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    Heaven or Hell Mode Guide by Gojira346

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    Devil May Cry 3
    Heaven or Hell Mode Guide
    copyright capcom 2005
    This guide's purpose is to give a full walkthrough for someone not 
    wanting to use a full bag of continues figuring out tough portions of 
    Heaven or Hell mode. (HoH)
    1. Tricks you'll need
    2. Too Super Dante or not to Super Dante
    3. Missions
    4. Boss Faq
    1. Tricks of the trade.
    At some times, these styles will be recommended.
    You will also always bring Spiral and good ol' Ebony and Ivory.
    Always bring Nevan, and mostly Agni and Rudra except for a few choice 
    instances. Make sure Nevan has the Air raid ability.
    Sometimes enemies will appear that are not favorable to kill right off, 
    so you'll need to keep your distant and patiently shoot each enemy one 
    at a time. In the guide I will refer to this as "shot for shot". 
    Sometimes the best method for getting through a room will be to  just 
    walk firing Ebony and Ivory. I will refer to this as "tanking".
    Remember, trickster's air dash goes through just about EVERYTHING.
    Holy waters help, but are not recommended because they are a waste of 
    orbs and dignity.
    If you are going for SS rank, good luck Royal Gaurding perfectly....
    2. Super Dante?
    Well, if your up to heaven or hell, you have just earned Super Dante. I 
    will post strategies for both a normal and Super Dante, just let it be 
    known that there are very few instances were it matters which costume 
    you were.
    3. Missions
    Mission 1.
    Here's a doozy. At first you may think..." Find a corner, shoot, done!" 
    Well, I hate to burst your bubble, but they occasionally drop an 
    exploding guy in here, so one of two methods gets you through this 
    One is to get in the corner with the stair well and shoot all enemies 
    shot for shot, and then move to a safer area upon the appearance of the 
    exploding guys or....
    You could get in the corner with the sofa and desk with Nevan equiped 
    and Super Dante and air raid with no worries as long as you are as high 
    as you can get and stay in the corner.
    Mission 2 
    Stand in the back corner next to the fence. Fire. Alot. Use air raid 
    and Super Dante if you want to. Easy HoH level.
    Mission 3
    From where you start, tank forward to kill the two enigmas. When they 
    die, lock on to appearing enemies and kill them all. This room goes by 
    a lot quicker with quicksilver and Super Dante. If you can dodge well, 
    just skip the room and go through the door.
    After collecting some red orbs go through the next door and trigger the 
    balcony cutscene by approaching it. Dash or run away and then run and 
    jump on the balcony with the health. You won't need it anyway. Lock on 
    and fire from there. If you have Super Dante up there, equip Nevan and 
    air raid just in case a hell lust decides to get under the balcony and 
    uppercut you.
    Run down the street and enter temin ni gru, prepared for Cerberus. 
    Super Dante or not, you should switch to quicksilver.
    Why? Because you have to shoot off the ice before you can hit Cerberus, 
    and if you are anything like me, this is nerve racking.
     Either way, battles over when you break the ice with Ebony and Ivory.
    Mission 4
    For this mission equip gunslinger. Please. I know you probably don't 
    use it, but please. Also bring Spiral. If not, your other choice is of 
    course, Quicksilver. Alright, Let's Rock!
    Run through the normal path up the tower and enter the blue door. You 
    can either tank the hallway or just tap O with spiral to eliminate all 
    enemy fodder and enter the chamber where you will insert Vajura in 
    mission 5. 
    Immediately upon entering the room fire spiral, then tank forward a 
    little, then fire again. Always fire the riccochet shot, but I promise 
    we'll use the normal shot later. When the room is clear, exit through 
    the door up the stairs and activate the elevator after smashing the 
    The next room is kinda hard on HoH without Super Dante, because a hell 
    sloth can sometimes manage to teleport behind you and schythe you 
    before you can shoot it. So...after killing the hell gluttonies, stay 
    where you are and switch cancel spiral O shots. Leave upon victory.
    Now follow the tower left until you hit the yellow door. Fall with the 
    crumbling stairs and welcome yourself to what may be your first game 
    over screen. With Super Dante, jump as high as you can with air hike, 
    quickly switch to Nevan and air raid shot for shot, flying away from 
    bombs first. With no Super dante, use shot for shot on the ground, but 
    double jump when shooting a bomb from far away.
