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"It's needs some work, but not bad"

This is another game that, while sound in most regards, has some odd flaws. But most are noticed only by a nitpicking reviewer.

Gameplay- I can't help but notice some similarities to other games in this...2 weapon limit, melee attacks, grenades, 2 types of health and one regenerates...but most of these appear to be standard features in shooter games lately.

Your character is a basic infantyman at first, but he soon obtains a cyclone, which is a bike that transforms into body armor when not in use.

The player always has 1 gun, the galant *not known if this is the correct spelling*, powered by protoculture (which is conveniently dropped by enemies when they die), and 1 gun of his choice.

Queue a small problem- lack of interesting secondary weapons. Sure, they exist, among them a pistol, a machine gun, a shotgun, rockets, mortars...but you rarely get a chance to use anything but the pistol, and the weapons are usually off to the side in some corner a player would never bother to check. And eventually, the player gains another weapon they cannot drop (it's needed for the final battle), and all hope of customizing the weapon loadout dissipates (but this happens very close to the end anyway).

The game has the player either driving around on a cyclone (3rd person), or fighting off Invid and criminal humans with his arsenal (1st or 3rd person). The shooting portions are usually "go from point A to B, and do action C", while the cyclone parts are simply "Get from A to B in 1 piece." The game has a couple boss fights, but they are nothing revolutionary.

Difficulty- This game is not hard (in most cases) for a few reasons:

1- There is always ammo lying around, and the player can carry a lot of it (except for the machine gun and possibly the shotgun). Why aim? You can just point in their direction, hold down the trigger, and get back all the ammunition you lost and then some.

2-A lock-on button for the Invid enemies. This isn't necessary, most invid are the size of a house, and about as graceful as a running cow. Meanwhile, the enemies that are not as large as usually running toward straight you, and can be dispatched with a melee and a burst of fire. Also, the lock-on puts the reticle over an Invid's eye, which is a 1 shot kill waiting to happen.

3-The galant, while it is a good all-purpose weapon it makes things too easy. It starts as a pistol but ends as a super-accurate assault rifle that can turn into a sniper rifle, and the player doesn't need anything else.

Story- Earth has been taken over by aliens known as the Invid. Now, you play the part of Locke, a soldier from a returning Expeditionary Force trying to free the planet.

The game starts in the past, as the player takes Locke and guides him through the Invid base during 1st attack, against the Invid reflex point. It quickly jumps to the present soon after, but many questions are unanswered, some even at the end of the game. Who is this person? What happened back at the reflex point? Why doesn't he remember a thing? Some of this is told through flashbacks Locke has during his missions, but a great deal remains untold. If you are one who likes this kind of story, you will enjoy it, but otherwise, not really.

Graphics, Music, Sound- It suits the mood of the story well. It wouldn't help to have cheerful music and bright, colorful environments as you are battling Invid to the death, now would it? It also has one of the most memorable tunes for battle that I've ever heard. The sound effects for the weapons are good, from your cyclone blade slashing to rockets being fired.

Final words- It has multiplayer capability (online I believe), so you may find some joy in that which was not mentioned in this review.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 12/11/06

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