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"Capcom is going the wrong way"

I played nearly every Megaman in the X and Classic series. I liked many of them, while some gave me frustrations. X4 was by far the best. And after that, Megaman games seems to go worse and worse.

Graphics: 7/10

Graphics are not satisfying enough. The quality looks like a cross between PS1 and PS2 quality but with PS2 framerate. Your players and characters aren't well detailed, and the same fate met your enemies. The machines you can ride look polygonal, as well as many other parts of the game.

The art of Megaman X8, sadly, slowly moves away from the Anime feel, giving this game a more American feel. :(

Gameplay: 5/10

Gameplay is still the same. Eight bosses, lotsa secrets, hidden hearts and armor pieces and stuff like that. You also have the "upgrade" parts like faster shooting, auto-charge and stuff like that.

What I hate about this is the part when you select a boss. It's SO corny. You see a shadow of the boss, rocking in the screen with lightning, then poses. I much prefer the PSX boss screens. It doesn't try to be cool on purpose. They're just cool without trying. And there's this new character named Axle. His design isn't at league with X or Zero, and he's also trying to be cool when he's not.

Boss designs are going downhill. I don't know why, but it's just getting worse and more kiddy and corny. It also loses the Japanese touch of art.

Story: 6/10

I'd give the Story a 6, like I gave other Megaman games. You're a Maverick hunter, hunt down mavericks and defeat Sigma. More character comebacks, a little bit of story for the plot and that's that. Nuff said.

Sounds: 6/10

The background music suffers. It wasn't as catchy as the PSX X series, nor does it fit the scenario of a stage. Sound effects also suffers, it isn't crisp anymore.

The voice-overs in the game is the reason why I gave a higher rating than it should have. Good intonation and diction, and clear speech. Well, that's all.

Controls: 9/10

Controls are still the same. D-pad navigation, Square attacking, X jumping, O dashing, Triangle secondry attacking, L1-R1 quick jump to other sub weapons and R2 for the Giga attack.

Lifespan: 5/10

Lifespan is badder than bad. It gets a five. Even playing the game discourages you from playing further. Capcom really needs to take a look at Megaman before it goes down.

Graphics : 7
Gameplay : 5
Story : 6
Sounds : 6
Controls : 9
Lifespan : 5

Total : 6 (6.3) (Good)

- Good voice acting
- Lots of secrets
- Easy controls

- Short and easy game
- Gets boring before you even finish it
- Bad gameplay
- Gameplay formula getting too old

I don't recommend you to buy this game, nor rent it. However, if you're a die-hard Megaman fan, you should just rent this first for judgement.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 05/25/05

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