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    Monster/Enemy Guide by eolsunder

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      Game Guide/Monster list
      V 1.0 - Completed 11/25/04
      Written and maintained by James Friel
      Copyright @2004 James Friel (eolsunder1@aol.com) This FAQ is solely 
      intended for use on Gamefaq.com forum site, and may not be reproduced or
      duplicated without permission of myself. If you want to use or duplicate
      the FAQ, feel free on other sites, I really am not a greedy person, just
      make sure to credit the FAQ and myself when doing it. 
      Yu-gi-oh! Capsule Monster Coliseum is a Playstation 2 game published by 
      Konami. Copyright  1996 Kazuki Takahashi, Licensed by Sony of America
     I.   Revision History
     II.  Introduction
     III. Complete Monster list
     IV.  Monster list by Enemies
     V.   Last words
      11/25/04 v1.0
      - FAQ started
      - Added Introduction
      - Added Complete monster list
      - Added enemy monster list
      - Added final word section
     [NOTE: My revision history starts at version 1.0 and each change will be noted
     as a .1 addition, so the 3rd revision, if it ever gets to that, will be the
     version 1.3]
      Yu-gi-oh is a tactic-like monster battling game, you and computer players
      you fight can pick from a variety of monsters to play out battles in a chess
      type match. There are 200 monster cards in the game, some of which you will
      have to make from other monster cards, win from opponents, buy from stores, 
      or receive as prizes for defeating or completing certain objectives. 
      The following guide will be a list of all the monsters you can get in the 
      game, including eventually special abilities they might have, how to get all
      of them, and what monsters your opponents in the game carry and might use. I
      wanted to put out some basic monster lists on the game, since I haven't been
      able to find any info at all on the game on other sites or areas. I don't 
      particularly like the game much, but I just decided to make up a quick FAQ 
      for it and maybe help some other people out. 
      The following list was compiled by Truking (user 1563546) on the message
      board area, checked over by myself playing through the game. His list helped
      me a lot when looking for monsters I didn't have, or didn't know how to get.
      As I have said before, there are 200 monster cards, which will be listed 
      below. They are in order that they appear in the in-game monster listing.
      The basic layout is by Elemental property. 
     *** LIGHT MONSTERS **
       1) Happy Lover
       2) Skelengel
       3) Magician of Faith
       4) Time Wizard
       5) Prisman
       6) Geni
       7) LaMoon
       8) Dark Witch                   
       9) Lucky trinket
      10) Seiyaryu
      11) Petit Angel
      12) Fairy's Gift
      13) Rogue Doll
      14) Fiend Reflection #2
      15) Ocubeam
      16) Giltia the D. Knight
      17) Mystical Elf
      18) Luminous Soldier
      19) Skull Guardian
      20) Gyakutenno Megami
      21) Blue-Eyes White Dragon
      22) Shining Friendship
      23) Carat Idol
      24) Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon
     *** DARK MONSTERS ***
      25) Kuriboh
      26) Feral Imp
      27) Needle Ball
      28) Right Leg of the Forbidden One
      29) Left Leg of the Forbidden One
      30) Right arm of the Forbidden one
      31) Left Arm of the Forbidden One
      32) Exodia The Forbidden One
      33) Ryu-kishin
      34) Curse of Dragon
      35) Illusionist faceless mage
      36) Terra the Terrible
      37) Ryu-Kishin powered 
      38) Pumpking the King of ghosts
      39) Summoned Skull
      40) Ushi Oni
      41) Zoa
      42) Dark Magician Girl
      43) Tri-horned Dragon
      44) Red-Eyes B. Dragon
      45) Slot Machine
      46) Barrel Dragon
      47) Dark Magician
      48) Metalzoa
      49) Red-Eyes Black Metal Dragon
      50) Magician of Black Chaos
      51) Gate Guardian
      52) Summoned Lord Exodia
     *** FIRE MONSTERS ***
      53) Fire Reaper
      54) Firegrass
      55) Jigen Bakudan
      56) Flame Viper
      57) Mechanical Snail
