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"A nice change from the usual "Heart of the Cards" junk"

When you think of a name like "Capsule Monster Coliseum", you probably don't expect an overall exciting playing experience. Most of those who think that are right, but only to a certain degree. Those who are fans of puzzle games and RPGs will most definitely enjoy this stray away from the usual Yu-Gi-Oh! card gameplay jazz.

STORY - 5/10

The usual Yu-Gi-Oh! plot: Yugi and the Pharaoh enter a tournament to be the best, but end up saving the world at the same time. Not exactly original, but still so-so to die-hard YGO fans. After a while, though, it may get a bit old saving the world all the time. The usual plotline only does half as good as the best.


The characters may only be drawings with moving mouths, but they aren't really the main attraction. It's the monsters and their different attacks that really draw your interest. Sub-par to those who are new to the YGO world, it is somewhat interesting to see 2-D versions of your favorite cards, plus the attacks are really quite dazzling. Furthermore, in retrospect, the drawing style of the characters is nice and familiar. All in all, not bad; 6 out of 10.


Truly superb rules gameplay for puzzle gamers and RPGers alike. The rules and conditions are multifaceted, but not entirely too difficult; the foes get stronger with each Area reached, and their strategies could slightly differ at any time. Once the game is beaten, it starts you from the beginning, albeit letting you keep your progress with each monster you have, but the opponents do not get stronger the second time around (or any subsequent time around, for that matter). Nevertheless, it is very difficult to stop once started, and making your monsters stronger through evolution and fusion is fulfilling and fun.


Sadly, not as consistent as the usual puzzle game. Not like the usual RPG either: there's not much to do, and when its all done, you'll just be bored with winning all the time. However, getting things done is very difficult, and nearly impossible for non-YGO players. Accomplishing things with your monsters gives one a sense of pride at best. It may be difficult to use these bigger, stronger beasties against the beginning opponents, so longevity is a bit compromised.

OVERALL - 7/10

All in all, a game worth remembering. The graphics are not so bad, gameplay gets very addictive, and the game lasts as long as you do. This game is NOT recommended for action/adventure lovers (unless you'd rather keep on the optional battle animation, which can get irksome after awhile), but puzzle gamers will enjoy it, and getting an RPG-lover to walk away from it is about as difficult as punching a hole in reinforced steel. YGO fans are definitely won over by this game.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 09/16/08

Game Release: Yu-Gi-Oh! Capsule Monster Coliseum (US, 10/26/04)

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