Review by Kouga

Reviewed: 11/27/04

Just another rehash

Capcom Fighting Jam/Evolution is Capcom's latest entry in the 2d Fighter genre, pitting a cast of over twenty characters from different games, including Street Fighter 2, Darkstalkers, Red Earth/Warzard, Street Fighter Alpha, and Street Fighter 3: 3rd Strike, each using their own system, in an attempt to make it a true versus game.

It was an excellent idea, but executed in the worst possible way.

Gameplay - 6/10

As stated above, each character in Capcom Fighting Evolution uses their own system from whichever game they came from. If your character is from Street Fighter 2, you get very few system tools, but in exchange EXCELLENT damage. For Red Earth, it utilizes the level up system. Darkstalkers receive chain combos, OTGs, and super moves without a super spark, but take more damage than anyone else in the roster. 3rd Strike characters, can parry and super cancel off of specials. Street Fighter Alpha uses the custom combo system (it's the custom combo system from CvsS2 rather than Street Fighter Alpha, though), and alpha counters. Finally, the new character, Ingrid, has her own sort of system similar to C-groove in Capcom vs. SNK 2.

In addition, you pick two characters, and can choose to switch between them each round.

Overall, the game feels a bit slower than Capcom vs. SNK 2 at a basic level, plus the fact that there's no roll cancel or guard crush gauge may make it feel a little turtly to some players.

The gameplay is certainly not bad. Definitely fun and so far has turned out fairly balanced, with the tools and damage potential of characters balancing each other out. But the problem is that this game offers little new aside from character tweakings. Why play this game when it's already been done before in other, better games? All the systems are recycled from other games. The ability to change characters between rounds was done in Rival Schools. And there's only one new character! The versus series has been done. The game does not do anything to really distinguish itself. I personally feel that Capcom vs. SNK 2 is superior in every way, with the exception of a few roster choices, such as Karin and Alex.

Graphics - 2/10

Terrible. Just terrible. Definitely the worst problem with this game. Although the resolution has been upped a bit from the arcade version, the sprite look horribly pixilated, and naturally don't mesh well AT ALL since they're just copy and pasted from their respective games. It's kinda sad, because the same sprites for the Darkstalkers, taken from a ten year old game are put in the game with sprites from a game half that age (Red Earth).

The result is not pretty at all. ONE new sprite was drawn for this game, and ONE character was redrawn....

The backgrounds also have zero effort put into them. The best one uses maybe five frames, TOPS. And there's usually only one thing moving in the stage. Background totally filled with people and only one is moving his hand up and down. It's actually quite distracting to me sometimes since the rest of the background is so static.

The only reason it didn't get a 0 is because of Shinkiro's and Udon's absolutely gorgeous art, and the slightly better hit and block sparks. It's some of their best work and is currently my favorite. The endings look great. But, the rest of the game looks like a PS1 game.

Sound - 7/10

The soundtrack is decent, but it's nothing landmark to me. You can unlock the themes of the characters from their older games by beating the game with them and use them in arcade mode as well, which includes some of the best classic tracks.

Hit effects are fine. Not my favorite but still great.

The announcer isn't annoying for once ("I MEAN, WHAT'S UP WITH THAT?!"), but the voices are just copied and pasted from the respective games, just like the sprites. Normally I really wouldn't care that much since this is done in lots of fighting games, but it annoys me because it's another thing that shows they did nothing but copy and paste for this game.

Replay Ability/Extras: 6/10

As a fighting game, it has as much replay ability as you want it to be, though it gets really old playing the AI if you're by yourself since the AI is really cheap, playing like EO-ism Guile with rapid fire sonic booms and walking forward then flash kicking. And magically inescapable ticks lol. Plus there's no extra modes, just Arcade, Versus, and Training mode.

The unlockable things are the bosses of the game (Shin Akuma and Pyron), and the themes of each character, which won't take that long to do.

Overall: 6/10

Sad. Capcom really needs to understand that they need to put effort in their games now to make them sell. Instead, they put less and less into their games...

Rent or Buy: RENT FIRST!

I strongly suggest that if you are interested in this game that you rent it first. Even SRK, which is a haven of Capcom fanboyism, is divided on the issue of whether this game is good or not. This game is definitely not for everyone.

Rating:   3.0 - Fair

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