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"Yu-gi-Oh! Oh man, what a letdown."

Yu-gi-Oh Capsule Monster Coliseum is a tactic-based game similar to other games like Final Fantasy tactics, Front mission 4, etc . You move about on a chess-like board and your movements usually determine the success or failure of a battle. Similar to Yu-gi War of the Roses, you can place multiple monsters on the board at once. Unlike War of the Roses, you don't have any trap or monster cards, nor do your cards battle each other solely on their attack and defense power.

The monsters move in chess like fashion. Some monsters move farther than others, some move in different directions. Each monster has a element attached to it, and those elements are used in conjunction with the map to plan more ways to attack or defend. For instance, Earth elements might be high in defense, while Air elemental monsters might move farther than other elements. Of course, you are always stronger in a map area that is the same as your element.

GRAPHICS: 6/10. The graphics are ok, but not up to Playstation 2 standards. They are more up to Playstation 1. The characters are drawings only, so there isn't any animation or even FMV's with them. The monster battles are animated, but again not great graphics. The maps of the game are what are fun. They look ok, but many maps actually change form or have little secret things going on which are really fun. The map changes are my favorite part of the game. A picture with a chat box and a little moving mouth is not.

SOUND: 5/10. There are a few music scores that are ok, and the fighting sounds are good, but nothing stands out. The character voices are the actual voice actors from the TV show as far as I can tell, but you can tell they are just clips put together in conversations. Many times the conversation doesn't match, or doesn't even go along with the current battle. A enemy might talk about being surprised hes being attacked, when you've been attacking him for the past 5 minutes.

GAME-PLAY: 5/10. Basic tactic like game-play. Move a piece across the board in certain directions, attack a monster within your attack area. Not a lot of brain work to it. Much of the game is simply moving where you wont be attacked, and yet you can attack. Sadly this makes many fights ones in which your monsters strengths don't matter one bit. Many monsters simply cannot attack other monsters of yours. Think of a chess board. A Bishop on a white space can NEVER attack anything on a black space. Very limited in many circumstances. Your monsters gain or lose strength depending on the map tile they are standing on. Each monster has a attribute (such as fire, earth, etc) and standing on a like attribute makes you stronger, standing on a opposite one makes you far weaker.

REPLAY VALUE: 6/10. There is a little replay value to the game, but not much. The only reason to go back and play more is to collect more monster cards. There aren't even close to being a lot of cards, compared to previous Yu-gi games, so collecting them won't take you very long. Plus the fact you don't fight harder boss's when you replay collecting more cards.

STRONG POINTS: There are not many. The pictures are very nicely done, but how hard is it to draw a picture. The maps are really the main fun of the game, cool things happening that change the battlefield. Pretty sad when the maps overshadow the game-play.

WEAK POINTS: Too many to point out really. Some monsters simply cannot attack other monsters. Sub-standard graphics, lack of any type of mini games, side quests, hidden characters. Small collection of monsters compared to previous games. No relation to the actual Yu-gi TV show or card game except for monster names.

RENT OR BUY: Even avid Yu-gi fans will probably rent this game, it doesn't have nearly enough content to be worth buying it. Maybe in the future if the price drops below 20 bucks you might want to pick it up, but there are many other great tactic games out that are vastly superior to this one.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Originally Posted: 11/23/04

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