Review by The IcecreamMan

Reviewed: 01/10/05

Capcom IS Fighting Evolution

This game has met my expectations. I knew it's not going to be that good. I've played Capcom's past fighting games, but their laziness has started to bear on me. It's funny that this game has the "word" evolution in its title when this game is so lackluster. Wait, it's not funny, it's sad and depressing.

Gameplay: 8
- There's good fighting to be had. Each character has a style that plays to his/her respective franchise. In this game, Rose from Street Fighter Alpha plays almost the same and so does the Street Fighter 3 guys with their parries and such. You must select two characters and pick which one to go in the beginning of each round. This is essential as there surely are characters that have bad match-ups. A guy like Zangief has huge frightening power but has trouble against speedy characters.

Graphics: 6
- The backgrounds are decently detailed. But the characters look like crap. So many damn visible pixels! (Demetri, one of the characters, is a prime example) Street Fighter 3 was released over four years ago and the characters look much more better than this. As a matter of fact, the Street Fighter 3 characters represented in this game look even worst. Including the Street Fighter 2 guys whos sprites borrowed from Capcom vs SNK 2 are slightly better from the source. Unbelievable.

Sound: 8
- It's the standard sounds of punching, kicking, slamming. Nothing wrong with that.

Music: 7
- The tunes are nice to listen to as you play. It might be good as a CD soundtrack although some are easily forgetable

Fun Factor: 6
- The game is decent but not that fun. Funny how the game recycles so much and yet the character roster could have been much bigger (no Ken?). The reused graphics and gameplay mechanics are just too tiring nowadays. The arcade mode features no character ending compared to the coin-op version and the boss design is just pathetic.

Rent or buy?

Rent. You may or may not like it. I certainly don't.

Rating:   3.0 - Fair

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