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"This is not an evolution."

This has been rumored to be Capcom's last fighting game for awhile, mainly because "the fighting genre is not as strong as it once was." And with a mediocre entry such as this, I can not say I disagree with them.

The concept was to put all the Capcom characters into one awesome fighting game, each originating from their own games. They did this well, the Street Fighter II characters play as Street Fighter IIs should, Street Fighter III have the Parry, and their own super meter, Dark Stalkers play as Nightstalkers with the chain combos, and respectively Street Fighter Alpha and the Red Earth matches well. It's like Capcom Vs. SNK without the SNK.

Rating: Awesome!

However, while the ideas looked good on paper, it was not executed properly. Some of the characters are over powered (IE Street Fighter II), the character selection is horrible. (only 4 per each game).

Rating: Very Bad

The graphics are at best par. The backgrounds are blurry, and uninteresting. They have a bunch of Cameeos from Fighters (who should of been in the game), but other than that, it is the generic "New York", "Some Forest", and the famous "Underworld". The character sprites are unoriginal. While it might have been for the greater good, the sprites have been reused again and again. I understand this was to keep the differences between the characters the same, but at least they could of cleaned them up.

Rating: On Par

The Gameplay is sound, one of the things they did right. The controls are solid, the characters (for the most part) are balanced, and the "groove" system was decent. However, compared to other Capcom games, it is a step backwards, not a step forwards. There is no other modes of play, and The character selection is VERY lacking.

Rating: Average

The sound is awful. While the character voices and sounds have been reused (again), the music is more annoying than anything. The unlockables are alright, but that's barely saving it.

Rating: Bad

Overall, this game is a fighting game you'd expect from the SNES or PlayStation, but in a world with Guilty Gear #Reloaded, Capcom vs. SNK, and Marvel Vs. Capcom, it is barely a good fighter. If this is a "Fighting Evolution", it's no wonder why the Fighting Genre is dying.

While I hate to give out scores, because this is my opinion and no one elses, I'm gonna have to admit that this game is a 6/10. An average fighting game that you seriously want to consider renting before you buy.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 11/27/04

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