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"Charles Darwin must be spinning in his grave"

Capcom Fighting Evolution was going to be great, it was going to add numerous characters from different Capcom Fighting game franchises to compete against each other. We were also given characters from a franchise that was never released in the States! "Did Capcom cut this out of the game at the last second?" You may be asking. No, Capcom didn't cut anything out of this game, only because there was nothing in this game to begin with.

CFE is a very disappointing title from the start. There are only 3 modes to play in and only 4 characters in each of the five different franchises(Street Fighter 2,Street Fighter 3, Darkstalkers ,Street Fighter Alpha, and Red Earth). You'd expect more from a game that's title has "Evolution" in it. I'm going to say it straight off that bat: This game would've been better if it added more characters in each of the franchises. I mean, Street Fighter 3 is a game that has so many obscure characters, and yet Capcom didn't add any of them!

Each Franchise has their own sort of abilities. For Example: The DarkStalkers team can preform combos like no ones business while The Street Fighter 3 team can Counter and Parry. This gives each Team an advantage while fighting no matter what.

CFE is also set with a Tag-Team like system. It's not like Marvel vs Capcom 2's though. You choose two characters, the first one you choose will alway start the match. After the first match, you're given a choice to stick with the character you used or you can use your second character. If found this useless since there is no real point in having it in the first place, since you won't know if your enemy will switch.

There are no character endings when you finish Arcade mode. The only incentive to beat the game with all the characters is that you unlock Shin Akuma. And of course, since the ending sucks you better believe that the Last Boss sucks also. Pyron was a total disappointment. Why not have one of those hulking 2-3 formed bosses Capcom used to use? I wasn't expecting a small fire dude that I got a Perfect on twice the first time I played. How sad.

The Graphics (as usual) are pretty clean, but if you've played any other Capcom Fighting game that was released for the Dreamcast , PSone, or the PS2 you'll notice that the sprites are the same. The backgrounds are pretty cool, but they'll probably get you depressed once you see some Capcom characters that could've made this game interesting but weren't put in.

The music is pretty bland and you probably won't remember any of it after a while. The sound effects are pretty good, punches kicks all make a good thud when they land.

I really don't suggest this game to anyone that isn't a fan of Capcom Fighting games. So, if you're a fan you might as well try it. Luckily it was only 30 bucks opposed to 50.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 12/05/04

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