Review by Code_Foxtrot

"It's getting up and leaving."

When I first read about this game I thought it had a good idea and looked like it would be a big hit. I forgot about the game and just rented it. Instantly, my hopes were dashed and I stopped playing.

Sound 5.5/10
There are plenty of good songs to listen to, but the problem is you have to unlock them. The songs themselves are very good. Plenty of underground artists and a few mainstream ones as well; however, all the other noises are very repititous and very bland. It's are to feel like your playing an actually character when he repeats the same lines twenty times.

Graphics 4/10
These graphics truly suck. Collision size is horrible in this game and the cut-scenes, which use the same graphics as the gameplay, only show off how horrible the graphics are. Thick black lines cover the faces of the characters and I don't think street gangs have access to cloning technology just yet. The backgrounds are lifeless and often have a blurred effect like it's all foggy.

Story 7/10
They story was actually alright. Your a rising artist trying to spread your name when you, yourself, gets tagged and you go out for revenge against the gang leader. Not really much of a dragging story and it isn't even that great, but the main character feels that he must beat the crap outta everyone and hop on the tops of trains just because one of his shirts got ruined.

Gameplay 5/10
This is where the game was supposed to be so ground breaking. With many different kinds of unlockables and tons of tagging to be done. Not to mention your able to custimize each tag. Gameplay is some mediocre fighting system with tedious spray painting. It's a lot like coloring in a kindergarten class. Don't go outside the lines, because you can't, and try not to drip the paint less the other artists lose respect for you. Better tags bring you more rep which in turn levels you up and gives you no help what so ever.

Re-playability 0/10
No alternate endings and the unlockables aren't really even that great to unlock, so there's no real reason why to play the game again.

Overall 4.3/10
This game really isn't worth a rental and certainly not worth a purchase. Do yourself a favor and try not to even think about this game.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.0 - Poor

Originally Posted: 06/12/06

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