Review by xcamel24

Reviewed: 02/09/06

Great for fans of the series

Alright, so we're here with the latest installment of the Megaman X franchise, #8. Since we're this high in number, we should be getting better right? Nope.

Gameplay: 7

The gameplay is standard Megaman X, a nice return from the pile of trash called X7. All three characters are available from the start of the game, and the game has introduced the double team concept, where you can take two characters into each stage. This is a nice addition, I enjoyed being able to take X and Zero and pulverize everything. Certain situations are better off with certain characters, so it has added a little to gameplay to keep it alive. Other than that, we have your typical standard X game. Which is why some people will turn it down, because we've had 6 of those already.

Music/Sound: 7

Again, average. The voice acting isn't horrendous, but it isn't great either. Alia probably had the best voice acting of all of them. Music has returned to the classic upbeat metallic sounding stuff, but I've forgotten all the tunes already. It really isn't that great.

Graphics: 7

These could've been better, but it felt nice after the cel-shaded horror known as X7. The 3-D models move well, but the detail lacks. If more detail would've been added, it would've given the game a better overall feel.

Replay: 7

You can do new game + after completing this game, and there are three difficulties. But on a realistic scale, you can play all three characters from the beginning, and nothing changes the location of the armor capsules, so we're depending on gameplay to bring us back for more. Not really. Because people have played Megaman X games so many times, playing this is fun a couple times and then it gets old. It can be fun for speed runs, and armor less runs, or whatever else X game fans like to do though.

Story: 8

Unfortunately this is one of the better stories in the series, and X games really don't need story to be good. They just need a plot to move the game along, and this one does that. There is dialogue after each level to help the game move along well, and I felt it did its job.

Difficulty/Controls: 7

Controls are pretty much flawless. I do have to say that I never had any trouble controlling. HOWEVER. There are some really CHEAP things the level designers threw in to trip up the players, and requires near perfect timing to land. You'll find yourself moving in obscure ways to get through a couple of the levels. And then you'll find levels that provide good challenge, and then some that are pathetically easy. It is a mix of frustration that may make you want to stop playing and come back later. The bosses are a pretty nice mix of challenge if you want them to be. Or you can just blow them away with their weakness...

Overall: 7

Overall, This game is average, a very good game for Megaman fans or even platformer game fans. But people who aren't fans of the series should probably stay away, this game isn't your cup of tea.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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