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"Capcom Fighting Devolution"

You might mistake me for a Capcom "basher", but I am really a big fan of Capcom. I just want to be fair when it comes to my reviews.


Capcom Fighting Evolution? It's a Capcom game alright (Erm… It's already given away by the title). With the reputation that Capcom has when it comes to fighting games, many gamers (including me… I'm a Capcom fan!) must be anticipating this game. After all, it's been a while since Capcom had developed a fighting game. However, Capcom Fighting Evolution doesn't seem to reach “Capcom-standards” compared to the classics (Street Fighter or MVC anyone?)… So, what happened to this game?

Gameplay/Controls (2/3):

Its gameplay is similar to Capcom vs. SNK (ala Street Fighter Alpha if you still don't get it for some odd reason). The player chooses two characters (not three anymore sad to say) from five different “Capcom Groups” namely Street Fighter II, Street Fighter III, Street Fighter Alpha, Dark Stalkers, Red Warzard/Earth (Don't ask me who they are ‘coz I really have no idea) including a new character named Ingrid (I wonder where she came from…), and each group has its own fighting style (You can't choose anymore unlike in Capcom vs. SNK so it's kinda inflexible). Well, technically, there are only three Capcom Groups since the “Street Fighter” branch has three sub-groups.

The controls are quite fine (Actually I have no complaints on this one), and the controls are not “sticky”. What do I mean by sticky? Well, your character does his move without delays so it's quite easy to pull off some combos (Well, MVC's controls are still better when it comes to unleashing hefty combos, but of course, it has a totally different fighting engine).

Graphics (1/3):

Let's just say the graphic is not much, and old Capcom fighting games, at some point, better. The BGs are dark and look rushed (Some doesn't even blend well with the sprites), and the recycled character sprites are mediocre-ish(They could've at least enhanced it if they were gonna use recycled sprites). Compared to other godly Capcom games such as Capcom vs. Snk and MVC, this game is way way below them in the graphic's department. What happened?

Sound (2/2):

The sounds are well mixed that I can say, and you can listen to the classic theme music of each character once you finish them (Capcom nostalgia!).

Play Time / Replayability (0/2):

I have a really REALLY big reason why I gave this a 0… Aside from the lack of characters (20 at the very least… What happened to the 56 lineup?), this game doesn't feature anything at all… What happened to Time Attack? Survival? Heck, even the move lists are gone… The choice of characters is also kinda weird (I mean I was expecting at least Tabasa to come out in the Red Warzard lineup, but they just HAD to put that squid in)… Where's that succubus that was always playable in almost every Capcom crossovers? Cammy? Ibuki? That zombie… Sasquatch? KEN!? Sigh… I could go on… Lastly, there are also minimal “unlockables” to unlock to extend the game's life span (Aside from the class Capcom music, which I am sure is not much for you to continue playing unless you're a fan of it)… You're bored and want to play a fighting game? You're better off with MVC2.

Final Recommendation:

Overall, Capcom Fighting Evolution is a total flop compared to the other Capcom fighting games… Capcom must have a big reason why this happened, and I wish I knew why. But this won't stop anyone from being a Capcom fan… This is just one flop that could be overshadowed by other Capcom-quality games. After all, it does bring back memories of Capcom's different fighting games (Only that, you would wish that there were more character lineups). It's not really worth all that money, but if you're a really big Capcom collector, then buy it for the sake of completing your collection (‘Coz the game really isn't much). I just hope that Capcom has another plan up in their sleeves…

Reviewer's Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Originally Posted: 12/02/04

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