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    Edge by pepseeh

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 04/02/05 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    WWE Smackdown! Vs. Raw – Edge Character FAQ
    By: Pepsi Moran aka pepseeh (dragon_flip24@yahoo.com)
    Version 1.0
    Table of Contents
    1. Disclaimer
    2. Version History
    3. Intro
    4. Edge’s Biography
    5. Moves
    6. Basic Strategy
    7. Acknowledgment
    I, Pepsi Moran aka pepseeh, am the legal author of this FAQ. No other 
    party may take credit for the writing of this FAQ, and if anyone wants 
    to host this guide on their website, then contact me (use contact 
    details at the end of the FAQ). GameFAQs has my permission to host this 
    FAQ. If any of the above are violated, then I will undertake legal 
    action. Thank you and happy reading.
    Version History
    1.0 (April 2, 2005) – Started writing this FAQ. Written intro, 
    biography, moves, and strategy. Finished it in a day.
    Hi, this is my first FAQ to submit. I am an avid player of wrestling 
    games, and I happen to like Edge. Seeing as there isn’t any Edge 
    character FAQ on the SvR section, I decided to write one. Hopefully, no 
    one else decided to >:)
    Anyway, here’s the controller legend you’ll need to follow:
    X = X button
    T = Triangle button
    S = Square button
    O = Circle button
    {B} = Will make target bleed (if head area is red)
    {G} = Groggy (position)
    U = Upper body
    L = Lower body
    Sub. A = Submission A, the tug-of-war submission
    Sub. B = Submission B, the “timing” submission
    D = Dirty move
    Pretty simple, isn’t it? Okay, good.
    Edge’s Biography
    (Taken from WWE.com - 
    Ring Name: Edge
    Real Name: Adam Copeland*
    Height: 6’5”
    Weight: 240 pounds
    From: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
    Finishing Moves: Spear, Edgecution (Impaler DDT)*, Edgecator (modified 
    Career Highlights: World Tag Team Champion; WWE Tag Team Champion; 
    Intercontinental Champion; WCW U.S. Champion
    Current Events (as of Wrestlemania 21 - April 3, 2005): 6-Way “Money in 
    the Bank” Ladder Match
    * - information not from WWE.com
    Base Moves
    Ring In Move: S + any direction, near ropes (inside the ring) –
    Ring Out Move: S + any direction, near ropes (outside the ring) – 
      Right Analog Stick Up:     Edge
      Right Analog Stick Right:  Wake Up
      Right Analog Stick Down:   Edge
      Right Analog Stick Left:   Wake Up
    Fighting Style: Wrestling 01
    Walking Style (any direction on D-pad): Normal
    Running Style (T): Normal
      Movie: Edge
      Moves: Edge
      Music: Edge
    Ready Moves
      Up + X:                  Spinning Wheel Kick 02 {B}
      Right + X:               Back Chop 01
      Down + X:                Dropkick 02
      Left + X:                Snap Jab
      Downward Diagonal + X:   Toe Kick 01 
      Upward Diagonal + X:     Elbow Smash 01
      Power Grapple (Up + O: Grapple 09)
      Up + O:                  Downward Spiral {B}
      Right + O:               Half Nelson Facebuster
      Down + O:                Edge O’ Matic 01
      Left + O:                Gutbuster 02
      Signature Grapple (Left + O: Grapple 08)
      Up + O:                  Back Suplex 01 / Backslide Pin 01*
      Right + O:               Suplex 06
      Down + O:                DDT 10 {B}
      Left + O:                Snapmare 04
      Quick Grapple (Right + O: Grapple 07)
      Up + O:                  Front Dropkick 05
      Right + O:               Sleeper Hold 01
      Down + O:                Russian Leg Sweep 01
      Left + O:                Jumping Armbreaker 02
      Submission Grapple (Down + O: Grapple 04)
      Up + O:                  Standing Crossface (Sub. A)
      Right + O:               Headlock 02
      Down + O:                Leg Lock 05
      Left + O:                Headlock Takedown
      Grapple Attack
      X: Grapple Elbow Strike 01
      X: Grapple Elbow Strike 01
      X: Grapple Body Attack 01
    Back Attack:
      Up + O:                  Electric Chair Drop {B}
      Right + O:               Forearm Smash
      Down + O:                Edge O’ Matic 02
      Left + O:                Bulldog 04 {B}
      Up + O {G}:              Sleeper Hold 03
      Right + O {G}:           Back Side Slam 02
      Down + O {G}:            DDT 22
      Left + O {G}:            Bulldog 04 {B}
    Edge of the Cell:
      Facing forward + O:      Downward Thrust
      Facing forward + any
      direction + O:           Downward Thrust
      Facing backward + O:     Downward Thrust
      Facing backward + any
      direction + O:           Downward Thrust
      X:                       Angry Stomp
      Up/Down + X:             Leg Drop
      Left/Right + X:          Elbow Drop 02
      Left + O (U):            Headlock 04
      Up + O (U):              Fury Punch 09 {D}
      Right + O (U):           Surfboard
      Left + O (L):            Leg Lock 10
      Up + O (L):              Stomp on Leg
      Right + O (L):           Edgecator (Sub. A)
      X:                       Turnbuckle Dropkick 01
      Any direction + X:       Turnbuckle Dropkick 01
      X (U – opponent on
