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Reviewed: 08/16/07

Intense? Yeah, it is. But nothing more.

Introduction: I love intense games, and I love shooters. I've played so many of them I've lost count, and this is the latest one. So much was promised: Real time physics, intense firefights, realistic battles--Did they deliver what was told? And most importantly does it make the adrenalin pump? We'll find out.

Graphics: The game is no A-bomb in graphics, but it looks pretty good. Character models are real nice, and so are the faked bloom lighting and reflections. Best of all though are the physics. Though they're faked (Scripted.), they're very good. From windows breaking to entire Missile Silo's going up they look great and never lag. Everything looks very high end for a Ps2 game, but would be laughed at if it were on anything else. Looks good for a Ps2 game, but horrible anywhere else. Also, whats up with the return of real time cut scenes? They stink quite frankly. 8/10

Pros: Great lighting, great models and some nice physics.

Cons: Lame view distance and pretty cheesy cut scenes.

Sound: Ah yes, the sound. From screaming machine guns and grenades, to silo's exploding to a thousand windows breaking--At the same time. The sound quality is some of the best in any game, and easily the best in a Ps2 game. People across the country will hear this game when battles are at their biggest. It uses the sub woofer like no other shooter, the highs and mid ranged sounds are phenomenal. Everything will explode into whatever room you play it on, I guarantee. I actually had to turn this down it was so loud! But in a good way. Too bad the voice acting sucks, but thats alright cause the battles are insanely loud. If you got a pair or set of nice speakers use them, and turn it to eleven. Oh, and get any animals out of the house before you do. 10/10

Pros: Endless usage of the sub woofer, insane highs and mid range sounds and fantastic realism. This game is the Ace of Spades when it comes to sound quality.

Cons: Voice acting sucks, bad.

Story: You're a member of a Special Spec ops team (Pun intended.) that deals with super terrorists and groups. Something goes bad in your group and you in turn must blow crap sky high. Its terribly executed through real time acting, a bad script and completely random delivery. But thats not why you bought this game... I hope. Its a 24 episode that never made it. 4/10

Pros: Gives you good reason to blow crap up.

Cons: Everything else. Terrible delivery, bad script--Terrible plot.

Game play: You're immediately thrown into the game with a pistol that shoots explosive rounds (In fact all guns do.), and given a choice. Shotgun or AK? From then on you know this is gonna be one sweet first level. You have to blast down the door keeping you from the bad guys, then all heck breaks loose. Unlike typical "Realism shooters" you're given a million rounds and given a ton of enemies and a path of objectives. You will then blast, torch and explode everything in sight until you reach a courtyard (Commando anyone?) From there you're shown allied AI, and then they'll mow down the enemies with you. Lemme tell ya the action is intense from here on through. You'll shoot, bash and explode your way through the rest of the objectives alongside them. The game play itself is generally run and gun. You pick up or find your weapon of choice, then blow /everything/ sky high. Got a sniper in a tower? Hit the top of the tower with a rocket and crush the man in rubble. Annoying firing squad in a glass building? Figure out how that one ends. The game gives you elaborate and inane action and choices which are mad fun, though mindless. Its not a challenge at all (I started at the hardest difficulty.) its great fun. Its easy because you fight like six different types of enemies (Mostly ranked by their weapons or armor. From basic guys, to SWAT teams with shotguns and armor.) and your guns always out trump theirs. So if you like tactical shooters step away, but if you like action then you'll love it. Plus your weapon selection is great. If you find a secret weapon in every level it will become available in later ones. From Uzi 9mm's to bazooka's, everything you can imagine will be in your hands at one point. Its brutal, its loud and its fun. Its a mixture of Commando (Mindless action.) And Die Hard (Occasional wit and thinking involved, but mostly butt kicking.)

Where it falls to a not perfect action game though is in the objectives. You're given tedious, annoying and just too many objectives in the game. From finding like... 10 maps, to trying to locate the new weapon and having to complete a set number of bonus objectives in order to win. It tries to brush off its all macho roots by giving you some objectives and stuff to find, and its just annoying. Its like if they put Guns in the Sims, its just trying to appeal to both kinds of players out there. Also what hurts it is complete lack of multi player (Online and off), no bonus levels and really no reason to go through twice. Still its a fantastic shooter, and if you love action it should be picked up. 7/10

Pros: Intense action, tons of guns, tons of physics oriented fun and lots of explosions!

Cons: There are too many pointless objectives and its still occasionally lop sided (If you even have a small distaste for action games you'll hate it.), no multi player and its insanely short.

Replay: Not much besides if you wanna show off your new speaker rig. No unlock system and no reason to play again. I'd play it constantly if it weren't for the tedious and boring objectives. 5/10

Final: Its a man's game. You blow crap up and take too many names to remember. For goodness sakes it counts how many bullets you fire in a menu, does anything else need to be said? If you don't like action games you'll hate it. But if you love explosive shooters go out and buy it!

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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