    Welcome to the worm fight. Once you arrive through the red doors. Just 
    fire till it appears. Laugh.  Run to the end of the level.
    Mission 5
    Keep gunslinger and spiral. I promise they'll come in handy. 
    Anyways, go insert the astronomical board on the left side of the upper 
    portion of the tower. Now jump in the gap you see to the left and you 
    should see the shiny Vajura waiting to be retreived. Fall off and then 
    air hike to it and take it back to the blue door we entered in mission 
    Tank the hallway again and enter the Vajura room. Use it "upstairs" and 
    grab the soul of steel, with spiral equipped. Now, as soon as the 
    cinema is over switch cancel O and spiral till you don't hear music. Or 
    quicksilver with Super Dante and fall into the action. When the red 
    seal fades, go back the way you came, tanking that hallway yet again.
    Now return to the yellow door and cross the abyss place where you fell 
    earlier. Use the soul of steel, then enter the next room.
    Activate the elevator, hop on, and hold R1 with Ebony and Ivory 
    equipped. With gunslinger you can point two directions and it's all 
    over. The enemies on the elevator don't stand a chance. Exit at the top 
    and do a little scenery smashing before entering the chamber of Agni 
    and Rudra.
    Shoot them both once. Laugh. Exit.
    Mission 6
    The easy way to do this mission is carefully choosing which two of the 
    three trials you want to do. The first maze is a must because there is 
    no way to get hit. Just go blank skull, green skull, red skull and 
    exit. The spikes in the middle trial however may give you woes, but if 
    you decide to do them use trickster or quicksilver. Air dashing through 
    the spikes does wonders. The third room may sound easy but there is one 
    problem. Though you no longer have to hit the wheels to kill the 
    enemies easily, the bombs may get you unless you double jump and then 
    switch to Nevan and air raid ( with Super Dante, preferrably).
    Either way come back with two stones and exit to end this boring level.
    Mission 7
    Go through the door. Look at how high up you are! Ok, enough of that, 
    drop down to the bottom and enter the door. Kill all the pawns any way 
    you please and pick up the shiny object and go all the way back up the 
    tower on the jump pads. Enter the hallway and grab orbs. Go through the 
    door and tank walk with Ebony and Ivory just in case. Those pawns may 
    surprize you one day! Enter the room on the left and trigger the 
    cutscene by approaching the statue. Hold R1 and fire. When everything 
    has perished enter the next room. Use the fragment "upstairs" and then 
    go down to the elevator and use it. Then go up the left stairs and use 
    the siren's shreik you got 2 rooms ago on the flames. Enter and tank 
    walk the enemies, but back up instead of walking  forward.
    In the next room destroy the wall, then hit the wheel. I hope your good 
    with Agni and Rudra. Due to our weapon choice, we can't just jump on 
    the ball. So target it and pick a corner (the wheel corner preferebly) 
    and perform Agni and Rudra's jump slash to knock the ball away in a 
    straight line, and repeat when it comes back. When it finally breaks, 
    grab the item and then prepare to fight. Either shoot everything 
    quickly from a corner and pray the hell sloths don't come up behind you 
    or air raid with Nevan and Super Dante.
    Now head back the way you came until you see a cinema. Kill everything, 
    but make sure the hell vangaurd goes down first, because he can 
    teleport and ruin your day with the bell attack. Exit and use the 
    crystal skull at the big blue door we haven't used yet. 
    Follow the path to Vergil. Shoot Vergil. Laugh. 
    Mission 8
    How hard can this level be? Avoid the acid at all cost, and be aware 
    that sometimes a hell lust can block a shot. If it wasn't for the 
    stomache acid, HoH would be a breeze on this mission. Any way. Kill all 
    five switch flesh things. If you have trouble remembering where the 
    1 To your right as you start. 
    2. Behind the bus
    3. On the ledge next to the pirate ship
    4. In the hole behind a acid waterfall. (an acidfall?)
    5. Across the bridge to the left.
    To safely land on the bus without dieing in acid, simply land on the 
    orb platform next to switch #5 and then fall straight down.
