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"Once you get past the outdated graphics and small cast, it's not that bad."

Capcom's first new 2D fighting in about 4 years, it's really shows how unpopular 2D has become. With DDR being the sole thing keeping Arcades alive now, fighters don't have much to hold on. I'm a big fan of 2D fighters so I found this game decent.


Same sprites we've seen for nearly a decade, Demitri is hands down, the worse looking character in the game. Zangeif needs a new sprite badly Capcom, he's one of your most famous characters yet all you did these years was use the sprite from Alpha 2 over and over and over.... just making him snort steam and wink when he wins isen't enough. Alpha and Darkstalkers have a smidge of better resolution than they did in their orginal games, not easily seen through. Some characters have some new win poses, but some, like Jedah's, is just reused or altered animations from moves. The new character Ingrid looks pretty bad as well, her animation is lacking and she looks like a sprite form a PSX Mega Man game. The backgrounds look like oil paintings except for the ruins and Infinty chamber.


People may disagree with me, but this game has a good roster, through it could use more tweaking. We get the main characters from SFII ('cept Ken, probably because Capcom listened to all the Shoto haters), Alpha's fan favorites Sakura, Guy, Rose and Karin. For Darkstalkers we get Demitri, Jedah, Felicia and Anakaris, a so-so choice, Demitri and Jedah are excellent choices, as Jedah has never been seen outside of Darkstalkers 3 and Demitri got into a better game than that trash SvC Chaos. Felicia and Anakaris I woulden't mind seeing replaced by someone like Donovan, B.B. Hood, Q-Bee or Victor, but they work. SFIII finally gets some reconigtion, however not the best. The overused Chun Li takes the place of a SFIII character's spotlight, which I find very stupid. Yun also returns but without his Genin Jin. Alex and Urien also take their shot at a crossover, but are nerfed from their previous versions. Red Earth adds some obscure characters to the mix, through not Tabasa from Pocket Fighter/SvC Chaos, which is strange, she's RE's most well know character.

This game also has a well balanced roster, unlike the Vs games with 50 or so characters and some very dominate characters and many weak ones this game can make use out of all the characters (except Hauzer, he's too big to make use of). Even the bosses aren't that dominate and can be used in a fair fight (Unless you abuse Pyron's Galaxy Warp for time outs).

MUSIC 6.5/10

The music isen't anything special here, except for infinty chamber, you can also unlock classic themes which is a large chunk of the score, through they do sound outdated...

Overall, not too shabby, a good rental, not much more. Capcom could do better but at the looks of things Capcom may have to keep their Fighting game king crown in storage for now.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 04/21/05

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