      lower part):             Turnbuckle Dropkick 02
      Up + O:                  Frankensteiner
      Right + O:               Superplex 01
      Down + O:                Chop Battle
      Left  + O:               Arm Drag 09
      Any direction + O (U –
      opponent on lower part): Foot Choke 02 {D}
    Back Attack:
      Up + O:                  Super Back Suplex
      Right + O:               Rolling Powerbomb
      Down + O:                Turnbuckle Smash
      Left + O:                Rolling Powerbomb
    Rope Opponent
    Rope Down:
      Any direction + O:       Elbow & Irish Whip
      T + X:                   Spinning wheel Kick 04 {B}
      T + X:                   Dropkick to Knee 03  
      Outside the Ring
      T + X:                   Vaulting Body Press 02
    Jump Down Over:
      S + X, just when you
      are running close to 
      the ropes:               Dive Through Ropes
      Left + X:                Diving Spear
      Right + X:               Missile Dropkick
      X:                       Diving Elbow Drop
      Up + X:                  Diving Elbow Drop
      Down + X:                Diving Elbow Drop
      X:                       Clothesline 15
      Any direction + X:       Spinning Wheel Kick 04 {B}
      Down + O:                Spear 02 / Backslide Pin 01*
      Up + O:                  Spear 01
    Back Attack:
      O:                       Bulldog 04 {B}
      O (G):                   School Boy Pin 02
      S + X:                   Elbow Drop 10
      S + any direction + X:   Dropkick to Knee 03
      O:                       Powerslam Pin 02
      Up/Down + O:             Back Body Drop 03
      Left/Right + O:          Flapjack 04 {B}
    Double Team
      O:                       Double Suplex
      Up + O:                  Double Facecrusher {B}
      Right + O:               Double Dropkick
      Down + O:                Dropkick & Rolling Clutch
      Left + O:                Double Suplex
      Up + O:                  Sidewalk & Reverse DDT
      Right + O:               Groin Press
      Down + O:                Body Attack
      Left + O:                Powerbomb 02
      L1:                      Edgecution 02 / Spear 02*
      [any direction] + L1
      or L1*:                  Edgecution 01
      Backslide Pin 01
      Gutbuster 02
      DDT 10 {B}
    Weapon Finisher:
      L1:                      DDT 29 {B}
      Any direction + L1:      DDT 29 {B}
    Combination Moves:
      X:                       Snap Jab (flipped horizontally)
      X:                       Back Chop 01
      X:                       Spinning Wheel Kick 02 {B}
    * - Moves with asterisks are moves that I used instead of the default, for
    continuity reasons. For the finisher, if you decide to use Spear 02, then
    the button for Edgecution 01 would just be L1.      
    Basic Strategy
    -Using default moveset-
    With the default moveset, Edge’s finishers target the head. The best way to
    capitalize this is to focus on the head area in the course of the game 
    (Spinning Wheel Kick, Downward Spiral, Edge O’ Matic, etc), with the body
    as a second goal (the Gutbuster works well on this). Similarly, if you can
    get the body and head red, making the opponent tap out through the Edgecator
    (right + O, lower body of down opponent) is easier.
    -Using edited moveset-
    With the edited moveset (which was edited by me to keep up with the recent
    Edge moves and matches), you have the Spear 02 (pretty much similar to Edge’s)
    and the Edgecution 01 (seen recently). You can win by working on the body and
    finishing it up with a Spear or by working more on the head and cleaning house
    with Edgecution. You can also win by submission with the Edgecator. You need
    not work on the body to win with a Spear.
    -How to do standing double team moves-
    Standing double team moves are harder to time than turnbuckle moves. You need
    to do the grapple while someone else is grappling your target (it can’t be 
    done the other way around). Position yourself near the grappling duo and press
    the buttons.
    -How to do jump down over moves-
    These are the hardest moves to pull off, although you don’t need a target (but
    it'll be much easier to pull off with one). While your target is outside the 
    ring (the game AI will usually do a little taunting outside), move back from
    the ropes a little bit, and then run toward them. When you reach the edge, 
    simultaneously press S and X. If you timed it right, your character will do
    his move (in Edge’s case, he will dive through the ropes).
    If I missed anything, let me know by emailing me at dragon_flip24@yahoo.com. 
    GameFAQS: The greatest site where you can get help at any game. Really. 
    WWE: For Edge and these great entertainment you fill us with.
    THQ: For making Smackdown! Vs. Raw, a great game. One of the best – but
    they'll top it. I know they will.
    Pepseeh: For writing this FAQ and believing in Edge all the way. (Hey, he
    may be a hated heel right now, but he deserves the shot)
    Thanks for reading!
    Copyright 2005 pepseeh – dragon_flip24@yahoo.com / pepseehcola.blogspot.com

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