      58) Garoozis
      59) Flame Manipulator
      60) Darkfire Dragon
      61) La jinn the Mystical Genie of the Lamp
      62) Megasonic Eye
      63) Blast Juggler
      64) Charubin the Fire Knight
      65) Rigras Leever
      66) Yamadron
      67) Firewing Pegasus
      68) Flame cerebrus
      69) Fireyarou
      70) Molten Behemoth
      71) Tyhone #2
      72) Crimson Sunbird
      73) Manga Ryu-Ran
      74) Launcher Spider
      75) Flame Swordsman
      76) Ryu-Ran
      77) Meteor B. Dragon
     *** WATER MONSTERS ***
      78) Psychic Kappa
      79) Sinister Serpent
      80) Root Water
      81) Great White
      82) Penguin Soldier
      83) Mech Bass
      84) Yado Karu
      85) Jellyfish
      86) White Dolphin
      87) Kappa Avenger
      88) Akihiron
      89) Suijin
      90) Man-eating Black Shark
      91) Penguin Knight
      92) Toad Master
      93) Grappler
      94) Krokodilus 
      95) Kanikabuto
      96) Fiend Kraken
      97) High Tide Gyojin
      98) Hyosube
      99) Flying Penguin
     100) Crab Turtle
     101) Fortress Whale
     *** EARTH MONSTERS ***
     102) Haniwa
     103) Torike
     104) Larvas
     105) Anthrosaurus
     106) Mystic Horseman
     107) Battle Ox
     108) Battle Steer
     109) Rock Ogre Grotto #1
     110) Celtic Guardian
     111) Destroyer Golem
     112) The Statue of Easter Island
     113) Rock Spirit
     114) Crawling Dragon
     115) Mon Larvas
     116) Gazelle the King of Mythical Beasts
     117) King Tiger Wanghu
     118) Hitosu-Me Giant
     119) Masaki the Legendary Swordsman
     120) Megazowler
     121) Super War-Lion
     122) Judge Man
     123) Rabid Horseman
     124) Sengenjin
     125) Performance of Sword
     126) Gaia The Fierce Knight
     127) Milennium Golem
     128) Two-Headed King Rex
     *** WIND MONSTERS ***
     129) Dancing Elf
     130) Droll Bird
     131) Petit Dragon
     132) Kurama
     133) Baby Dragon
     134) Wicked Dragon with the Ersatz Head
     135) One-Eyed Shield Dragon
     136) Killer Needle
     137) Faith Bird
     138) Tyhone
     139) Winged Dragon, Guardian of the Fortress #1
     140) Twin-Headed Behemoth
     141) Kazejin
     142) Harpie Lady
     143) Lesser Dragon
     144) Winged Dragon, Guardian of the Fortress #2
     145) Crow Goblin
     146) Sky Dragon
     147) Thousand Dragon
     148) Parrot Dragon
     149) Harpie Lady Sisters
     150) Metal Dragon
     151) Gaia the Dragon Champion
     *** WOOD MONSTERS ***
     152) Petit Moth
     153) Man-Eater Bug
     154) Needle Worm
     155) Man Eater
     156) Sonic Maid
     157) Kumootoko
     158) Cockroach Knight
     159) Larvae Moth
     160) Gokibore
     161) Hercules Beetle
     162) Kwagar Hercules
     163) Ancient Tree of Enlightenment
     164) Arsenal Bug
     165) Kuwagata Alpha
     166) Spiked Snail
     167) Green Phantom King
     168) Kamakiriman
     169) Hunter Spider
     170) Queen of Autumn Leaves
     171) Trent
     172) Dungeon worm
     173) Great Moth
     174) Perfect Ultimate Great Moth
     175) Javelin Beetle
     176) Steel Scorpion
     177) Kaminarikozou
     178) Mega Thunderball
     179) LaLaLi-oon
     180) Oscillo Hero #2
     181) Shovel Crusher
     182) Two-Mouth Darkruler
     183) Electric Lizard
     184) Bolt Penguin
     185) Cyber Soldier
     186) Sanga of the Thunder
     187) Akakieisu
     188) The immortal of Thunder
     189) Dice Armadillo
     190) Machine Attacker
     191) Giant Mech-Soldier
     192) Gear Golem the Moving Fortress
     193) Steel Ogre Grotto #1
     194) Thunder Dragon
     195) Kaminari Attack
     196) Steel Ogre Grotto #2
     197) Royal Guard
     198) Tripwire Beast
     199) Cyber Saurus
     200) Twin-Headed Thunder dragon
     FUSION *%*%*%*%*%*%
     Fusion is a ability in Yu-gi-oh Capsule Monsters that allows 2+ monsters that 
     reach a certain level, or with the help of attribute nodes, can join together
     to create a new totally different creature. Fusion monsters can only be gotten
     by fusion, they cannot be obtained any other way. To Fuse, monsters must be
     side by side on the battlefield and their levels/attributes correct. The old
     monsters are gone, and the new fused monster is formed.
      Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon - fuse 3 Blue-eyes white dragons
      MetalZoa - fuse Zoa with Steel Scorpion
      Gate Guardian - fuse Sanga, Kazejin, and Suijin
      Summoned Lord Exodia - fuse Exodia parts (both arms, both legs, body)
      Darkfire Dragon - fuse Fire Grass with Petit Dragon
      Flame Swordsman - fuse Masaki and Flame Manipulator
      Flying Penguin - fuse Penguin Knight and Penguin Soldier
      Rabid Horseman - fuse Mystic Horseman and Battle Ox
      Milennium Golem - fuse Destroyer Golem and Statue of Easter Island
      Thousand Dragon - fuse Baby Dragon with Time Wizard
      Harpie Lady Sisters - fuse 3 Harpie Ladies
      Metal Dragon - fuse Lesser Dragon with Steel Ogre Grotto #1
      Gaia the Dragon Champion - fuse Gaia the Dark Knight with Curse of Dragon
      Kwagar Hercules - fuse Hercules Beetle and Kuwagata Alpha
      Kaminari Attack - fuse Mega Thunderball with Ocubeam
      Cyber Saurus - fuse Twin Headed King Rex with Blast Juggler
      Twin Headed Thunder Dragon - fuse 2 Thunderdragons
     EVOLVING *%*%*%*%*%*%
     Evolving is a ability in Capsule Monsters that allows a monster to evolve into
     a higher form. They have to reach a certain level and/or use power attributes
     on the battlefield to reach their next form. They do not need another monster
     to evolve. The old monster is gone and in its place is the new form.
     Dark Witch - evolves from Lamoon
     Shining Friendship - evolves from Petit Angel
     Ryu-Kishin Powered - evolves from Ryu-Kishin
     Red-Eyes Black Metal Dragon - evolves from Red-eyes Black Dragon
     Magician of Black Chaos - evolves from Dark Magician
     Fieryarou - evolves from Flame Manipulator
     Manga Ryu-Ran - evolves from Ryu-Ran
     Penguin Knight - evolves from Penguin Soldier
     High Tide Gyojin - evolves from Root Water
     Hyosuge - evolves from Psychic Kappa
     Rock Spirit - evolves from Haniwa
     Mon Larvas - evolves from Larvas
     Larvae Moth - evolves from Petit Moth
     Great Moth - evolves from Larvae Moth
     Perfect Ultimate Great Moth - evolves from Great Moth
     Hunter Spider - evolves from kumootoko
     Trent - evolves from Ancient Tree of Enlightenment
     Tripwire Beast - evolves from Electric Lizard
     MISCELLANEOUS *%*%*%*%*%*%
     Lastly, there are some monsters in the game that can only be achieved under 
     special circumstances besides being bought in the store or win as monster 
     prizes. There are also monsters that can only be received by beating the 
     tournament. Some monsters can only be received by beating the tournament 
     multiple times. Thus, if you want all 200 monsters on the list, you have to 
     play through the tournament multiple times, probably at least 3. 
     Giltia the D. Knight  - chance to receive if you win the tournament
     Red-Eyes Black Dragon - chance to receive if you win the tournament
     Rigras Leever         - chance to receive if you win the tournament
     Fortress Whale        - chance to receive if you win the tournament
     Super War-Lion        - chance to receive if you win the tournament
     Javelin Beetle        - chance to receive if you win the tournament
     Sanga of the Thunder  - chance to receive if you win the tournament
     Firewing Pegasus      - grandpa's shop 20+ hours area 2
     Sinister Serpent      - grandpa's shop 50+ water monsters in inventory
     Celtic Guardian       - grandpa's shop surrender 20+ times areas 3/4
     Crow Goblin           - grandpa's shop area 2 with less than 10 wind monsters
     Dungeon Worm           - win the tournament multiple times
     Exodia the Forbidden  - have all four body parts in your main hand and the
                             card will show up in grandpa's shop.
      The following is a outline of the other Capsule Monster players you will run
      into during the tournament, and what monsters you can get from them. When you
      defeat a enemy in the tournament, you have the option to take 2 or 3 of their
      monsters for your inventory. Some monsters can only be received by taking 
      them from a opponents inventory after their match. 
      When you play an opponent, there are 2 sides of the battlefield that you
      can play from, which location you start out at depends on who goes first in
      the battle. The person who goes 2nd gets to choose which side of the field
      they start at, the BLUE or the RED area. Some battlegrounds this doesn't 
      really matter, some battlegrounds this provides a great tactical advantage
      for either you or your opponent, so often its beneficial to NOT have your 
      opponent playing from his normal spot. 
