Review by Snickleseed

Reviewed: 06/30/05

Meh, not bad for a budget title.

Well, I am a huge fan of Capcom fighting games, and having previously enjoyed such gems as the Street Fighter Alpha series and the Capcom vs. SNK series, this game seems to be somewhat of a letdown for a few reasons.

First off, this game is not much more than a rehash with a few new characters thrown in. There are only 18 characters total, including one hidden one. The selection of characters is mediocre at best, and they all use recycled sprites. The one good thing about the cast IMO is that Karin from SFA3 is in it.

Not much to say here. There really is no story to this game. Although I would like to know the story behind Ingrid, who seems like just a lame attempt by Capcom to add a new character to the game... >_> you never do find out who (or what!) she is...

The backgrounds are nothing special, and the characters sprites are starting to get old. If you've ever played any other Capcom fighting game released in the last 10 years or so you would know what I mean by the sprites getting old. They did use Chun-li's character design from Street Figher III, however, so props to Capcom for that. But characters such as Zangief, Sakura, Rose and Guy have the same sprites that they used ever since appearing in Street Figher Alpha 2 nearly 10 years ago. And they play exactly the same as they did 10 years ago also.

Sounds are probably the best part of this game IMO. The hits have more of a impacting sound than in previous games, and the music is for the most part pretty catchy. And the announcer isn't always annoying you like he was in CVS2.

The game will instantly feel all-too-familiar for anyone who has already played and grown bored of previous Capcom fighters. The play control is awesome as usual, but because of the limited roster of fighters and the lack of different play modes this game can get boring fairly fast. You're also forced to choose two different characters when you play, so you can switch them between rounds. I don't really see the need for this, and find it more annoying than anything. An optional "tag-in" system would have been much better. (i.e. when one character is low on health, swap him/her out for the partner)

Pros and Cons

Nice music, vets of the series will pick up on it very quickly. Quite simple, maybe too simple. Karin from SFA3 is back. ^_^

Limited character selection, no special groove systems or fighting styles for each character, no customization options for your character, and no extra modes (like Survival mode). Vets of the series will get bored with it very quickly. The characters from Red Earth and Darkstalkers *seem* original, yet extremely boring to play as for some reason.

Rent or buy
If you're a diehard fan of Capcom fighters, you may want to pick this up just to have in your collection because it's so inexpensive. If you aren't, you may want to rent it first. I bought it and I'm glad I did, because it did have *some* entertainment value. But overall it seems like a rushed project.


Rating:   3.0 - Fair

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