"Capcom is going down."

As a long time 2D VS Fighting game video gamer fan since the start of the Street Fighter II era in the early 90's I must say this is one let down I'll never forget.

I don't understand..........I mean how could Capcom degrade them this much???? Now before you jump to conclusion I love old school 2D fighting games. I love the KOF series and I love the SF series. They're crossover games are still currently the best in my book. I'm not really Marvel vs Capcom or Guilty Gear fan as I guess they just seem too 'masher friendly' for me. That's just me anyways.

Now back to the topic how on earth did Capcom manage to get them into such a position???? Capcom vs SNK and Street Fighter 3 being games that was at least 4-5 years older than this game even plays much better! Hell even I still play Street Fighter 3 and Capcom vs SNK up until today! You might say I might be expecting too much but how am I expecting too much when all I'm even expecting is something like Capcom vs SNK?? Capcom has surely done it this time around.


1. Music. Not to mention unlocking music from other games related to the characters. One of the only worth while reasons for having this game (if you even consider it worth while).

2. Art done by UDON. At least it isn't too bad in that department.

3. Cast of characters. I mean a lot of them are from other games and feel as if this mix of characters just doesn't really change much of the gameplay but at least a few characters make a fresh appearance.


1. Characters feel/seem too unbalanced. gameplay can get real slow for certain characters while certain characters have huge advantages over another character.

2. Sprites have been reused once again. Capcom is reusing sprites once again. It is a fact: Capcom doesn't care anymore. Even the ending was lazily done. I mean the only new sprite character was Ingrid and everyone else was reused!

3. Game doesn't have anything much to offer. You'll get tired of it after a short while.

4. Background is dead. Sure they have really nice art to it but the characters are near lifeless and not to mention the tone colors for the characters and overall placing makes them feel as if they were made out of cardboard.

5. Besides music the game doesn't offer much worth while unlockables which is bad.

6. Capcom is so lazy that they can't even include a Move/Command List in the game. How lazy can they get??

Basically the game is almost destroyed totally. There's nothing really worth while mentioning good about it other than Music but that doesn't even really effect the game 'that' much but c'mon...other things as well??? It's crazy I tell you.

Overall I'm being generous. As a fighting game lover I usually give high scores to fighting games myself but this is the worse one I've ever come across and felt an instant need to write one out to express my thoughts in the simplest of way. This game got an instant 5/10 for just being a fighting game and sadly even with the music it just isn't enough to save this game.

I say seriously test the game before buying it.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 11/22/04

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