    In the next "hallway", use Nevan's air raid to get through this hallway 
    with either character. Run on the path until the worm chases you. Shoot 
    it and laugh, then collect the orbs by double jumping. Follow the path 
    and when you get to the Ignius Fattus room, either air raid with Super 
    Dante or Jump and fire alot with Ebony and Ivory, praying no one 
    Now head back the way you came and shoot the worm/laugh again. Upon 
    entering the big room with switches again, watch you step as you tank 
    walk over the bus through the room, and then use air raid, despite 
    which character you are till you reach the boss room. Use the item and 
    lock on and fire three times. If you're quick not only will the boss 
    die, you'll take out both sub hearts! Laugh again! (if it's not getting 
    old to you by now...)
    Mission 9
    Enter the spider room and air raid them for the safest kill. If you 
    don't want to waste dt and aren't playing with Super Dante, continuosly 
    jump away as you fire. Exit when they succumb to your might.
    Do the light puzzle and exit. Need a refresher? It's the middle bottom 
    and middle left you need to hit. Now, use spiral while locked on to 
    kill far away enigmas. Fun fun. Enter the door at the end.
    Shoot everything in the next hallway. Proceed. Upon entering the water 
    room, go to the door next to the statue. Tank walk and weave through 
    the rotating columns carefully, and hide behind them if you don't 
    manage to kill the enigmas quick enough. (joke) Now enter the next 
    room, kill the spiders the same way as before and grab the item, and 
    treat the hallway the same on the way back.
    Go change Agni and Rudra for Cerberus, and after this mission remember 
    to change it back or you can't double jump. Tank walk the blue hallway 
    and enter Nevan's room using the item. Nevan is gonna be tricky.
    Use quicksilver and run up and revolver her sheild until it is down 
    then kill her how you please. If you are not using quicksilver, dodge 
    her bats, then light columns, then the electric blob, the run up and 
    try to break her sheild. It should take two goes of dodging and sheild 
    bashing to kill all the bats, then kill Nevan how you please. 
    Remember to switch Cerberus for Agni and Rudra next mission.
    Mission 10
    Grab the stone mask then go back the way you came, tank walking all the 
    way to the point where the camera would change to show the opening, but 
    don't go around that wall unless you want a surprize, you should have 
    gunslinger equiped so you can spiral ricochet all enemies. Once thats 
    done, return to water room. 
    Use the stone mask on the picture, and then grab the item that comes up 
    on the bridge. Now back track even further. Remember to spiral the 
    enigmas. It may be tricky without quicksilver, but go for it!
    You'll be trapped with some dullahans. If you switched to quicksilver 
    at the statue, this will be easy. If you didn't, well...it can still be 
    easy, just watch you step. Get behind them and jump slash with Agni and 
    Rudra. Continue to backtrack.
    Watch the cool cutscene then head into the new door. After a little 
    travel, the level ends.
    Mission 11
    Enter the rotating spikey gear room and shoot all enigmas quickly. 
    Gunslinger prefered her for ricochet, but it's not necessary. Enter the 
    door at the bottom. 
    Turn your back to the soul eaters and then hold R1 plus tapping square 
    when they appear. Continue when none are left.
    In the next room knock both statues into their holes. One is behind  a 
    wall up there, by the way, remember? When the enemies appear, try to 
    kill the hell vanguard before he bell attacks, and then use the 
    previous method on the soul eaters once again. continue through to the 
    door next to the bloody heads.
    Hop on the trolley in the next room and Air raid if you have Super  
    Dante. If not, kill enemies shot for shot, and watch for exploding ones 
    so you can go to the opposite end and double jump. No matter which 
    character you are, the enigmas become a pain unless you quicksilver, 
    because arrows tend to fly before you shoot them in a crowd. Oh well.
    Run to the door at the end and shoot beowolf. Laugh.....sorry.
    Mission 12
    Let me just say that I hate this level on HoH. The best thing to do is 
    run to the trolley with Nevan equipped. Air raid as far to the left 
    with nevan and kill enemies shot for shot, cycling for enigmas first. 
