean beat out of you.
    Since I've already explained how to beat all the different pieces, I'm just
    going to give you the order of importance for taking the pieces down.
    From high to low
    Rook - Spawns more pieces, you don't need that
    Bishop - Fire Attacks are super annoying
    Queen - Her rush attack while easily avoidable is very annoying
    Knight - Does the most damage of the basic pieces and you never see it coming
    Pawn/King - Pawns will get in your way but if you dont feel like killing them
    all you can kill the King now without worrying about taking damage.
    Arkham - Yup...its a big blob.  Scary right?
    First time through
    Recommended Devil Arms - Rebellion, Cerberus
    Recommended Guns - Kalina Ann
    Attacks - 
    Left or right swipe - Just like every other swipe or slash in the game, Arkham
    will pull his arm back and then swing.  Air hike away once you see his arm
    go back to dodge the punch.
    Arkhams Fish - Once Arkham melts into the ground his fish will rise up to 
    attack you.  They may seem confusing since their swarming everywhere but
    just run, shoot with kalina ann, run, shoot with Kalina ann, run, shoot.
    Eventually all the fish will be destroyed.
    Grab - Arkham grabs Dante and you will control Vergil
    Almightyhamsandwich adds:
    Arkham will sometimes use this annoying "Homing Missile" type of attack, for
    lack of a better name. I believe he uses it right after he turns yellow. It's
    hard to dodge but I found Air-Hike toward it and jumping above it will dodge
    it. However it's hard to even see the projectile in the first place.
    Strategy -
    People seem to have a lot of problems with this boss but as long as you keep
    an eye on his arms he shouldnt be a problem.  Just go nuts doing combos with
    Beowulf, DT'ing whenever you feel like it.  Avoid his swipes by airhiking.
    After doing enough damage he retreats back into the ground and summons his
    fish legions (see above on how to deal with them).  Just rinse and repeat
    until his life gets down to half.  At that point Vergil will arrive to help
    you, stealing your dt and style powers away in the process.  Deal with Arkham
    the same way as before.  Vergil acts much like doppelganger, if necessary 
    call him back to your side with circle.
    Second run through
    Same as first as far as strategies and weapons
    Vergil 3 - The final battle between good and evil to decide the future of
    the world
    First run through
    Suggested Devil Arms - Beowulf, Rebellion
    Suggested Guns - E&I, Kalina Ann
    Suggested Style - This is the only fight where I feel a style is ALOT of
    help.  If you have level 3 trickster, definitly use it.
    Attacks -
    Everything from the first fight with Vergil
    Hundred Orbs - Similar to his orb attacks but there's more orbs.  Same as
    the other orb attack, don't dodge randomly because this is more likely to
    put you in the path of orbs forming.  Stand still and if an orb forms near
    you, then you should move, try not to run any further then necessary since
    you don't want to walk into the path of another one.
    Helm Breaker - Vergils most annoying move should look familiar to you since
    you probably used it hundreds of times during the game.  Vergil repeatedly
    teleports above you and uses helmbreaker.  Stay on the move constantly when
    he's doing this, (this is where trickster comes in handy, triple dash is
    extremely effective).  Fight your urge to jump away since this will backfire
    on you.
    DT - He DT's, I would like to think you know what this entails by now.
    Roundtrip - Throws the force edge after you.  A very annoying move since
    the force edge is freakishly good at homing in on you.  The best thing to do
    is let it come straight at you, air hike over it, air dash (if your using
    trickster) and make straight for Vergil since he is wide open for hits and
    once you start comboing him I've yet to be hit by the force edge coming back.
    Loki1804 adds:
    When you fight Vergil for the last time you can deflect his sword throw 
    instead of Jumping and air dashing like it says in your guide. 
    Just Constantly shoot towards Vergil (w/ E&I) as he's throwing it and 
    the sword will veer of course and go over your head instead of at you.
    Ninegauger adds:
    When he throws the Force Edge at you, if you're far enough away or see it
    coming you can use Killer bee to deflect it right back to him.
    Warmasterofchaos add:
    Using Crazy roll/Bats will reflect the sword back to Vergil(Fight three).
    As in not make it go upward but make it go back to Vergil
    Strategy -
    Vergil takes all the stops out this time, you will find that he has less
    recovery time after basic attacks now.  The original strategy still works
    though as long as your quick.  Let him attack, airhike straight over him,
    and when his attack is played out, killer bee him right in the face.  You
    can try comboing him at this point with Beowulf for the extra damage it does,
    but usually I switch to rebellion right as I hit since I can start the combo
    much quicker.  When he DT's, run away but make sure to pepper him with E&I
    shots from the distance because this seems to make him come out of DT quicker.
    He is EXTREMLY vulnerable after he does hundred orbs.  You can literally 
    watch for about 5 seconds while he puts his sword away.  If you don't
    immediatly run in and start beating the crap out of him with Beowulf when
    he's doing this then you have learned nothing up to this point...  Besides
    that just watch out for repeated helm breakers (see above), take your
    time, wait for sure openings and you should be fine.  Enjoy yourself this
    is one of the most entertaining fights in any video game I have played.
    Allurbase2999 adds:
    The main stream method is using beowulf and rebellion against him. I offer an 
    alternative that i find to work better than that combo by using A&R + 
    Rebellion. Of course, the fundamental part of the fight is to stun him with a
    "combo starter."  You used killer bee as your comob starter, with the method I
    employed, use stinger. (just as fast, and effectively stuns vergil) After using
    stinger, use rebellion combo I, immediately switch to A&R and start A&R combo I
    (but don't finish it).  ****Here's what made the difference for me, after
    tapping T 4 times, immediately use a full jet-stream (lvl 3).  Suprisingly,
    once you start jet-stream, vergil won't block until the combo is finished.  I
    find that after all those extra hits, this combo will deal more than that of
    Beowulf + Rebellion.
    Congratulations you just beat Devil May Cry.  Pat yourself on the back, have
    some pie, send some money to the Captain who helped you beat the game :),
    call your friends and family who you have been ignoring for the past week 
    since you've been shut in your house.  Today is your day...live it up.
    and thanks for reading my guide, I hope it was a great help to you
    This section is for Psychochild27 - 
    *and then the Robot Pirates attacked*
    take that warmasterofchaos
    Thanks to Capcom for making this game
    Thanks to cjayc for keeping gamefaqs up and running
    Thanks to Neoseeker for posting this faq
    Thanks to Supercheats for posting this faq
    Thanks to the members of the dmc3 board who kept me entertained with 
    their antics while I wrote this.
    Thanks to myself...what... I wrote it I should get some thanks
    and finally, thanks to Dante for being the most badass demon hunter there is
    If you have questions, comments, constructive criticism, or if you have 
    strategies you would like to submit feel free to email me at 
    captain_username@yahoo.com.  I will not respond to: flames, trolls, 
    questions about things outside the realm of what the guide intends.  You 
    can also find me at the gamefaqs message board during the week.  I credit
    everyone who sends me strategies so if you have a  particular handle you
    would like me to use for your credit line please include it in your email.
    Now time for the unfortunately necessary legal jargon
    This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for 
    personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise 
    distributed publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide 
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    Copyright 2005 Captain Username

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