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"An awesome game, though legthy at some points."

Let me start off by saying I bought this game under the Play Station 2's greatest hits section when it came down to $20. This game is unbelievably worth the price! Since this game is based on a true story about the Black Ops (hint at the name) all of the cut scenes are done with real people. You play as J. Kellar, a member of the U.S. government's ultra-secret Black Ops division. Kellar's last ops, a highly classified series of missions spanning deep in the Soviet Union went terribly wrong. Since Kellar killed so many people and is such a lose-cannon he is in shackles retelling the story of the last four days to the raspy interrogator. There are 9 different levels in the game, the first one being a sort of tutorial. You really don't need to understand the story of the game to enjoy it, but it would seem a lot better if you do. There are tons of guns in the game, lots of explosions and many dead people. So let's get on with the game.

The game play of the game is very realistic. The up burst when you first shoot is, well, an up burst. Different weapons have different firing powers. Although you can only carry two weapons at a time you are not limited for them to be from different categories. For example, you can carry an AK 47 and an M16 at the same time. Don't count on getting every single weapon in the missions. The weapon you start with is usually the one you will use throughout the mission. Now when you reload, in real life you concentrate on the gun, not to everything around you. So in other words everything except your gun is blurry. Same thing in Black. When you reload you better be in cover and not standing out in the open. There are tons and tons of things that explode in this game. Silos, gas tanks, cars, tractors, trucks, and barrels, just to name a few. Sometimes explosions are your best bet to get out of a sticky situation. The grenades also pack a powerful punch. One of these bombs can take out up to four fully vested and armed troops. You can carry up to nine. There are also secondary objectives in the game along with the primary ones. They include Intel, Blackmail, Recon, Armament, and Destruction. Intel is info that the Black Ops highly needed, Blackmail can take on many forms of destructible objects (laptops, attache cases, safes, etc.) and need to be blown up, Recon are plans for the Black Ops that you need to seek out, Armament is a gun hidden somewhere in the level, and Destruction is pretty much anything you can blow up. The only thing that is moderately wrong with the game are the length of the levels. You need to have about 30-45 minutes available to compete a level, and there are no save points inside the level.

The graphics are okay for this old of a game. Sometimes it lags, if only for a little. Sometimes sneaking between a tree and a hill will get you stuck. But other than that it's pretty okay.

The sound is incredible. The Russians screaming, the reloading, the cha-chink sound when you find ammo, I can go on forever. It does lag a bit sometimes.

The value is perfect for a game that has tons of replay value. There are four difficulty settings: easy, normal, hard, and Black Ops. When you beat Hard mode you unlock silver weapons for the Black Ops mode, which are the same as regular weapons except you don't need to reload, making it well worth the while beating the game a second and maybe a third time.

Rent or Buy
I really don't think it's possible to complete the game in a week (unless you have no life) so I suggest buy. Rent it, demo it, buy it.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 07/24/07

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