    Only move from your spot to dodge arrows, or you may shoot an exploder, 
    and that would be bad.  Use dodges and jumping and shoot fast in the 
    safe zone, only jumping and dropping when enigmas are near, and 
    disengaging once their threat is over to continue to Air Raid. In other 
    words, Air raid in the left corner until you see enigmas or arrows. 
    Drop, shoot, dodge, air raid again.
    Grab the green orb under the statue. Tank walk until you reach the 
    gears room. If you have gunslinger, tap O to kill all bloodgoyles, then 
    grab their health and run. Tank walk until you kill the hell vanguard 
    in the last enemy room and then Air Raid the rest of the enemies. Exit 
    and prepare to lose dt. Oh well...
    Now follow the path to geryon. It takes two shots to kill him due to 
    the cinemas, so don't laugh early, ok?
    Mission 13
    Tank walk all the chess peices, or air raid with Super Dante to be 
    safe. continue this until you reach the puzzle room. Hit the top right 
    light thing, the wall, and the one diagonal left to the top right 
    mirror. Grab the item and tank walk your way to the next door after 
    exiting. Enter to Vergil room and shoot him. Giggle. Then laugh.
    Mission 14
    Follow the already beaten path until you board the trolley. The door 
    you want in the room with fallens....ok, I'm sorry. I won't skip the 
    fallens. Use quicksilver and air slashes with Agni and Rudra, or shoot 
    and trickster dash, whatever you prefer, just always attack AFTER they 
    have. Go through the side exit to the trolley. Air raid or kill enemies 
    shot for shot, as long as you watch for arrows.  
    Air raid or air hike and destroy all chess peices in the maze. Then, in 
    the enigma hallway, if you are a gunslinger, target and fire a normal 
    shot into the enigma on your right, then use O to kill the rest. If you 
    have quicksilver, just use it and run to the blue light column. If you 
    have trickster.....good luck dodging the arrows and getting a quick gun 
    kill until you reach the pillar. Follow the path then to the tower on 
    the street before Cerberus. 
    Mission 15
    Remember how you killed the fallens last time? Do it again. Go through 
    the door. Run past the spiders or shoot them/air raid/ whatever and 
    then activate the wheel in the next room. Head back and turn the wheel 
    once in the spider room. Head throught the gold door. 
    If gunslinger is equiped, fire O alot until you can't hear a blood 
    goyle. Be very careful of the rotating blades and go into the door on 
    the bottom. Kill all the soul eaters the same way you did last time. 
    There are many options for getting through the blades...
    Trickster dashes or air dashes are the best way.
    Quicksilver comes in second. 
    Time it with no trickster is possible without the other styles, but the 
    hardest. Grab the fragment and prepare to kill all bloodgoyles again. 
    Rotate the crest thing once and then exit the top golden doors. Watch 
    you step.
    Ok, so this room looks hard, but.... it is easy if you double jump or 
    trickster air dash over the columns at an angle so as not to hit you're 
    head, and then kill both dullahans at the "intersection". Enter the 
    room at the end and grab the peice. Kill the spiders however you 
    normally do and return through the hallway with the same strategy. 
    Ignore the wheel. 
    Kill all bloodgoyles in the gear room again and rotate the wheel twice. 
    Twice I say! Now go through the golden doors again and make sure you 
    have dt. We are going to do this nice and easy...
    enter the only other door and kill the soul eaters if you want. Then  
    dt, do a little hop and use air raid. fly effortlessly to the other end 
    and un-dt, then grab your fragment and re-dt, do a little hop and air 
    raid back. That was easy, wasn't it?
    Head back and hit the gear in the room before the "air raid adventure" 
    we just had. When it turns, go through the gold door to the spider room 
    and....*yawn* kill them how you please again. Go through the red door 
    and then use all three fragments and enter the elevator.
    Mission 16
    Ok, go through the door on the left if you have quicksilver equipped. 
    If you don't, there's a mute goddess nearby. Tank walk to the hole at 
    the bottom of the stairs. Once inside hit both wheels and try not to 
    laugh as the two balls fall.  Stand between the two balls and target 
    one. Jump slash it with Agni and Rudra then quickly switch and hit the 
    other. When the balls smash (lol) grab the item and prepare for 
    fallens. Quicksilver and jump slash 
    with Agni and Rudra. This is the only time where I would suggest 
    swordmaster to use rebellions sword pierce to break their sheild 
    instantly. Return to the goddess statue no matter what style when 
    finished, and switch to gunslinger. 
