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"Sad, so very sad. Don't pay attention to the back of the box, where it talks about the arcade game."

This game had me hyped up, because I liked the first Ninja Turtles game for the PS2, and because I loved the original arcade game. Sadly, both are dissapointments. Let's find out why...

Story: 5/10:
We all know the Ninja Turtles story. There are four turtles that got doused with mutigen and transformed, along with a human ninja. The ninja became a rat, and the turtles grew to human size and adopted human capapbilities, such as walking and talking. The rat teaches the turtles the ways of the ninja, and they combat the evil Shredder. Same ol' same ol'.

Controls: 7/10
The controls are O.K., but nothing fancy. You have light and heavy attack buttons, a button to throw stars and to change your turtle and of course, jump.

Graphics/Sound: 6/10
The graphics look like something jumped out of a comic book, and entered the 3-D world, which fits the whole Ninja Turtles theme. Each turtle has a different voice, though they speak a whole lot less than they did in the first game. Thier weapons all sound different when they hit and enemy. The music, sadly, isn't as good as it is in the first game. I can't remember any songs from this game at all.

Gameplay: 3/10
This game is flat-out boring. You can no longer unleash 10-hit combos like in the last game, and the attacks are slow, unvaried, and boring. Fighting is dull and repetitive, as well as tedious. The bad guys with guns litteraly blow you away when you go after them so by time you can finaly hit them, you're almost dead. You tend to get double teamed a lot, and the bad guys just won't die. The levels are all very short and boring. Bosses are few and far between, and it's just bland. The ability to finaly be able to switch between the turtles and use all of them is a nice bonus, however, but the fighting is so slow and boring, it won't really matter. The best thing is being able to unlock classic Ninja Turtles stuff, but you may not even be able to bring yourself to unlock them, this game is so dull. A big dissapointment overall.

Classic Arcade Mode: 2/10
I put this section in here because I have to get a certain point across to keep people from making a big mistake. What is this?! This is not our beloved arcade game we so fondly remembered. The stages and game design are all the same, but what's up with the music?! The music is the same for every single stage, and the song sucks, which really gets under your skin and can interfere with how well you play the game. The cool intro is gone, even the boss music has changed, and it's the same even for Shredder. The Cowabunga sound when you "insert" a coin has even changed! Even the voice-overs are gone! Another dissapointing thing is that, unless you have a multi-adapter, you can only play as Leo or Mikey. That's right, you have no control over which turtle you want to use with out a multi-adapter. For those of you who are considering trying this game for the arcade mode, DON'T! It's not what you remember, and it's not worth the 4 hours+ you'll spend trying to unlock it. This is most dissapointing because Konami is not a company that is known for slacking off and taking the easy way out, espacialy for delicate classics like this. This is so very sad...

Overall: 3/10
I have to say, in all my life, after all of the Konami games I've played, this is the very first time they've managed to dissapoint me. This game, IMO, is a complete waste of time, not even worth the $6 I shelled out to rent it.

Rent or Buy:
Rent it, if you're a die-hard fan of the series, and if you like it, buy it, but otherwise, it's not worth your time.

Reviewer's Rating:   1.5 - Bad

Originally Posted: 03/14/05

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