      [ NOTE : In order to have a chance to take a monster from an opponent's deck
        after the battle, you must actually kill the monster during the fight. I
        have checked on it, any enemy monster alive on the field when the battle is
        over will not appear in their choice of inventory after the fact. So if you
        see a monster you really want, or need for your collection, MAKE SURE TO 
      [ NOTE : One opponent has different cards that he plays depending on which 
        side of the field he starts at. This is very important in getting some 
        rare cards later, since you will have to make sure you start out on a 
        certain side in order for your opponent to play a certain set of cards. 
        This next section will help with that I hope. Unless noted, the RED SIDE
        is the default side the computer opponent starts at.
      Below is a list of what monsters each opponent has. Unless noted, each of
      the opponents play the exact same monsters no matter what side of the field
      they start on. Monsters with a *** next to them, are rare or good and 
      should be a must have for your collection.
      ( ***** AREA ONE ***** )
      FORGOTTEN CAPITAL - Joey Wheeler (Fire)  
                                 4 Fire Reapers 
      CONDEMNED WAREHOUSE - Tristan Taylor (Wood)
                                 2 Petit Moths
                                 Steel Scorpion
      VOLTAGE CAGE - Duke Devlin (Dark)
                                 2 Steel Scorpions
                                 3 Kuriboh
      SACRED STREET - Tea Gardner (Water)
                                 2 Petit Moths
                                 2 Happy Lovers
                                 Root Water
      CHALLENGER'S STAGE - Grandpa (Earth)
                                 Right arm of the Forbidden One ***
                                 2 Petit Moths
                                 Cockroach Knight
      ( ***** AREA TWO ***** )
      ANCIENT FOREST OF ORIGIN - Weevil Underwood (Wood)
                                 Cockroach Knight
                                 Petit Moth
                                 Root Water
                                 Shovel Crusher
                                 Larvae Moth   ***
      GUIDING MANSION - Mokuba Kaiba (Thunder)        
                                 2 Kaminarikozou
                                 Steel Scorpion
                                 Shovel Crusher
                                 Droll Bird
                                 Wicked Dragon with Ersatz Head
      VALLEY OF HOWLING WINDS - Mai Valentine (Wind)
                                 One Eyed Shield Dragon
                                 Wicked Dragon with Ersatz Head
                                 2 Harpy Ladies    ***
                                 Jigen Bakudan     ***
                                 Mechanical Snail
                                 Flame Manipulator
      TOMB OF ANCIENT KINGS - Rex Raptor (Earth)
                                 2 Kuriboh
                                 Steel Scorpion
                                 Shovel Cruncher
                                 Two-Headed King Rex  ***
      SEA OF MIRACLES - Mako Tsunami (Water)
                                 2 Happy Lovers
                                 Root Water
                                 Psychic Kappa
                                 Fiend Kraken   ***
      ( ***** AREA THREE ***** )
                                 Queen of Autumn Leaves
                                 2 Kuriboh
                                 Feral Imp
                                 Winged Dragon, Guardian of the Fortress #1
      GURU'S GARDEN - Marik Ishtar (Dark)
                                 Needle Ball
                                 2 Ryu-Kishin
                                 Bolt Penguin
                                 2 Kanikabuto
                                 Zoa           ***
      BURNING EARTH - Odion (Earth)
                                 2 Statue of Easter Island
                                 Rock Ogre Grotto #1
                                 2 Hitotsu-Me Giant
                                 Fire Reaper
      IMPERFECT PARADISE - Maximillion Pegasus (Light)
                                 Ancient Tree of Enlightenment   ***
                                 Penguin Soldier
                                 Rogue Doll       ***
                                 Lucky Trinket
                                 Green Phantom King
      TREASURE TROVE - Bandit Keith (Dark)                             
                                 2 Needle Balls
                                 Feral Imp
                                 Steel Scorpion
                                 2 LaLa Li-oon
                                 Barrel Dragon    ***
      ( ***** AREA FOUR ***** )
      LIMITLESS SANTUARY - Shadi (Light)
                                 One Eyed Shield Dragon
                                 Faith Bird
                                 Lucky Trinket
                                 Charubin the Fire Knight
                                 Hitotsu-Me Giant
                                 Launcher Spider  ***
      WICKED CEREMONIAL SITE - Yami Bakura (Dark)
                                 Feral Imp
                                 Needle Ball
                                 Tri-Horned Dragon
                                 Mega ThunderBall            ***
                                 LaLa Li-oon
                                 Bolt Penguin
                                 Pumpkin the King of Ghosts  ***
      CORRIDORS OF MADNESS - Yami Marik (Wind)
                                 Two-Mouth Darkruler
                                 Megasonic Eye
                                 Wicked Dragon with Ersatz Head
                                 Winged Dragon Guardian of the Fortress #2
                                 Blast Juggler          ***
                                 Twin-Headed Behemoth
      CRIMSON VALLEY - Ishizu Ishtar (Wind)
                                 2 Ryu-Kishin
                                 King Tiger Wanghu
                                 Kazejin       ***
                                 Sky Dragon
      CITY OF REDEMPTION - Seto Kaiba (Light)
                                 2 Skelengel
                                 Gyaketenno Megami
                                 Mystic Horseman          ***
                                 Battle Ox                ***
                                 Blue-Eyes White Dragon   ***
      ( ***** AREA FIVE, KING COLISEUM, FINAL AREA ***** )
      SHRINE OF CHAOS - Maximillion Pegasus (Light)
                 Ok, here is the battle where what side you pick will determine
                 what monsters Pegasus plays. There is a lot of monsters you want
                 go get from Pegasus, trouble is you need to play through the 
                 game multiple times to get your rare monsters.
