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"One of the few FPS that are outstanding!"

Lifelike graphics, the guns have as much detail as I would imagine a real one would, even the dangling bullets in sub machines guns move in a realistic way.

Some of the best acting in a game that I've seen. They are done very well and I for one wouldn't mind seeing these guys in a movie.

Not the best story but after all it is the gameplay that counts. Right?

Difficulties are way to hard, even on normal it takes me some time to get through them, image the Black Ops mode which is the hardest.

No type of multiplayer to be seen around. This is one of the things it needed the best because once you beat the game there wasn't much to do besides replay the missions.

Gameplay for this game is simplest and isn't very hard to play. I like the most about the gameplay is that to me it seems very lifelike. Every time I played the game I could almost picture myself out there in that battlefield.

As I said before I would have like to see some multiplayer type of gameplay here. The game lacks things to do once you beat the game a third time through to try and achieve high scores and unlock special weapons. In my opinion a multiplayer also could have increased your main mission play time because you could be playing multiplayer more often thus making the game last longer.

Difficulties... they need to be seriously tuned down. Even on normal I spent various hours just trying to get past a mission making things very irritating for me. Imagine how I felt when I when for Black Ops mode, your typical "very hard." Though I think there is an explanation for this, probably many people have been complain about difficulties so EA gave them a hard time. But luckily there are only a few of those types of missions so it turned out great.

Some of the best looking graphics. I think these even match up to the standards of PS3 game even though this is just a PS2/X Box game. One of the main reasons I say these are lifelike is because pretty much anything you expect to move, well moves. Even the pins on certain guns just "wiggle" around while you are running. Anything that gets touched by a bullet will get damaged and STAY that way. Usually I see things magically "fix" themselves after a certain amount of time and I'm not to fond of that.

The weapons look outstanding, lots of great detail put into them. If I would ever hear one of them be shot in real life I could probably tell which is which. Black also has some great acting included into it. Rather than the typical game graphics you see what you see in a movie before every mission. At first I didn't like it much since I had never seen that type of thing before but later on I grew to like it.

An online mode certainly would have been great as well. I would have liked to compete with other people to see who's the best or do what you normally do in online modes, have fun!

Black will certainly last you for a very long time. Even though there aren't very missions the length of them sure make up for it. At least most of them took me around only half an hour and that's much more than the other shooter games usually take me. After you beat the game one time through probably on Normal at first you'll probably want to get the secret weapons acquired by beating the Black Ops difficulty and that will keep you busy for a long time.

I recommend Black for any shooter fan, you'll be amazed at what you see and I guarantee you most likely won't be disappointed. The long missions will keep you busy for a long time making you love this game much more. Even though it lacks in some areas it makes up in the various objectives you have in your way to complete the game.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 07/16/07

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