Review by sokrovenno

Reviewed: 05/05/06

The awsome rules of first person shooters are in this game

Remember the insane action sequences from your favorite movies like Die Hard, and The Matrix. You've always wanted to live out these incredible shootouts with explosions and all. In Black you can live out these wild shootout fantasies by simply playing it. 5 very basic rules is all you have to follow to enjoy this game for the years to come. Just remember that every bullet is your baby, bigger guns make bigger explosions, and get creative with your kills are some of those few basic rules. Now see how good this game really is.

To start off I just I just want to say this game has awesome rag doll physics. If you don't know what rag doll physics are it's a combination of many hand drawn sketches and each death combines these sketches to make millions of death animation. The graphics are just indescribable and at some angles even looks like next generation. The lighting will stun you as you see the many lines of it course through the holes in the house. The many explosions will make you take your attention off everything else to see the bodies fly. Overall the graphics are simply amazing

Game play is like many other first person shooters but has a few added things to it. Overall it's very traditional, (awesome) but also much smoother than other games. The story is cool and interesting and easy to follow. Though I was more driven by the game play and what was going to come up in the next level then driven by story. I am sad to tell you that it only has eight levels. Then, I am not so sad when I tell you each level is unique and will make you do the levels four times over on its four difficulty modes.

The variety of guns isn't much with less then about fifteen, but each gun is different and special and can be used in every situation. You could even use pistols in a literally explosive situation. Overall I have to say that I love this game and recommend that you buy this game right now. Easy mode is easy for beginners, and veterans can play hard mode. This is the perfect first person shooter in my opinion and if you play this game, it will be your opinion also. I say to you once more, buy this game.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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