                     BLUE SIDE:  Carat Idol                 ***
                                 Illusionist Faceless Mage  ***
                                 2 Oscillo Hero #2          ***
                                 White Dolphin 
                                 Arsenal Bug                ***
                                 Jellyfish                  ***
                                 Magician of Faith          ***
                                 Lucky Trinket
                      RED SIDE:  Parrot Dragon              ***
                      (default)  Rock Ogre Grotto #1
                                 Lucky Trinket
                                 Carat Idol                 ***
                                 Magician of Faith          ***
                                 Jigen Bukaudan             ***
                                 Rogue Doll                 ***
                 I think you can do this order and get them all......
                 1) First game get Jellyfish, Arsenal Bug, Illusionist mage (blue)
                 2) Next game get Carat Idol, Oscillo hero, and Magician (blue)
                 3) 3rd time through pick up Parrot dragon and others you might 
                    not have gotten before like Jigen and Rogue Doll (red)
                 So three times through the game should get you all the monsters
                 from Pegasus's lineup.   
      NEVERENDING SITE - Ishizu Ishtar (Light)
                                 Fiend Reflection #2
                                 Petit Angel
                                 Mystical Elf     ***
                                 Faith Bird
                                 Lesser Dragon    ***
      FIRE MOUNTAIN - Yami Marik (Fire)
                                 Twin-Headed Behemoth
                                 2 Firegrass
                                 Crimson Sunbird  ***
                                 Molten Behemoth
                                 Crawling Dragon  ***
      SEALED SANCTUARY - Shadi (Dark)
                                 Ushi Oni
                                 Terra the Terrible
                                 Tyhone #2    
                                 Needle Ball
                                 Mega Thunderball   ***
                                 Thunder Dragon   ***
       AERIAL PALACE! FINAL BATTLE! - Seto Kaiba (Light)
                                 La Jinn, the Genie of the Lamp  ***
                                 2 Blue-eyed White Dragons       ***
                                 Meteor Black Dragon             ***
                                 Suijin                          ***
                                 Destroyer Golem                 ***
                                 Lesser Dragon
                                 Skull Guardian
      I wanted to thank Truking on the Gamefaq message board on his compiled list
      of the monsters and which can evolve and fuse, along with many of the other
      ways to get the rare monsters. 
      As of now the levels and attribute squares required to fuse or evolve
      certain monsters is not exactly known. It may be a combination of the two
      factors that decides when your monsters can change. My suggestion is to 
      simply have each monster that needs to evolve find a high attribute square
      and check each time you level up. With fused monsters I think its based on
      levels only, so get them as high as possible and keep an eye on them. 
      I won't be making any more new changes on the FAQ because the game was only
      a rental and I won't have it anymore to check info, I'll leave the future
      info on fuse and evolve levels to someone else. I just wanted this FAQ out
      to help any new players at least have a basic knowledge of what monsters
      are in the game and where they might be found. 
      As stated before, You will have to play through the game at least 3 times 
      in order to get all 200 monsters, and a few of us didn't get them all until
      playing through 4 or 5 times. The good thing is, the more you play the
      easier you can blow through the battles, because the computer AI sucks.
      That is about it! Have fun everyone.

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