    Go to the door at the top of the hallway quickly, whilst tank walking. 
    Turn the wheel, smash the ball, then grab the item. Shoot the 
    chesspeices. Leave and find the goddess statue again.
    Insert the items and walk through. Use O on spiral and Cancel to Ebony 
    and Ivory and repeat. 
    Jump to the top if everything is dead and repeat in the next room what 
    you just did. Now go through the door. Shoot lady. Flirt a little, then 
    laugh. Jump to the top.
    Mission 17
    The mission of death. Seriously, this is a toughie. Go all the way to 
    the top of the God Cube chamber and then prepare for spikes! 
    Equip trickster no matter which character you are at the statue and 
    enter the trial that is open on the left. Air raid or shoot everything 
    and then exit. When the spikes come, they seem near immpossible to get 
    by without being hit. Unless you are a trickster.
    Wait for the spikes to get close and air dash through them. do this 
    until you reach the end. Exit through the hole and jump up the  jump 
    Follow the path and tank walk the bad guys, and watch for fireballs. 
    Follow the path more until you reach doppleganger.
    If you still have quicksilver equipped, turn it on and try to catch 
    doppyboy in a light and shoot him. If you are still a trickster. Dodge 
    him and learn how many hits it takes to open a light, then hit it one 
    less than that, then lure him in for the kill. Good luck, padawon. 
    Also note that with Cerberus or Nevan's air raid vortex you can knock 
    an energy ball into him, but it's not worth the risk.
    Mission 18
    Run forward. Kill all the chess peices. Shoot. Don't be afraid. I know 
    DMD scared you, but now they are cake. You can air raid with Super 
    Dante to be safer.
    Run past the fallens and enter the boss world. Kill as many as you like 
    the way you did before, but you only have to kill Beowolf, Cerberus and 
    Agni and Rudra to end the level. 
    Mission 19
    Air raid with Super Dante  or shoot and run. Just watch out for 
    In the next room if you have quicksilver, use it! Find any mirror you 
    can see yourself in and smash it! Don't wait for the enemies to 
    respawn, just continuously look for them.
    In the hour glass room find a corner to air raid or shoot in, just 
    WATCH FOR FIREBALLS. Again. Grab the samsara and jump through the 
    mirrors until you see the statue. Use it and jump through again. Run to 
    the end of the hallway and shoot Arkham. Then shoot him again. Be sure 
    not to laugh preempitivley.
    Mission 20
    Shoot Vergil. Cackle. Laugh. Giggle and pat yourself on the back! 
    Another difficulty in the bag!
    Boss section.
    Preferred style-Quicksilver
    Method-Shoot off the ice and hit him fast before he can launch an 
    Hell Vanguard-
    Preferred style- Quicksilver
    Method-Shoot it before it uses the bell attack!
    Preferred style- Any
    Method- R1 button. Check. Square. Check.
    Agni and Rudra-
    Preferred style- Any
    Method- See Worm
    Vergil 1,2 and3
    Preferred style- Any
    Method-See Agni and Rudra
    Leviathon heart
    Preferred style-Gunslinger
    Method- Fire spirals O move or just use Ebony and Ivory.
    *See Vergil
    Preferred style-Quicksilver
    Method- Turn it on and run up and spam revolver with Cerberus, or just 
    break the sheild in general. Without QS, you'll have to dodge first.
    Preferred style- Any
    Method- See Leviathon heart
    Preferred style- Any
    Method- See Beowolf. Twice.
    Preferred style- Any
    Method- See Geryon, but no need to repeat.
    Preferred style-Quicksilver
    Method- Catch him in the light as he approaches. Hit him. Don't ever 
    take it for granted that you can open a light before he stingers you. 
    You can also reflect his orb with Nevan's vortex or Cerberus or sword 
    peirce, but it's risky to do so....
    Preferred style- Any
    Method- See Geryon, but doing Lady's twice will work too.
    Nice seeing ya! Thanks Gamefaqs.

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