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"It's More Like Crapcom Fighting Evolution"

I had a feeling that Capcom Fighting Evolution was not going to be a casual fighting game that most anyone can sit down, play, and enjoy. I didn't think I would be as right as I was. The idea behind this game is excellent; the execution is horrendous. It feels like more of a hodgepodge than a company-wide fighting game.

Graphics: 6
The graphics are all over the place, due to the fact that Capcom decided to use everyone's original sprites. The exception is with the Street Fighter II characters, as they use their Capcom vs. SNK 2 sprites, but that matters very little. Watching the nicely animated characters from Red Earth tangle with the pitiful DarkStalkers Demitri is a terrible eyesore. The Alpha characters look untouched, while the SF3 characters look like they've been toned DOWN. Red Earth and SF3 showed that Capcom has the ability to make excellently animated characters, and they should have taken advantage of it by giving the characters upgrades. One could argue that it's for nostalgia's sake, but sometimes nostalgia is really ugly.

Music: 8
The music in CFE is surprisingly good. The tunes fit in nicely with their backgrounds, plus Ingrid has a vocal theme which is very well done. An added bonus is the ability to unlock the characters' themes. This is the nostalgia that Capcom got right in CFE.

Characters: 4
I've said it before, I'll say it again: the character choices in this game are ATROCIOUS! There are 21 characters, with only 2 additional unlockables. Some of the choices are very good, but there are also some that are very poor. Bison, for example, would serve better as a third unlockable boss, allowing Chun-Li to take his spot on the SFII team and a different SF3 character such as Oro or Dudley to fill in the fourth spot on the SF3 team. Capcom has a plethora of characters from Rival Schools/Project Justice that they could have added to make such a team.

Plus wouldn't it have been great to have 3 random Capcom characters join Ingrid's team? Imagine having Dante in there? The man has been BEGGING to be in a Capcom collaboration fighting game. Jill was transferred into MVC2 nicely, so why not put the T-Virus Wesker into CFE? Capcom did not put a lot of thought into their roster, and it really hurts the game.

Gameplay: 5 (8 if you are a hardcore Capcom fan)
Capcom's idea to have each character retain his/her game's unique properties looked good on paper. But put into practice, it just makes gameplay more confusing. Seasoned Capcom veterans should have no problem utilizing SF3's parrying and DarkStalkers' air guard, but considering you have two-member teams, one can easily forget their characters' properties in the middle of a heated match.

Capcom tried to "balance out" every character, and it ultimately made most of them hardly any fun to play as. Urien, for example, is much slower and loses many of his Aegis Reflector combos. Sakura can spam her running shoryukens into a super, due to SF Alpha's gauge being the A Groove from CVS rather than V-ism from SFA. The Street FIghter II characters, by contrast, have unfathomable strength and priority. Capcom must have left them out when balancing the characters. A decent Guile player can annihilate just about anything in his path.

Overall: 6
The bottom line is that Capcom Fighting Evolution is NOT for the average fighting game fan. In fact, it's not even for most hardcore fighting game fans such as myself. If you are madly in love with Capcom's fighting games, then it might be worth your money. If you aren't a Capcom fan, then you might consider renting the game if you're really bored and save up your money for Neo-Geo Battle Colosseum.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 12/13/04

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