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"Real game, with no negitive lessons"

Despite this being a game about spray-painting, fighting and trying hard not to get caught by the bad guys, the disclaimer brought some comfort, and the replay value is pretty good. But the main point. You get to spray paint walls and buildings, and you never suffer any real life problems. You won't get arrested for playing a game about spray-painting. You can do these things without worrying about any kind of damage done to your life. Now to explain why I like this game.

You start off as a weak graffiti writer who calls himself, and writes, Trane. He's not all that good, he's not all that famous either. So he's trying to get up in the world, rise to the status of legends. You start out from your grandma's flat/apartment building. The opening scene shows your grandma talking to you about how your father died because he did graffiti, and that if you did graffiti, you would most likely end up the same way. All you have to write with is stickers and markers. As you go on through the game, you gain more forms of doing your art, including using a paint roller and wheat pasting. You also grow stronger somehow, which I never got.

Also, you slowly start to build a name for yourself, your rep goes up as you get your name up all over the place, beat your one rival crew, and continue to defy the enemies and their leader like the sorry sacks of idiots they are. You learn more ways to write your name, and other things, Then you keep on trying more and more daring things, writing wherever you can.

That's pretty much all for the game play. You can fight, but it's really so low key that I consider it very much a back burner problem. The music is ok, and if you really like it, buy the special box for this game, the one that is silver, looks like a book almost. It contains the CD for some of the music in the game, a black book and a silver marker, to do your own kind of writing. It costs a little extra, but if you feel like starting small, go from that.

Now for the downsides. Your only limited to write on certain area's. Can't do a 100% free write. Can't write on many cars, your fighting style is very poor, really. This game is fun, but don't expect to be super excited about it. It has it hard points, but cheats are always on this site, so if you are having a lot of trouble, use them.

Overall, this game is ok, but if there is going to be a sequel, then it needs to be a heck of a lot better than this one. Better fighting style, better paints, things like that.

Well, that's all folks. Signing off, the uncertain writer

Reviewer's Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Originally Posted: 05/10/06

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