Review by capcommunist

Reviewed: 12/03/04

This is actually a pretty good budget title.

Capcom has always been a competitor in the fighting game industry, and still are (albeit a lot less) today. It seems that they have become tired of the 2D fighting game industry. They have gotten sick of making 2D fighters due to the cost it takes to make them, and the minuscule profit they make off the sales. But then again, there are those two DS games coming out...... so there may be some fight left in them after all.

Now, on to the review!

Graphics: 7/10

Well, the graphics in CFE are very good for the most part, except for two or three characters (Ingrid, Alex, and Demitri). The backgrounds are very watercolor-like in nature, and have many cameos from various Capcom games.

The only thing wrong with the backgrounds is that they sorta look pasted on. This can be forgiven, since this game is a BUDGET TITLE. It wasn't meant to be an end-all game.

Music: 8/10

The music actually sounds more like music you would hear in a Mega Man game than in CFE. But that's due to the director of Mega Man (Keiji Inafune) directing this game.

Some of the music is techno, and the rest is either hip-hop or some other kind of music. The music is a huge step above the mediocre music of SvC, KoF 2003, MvC2, and CvS2.

Another thing to note is that you can unlock stage music for every character in the game.

Gameplay: 10/10

OH. MY. GOD. This game is hella fun to play! Sure, there's only three modes, but Capcom did so well with the gameplay, it won't matter! Characters from five games (SF2, SFA, SF3, Warzard, Darkstalkers) battle it out in their respective systems. What is really fun is using the Warzard characters.

Capcom really did well with the character balance. Every character can compete, unlike in other games *coughSvCKoF2k3MvC2KoF94cough*

Control: 10/10

This is a Capcom fighter. What do you expect? Crappy controls? Nope, not the case here. The controls are very solid, like in most Capcom and SNK fighters.

Replay Value: N/A

Well, I can't really rate the replay value. You see, there are some things to unlock (stage music, bosses) but the replay value depends on how much you love (or hate) this game. Even after unlocking everything, some people will have fun finding out new combos and strategies. So in a way, I can't rate it in this department.

Final Word:

For all you complainers out there, this is a budget title. It was not meant to outshadow other fighters. It was meant as a small present to the fans of Capcom's fighters. Sur, the graphics may be a little dated, but they still look good. If you don't appreciate Capcom's "small present to the fans," then you're probably not a fan.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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