Review by horror_spooky

Reviewed: 03/21/06

Marc Ecko Needs To Get Up And OUT Of My PS2!

I'm going to give anyone who reads this review advice right now. Don't listen to magazines and game sites that gave this game a good score. I tried to see past the flaws, but the game just kept getting worse and worse until I had to turn it off because it was just so unbearable.

The load times are tiresome and the game's concept is just so stupid that you can't even make yourself enjoy the game play. It makes you feel like you're playing for no real reason. The people who don't play games for story-lines, play games to be entertained. I tried to do that, but this game just isn't entertaining at all.

The game is pretty simple. All you do is climb things, jump things, and crawl to get from place-to-place. You might have to fight a few people along the way and you'll have to, of course, spray paint things, but none of this is difficult. The game is too easy to be fun.

Sometimes Trane wouldn't grab onto pipes when he needed to or he wouldn't pull himself up onto ledges. The spray-painting is simple and boring. Other games adopt spray-painting by using mini-games to keep the player entertained. In Marc Ecko's Getting Up, the player just holds buttons and moves the spray can around to paint the tag. Also, selecting items becomes a hassle because after you use something you'll go right back to your spray-can. This can get really annoying when you have to do something over and over. For a game that bases its self on being realistic, Trane sure does jump really high and far...

The game doesn't even have multi-player. The game had a nice premise for a multiplayer feature, but this wasn't explored. The game remains as a horrible, junky, one player "gangster" game.

You're Trane and you're pretty much obsessed with graffitti tagging. You know all the great "artists" and want to be one. But, be warned! There is a S.W.A.T team unit that specialize in stopping graffitti WAIT a minute. Why would a S.W.A.T team give so much as a rat's ass? Trane's dad was a graffitti tagger, but is dead which leaves your grandma to take care of you. Is that suppose to be touching in some way? Woo, his dad was a gang-banger and died. Woo there are police that really care about graffitti taggers...the story doesn't make sense!

At first, the graphics are pretty great. It shows how much un-used power the PS2 has stored up. The in-game graphics, however, are terrible. The character modules are horrible and look like they belong on the Playstation. I hate the rap music in this game, also. Now, before people start yelling at me that I gave the game a low score because I don't like rap music, that is not true. I do like rap music, but the rap in this game is awful. There is no need to find the hidden IPOD extras hidden throughout the level to unlock new songs, since all the songs are horrible.

Marc Ecko's Getting Up: Contents Under Pressure succeeds in making me very pissed that I wasted five bucks. Gamers can't expect much, I mean, it is a game about spray-painting...

Rating:   1.0 - Terrible

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