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"This game is awesome."

Ok so this guy in this video game store near me urged me to by it saying it was awesome, so I did. I was sort of reluctant at first, because I heard it has more average reviews, but it's really good game and I'd recommend it to people who like FPSes.

Graphics 10/10- This game has the best graphics on any PS2 game I've seen (except maybe MOH: Frontline. they're pretty close, but I think this wins out). All the environments are very detailed and are pretty much without error. As my dad said when he saw me playing it: "It looks like a movie". It really does, that's how good the graphics are.

Sound 10/10- Gunshots, explosions, bad guys yelling at different languages, it's all good.

Controls 10/10- Very easy to use unlike some other games. Only issue is it sometimes drifts while aiming, but it's not major. The major buttons to use are easy to get at and I cannot find any error in the control scheme, which is more than i can say for a lot of other FPSes.

Gameplay- 16/20

The gameplay is pretty awesome, there are plenty of guns to choose from and almost everything is combustible. You can also use a lot for cover. My only major complaint is that the missions are usually around an hour long and there are no save points, and checkpoints are very scattered. So you usually play for around 20 minutes before finding a checkpoint and if you die between there, you need to redo those 20 minutes of game, which is annoying. Also, you need to beat the entire mission to save. While this game is fun, I think it would be better to enjoy it more in short bursts, because playing for an hour can really bog you down, especially since there really isn't much variation to the gameplay. Most FPSes offer a lot of the same exact thing for the whole game, and this game is no exception, and playing for an hour can be very tedious at times. Other than that, the gameplay is awesome, as I said, lots of stuff explode, you have a lot of guns to use (although I find the assault rifles to be my weapon of choice, and the enemies are tough. Some people complain about that, but I think its fun to shoot like 15 shots into a guy before he dies. The difficulty is also pretty tough, it's not super easy, but you will die a few times along the way unless you play this on easy mode. This game is also pretty short it's only 8 missions, but since most of them are long, it evens out. This game reminds me of a more modern Medal of Honor: Frontline.

Overall: 46/50= 9/10
Despite a few flaws it's still an awesome game and I'd recommend it to anyone who likes FPSes. It's one of the best FPSes on the PS2.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 04/19/06

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