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"Close to Black Gold. But just short."

Black is the new First Person Shooter from Criterion, the company that brought you the acclaimed Burnout series.

Gameplay (8/10)
This game has many good gameplay features to it. One of these is when you reload your gun, the screen will go blurry and focus on the gun and not your surroundings. There is another good feature about reloading in this game. The reloading sequence is just fantastic with each gun. When you reload it feels like it would f you were reloading it yourself. You check the clip, flick some knobs and click in the magazine. One thing that can be seen as a down grade however is the inability to jump. I however don't mind but I'm sure some people like to jump randomly in the middle of fire-fights.

Story (8/10)
The story in this game is this. You play a man called Keller who is a Secret Black Operative. The game however, could be called one big flashback. It seems like Keller is being interrogated to give info on his missions. As I think that this is a good thing in places, it also has its bad sides. It basically tells you he lives through those missions.

Graphics/Sound (10/10)
This game is a graphic masterpiece with sound to match it. The extremely detailed maps just make you think “Wow this is just so beautiful”. The sounds of the bullets flying is quite clear in this game too, which is something that I think every FPS needs to make it great. The integration of Live-Action cut scene is a good feature too. The guns are just so detailed. When they made these guns they didn't skip any cracks or crevices. When you play through the game you just can't help but look at the guns and just admire them. Not for guns, but for masterpieces.

Play Time/Replayability (7/10)
This game I think could last for about 5-10 hours on your first time through. This game does have 4 levels of difficulty and Silver Weapons (unlimited ammo) to be unlocked. The 4 levels of difficulty are Easy, Normal, Hard and Black Ops. Black Ops requires you too collect all of the secondary objectives which is easier said than done. I find it fun to go through easy mode with Silver weapons and just enjoy shooting. Also, with a lack of multiplayer and online, this is limited to the short story mode.

Final Recommendation
I think that if you don't buy this game, it is definitely worth a rent. If you had a choice to buy it though, I would buy it for its beautiful looking missions and its Semi-Gripping story. Most of all though, buy this game for my personal favourite part. Silver Weapons on Easy mode.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 05/24/06

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