Concept ArtEdwin Fong
DeveloperJon Bailey
DeveloperTed Barber
DeveloperBrad Bulkley
DeveloperClive Burdon
DeveloperRon Burns
DeveloperMatt Canale
DeveloperRalph D'Amato
DeveloperPeter Day
DeveloperZac Drake
DeveloperAndy Firth
DeveloperAlan Flores
DeveloperMike Friedrich
DeveloperJake Geiger
DeveloperAndy Gentile
DeveloperJason Greenberg
DeveloperRock Gropper
DeveloperKurt Guiterrez
DeveloperGary Jesdanun
DeveloperJoel Jewett
DeveloperHenry Ji
DeveloperMike Kennedy
DeveloperAdam Lippman
DeveloperGreg Lopez
DeveloperDana MacKenzie
DeveloperAndy Marchal
DeveloperJeff Morgan
DeveloperKeven Mulhall
DeveloperNolan Nelson
DeveloperDavid Nilsen
DeveloperJosh O'Brien
DeveloperJohnny Ow
DeveloperChris Peacock
DeveloperJoe Pease
DeveloperScott Pease
DeveloperCody Pierson
DeveloperDavid Powers
DeveloperJeremiah Roa
DeveloperDavid Rowe
DeveloperMatt Russell
DeveloperJohn Sahas
DeveloperStuart Scandrett
DeveloperAaron Skillman
DeveloperChauwa Steel
DeveloperCarlo Sura
DeveloperJason Uyeda
DeveloperTodd Wahoske
DeveloperChris Ward
DeveloperSam Ware
DeveloperTao Zheng
Engine and ToolsDave Cowling
Engine and ToolsKendall Harrison
Engine and ToolsGarret Jost
Engine and ToolsRulon Raymond
Engine and ToolsDamian Stones
Enging and ToolsFred Wang
Music SupervisorBrandon Young
Neversoft SupportJacob Biegel
Neversoft SupportAri Bilow
Neversoft SupportLisa Davies
Neversoft SupportTim Dean
Neversoft SupportLisa Edmison
Neversoft SupportChad Finley
Neversoft SupportSteve Gallacher
Neversoft SupportChris George
Neversoft SupportRyan Juckett
Neversoft SupportHari Khalsa
Neversoft SupportJoe Lamas
Neversoft SupportDaniel Nelson
Neversoft SupportSandy Newlands-Jewett
Neversoft SupportBrian Oles
Neversoft SupportChris Parise
Neversoft SupportPaul Robinson
Neversoft SupportBeth Sanborn
Neversoft SupportDavidicus Schacher
Neversoft SupportTodd Sue
Neversoft SupportDarren Thorne
Neversoft SupportJohn Webb
Neversoft TestersMichelle Deyo
Neversoft TestersRyan Ramsey
Neversoft TestersTony White
Skater/Voice ActorBob Burnquist
Skater/Voice ActorTony Hawk
Skater/Voice ActorEric Koston
Skater/Voice ActorBam Margera
Skater/Voice ActorRodney Mullen
Skater/Voice ActorChad Muska
Skater/Voice ActorRyan Sheckler
Skater/Voice ActorMike Vallely
Story written byRob Hammersley
SuperVillain Studios TeamTim Campbell
SuperVillain Studios TeamSteve Ganern
SuperVillain Studios TeamChris Glenn
SuperVillain Studios TeamJoson Hasenauer
SuperVillain Studios TeamChris Rausch
SuperVillain Studios TeamJosh Taylor
Vocie ActorJason Spisak
Voice ActorLarry Cedar
Voice ActorBen Diskin
Voice ActorMelissa Disney
Voice ActorJeffrey Todd Fischer
Voice ActorBartley P. Flynn
Voice ActorPeter A. Hulne
Voice ActorJesse James
Voice ActorNatas Kaupas
Voice ActorArif S. Kinchen
Voice ActorPhil LaMarr
Voice ActorWee Man
Voice ActorPhil Margera
Voice ActorLani Minella
Voice ActorJoshua Seth
Voice ActorLarc Spies
Voice ActorSteve-O
Voice ActorWally Wingert
Voice ActorDave Wittenberg


Data and credits for this game contributed by eggman n3, lilobaggins, chrono trigger fan, Mookiethebold, LordAndrew, odino, _Genesis, and misschu.

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